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Naran S Balakumar

  1. Jayanthi Bhalaji

    I have problem letting go or forgiving people.
    is there any swich word for it

  2. if you dont do the forgiving exercise, . you will undergo same emotions,even though situations may be different. If you do not want to meet or interact with same people in future, Forgiving is the only way. There is no shortcut for letting go the resentment and anger. Do not act from ego; have higher perception and think taht every event in our life is happening as per our desire. Before taking the birth i want this life with these people to mend my life. But unfortunately after taking birth, when the situation is created as per our desire, instead of learning lessons and moving forward, we get stuck and we refuse to forget or forgive. What is the one that prevents you from forgiving. Release that and do it.

    i jayanthi forgive your —–(name of the person). You please forgive me and release me. This can be done mechanically without the involvement of the heart.

  3. Jayanthi Bhalaji

    thanks naran
    u want me to chant the above
    i forgive your
    do i just have to fill the name or action that upsetted me
    is it you or your
    i live in singapore. heard ur daughter is here.does she also practice here.

  4. I jayanthi forgive you —–(name of the person). You please forgive me and release me.
    Take a person with whom you are angry. Insert his or her name in the space given above. chant the same for 200 times a day.
    My does not practise though she knows all the healing techniques that i teach.
    When i come to singapore, i will inform you. mail me separately

    • Dear Sir,

      I Have 2 queries related to Forgiving exercise.

      1 . I have too many people to forgive in my life, so please guide me how to forgive them with once for all

      2. I see my husband is having somuch resentment in his life with somany people but he doesnt try to do any of the excercise to forgive & forget. So is there any thing i can do behalf ok him, as its affecting my life all the time.

      Thanks & Regards,

  5. You cannot do anything for somebody’s sake. What is your predominant thought or emotion when you deal with him. Release that one by one. If one goes, another will come.
    Take a list of all.
    do the forgiving for all. Take one at a time. chant 200 times for each.

  6. chant FIND COUNT…….rupees DIVINE

  7. Hi,

    I had written to you before aboout my problem. I have signed my rental contract with my new shop owner and i dont have even a peeny in my pocet. I did this assuming that my loan is getting approved for 6 lakhs but loan is not getting approved and i am in deep problem. I have signed lock in period of 6 months and if i get out of this now then i have to pay 6 months rent as penalty. I am not finding a solution to this. I want the loan to be approved and some miracle happen . i am seriously in tension. i am not able to understand what ia have to do. please resoond to this immediately so that i can do some thing or please help me.

  8. chant FIND COUNT…….rupees DIVINE. In the blank mention the amount you want.
    you can also write FIND WHY I GOT 6LAKHS NOW DONE

  9. thank you so much.I am feeling better after i came home.u asked me to forgive the most important person in my life and i was surprised how u knew it,thank u divine order dr.NARAN.I AM BLESSED TO KNOW U.

  10. thank you. Divine is always beside us.

  11. I have few confusion reated to swithwords.
    1. Can we do it for others. Like one of friend is not having any child though they are doing every efforts for alomost 10 years of marriage?
    2. Can u please suggest me switch word recovery as one of friend has taken money and now no more in contact.
    I thank you for this site as it was out of the blue moon that i come across this when i was really in need.
    Thank you

  12. yes you can do for others. They have to meet me in person.
    Sweetchestnut beech reach …….(name of the person). chant this or write this

  13. Nanadita Mehta

    Dear Sir,

    It is possible to get back the long outstanding money from the person whose financial condition is not sound, and he taken money from many people. He along with his family is absconding and for me the amount of money is big. Even my parents also have given money, which they have saved for my sisters marriage.

    Can I get back my money through Switchword? Can my parents also get back the money? If yes, then what switch word is to be used? Is switch will differ from person to person like for the same purpose it will be different for me and for my parents ? .

    Using switchwords can we safe guard for such kind of people whose intentions are not good ?. It like people earn through hard work and such people enjoy at their cost. What switchword is to be used to safeguard for such kind of people?
    In order to be with peace with this kind of experience in life which effect the faith and hope and avoid doubting on other person because of this experience.

    Thank you in advance for your guidance.

  14. Nanadita Mehta,
    to get back the money that we have given:
    take the flower remedy combination prepared by me. you have to buy from me and take 4 pills three times a day. The cost is Rs.100/- (for a bottle of 450 pills). You can also put the pills in a glass of water and sip over the day. while sipping, chant FIND COUNT…… (specify the amount)DIVINE

  15. I run a naturopathy in U.K. Could you please advise me about bach flower remedy for get the money back which we given to others.
    I have flower remedy set but don’t know which one to select for get the money back.

    • Richard,
      take centaruy, chicory Rockwater chestnutbud 3 pills each three times a day.
      Take Mustard+ Aventurine separately one dose in the morning and one dose in the night.


        I am Sudhabalasubramanian from Coimbatore . I come across the Switch Word Magic recently and I am just viewing your site. Amazing………… many users have gained many thing by using your switch word.

