My husband has changed his behavior

Switch words “TOGETHER DIVINE” have worked out a better situation than the past that I had undergone. I used to chant them a minimum of 200 times and above that whenever I feel like.

My husband has changed his behavior.

In fact, to be more precise, my mental state has changed. I answer him patiently and calmly.

And he even understands the situations and behaves himself in a better way. I also got an appreciation of words on a weekend. Anyways, I am continuing to do so.

The only things that has not changed his alcohol intake. Though it has reduced his intake to a limit, but I am not sure.

Once again thanks for all your divine support.


Chanting and healing is not done to change others and control others.

What is the meaning of TOGETHER DIVINE? Let all parts of my mind unite with the Divine so that I become a silent observer of what is happening around me.

The more divinity fills up one’s consciousness, one changes mentally and one’s outlook changes too. One look from a higher perception and understand that every event is happening as per the divine order; every person in our life is as per the divine will; when Divine love changes me totally, the other person changes totally too.

Love can make Life. Judgment and expectation break life.

Best of luck

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hello sir,
    I need your big help. My nephew is 22 yrs old and dignosed with stomack cancer and is there any way he can be healed. please help me. The other thing for me is since i heard this news my whole body is shivering. my heart and mind is not calm. Please i need your big favour in both situations.
    Thanks you.

    • ARUN,
      YOU chant ROCKROSE CHANGE DIVINE ORDER daily 200 times.
      as your friend to chant SRI RAM JAYA RAM, JAYA JAYA RAM

      • thanks for your reply sir, but i just want to let you know that now the doctors said its not cancer when they received reports for further tests from delhi on the same day of your reply. its miracle……….thanks.

        • arun,
          ask your friend to chant SRI RAM JAYA RAM, JAYA JAYA RAM.
          That is a life saver for him.
          You can also chant SRI RAM JAYA RAM, JAYA JAYA RAM daily 100 times in the morning

          • Dear Naran,

            I have noticed in a few instances that just writing to you heals a situation. Is it that you are praying for all of us or the action of writing to you that releases something. I am interested in this. Thanks!

  2. Dear Naran, I’m a physical therapist and from today onwards I have to take care of a young patient with cerebrovascular accident. I need your sound advice to help him because I feel unusually powerless and insecure in this case, he looks so desperate and deeply sad because the right side of his body is no more under his control and moreover he can’t speak fluently.Thank you.

    • laurigato,
      chant Rockrose Cherryplum star of bethlehem 50 times over a glass of water and give that water when he comes for the treatment.
      you chant ELM GORSE HORNBEAM for yourself.

      • Thank you Naran, I’m starting right now to chant for him and for me, maybe he won’t accept any glass of water because he is a bit unfriendly to all the people around him, I hope that chanting while I think of him could be enough.

  3. Namastey Naranji ,
    I am in a relationship and we both love eachother and are honest and true with eachother.
    However , since few months the guy is undergoing depression and he isnot able to be the way he normally is..
    This has started affecting our relationship , how shud i take him out of depression and let us feel Love again…
    PLS HELP !!!!

    Thanks a lot for your help alwayss alwayss ! ..



  4. sai,
    chant MUSTARD 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water.

  5. Nara, please any words to make my body more alkaline, as my body is very acidic. Thanks

  6. Dear Naran, I really wanna thank you: I chanted Elm Gorse Hornbeam for myself and I wrote the name of my patient inside four circles with Rockrose Cherryplum Star of Bethlehem each in every circle and kept this paper with me, and this worked very well, his spasticity relaxed a little and he looked less troubled, thanks.

    • laurigato,
      how about you. do it till he comes.

      • Dear Naran, me too I’m getting some benefit from chanting elm gorse hornbeam for myself, but maybe my desire to see soon his recovery is too strong and hinders the treatment. His spasticity is the bigger problem!! I’ll do it till he comes, thanks.

      • Dear Naran, here I am again for your advice about my patient. His attitude is improving from day to day, his speech is so much fluent, unfortunately his spasticity is getting worse: can you suggest me something to soften and relieve it, because spasticity hinders fluid movement to disclose. Thank for your philanthropic help.

