Job for my son

Hema’s son is a marine engineer in US. For last, 4 months he was out of job.

Hema read the Newsletter on Switch Word. She chanted the Switch Word, “Find Divine Order Count Now Done”, for the sake of her son.  Within 3 days, he received a job offer from a company in Hamburg, Germany.

Please note that our children will not do it. We have to do it for them. That is the divine order.


“Find Divine Order” – I need a job

If I get the job, I will “Count” money

When you want it happen? “Now”

“Done” – already happened

Please note the above Case History was discussed during the Monthly Meet, April 2009.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. My son, Bob, desperately needs to find a n IT job in New Jersey, so he can resume his life and support his children!. Thanks.

    • naranbalakumar

      He can also chant Switch words,”Find divine order count now done”
      he can also chant “sweetchestnut, aspen walnut” He can write the names of these flower remedies in a slip of paper and can carry the paper always. While sleeping, he can keep it under the pillow.
      When one tries anything desperately , sweetchestnut is the remedy. There is always a lurking fear,”What if i don’t get?”.This fear(imaginary) keeps on coming and Aspen is the remedy. Walnut is the remedy to settle down.
      best of luck

  2. If one would want a job, can the person chant the “find divine order count now done” instead of the parents?

  3. Sir, I chanted “find divine order count now done” and found a job, but it is contract job for 1 year. Can you please let me know the SW to get permanent of the same job. Also my husband is jobless for past 2 years, Can I chant “find divine order count now done” on behalf of him to get a job with good salary? He is very stressed and always in tension, he is trying hard to find job in all possible ways but unable to get one. If he gets a job, they are paying very less salary, which cannot even meet basic expenses. Please help!

  4. Buvaneswari,
    chant “gorse willow find divine order count now done” for your husband

  5. Sir, My husband wants to move to singapore and wants his office to send him to singapore with family and work there. Kindly let me know the switch words to get a job change to singapore with a good pay.

  6. vignesh,
    chant find divine order count now singapore

  7. Respected Sir,
    I need a Job with salary of 30K by this months end i.e, 30th April.
    What should i chant & what should i take with me for success in interviews? Please Guide ASAP

    Thanks & Regards,

  8. Dear Naranji,
    I am going thro a difficult phase , Not able to find a right job, Health wise to I am suffering for last 2-3 years with severe lower back pain, My mobility is restricted due to this pain, Please suggest a good remedy for both the problems.

  9. Baba
    Take the gem remedies Blue sapphire and nine gems from the centre

  10. Respected Sir,
    There is a good company that has a Job Opening that fits my profile.
    So If I would like to get a Job at this particular company(say- ABC LTD.) then what switch-word/mantra should i chant?

    Thanks in advance for your guidance to all Job seekers.


  11. MAM ATA

  12. Respected Naran Sir:
    SS1970 here.
    My husband got a job in a new place and he is joining next week. My son has to finish his 8th grade academic year in the old place and start his high schooling in the new place next year. Please give some SW to get into a good school since he is a good qualified top ranking student.
    I am working as a substitute teacher in my place now. I want to get similar job in the new place also. Please give some SW to get into similar job or same substitute teacher job in the new place also.

  13. Very good go through! Article was well written, masking
    significant elements of the niche.

  14. Dear Naranji,

    MY husband lost his job a month back due to office politics. He is trying for a job in singapore. He is not getting any good offers at all. We also checked his horoscope and found that now asthama guru is going on and yelarai sani is about to start and hence such problems have cropped up..Kindly help us find a good job as soon as possible in singapore with the miracle of switch word.

    Thanks a lot.

  15. Dear Naran sir,

    I have written to you earlier also. My situation remains the same. I m stuck up with my old job ( which is a consultancy). I want to move out of this job into another big MNC now. I got interview call from one of the big MNC’s, . I attended the interview. This interview was through another consultancy. When i had called for the result, the MNC personnal told me my profile was on hold & the consultancy person replied that I had got rejected. I wanted a job in that particular company. Is there any way i can get reseclected again? Kindly help me out sir.

  16. I am C.Jyotsna a graduate. I took software training for 9 months worked really hard. Still unable to get desired job. I attended few interviews but could not clear it. Now a days I am not getting interview calls also.I am in urgent need of a job. Please I request you to suggest switch words for interview calls as well as clearing interviews. Also how to use them.

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