  16. Dear Naran,
    My husband and myself are unemployed and wants to go back to our old boss and work for him,I chant the magic word TOGETHER FIND DIVINE as advised by my sister in law. Will it work?. Please do reply.

  17. Dear Sir,
    Past 3 weeks we have been trying to contact our previous boss, he answers the phone back but is not giving any appointment to meet personally and discuss anything further.I am chanting the switchword TOGETHER FIND DIVINE followed by his name continously, and am worried. Please give me advise.


  19. Dear Naran Sir,
    I am writing to you as I am very much tensed.I am chanting the switchword REACH (NAME) DIVINE BETWEEN NOW ON since told by you.Till now my previous boss hasn’t contacted us.My husband and myself are under tremendous pressure. We have some debts to clear. I am not being greedy but want some money to clear all my debts and to clear my overdrafts in banks.I want to get back to work ASAP and save my husband from depression.I have KALSURP DOSHA in my birthchart and so had to struggle till now for everything.I am 49 years old and nothing has fallen straight to me.I am staunch devotee of SHREE YAMUNA MAHARANIJI.PLEASE ADVISE ME AND GUIDE at your earliest.

  20. Nita patel,
    since money is the issue, chant LALITHAM SRIDHARAM 1000 times.
    write REACH (NAME) DIVINE BETWEEN NOW ON in a piece of paper and keep it with you. You can keep it under pillow when you sleep.

  21. Dear Naran Sir,
    My Aunt says She is abussed by her husband every now and then. We have also witnessed that he insults her without any reason, He hits her also. All this makes her upset. She is not happy. With all this in the house even both her sons and daughter-in-laws misbehaves with her. Please can you guide her.

    • Ask her to chant NAMASHIVAYAM 2000 times daily. Chanting of this mantra will tear the past.

  22. Hello Sir,
    I was wondering if you can help. My partner lost his camera whilst on holidaying, I am really annoyed that he lost it because they were so many photos of us in it. I am in another country at the moment and am not with him. Is there any switch words I can use to help him recover his lost camera. I am very grateful for you help.

  23. angel

  24. Dear Naran Sir,
    Sorry to bother you again, but I am writing to you as did not receive any reply from you.As told you before everyday comes with new problem, I am chanting LALITHAM SRIDHARAM continuously but it seems has no effect.So wondering whether switchword has any effect on my life?.Badly need your help.I will continue to chant the switchword.Desperately waiting for your reply.

  25. If there is problem every day, chant LALITHAM LAMBODARAM.
    As soon as you get up, say to yourself,”all my chakras are rotating clock-wise, spinning at optimum speed. Higher self I honour you. Guide me for the day.” Then start doing any work.

  26. Dear Sir,
    Awaiting reply…have once again posted my question below…..

    I was doing EFT but found it difficult in public and sometimes not working.
    I asked the Universe to give me some easier solutions to my problems and I came through this website.

    I get uncontrollable negative thoughts all throughout the day, either of the past or of the future and can never stay in the present. I get unwanted thoughts about people, situations, circumstances of the past or future. If any new thing I have to do in the next moment, then I view it negatively first. It is hard to believe but I get around a 100 thoughts per minute. My mind is not stable even for 10 mins.

    Can you please tell some switch words and/or mudras to get rid of this.

    I am not in India so cannot purchase anything, please give me easy remedies like mudras / switch words which I can do at office and at home.


  27. UserOne

  28. I am suffering with lots of confusion in my mind about people, friends their behavior..tell me the way to remove my confusion..

  29. Take holly three pills three times a day.
    after one hour gap, take Scleranthus three pills three times a day.

  30. Hi,

    Is there any switchword to improve eyesight and see the world without using glass or lenses? It would be a great help if u suggest something.

    God bless



    I have hearing problems since many years when somebody speaks in normal low tone-if they speak louder i can here-hearing aid simply echos-any switch word or remedial measures-K.G.Chandraswamy

    concede clear ear centre chant these words

  34. hi naran, wish all of you very well.

    i have two problems to clear.
    first: the right switchwords to cancel a debt.

    second: to remove devil energy out of my house, who comes only to make trouble home and devore money.

    thank you for your precious help

  35. robert
    switch words: cancel debt divine count now on
    write the names of ROCKWATER VINE CHESTNUTBUD in a piece of paper and keep it with you. paste the paper on the walls of the house.

  36. I have to ask, can I use cancel debt divien count now on, for my many debts also? Is inejust for me to chant theese words? I look forwart to your anwer.

    than you in advance

  37. Dear Sir,

    After working for 14 years in apparel industry I have started my own trading company. I have got very good response from friends and acquaintance on this project.

    i wish to become a very successful businessman and earn lots of wealth which will help me lead a healthy and happy life. I want to attract customers all across the globe for huge business deals, please help me with a switch word/s which will help me get successful leads and build a huge empire. Thank you.

