Clear the obstacles away


Different Uses of Switch Word Clear

CLEAR means “bright shining light”.

To come out spotless, without any black mark in the office, use the switch word CLEAR. Since it means bright shining light, it also works for depression – FIND CLEAR.

To understand any subject, CLEAR.

If we know the meaning of the words then we can add whatever word you want for any given problem or issue.

CLEAR is the word for reducing the weight or CLEAR DIVINE. About 10,000 times you have to chant.

Whenever you purchase a land or a house, chant “CLEAR DIVINE ON”. ON means to move on without interruption.

If you want to keep somebody at a distance, CONCEDE CLEAR.

Getting the money owed to you

This word CLEAR informs a beautiful word to the sub-conscious mind. Somebody owes you some money, draw two horizontal lines, write the name of the person who owes you on one line and on the other line write CLEAR. This word informs the subconscious mind of that person – pay, pay, pay… settle the claim, settle the claim, and settle the claim… So he cannot keep quiet, he will somehow pay the money to you.

Find the right doctor

For our many problems we have to go to a right doctor, right dentist, and right astrologer. To get the right person at the right time – CONCEDE CLEAR DIVINE ORDER or CONCEDE CLEAR ON.

Eye problems

For all eye problems, use the Switch Words CLEAR POINT. Why this word? Light is always focused in the retina at a point – so POINT means focus, and CLEAR means bright shining light.

If you want, you can also add DIVINE to it (CLEAR POINT DIVINE).

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I am in class xii. I have very low attendance in school becoz i took a lot of leaves to study.i am not able to get good marks and i have been struggling with my studies but even after taking so many leaves and studying i am still not getting good marks.i am worried that becoz of my low attendance and poor marks i will not be allowed to give boards.i feel very insecure about this and i am not able to study.i also watch a lot of tv becoz i just feel too tensed.plz give me some exams are in 4-5 months time.


  3. Feeling very very low and depressed, still no hopes for job, what to do? Chanting my deity’s name with true devotion, please guide me.

    • Nita Patel,

      • Dear Naran Sir,
        I got a temporary job for 4 weeks in Christmas,its only 3 hours a day in the evening, chances are there if luck permits to be permanent, I am still looking for morning job. Is it Okay if I still chant RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND DIVINE JOB NOW ON. Please give me guidance and advise.

  4. I have lost touch with someone very dear to me and would like to rekindle our relationship. Could you suggest a switch word to clear all the obstacles and to facilitate a new beginning.


  6. Dear Naran Sir,
    I got a temporary job for 4 weeks in Christmas,its only 3 hours a day in the evening, chances are there if luck permits to be permanent, I am still looking for morning job. Is it Okay if I still chant RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND DIVINE JOB NOW ON. Please give me guidance and advise.

  7. Nita Patel
    yes do the switch words as mentioned by you

  8. Dear Sir,

    My brother needs to owe few lakhs Rupees to my sister & he is not setteling since last 7 years. My sister is in deep financial problem bcoz of this and she is unable to sell the property which my father has given as componsation of this due money from my brother.

    He is interrpting for my sister selling this property , Please advise switch word for my sister to get the money from brother or to sell the prooperty with out any problem.

    Thanks & Regards,

  9. chant NAMASHIVAYAM daily 1000 times.

  10. Mr. Naran,
    Can I use CONCEDE CLEAR DIVINE ORDER or CONCEDE CLEAR ON to get a home and office worker please. Thanks. Luciana

  11. Luciana Marins
    chant concede clear find divine WORKER

  12. hi naran,
    last time you gave something to write on the wall of my house .
    i dont mean it does not work.

    but unfortunately there has been lost of money in my house again.
    i could feel the energy sometimes during my sleep but could not wake up to fight it and i hope you understand what i mean.

    naran its like taht energy watching or persuing to have money .

    anything you could help me will be welcome.

    thank you to allow me to use your time

    happy new year to you dear FRIEND AND ALL THAT SURROUND YOU


    • I am sorry, robert, i dont understand what you have written. what did i give? for what? unless you write this i can’t help you.
      Wish you too a happy new year

  13. Hi Naran,

    We are in the process to purchase a house and for that we have paid more than half the amount but at this stage we understood that the seller is not having an important document for that reason bank loan will also not sanctioned. I am worried that we are going to lose our hard earned money in this deal. PLEASE HELP.


  14. USER1,

  15. Luciana Marins

    Thanks Mr. Naran. I started to chant and in less than 2 hours I found a home worker. All the best!! Rgds.

  16. as i was going thru ur mails, i was chanting swtichwords for my son’s promotion (which was mentioned in one of ur mails) He is now promoted to Team Leader level. Even though the salary hike is not much, its a surprise that a person is promoted within a year of his service. thx muchhhhhhhhhhh. Infact u had suggested to use batch flowers for him to get the job.