  7. HI, How to get permanent in my present job ?
    PLease guide

    Thanks 🙂

    chant walnut together divine

  9. Hello Sir,

    I have skin problems, acne and hyperpigmentation. Please guide..


  10. abbie,
    meet me in person

  11. Hi Naran,

    I received call from a multinational top 1 company. Interview is scheduled in August. Its my dream company & i want to grab this opportunity. Any switchword to pass the interview & get offer letter asap. Thanks a Lot in advance!!!!!

  12. Gayatri,

  13. Can i chant “TOGETHER DIVINE ” to bring back the love,understanding between me and my husband.Presently i don’t stay with my husband.Will this work to get back my husband’s love and affection even if i chant this when i am far away from my husband.
    Please reply guruji.

    • Hi Sai,

      Did the above work for you?Hope it did and you both are now together. Also how many times did you chant the SW? Many thanks for your help.

  14. Sai,
    yes. you can do

  15. Sir can i chant like this:

    “(My husband’s name) (My name) “Divine together with love” ”

    Is this correct way of chanting to get back my husband’s love ,care and affection.

  16. My daughter,is in grade 11. She is a very sweet girl, a good student, and hardworking. Offlate she is happy in having a big group of friends forgetting her goals and ambition. Last week after seeing your blog, i was chanting “concede hold” .It worked and she could understand what i say but i cant bring back her full focus on studies.What can i chant Sir.Please help me.

  17. SUJATHA,
    CHANT scleranthus wildrose walnut over a glass of water and give her daily

  18. hello sir. I was wondering if anyone is allowed to chant the gayatri mantra. I have recently started chanting it, however I came across a site where it said that not everyone has permission to do so. Im really scared now. Is it ok if i continue with it or am i supposed to stop.
    Please guide me, as im very confused and scared.
    Thank you

  19. angie,
    chant within the mind

    • On OCT 5th i asked for magic word. Ichanted as per your instruction and my daughter admitted her mistakes and felt bad for going out of line. Now, what can i chant to keep her focus.Thanks.

  20. I am in love with a person.he was also in love with me suddenly I dont know what happened to him he started talking and spending more time with another girl.I want my love back I need to gain it back.what do I do now

  21. gigu,
    chant change divine love now as many times as possible.
    Write chicory gentian in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

  22. dear sir,
    may I please ask you for your help! I’m having problems with my love life, I can’t seem to attract love into my life. I feel so lonely and depressed. all my friends are getting married and in serious relationships and I still have never had a relationship. I feel so
    down and depressed I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried chanting “together find divine love partner hole now done” for months now and I even drew the energy circle but nothing seems to help. I’m begging you for help! please suggest anything??

    any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you sir

  23. Hello Naran,

    is there a way I could tell what profession I would be the most successful in? or most interesting for me? or I am the best at?

    Thank you very much.

  24. Naran Ji, Please, help me as me and my husband have fights sometime and they reach to a point which kids should not see. I have 5yrs old and he understands everything an he cry’s. When my husband is angry it is uncontrollable and he doesn’t know what he is doing. Kindly help me with some prayer that these fights will not repeat again and my son’s future will not affect by watching these fights.

  25. Vani
    Get the harmony remedies from the center. put 5 pills daily in common water

  26. Sir plz help me…I love one person very much and he also… but after 1 year he said he does not love me…what should I do to get his love…I can not live without him plz sir plz help me…


  28. Sir,

    I have gone through your website abt mudras. I am having a cough. After taking medicines also it is not cured. How to cure it by mudras.

  29. Hi sir, am currently goibg through a divorce process of my hubby. Its really very painful to stay away from him. We loved each other for 10yrs. Now he become trust less and decided to breakup the relationship easily. We have one daughter who is close to both of us & she is seeing all these and mentally suffering a lot. Somekind of black Magic done on him. So whenever he saw me getting irritated and feeking to go away. But I sm unable to come out. I cant kive without my hubby and my daughter. Pleade save my narri ge lufe with the help of divine power.