    Anand Thakkar

  38. hi naran,
    a very big thank you to you for answering me.
    i will do so as you explain.
    can i also use these switchwords about debt.
    concede-clear-centre–( name of bank loan)-DIVINE-ON.


    • respected sir, i want to buy laptop. It is my need. But i don’t have money for laptop. Plz suggest me some switch words that helps me plz

  39. Dear Naran Sir,
    I have given an interview in a school on friday, but haven’t heard from them, neither yes nor no, so I am waiting for positive reply on monday, I am still chanting RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND DIVINE JOB NOW ON. Is that right or give me some strong switch word which gives me desired fruits when done with true devotion and faith.

  40. Nita Patel
    Add one more word.

  41. Dear Naran Sir,
    Is this the same switchword for my husband also? I am chanting on his behalf.Please do let me know.

  42. Nita Patel

  43. Dear Naran Sir,

    After working for 14 years in apparel industry I have started my own trading company. I have got very good response from friends and acquaintance on this project.
    i wish to become a very successful businessman and earn lots of wealth which will help me lead a healthy and happy life. I want to attract customers all across the globe for huge business deals, please help me with a switch word/s which will help me get successful leads and build a huge empire. Thank you.

    Anand Thakkar

  44. Anand Thakkar

  45. Dear Sir,

    Thanks a ton

    Need one more help. Recently i have developed kidney stones. I will be very grateful if you can advice me a swtichword to get rid of this stones. Once again thank you very much.

  46. Respected Sir Naranji
    What Switchwords used for the betterment of teenage Children.How to decide what is good for our children.regarding Job,life,marriage….How to locate right spot for our childrens bright future.God is only the Decider he knows best for All.How to learn from switchwords to make right decision for kids future.
    Kindly help.

  47. Dear Sir,
    Please suggest effective switchwords for social anxiety.
    I get nervous to speak with more than one person….(sometimes even one person) heart beat increases, face muscles change, trembling, etc……I get nervous to even introduce my name in front of a group of people.
    please advise.

  48. Dear Naran Sirji,
    Even after continuously chanting GORSE RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND DIVINE JOB NOW ON with true devotion keeping my deity in mind, I got negative reply from the school.I am very upset, trying to cope my situation which is getting worst monetary wise also. Only miracle can help me I think. Can you please help me to get out of this situation.

  49. Does that mean…..
    i. write on a paper and stick to the tumbler and drink ? OR
    ii. chant by mouth and then drink water ?


  50. chant by mouth, keeping the right palm over the glass and then drink that water

  51. Dear Naran,

    Thank you for helping us.

    I am doing as you have said and am experiancing incredible results.
    Many new issues are coming to the forefront I can see now that it’s all like been like an onion layer after layer.
    Again, thank you.

    And to those of you who ask Naran question after question – please what he says for a good measure of time first before inquiring again.

    May you be blessed all of your days!

  52. Hi,

    I feel confused about what I want to do in life.
    I got ideas but feel overwhelmed by their amount and even though I pray daily to
    find what brings joy to my heart and focus on it 100 percent professionally
    I still have no clarity. So there is a lot of restlessness inside me to focus on one thing only.
    In addition I have little trust in that my endaviours will be successful as I failed
    to see success in the past.

    Please advise switch words and note that I am not an English native speaker.

    • Jacqueline
      no clarity;confused : SCLERANTHUS
      estlessness inside: IMPATIENS.
      to focus on one thing:CLEMATIS
      I have little trust in that my endaviours will be successful as I failed
      to see success in the past.:GENTIAN

  53. Hi Naran, just found your blog, I like it.

    Do you have any suggestions for switchwords that would allow me to be incredibly attractive to women, and have them approaching me?

    Many thanks

  54. Also, what would be a good phrase to help quit smoking?

    Thank you


  56. Thank you, Naran,
    Do you possibly have a switch word for me, please?

  57. Naran here is my story as requested.

    I have been doing quite well at my job over the past few years.
    In my opinion, continually doing my best to complete what is asked of me in a timely fashion.
    Earlier this year a new boss entered the company.
    A few months ago I was assigned to work with him.

    Much to my dismay the new boss gave me several assignments to do complete all at once
    and over a period of weeks continuously complained that I was not fast enough
    and that the team members I was working with were not good at their job.

    I consider them experts in their field and relied on them heavily.

    The boss was generally very negative and working with him dramatically altered my mood.

    As time when on I started to hear from some of my other managers of his complaints and worried about what they would think about me.

    Previously, I had been very highly regarded.

    Interestingly, enough his demanding unreasonable ways are not what pushed me to seek help but rather his critical perspective which I found intolerable.

    Not knowing what to do I started chanting DIVINE ORDER on my own.

    There was some improvement and I started to get more support from my managers.
    For the most part though, nothing was done about my growing workload.

    I tried to bear it as best as I could.

    Meanwhile the threat of the new boss talking to others behind my back was causing me some serious anxiety.

