Travel Smoothly in Road and in Life

Radha Narayanan

I want to share a few experiences.

Every day, I chant, ‘FIND DIVINE ORDER’ when I travel by my scooter. Whatever traffic is there, I smoothly can reach my place on time.

Yesterday, my vehicle got punctured I had to get an auto. I chanted (the animal spirit guide) Wolf as autos usually overcharge near my place. Got an auto, where I was charged the usual meter charge and also reached my office on time. I also kept chanting ‘FIND DIVINE ORDER’. By evening, I could get a mechanic to repair my vehicle at my home itself.

 Also, at work, whenever I am in confusion, I start chanting ‘FIND DIVINE ORDER’ in my mind furiously, I find all my tensions dissolve and I am calmer after that.

Thanks for your help always.


Find Divine Order is a safety mantra for the road.

Divine Order: stands for harmony and peace.

Wolf: for help

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran sir,I was suffering from a bad left knee pain while travelling abroad…..u suggested keeping a paper with no58 written on it,under pillow while also asked me to chant HareRama HareKrishna Change Divine Order…..within 2days of chanting my knee was back to normal……hope this might also help people with similar problems….Thank you ever so much for this and a lot many things sir….I also call upon animal spirit Wolf a lot of times… has never failed me…..again thank you for introducing us to the wonderful world of animal spirits,mudra healing,mantras,Bach flowers and switch words……..there’s lots to learn everyday from your site…..May God bless you……

  2. Sir!
    What is the switch Word /Bach remedy for increasing positive thoughts??

    • alamelu?
      what negative thoughts you have?

      • Sir!
        My mind always thinks bad things will happen-which happens 5% of the time.But those experiences overpower the positive experiences.And these thoughts keep mind in negative mood.hence i request if there is switch word for keeping negative thoughts removed please advice.

  3. Good Job been done here Sir,
    I want to build a 3 bedroom bungalow between July 2012- December 2012.
    I need about N9million(Approx $60,000) to buy the land and build the house.)
    1. God has Abundance everywhere. I know that what I am asking for is small compared to what is available in the universe.
    2. My friends in the office have their 3 bedroom built, through a government loan, that I could not access at the time it was available because I was in debt. I had to opt out of the scheme because based on my finance I could not meet up with the demands.
    I do not want to be lagging behind among my colleagues in this area and I do not want to be mocked.
    What combination of swicthwords will enable me achieve this goal within this time frame ?
    I greatly desire for this to happen this year. It will be a miracle indeed!

  4. Dear Naran ji,

    My husband and I whenever we invest in a property together or do a investment together we barely break-even or always loose on money. Whenever we help out friends with cash or try to do business with them it fails or the money is rarely returned. However before marriage any investments that I made, I always profited, however due to circumstances I under the influence of the inlaws I enchashed my investment although I made profit the total return just got used up……..felt like slipped through my fingers thereby I could not build on the profit as such. Kindly advise switchwords to come out of this cycle.
    Additionally is there a switchword to generate income from divinely unexpected sources……lottery etc.

    My husband are contemplating of investing in a property, however we are short of approx. 30% of total value. We would like to invest in the right place without taking any loans. So I am looking for switch words and guidance to divinely guided to the right investment to be able to earn profitability.

    Together find divine answer.

    Thank you


  5. rAJ,
    For getting money through lottery i dont suggest any remedy.

  6. Dear Naranji

    Lately i am seeing quite a number of accident on the road, few days ago a cruel accident a man trap between big tyre of container truck. I was almost vommit. Can i chant “FIND DIVINE ORDER” for safety and avoid seeing any accident. After seen any accident it is difficulty to erase from my mind.


  7. hello sir,
    my daughter went to a attend a function, and she lost her IPOD there. we made announcement there but nobody return the ipod. sir please help her with sw she can chant and get back her ipod. …………….thanks.

  8. Thank you so very much Naran ji. Could you please give guidance on a chant to make the divinely guided choice in investing in a
    Property. Thank you. find divine answer now.

  9. Dear sir,

    my husband is jobless for more than 5 months. He is getting selected but at the lastmoment,somehow he gets rejected .
    working as software prof more than 13 yrs. living in rented house.We have 2 big loans to settle. Running the family only
    with our savings.Nowadays he is not getting interview calls.

    Please suggest switchwords for my husband to get interview
    calls , tobe successful in interviews and to get good job without delay.



  10. nanrajkumar,
    chant GORSE CLEMATIS SCLERANTHUS walnut over a glass of water and give your husband

  11. thankyou so much for your immediate response. sir could u please clarify one more thing. How many times i need to chant.

  12. Dear sir
    In 2010 I left an abusive relationship with the father of my daughter. to ensure our safety, I pursued a order of protection against him. I thought that the process would be less stressful and time consuming than a criminal court case as I was in no condition to handle that emotional. Unfortunately it has been the opposite, resulting in a very long drawn out trial that has only hindered my overall healing, heightened my anxiety and fear for the wellbeing of myself and child.Out side of his aid in our daughters creation, he failed to meet any duties as her father even denying to sign her birth certificate. Since leaving him, he has filed paternity petitions, but fails to meet conditions each time resulting in them being thrown out. He has lied, falsified documents, and coached witnesses…and I am ready to be done with it once and for all and move on with my life. Can you please supply me with switchwords that will resolve this case and all other counter petitions victoriously, aid in the healing of myself and daughter, in addition to keeping him away from us and not being able to use court system to do so.

    Thank you


  13. Binaca,
    chant FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER BE DIVINE as many times as possible. Download a picture of hexagon and write your name your daughter’s name inside the hexagon.

  14. Good Evening Naran Sir.

    I wish to have an independent source of income. I dont want to be dependent on job for my income. I wish to be free from the job routine and wish to have something on my own from where I can earn enough to live a god life. I am very much sure to go for it but just waiting for an opportunity to along my way which I can grab.

    Can you please suggest something over it so that I find some opportunity which would help me in getting an independent income source.


    • Naran Sir,

      Awaiting your response on my query i put yesterday.

      “I wish to have an independent source of income. I dont want to be dependent on job for my income. I wish to be free from the job routine and wish to have something on my own from where I can earn enough to live a good life. I am very much sure to go for it but just waiting for an opportunity to come along my way which I can grab.

      Can you please suggest something over it so that I find some opportunity which would help me in getting an independent income source.”


    • kishor,chant FIND DIVINE ORDER THANKS. Buy ruby pills lfrom the centre.

  15. Dear naran sir, a friend of mine while driving knock down a person who died on the spot. It was an accident and not intentional. Please suggest me some switcword which i can chant for my friend so that he can cime out of the legal hurdle that he is facing.. Please sir help me. Thanking you.

  16. annapoorna
    chant vervain pine cat’s eye change divine order
    write GREEN TOURMALINE in a paper and keep it under his pillow

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