    Now with his work experience, he wants to study further. (MBA or MS in health care mgmt. ) since this will involve money in lakhs, we want to find out, is the mentioned field is good for the future?. kindly suggest switch words for proper guidance?


  17. One more query pl……

    Last yr we shifted to rented house and lost “velli thattu”. This we realised only now when we were shifting again. Also we had sent some stuff to Indonesia, where my husband is currently posted. We chekd with him, but the answer is no.
    Pl suggest switchwords for getting the “thattu” back. I am 100% sure we will get back the thattu” as it has been purchased thru our hard earned money. Apart from praying to God, would like to use switchwords as everytime ur guidance has helped me.


  18. . shashi

  19. thx so much.
    One more miracle wanted to share with all, by using switchwords. We were looking out for another house for rent. (previous owner asked us to vacate) Since the builder is not paying any rent to us, v r shelling out the rent fr our pocket. So did not want to go thru the broker, as we wanted to avoid the brokerage. We had to shift to new rented house on 1st jan. I was chanting CERATO/MIMULUS/FIND/DIVINE HOUSE. We got the house thru a common friend and a very positive energy house we got.

    Thnk u so muchhhhh Mr. Naran.

    I will recollect the switchwords which i chanted for my son’s promotion and let everyone know of the same, so that even they can b benefitted.


  20. It is really amazing to read people’s comments on
    Various problems
    This is great service being rendered
    I would request you to
    Kindly mail me of such news if possible

  21. as per ur advise was chanting ELM GORSE ROCKROSE ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD for getting “velli thattu” back. Now i have joined my husband in Indonesia and I got my “velli thattu” back.
    thx u so much Naran sir. U give the rt. switchwords and i am always benefitted.

    one more request. My husband came to Indonesia from Mumbai as per his CEO’s request. (they are working in the same office and purchased a new company in Indonesia)But now that CEO is giving my husband nightmares. Even if we want to go back to India, a portfolio needs to be created in Mumbai office. Kindly suggest switchwords so that a new portfolio is created in mumbai and we can go back to Mumbai asap.

    thx once again


  22. naran sir,

    waiting for ur guidence.


  23. I have to give presentation to some senior people but I always loose confidence & speech while presenting the same.
    I want that I should give the best presentation with full confidence & clear speech.

  24. Alka Kapoor
    chant ELM LARCH HORNBEAM . Write these names of flowers in a slip of paper and keep it with you.

  25. naran sir, waiting for ur guidence

  26. Sir, We have to start construction of our house. Please give me switch words that i can write and bury in the ground for peace, happiness, Excellent education and prosperity of the family.
    Nisha Kapur

  27. still waiting.


  28. Naran sir, waiting for ur divine advise.


  29. Sir,

    My mother 75 years of age is ill. Doctor has advised here complete bed rest for 3 months as she had multiple Fractures in back. Please advise Switch Word Magic for her fast healing. She is also Dementia/Alzheimer patient. Kindly help me in curing her Alzheimer.

    Best Regards

  30. SHELLY,
    write WATERVIOLET in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

    • Thank you Sir. :-))

    • Sir,
      I have been enchanting the mantras as suggested. From the past three days my Mom has been sleeping throught out day n night. She urinates on floor. She has been very active throughout her life and has never been lathargic like this. I have been giving her regular allopathic medicines. I do not what to do ? Please advise.

      • shelly,
        continue this chanting. Pray to sun god to set right the bones, by filling up the body with his life energy rays.
        keep your hand on her head and say 11 times, QUIET MIND” and then on the heart and say,”OPEN HEART” and then on her navel and say,”Relax”
        do this daily

  31. naran sir,

    waiting for the divine advice.


  32. Sir,

    I am entering into business ventures of Property & Food in partnership with my friends.. Am afraid of loosing my hard earned money from my service . I have never done any business. Please advice Switch Word Magic for success.

  33. shelly,
    chant Mimulus (to overcome fear of misfortune) Larch (to have self-confidence) Gentian (not to be discouraged by set backs) Waterviolet(to focus deeply) Honeyscukle (not to regret the decision) Wildorse (to accept what happens) Fnd count divine profit.

  34. Sir,

    Thankyou for your divine support.

  35. Naran Sir,

    I am very forgetful and even if I try to learn or repeat something there is background music going on that I will not be able to remember this. Please help me to get rid of this insecurity.

  36. chant WHITECHESTNUT (To overcome hearing background music)

  37. Naran sir,

    Thx much. was out of town. saw the divine advice. started chanting immediately.


  38. I simply wanted to thank you very much yet again. I am not sure the things that I could possibly have carried out in the absence of the entire concepts provided by you over such problem. It was actually a very distressing case in my circumstances, however , spending time with this well-written style you solved it took me to weep over contentment. I am happy for your support and as well , hope that you really know what a great job you were putting in educating others by way of your websites. I am certain you’ve never got to know all of us.