    I realized through Dr. Naran I could also chant PRAISE.

    I want to note that at first things got a little bit worse…several high pressured deadlines etc.

    I reached out to Naran again since I didn’t know what else to do…I had tried to accommodate incredibly tight deadlines and it seemed nothing would make this man happy.

    Naran told me to chant CENTAURY HOLLY PINE

    I also added Willow based on some advice Naran had previously given me for home related issues.

    The pressure came down quite quickly after that!

    I also noticed that I began to receive PRAISE from so many other places at my job.
    My other managers even met with me to let me know they realize the situation that I am in and offered to help me manage the intense workload in whatever way they could. Its hard to explain how dramatic of a turn around this was.

    Also – and best of all there is some distance between my unreasonable boss and myself.

    He has assigneed less and started to appreciate some of the work I have done for him in the past.

    I have also realized I need to be more compassionate towards him since he was obviously dealing with some stressors
    which may have caused him to behave this way.

    In general I am WAY more relaxed at work which is good for all parties involved.

    This is one of many testimonials I have. The chanting provides a mental/emotional shift which changes how you feel about people,situations and things.

    Somehow the situation changes for the better.

    I learned through this situation that there was a pattern on my part regarding a hyper sensitivity to criticism.

    Instead of hating him I can thank my boss for helping me improve myself.



  58. i have been browsing for a switch word to assist me with a positive result, i have just applied for a business loan to the banks and i am stress waiting for their result i desperately need this loan, i have sold my previous business and invested the money has a deposit in this new venture.

  59. shanaaz

  60. hello naran,

    please could you help about
    (a) switchwords to get out of bank loan

    (b) to balance the right and left hemisphere

    (c) to help my son find a new job as his is facing a tough time with early morning

    job during his studies in perth.

    thank dear naran and keep the good job

    regards your friend robert

  61. robert
    bak loan: find divine bank loan count now on.
    download a picture of gem stone CHRYSOBERYL and paste it on the person.
    for your son i need more details

  62. hi naran,

    thanks very much for answer.
    regarding my son here is the problem.

    i have able to afford one year payment for his studies in perth.

    he has to face for the next year payment for next year and i hope you understand me about

    he is feeling tired about an early job starting 2 am to 6.30 then start his course at 7.30.

    anyswitcjwords from you will be very helpful of finding another job or something better.

    happy good weekend to you and family

  63. Hii Naran,

    I want to pass my exams. I haven studied anything but i hav to pass this time somehow.. been writing same exams for 3 years. what switchwords do i use it t pass my exams?? is der anything else i can do??

  64. Dear Sir NAranji NAmashkar!
    Sir i would like to Know when to Use CHANGE DIVINE ORDER and When to use FIND DIVINE ORDER what are the cases please give with some examples ,some ideas.

  65. dear naran, my fiancee lives abroad and has been having some trouble at his workplace.please suggest a switchword that i can chant on his behalf so that he stays in the same job and all his problems get solved.please suggest something for his anger too. thankyou

  66. sinobia

    • thank you sir..will do as you said. a friend husband is interested in another woman. can u please help with switch words so that she can bring him back. thank you in advance.

      • sinobia
        Ask her to love herself deeply. Have faith in God. Ask her to thank god for sending this person to her so that she has got a chance to mend him. Ask her not to regret what is happening. Ask her not to blame. Ask her not think this as karmic. Ask her to think that this chance is given to her -as god considers her special – to mend him . Pray pray- prayer can move mountains.

        Daily in the morning, around 5 am,ask her to talk to him mentally, what all she wants to put in his mind. Talk mentally with love and kindness, thinking God is beside you directing you.

        Send lots of love (pink) energy to her husband and that girl. Close the meditation with the affirmation, “O. Divine Order! re-align him(husband) and (that girl)her to your flow so that each undestands and comes out of their entanglment.”


  67. sir
    first of all God bless you and your services
    i am a great fan of switchwords and have got miraculous results in the past

    please let me know how to get a money back from a owner whose office have been vacated by me lastweek –he is postponing and delaying and try extraact more money from me–he needs to give me back 120000 rupees which i gave to himas as advance to take h is premises to run my office

    wolf -520 or 528 ,switchword ? bach remedy ? -concentric circle ?

    i wrote the owners name and CLEAR in two horizontal lines like this



    pl help me out


  68. d.Navneeth,
    write in a notebook, GORSE CHICORY CHESTNUTBUD, CENTAURY WILLOW 51 times daily.


    am Sudhabalasubramanian from Coimbatore . I come across the Switch Word Magic recently and I am just viewing your site.

    Amazing………… many users have gained many thing by using your switch word. Let me first start and try over the following:

    (1) My daughter has appeared for 10th public this going year. What should I chant to get more marks for her….

    (2) I want to learn two wheeler driving. What should I chant to drive smartly balancing the vehicle without fear.

    (3) I want to settle my home loan urgently but insufficient funds. Can you please advise.

    I would like to meet you when I come to chennai next.