  30. its been 4 months of my marriage and there is no mental peace. my mother in law constantly harassing me n giving mental torcher and now my husband has changed. until now he used to support me, stand by my side; but now he has insulted me in front of his family and my family and left me no where. he loves me very much; but he cant say a single word in front of his parents. he has broken my trust and not kept any of commitments done before marriage, based on which i married him. his mother is behind me and wants all my money. he cant stand for me and infact blames me for everything and he does and speaks all those what his mother and sister says. he has no problem with me but when his mother says he just starts fighting, getting angry and yelling on me and cant take any decision on his own. when my parents saw him insulting, yelling and getting so much angry on me; they asked me to leave that home for a while. i request you to give SW so that he can stand by my side, confidently express what he wants to his parents and he doesnt get influenced by his parent’s decision (which they do to make him stand against me) and our love and relation gets more stronger. i badly need your help. i am also reiki healer and many times my reiki just doesnt work. i also deal with theta healing. during my reading on him yesterday, i found t i found my husband surrounded with lot of negative energies, so much that he cant feel love for me and could see that my sister in law is doing some black magic on him. My sis in law and mother in law always felt jealous bcoz he loves me, took care of me and did all for me. I will make protection ring for him. Can you guide me SW so that he can see the truth and stay away from all these negative energies? divine thanks. dear sir, i badly need your help to save my marriage.

  31. My son is doing very good job but there is no chance of promotion near future.he wanted to change the job.Any sw for promotion or call for new job.Thank you…God bless you..

  32. Your website is very useful

  33. Dear sir/madam,
    I got married in 2006 and after marriage I got to know that it cannot be done legally and it was like live in relation. Beginning I fought for it but I am from poor family so my family asked to adjust and go ahead. But due to his excess urge for sex, he used to torture me to get some girls for him. Later he got his sisters friend. He fell in love with her and to get marry her, he put me out from home at night. As it was illegal marriage I could not file case then after 2 yrs, I got married but after saying everything about my past. This person is Charted accountant. He has his own firm and working for USA company also. His is 2nd marriage. 1st divorced. After marriage he was giving excuses to make my marriage legal. We got married in temple and we have that temple certificate. After marriage he tried to keep me away. On this matter we had arguments. Later I got to know that he has a girl in his life and kid. She is married and with her husband. She used to ask my husband to marry her. For her sake he was very bad with me and warned me not to get conceived because that girl has kid and she said that’s my husband kid. So he doesn’t want me becoming pregnant. Now a days that girl daily asking him to divorce me and they are making a plan to put me out from his life smoothly. Now he says I should give permission to marry her then only he can marry her legally with wife permission or else I should sign mutual divorce for 4-5 lakhs. I told him give me 20 lakhs or else let us file case. So he says if I file case he will make my life miserable. He says – he will sell his property, house everything and give that money to that girl and show in court that he doesn’t have anything and I do not have kid and I am educated so I can work and lead life so court will not ask him to give me any alumini. I don’t know what to do. I just want to know if that’s the truth then for what alumini amount I have got right to get from him. I am 42 yrs old. Once I leave Mumbai, I need to search for job and in present recission its not easy to get job and in this 42 yr not so easy to find a job. Please suggest me what I can do. I have filed NC IN police station when I could not bear his mental torture to give permission for his marriage.
    Please do the needful. and reply me to my email id please sir. email id –

  34. Jyotii Naresh Punjabi

    Dear sir,
    I am living separately from my husband he has cheated on me and now he is not responding to me.he is not callin me nor taking my calls.more over he is wanting to break this relationship. Now I’m worried. .please help me to get back to him.

  35. Please help me my husband has started getting small skin tags on face and neck , what should he chant to get rid of them .

  36. Sir; my husband is having an extra marital affair with his friends wife and as well with others . He always tell lie and we do not sleep together in one bed room ; I sleep with my kids in kids room ,as I go and sleep in the bedroom he switches on the TV and makes me disturb at midnight or else talk loudly on the phone call with his friends to make me disturb

  37. My brother is 42yrs he is not getting married can u help; his name is Sunil ,will he get his life partner soon

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