Maintain BP


The switch word TINY means reduce and ADD means to increase.

What we need to reduce? You can reduce BP, weight, for examples.

You can say, “Tiny BP”. But this should not become low BP. So, you need to balance it.

Say, “TINY ADJUST BP”. It will make the BP normal.


About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir, please suggest a mantra to normalise high b.p.

  2. Sir if the meaning of Tiny is reduce. .then how cn we use tiny bow concede……… regain harmony?it wl nt reduce love?? Jst asking. ……plz tell us.

  3. hi sir. Me and my significant other have been having a lot of problems lately. We fight almost everyday and always seem to have miscommunication. I tried chanting “together divine” for months now and nothing seems to work. Please suggest something else. Thank you

  4. Naran Guruji,

    Thank you for helping ppl in need with your remedies and switch words, Great work.
    I’m a working mother with 3 yrs kid and facing difficulty in managing things at work and home though i have in-laws at home.
    1. I’m planning to change my job as the pay i earn here is very less and work profile is also not satisfiable though timings are very comfortable.Please suggest Switch words to find my dream job with better pay (i’m expecting 8.5 lakhs) and profile which is near to my home and have flexible timings.can i focus on any company name in particular?
    2. My kid is underweight and frequently falls sick. she cannot eat on her own yet and because of long commute time i’m not able to spend much time for her,which worries me a lot. Please suggest some remedy sir.


  5. what is the valid switch word to loose weight

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