    Thank you

  70. sir
    i know this will happen as i have got money using count several times

    but your advice is awesome–i chanted right from your reply and got the result -the owner agreed to pay the advance on monday–i’ll chant till then
    i wish to contribute some to your work

    i run a company with a foreigner in chennai –from 2009 last two months salaries not paid to employees as foreigner reluctant to send funds anymore but promised next week salaries will be paid and he says funds sent -he wish that indian office generates funds in india–though he has made no investment and out of air he needs money to be raised for which he says that we can conduct safety seminar across in india for which people hired and marketing is on

    i need this company to be profitable and self generating money
    what SW-BAch remedies-Animal wisdom(Kangaroo)-angel numbers to be used

    i wish to effortlessly earn 520 L (lakh) pretty soon out of nothing –what i need to do–SW-BAch remedies-Animal wisdom(Peacock-kingfisher)-angel numbers to be used

    when is your seminar sir -i wish to attend


  71. dear naran , i am trying to get a job in the middle east. at present i have resigned from my present job as a teacher. i am trying to get into a back office or telephone operating job in my fiancee’s company. since its a change in job field its getting a little difficult. please help me with switch words or animal spirit guide so that i can get a job in the same company as my future husband. thank you in advance.

  72. sinobia

  73. Sir,
    I got married in 2010 and there is some ego problems and misunderstanding between both families and now we are separated. She saying she will not come back. Pls guide me in this matter. Kindly advise a remedy.

  74. Dear Sir,
    My daughter wants to appear for some competetive exams. can u please help with some switch words to help her succeed .

  75. 398 find divine order

  76. 7jacqueline9

    Dear Naran,

    I have a client who is not willing to cooperate regarding method and amount of payments. Please advise switchwords to have a fair and balanced outcome. Thank you.

  77. 7jacqueline9

    Please advice switchword of how to harmonize relationship and get fair payment for my work. Thank you.

  78. Dear sir,

    I am new to this site. I have not heard about switch words, after looking into it I got interested. I have a query regarding my husband’s job. for the past two months he is jobless,attended over 5-6 companies .everything went well ,but somehow he wouldNT get selected. is 15yrs experienced IT professional . Please sir suggest me switch words to write on behalf of him to get good job without delay. he is so depressed.

    • chant GORSE WALNUT FIND DIVINE JOB COUNT NOW DONE 100 times over a glass of water and give it to him daily.

      • thank-you so much for your reply. please also tell me can I chant Lalitham sridharam , lalitham baskaram , lalitham sudarshanam , for getting good job ,which I went through in ur blog.

        • dear sir,

          I have been chanting GORSE WALNUT FIND DIVINE JOB COUNT NOW DONE 100 ttimes as suggested by you ,for getting new job for my husband. He is jobless for past 2 months. I am also chanting lalitham mantras. nowadays he is not getting any interview call. This is making him much tense. please tell me can I chant lalitham mantras to get interview calls. please guide me with your advice.

  79. Dear Naran Sir,
    I had lent rs 10k to a friend who promised to return it in 15 days but now he is behaving as if such a thing never happened. Now i am in odd position as being a good hearted person i don’t know how to ask my money back and i myself am poor and need my money back immediately.
    Please guide me mantra & switch-words for recovering my money back ASAP

    Also as i am new to these miracles of switch word please guide me how many times one should chant them and within how many days they give results?

    Best Regards,

  80. Manish,
    chant CENTAURY WILLOW CHICORY GORSE HONEYSUCKLE CHESTNUTBUD 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water.
    chant TOGETHER FIND COUNT 10k DIVINE NOW daily 300 times.

  81. nandini,
    add CHERRYPLUM to this combination and continue

  82. dear sir.. next week i have a job interview…the salary is negotiable..i want a switchword that will help me to get my desired salary without even asking for it.what should i do? brother is expecting a promotion at his work place.what can i chant on his behalf so that he get a promotion as soon as possible.

  83. sinobia,

  84. Dear Sir Naranji
    1)Kindly suggest switchwords for the person who has The intention to paying back loan to the person from whom so ever he has taken loan .But due to his financial and family kids reasons he is unable to Pay BAck.What would He or his wife chant to clear their debts ..and Pay back All The amount from whom so ever they have taken Loan and free from debt.
    2) Any sweet switchwords for Money stays in Home.(Because from one side money comes and next moment it goes out)
    3)GHAR MEIN BARKAT Ho ,Khushi Ho,Prosperity Ho,Pyar Ho…Aisa Switchwords Dijiyeji.
    Kindly Be Gracious.Thanks DIVINE ORDER

  85. fltrs,
    chant BLUE SAPPHIRE.
    you can get the picture of money flow from the centre. mail to

  86. diego cardozo

    hi i am diego from colombia .my english is bad jejeje.four months ago my girlfriend finished relationship.i want to know the switchword for this problem or to attract new girlfriend.thanks