  39. Dear Sir

    I divinely got to read your switchword website and i liked it very much. Sir I am practicing it and I have got result in a day.

    Sir, I have a friend who claims to love me a lot and whenever we met he wanted to have sex with me and I am of the onion that if one is not committed for long terms then no sex with them and the same is with him. He has not given me any commitment but he still wants to meet me not as a genuine friend but as a girl friend also he is from other religion. Is there any switch word that my friend convert himself to my religion.

    He is a nice man and i like his friendship and also feel like keeping long term relationship but the issue is about our religion. His parents will get ready but my parents would mind it. so please if you can help me

  40. can i chant clear to reduce my weight….or clear divine…

  41. Abhideb Bhattacharya

    The mantra ‘CLEAR POINT DIVINE’ is really miraculous which I experienced last night concerning an eye problem of my son which occured suddenly.

    I stay in Calcutta. Yesterday , the temperature was very high. In the evening around 9:30 pm, suddenly a strong breeze started to blow signalling a storm. Around 10:00 pm, a very small hard dust particle got lodged in the retina of my child’s left eye. He is 8 + years old. He sprinkled water in the eyes and was even administered eye drops, but to no benefit. It remained. We got tensed and planned to show an eye specialist today, but again in the morning he has to go to school as there is a test today.

    When my son went to bed, I started chanting ‘clear point divine eyes of my son ‘ and kept on repeating till I fell asleep. In my mind, I also prayed to Mother Universe to make his eyes crystal clear and remove this problem.

    Today, in the morning, when my son woke up, like a magician’s trick, the hard dust particle was not there in the retina. It was lying outside the eye on the lower lid!!! We are all relieved and he has gone happily to school.

    I express my sincere gratidude to Guruji and to the ever bountiful Mother Universe who has connected us with Guruji!!! It is by divine grace that this issue has been resolved…!!!

    Joy Guruji….

  42. Dear sir,

    Every time, my mother eats food or anything she starts coughing so severely that she feels too much difficulty in breathing. this happens everyday. plz sir, help my mother suggest some great solutions for it. please please please.

  43. Plz respond sir, this is a kind of a problem from which my mother suffers almost everyday… even if she is not eating and just talking she starts coughing all of a sudden as if there comes an obstruction in her air pipe or food pipe. she starts whooping and sighing so hard that breathing becomes difficult for her. I know sir, you have a very busy schedule, but I would be grateful to you if you could manage some time out to read this problem and suggest me some worthy solution.

  44. Sir’s new website is

  45. Please tell me a mantra to clear the obstacles to get a job immediately for my husband

  46. Sir,

    Awaiting your reply for my query of 3.4.14

  47. sir iam not able to complete my iam 25 years old not able to concentrate ihave nearly 13 papers arrears. right now iiam working iam an outsource employee . unless i get my pass certificate it is too difficult for me to secure good job. but i have only one chance to complete help me sir what can i do.


  48. Hello Sir,

    Guided by my office collegue I startd chanti g andralso practising switch word.
    Is therew a way I can be a part of your guidence given through mails.

    Please so suggest if there is some I want to share to seek your guidance how can I share but only with you sir.


    • Hello Sir,
      Parden me for the typing errors in the above /last message.
      Guided by my office collegue I startd chanting and also started practising switch word.
      Is there is a way I can be a part of your guidence given through mails.

      Please suggest if there is some I want to share to seek your guidance how can I share but only with you sir.


  49. sir pls give me switchwords to get first division in mba final year

  50. Dear Naran Sir,

    off-late im sleeping a lot because of which im not able to complete my tasks… preparing for my entrance exams …….since im sleeping too much im unable to wake up early in the morning and feel very lazy during the day……….because of which i feel inactive and laidback feel damn lazy and postpone things though i know i have to work hard for my entrance exam….is there any switch words or bach flower remedies to get rid of this sleep and laziness and be active and not postpone things.

  51. I am awaiting ielt results, to be declared on 27th November. My score is 8/10. This is what I envision.
    My writing test didn’t go well hence I am feeling scared. I question myself. I have to be more positive. Help me!

  52. dear sir,
    i have been in a rrelationship with a guy since a long time but now his parents Are searching for a girl for him but he lost his hopes and is unwilling to talk to his parents about our relationship… m too depressed.. pls suggest sw which i shud chant so that he convinces his parents and marries me.

  53. shivaprakash varier

    To come out spotless, without any black mark in the office,remove the obstacles in my job and to get out of debt trap because as soon as money comes it slips through and i want heavy amount of money to remove my debt.

  54. I am v tensed abt my sociology results which will be declared in June every time I give sociology paper I keep failing n never pass because of this one paper my hole career has become a failure plz suggest some remedy to get successful results in my sociology exams

  55. One unknown person is troubling me kindly tell me the remedy or mantra to chant

  56. May I know any switch word for a good rented house with in our budget and preferred location

  57. How to get rid of laziness, procrastination and get into action.

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