  87. diego,

  88. hi ,my question is: switchwords can bring back the person we love to our life and that she is gone? thank you

  89. please forgive me for bothering you.kat I am with a broken heart.the woman who shared my life for almost 4 years say me she says she loves me not.
    she was a woman tender and full of love for me.appeared difficult times and I for a month I behaved very badly with her.sometimes for months she treated me well at times was very serious and indifferent.I practiced Ho’oponopono without knowing the magnitude of the problem.
    in February we come back.she was affectionate and loving again. I accidentally read one of her conversation with a friend on facebook.his friend asked if she still loved me.and she replied, Oh friend I love him but last year appeared a boy that made me wonder.naran you know that I should shut up and continue cleaning.but I confront moved by jealousy and fear.and she reacted badly too.she said she had come back emotions.she remembered crying the times that I had been cruel to her.she asked me once more time.and 10 March this year she wrote me a letter.she told me that she no longer loved me more. that she had fallen in love with this man,
    and now she had realized that.four months have passed,.I call her three days ago.she returned to say that she loved another man.kat you believe that I lost her.I do not know why her reacted so.she again told me she loved me she wanted me to have their children with me.from time to time and tells me he loves me not.I wonder if you can tell me how to use your method of healing relationships.if this has already solution or should I resign.thank you again

    • ruben,
      i wonder how we spoil our life by holding onto only one aspect of life. What is your life? by unnecessarily getting stagnated with one aspect, we lose our whole life. Dont you have anything else to divert your mind or quieten your mind? When the mind stops its inner chatter, the heart opens up to true love.

  90. Dear Sir,
    I am in a very unfortunate situation. I am looking for a job since August 2011 and till now have found no results. I have 7 yrs experience in finance field. My luck has been running really bad for quite some time. The calls that I am getting are very few. One opportunity that I got, I attended interview. I even got a call from the HR saying I am selected and the offer letter will be sent to u soon. But after few days I got a reply from him saying that your job position is on hold and you will have to wait till your position gets an approval from the US office and that it will take around one month. He told me this on 18th July.
    I am really worried about this delay, and these kinds of obstacles. I do not want this job to go out of my hand, as I have already waited for one year. I really want to pursue this job, as this is the perfect one that I was waiting for. Kindly advice me some switch words and the number of times I should chant them so that the approval from US happens soon and i get the offer letter soon without anymore delay. Please do reply. Please help. Thank you.

  91. Ranjish Nair
    chant GORSE(To become hopeful) SCLERANTHUS(uncertainty) CLEMATIS(dreaming to receive the call) MIMULUS (fear) 100 times over a glass of water and drink it.
    write this in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping.

    • Dear Naran Sir,
      I have been chanting ‘GORSE SCLERANTHUS CLEMATIS MIMULUS’ regularly since Sunday. I was supposed to get a result by 31st July, but they are still saying that you will have to wait for the approval of your position from the US office, its taking time. On 14th July, as the HR had already told me that you are selected, I am being optimistic about getting the offer letter. But as my luck has been going bad since more than 1 year regarding job, with continuous bad surprises, twists and turns regarding selection, and this delay on top of it, I am a little worried. It is just a matter of approval form the US office, and my problem is solved.
      Kindly let me know if I should continue chanting ‘GORSE SCLERANTHUS CLEMATIS MIMULUS’, or you will suggest me other switch words?

      • Ranjish,
        Expecting the past to happen will bring the same result. Something happened in the past need not be repeated now. We only make it happen by thinking about it.
        continue the same chanting. Take a notebook write GENTIAN HORNBEAM 51 times. Think about all your failures and thank the event one by one. Divine is planning our life though we think otherwise. Say whenever the anxiety comes, I thank the divine for providing this job to me for my highest good.”

        • Thank You for a quick reply, sir. I think you are right, I need to stop thinking negative. Will continue to chant the switch words you have told me and do the above mentioned things. Thank you.

        • Dear Naran Sir,

          I have been chanting ‘GORSE SCLERANTHUS CLEMATIS MIMULUS’ over a glass of water, and have been writing GENTIAN HORNBEAM 51 times everyday in my book. No result has come yet. I am not getting any response from that company. The position still has a freeze, nor am I getting any call from any other company. Please suggest me some other switch words, and is there any other particular way of saying it? Should I say it slow, or can you please tell me exact way of chanting, because I don’t know if I am not chanting it properly as it is not working. Please help.

  92. dear sir
    my father applied for USA visa in 2006. In august 2010 all my documents have been submitted correctly as requested by the National Visa Centre. but since then i have not received any interview call..please can you suggest me a switchword that helps me. i need immediate proceedings of my papers so that i get my visa as soon as possible. this is very important to me. thankyou in advance.

  93. Dear sir,
    I wanted to tell you that before some days i had given my exam and i was very sure that i had given my exam very well and tell my parents that i will get good marks but unfortunately my marks comes low and some papers are not given to see.My parents are willing to see my good marks in result but my marks is low and result is coming near.So please give me chant to get good result and also stand in good position before my friends.

  94. Dear Sir,
    I am writing this on behalf of me and my colleague. The problem is in my office, all my colleagues except few of us had gone to onsite for training in my current job, but only when it was us they cancelled the onsite training opportunity. its becoming difficult for us to maintain the day to day job as we are not aware of the real infrastructure and knowledge from the core people working on this technology. please suggest some remedies. We are awaiting your reply.

  95. Dear Naran,
    I have the following problems which i haven’t been able to solve. could you help me?
    a friend has cheated me of my hard earned money and isn’t returning it since the last 4 years; i want my money back asap..

  96. Jayshree
    FORGET IT. concentrate on how to make up this loss. Nature has balanced.
    chant i thank the divine for providing me enough money for my needs

    • but sir, i am still paying for his spending for which i have no money… please help… my parents are old now and cannot sustain me for too much longer..

      • Jayshree
        when you write a problem describe it fully. first you said you were cheated. Now you say you are spending for him. Why do you spend? if he is a burden keep away from him

  97. naran sir,
    i have been trying to make ‘good friends’ since my childhood but i trust a person and make friendship but some how they are going away from me..they are not giving regard to me even i am humble to them ,,and i feel very depressed if any of friends not giving value to me..please i beg u to please suggest manthra which can provide me a good friends who understands me and give value to me and make be happy with there friendship…

  98. kumar,
    daily say three times,, i thank the divine for giving me good friends.

  99. Hii, I Have thyroid becoz of that i m nt able loos weight , Please suggest me mantras to reduced my wieght. waiting for ur reply. Thank you

  100. anuradha,
    Buy B56 drops from any homeopathy shop. put 10 drops in 200 ml water and take two times daily for two months

  101. dear naran sir…
    i want to share query no# 167 i had told you about my USA asked me to call WOLF and ask help..i did as you you know that an interview appointment is required before the visa is calling WOLF i got the interview date!!! i want to ask you what do i do next so that i get the Visa for sure on the day of the interview. do i still call WOLF for the successful grant of visa? this is the final stage and i want full success.. i know your suggestions will help me as it has helped me before. thankyou

      CHANT WALTERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILD ROSE.. you can write these names in a paper and keep it in your pocket on the date of inerview.
      call fox for giving the right answer.

  102. Hello, Though i have learned the driving, still i m not able do it with confidence and ease, i m always under pressure please suggest me switch word to over come this problem earliest. Thank you very much.

  103. Anuradha

  104. Hello Naranji, Namaskar This is regarding my father,one year back bypass surgery has done on him, since then his hemoglobin is going down,his bonemarow test has come -ve . Every two mths we have to give him blood. Thank you very much for your earlier reply. Suggest me SW or medicine to improve his hemoglobin and live normal life.

  105. Anuradha,
    pray to sun god to fill him with life energy rays.

  106. Dear narain sir, this is uday off late my finincial status is a bit lagy, i have joined with a partner in business but the money as salary is just filling up the need, no savings and business needs to grow to gain more revenue pls give me a solution.

    plus my mum has not been receiving rent for eight months the tenant dis some renovation and have not taken the hose and are not replying to us please give us a solution.

    love uday

  107. uday,
    for your mum:
    chant centaruy rockwater chestnutbud change divine order count now done

  108. Dear sir,
    I want to tell you that before 1 year ago there was my good friend and now i have come to know that she is a of my friend is in between our friendship she wants me to be in a trouble.And my good friend is also like that now a days, she too wants me to be in a big trouble.Now a days my good friend is becoming change she have two face nature.When she is with me she is very good and when she goes with other she completely forgets about me and tell others that I’am bad.So please sir i really beg u that please give me your switchword so that my good friend will come back to me and that other one wont be coming in our friendship.

  109. samrodhi,

  110. Hi,

    I would like to know what switchword to chant for hair growth.

  111. Deniis,
    chant ADJUST

  112. This is Kishore Kaikini 67 yrs young. My Blood has Cantankerous HLAB27.
    I am getting FROZEN Spine from Neck Downwards, unable to Bend, Twist on Bed
    Respected Naran BalaKumar guruji, Pl. tell me DIVINE SWITCH WORD as the Disease is INCURABLE ENTROPY of body till Death. Regards:KK

  113. Kishore,
    Review your life. Find in which part of life or with whom you are unbending?
    We have certain beliefs, the following of which might have hurt some. During our life we tend to find fault in others, whether family or friends or government. When we criticise or do back biting, we ignore the love beauty and grace of the divine operating in this world.
    In life, nothing we acquire – our principle,our beliefs, our opinions, our knowledge – is important. Assess the life in terms of love. how much love have you given? Were you tolerant and respecting others? were you in a state of forgiveness? were you motherly?
    Asses. Even now it is not late. Revist your past change every event of life as the life of love. Visualise every event ask for forgiveness fill it up with love and gratitude. Visualise every event. Say i am sorry please forgive me. Let me fill my heart with love and gratitude, to experience the divine within me. Every minute thank the divine for all the events in life. Repeat “i release my desire to control or change anything. I release my desire to be loved. I release my fear of life” as many times as possible.
    Write in a piece of paper ADJUST CHANGE DIVINE ORDER and keep it under the pillow.

  114. dear sir…i am really grateful to u..thank you for your kind help…finally i have received my visa..thank you once again…

  115. hello Mr.Narain,
    I m a CA Final Student appeared in exam this november2012. this s my second attempt and i didnt perform wel. i m worried becoz my parents are having confidence in me and waiting for gud results. can u suggest me a mantra word which can make me pass inspite of my poor performance in exam?. thanks in advance sir. waiting for ur reply.

  116. A.sulthan,
    If the parents are having confidence in you, why could you not live up to the expectation. focus Commitment and perseverance are very important for a student. Failure makes you understand your mistakes. Try to understand and do not repeat the mistake you did.
    Not to repeat any mistake chant CHESTNUTBUD FIND DIVINE ORDER

  117. I am well qualified by education. But, throughout my life I lacked confidence and end up getting into jobs lower than my potential and miserable work conditions. People use my talents and ideas and I do not get any credit for it. Frustrated, and afraid of confrontation, I look for next job, please help me with my new job.

    • I srilatha,please giveme a good mantra for geeting good job, with good salary,& also i am having thyroid problem, i am geeting unwanted hair on upperlip & chin.please give me mantra to chant every day. day by my financial problems are increasing.i can chant lalitham sridhram, lalitham baskaram, lalitham solve my debts & job & unwanted problem. i am waiting for your reply email id is ;-

  118. SRILATHA,
    download a picture of blue sapphire and keep it under the pillow. keep it with you always.

  119. Dear Naran sir,
    There are many friends in my school but they are very bad.Like, they have something to tell but they never tell me and they never want me to listen.One of my friend is so jealous of me that she makes other to feel that i’m bad.And they makes me alone all the time.There are no friends and i’m always alone.So please Naran sir give me some switch word so that my friend will like me and tell me all the things and that jealous friend will support me anytime and be my friend.

  120. saniya,

  121. Dear Naran sir,

    I recently started using switchwords. I am feeling calmer to some extent. But I sometimes become negative, angry or unable to forgive a person or situation. Kindly tell me what switchwords I can use? I have been using TOGETHER DIVINE LOVE.

    Also, most important issue right now is with my job. I am searching for my dream job (I have some sort of notion regarding my PERFECT job). Is it possible that using switchwords I will be able to manifest the type of job (with all the requirements what I have)??? Currently, I am using FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE

    Please suggest me if I need to use any other phrase or any other remedy. Please help.

    Lots of Love, Light and Peace


      For the present jobless state also, do this, in addition to the one you are using.

  122. Dear Naran Sir,

    As you have said I am chanting ” TOGETHER FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE ” since 2 months but I am not able to get any job offer or any source for generating money. I don’t know, may be my chanting procedure is not the correct way. I chant it every moment while sleeping or doing any work or riding my vehicle sometimes I chant verbally and sometimes inside my mind. But one thing I am noticing that somehow it has reduced my alcohol intake partially. Now when I drink 4 pegs, I feel like drinking 8 pegs which was not happening earlier with me. This is the changes I am feeling inside. It is also embarrassing for me to write all this things to you but unless I put my problem vividly in front of you, I will not get the right solution. I just want to quit this addiction and my problem is that I am not getting any job or source to generate money. Please help me sir what else I can chant if my chanting procedure is wrong please kindly guide me.

    Thanks & Regards

    • smarty,
      when people come here dont write the truth or hide the truth, they will not solution. Be open while writing the problem. Anyhow everybody comes in pseudo name.

  123. I own my own business and i need it to profitably grow significantly (10 to 20 times) and immediately! What is a mantra to grow the business. Is it the same for asking for money (Find Count) or is there a difference for it to build the business on-going. My self confidence is really taking a hit too.

  124. goodness

  125. Naran, I have two prospects for whom i have given proposals to in the last few months. They have not yet accepted or rejected them. They keep telling me they should make a decision soon, but it keeps lingering. I am wanting a chant that will get them to give an immediate positive decision to the proposal and an agreement to promptly begin the work so the funds will promptly flow in too. So this does have both a “selling” aspect and a “money to me” aspect. I am chanting Together Count Divine for the increase of money in general (which could include these two) but I am curious about a chant to specifically achieve these proposals. So might it be “Together Count _____(name of the specific prospect) Now Done” or should it have GIVE in it or should it be something else. Thanks for your help!

    • goodness,
      it is good that you are coming out with coining of words. But one thing you should remember. whenever you want to chant this way or that way start chanting that way so that you yourself will come to know the result of your coinage of switch words.

  126. Namaskaram Sir,
    i have been trying a find a single room accomodation at chandigarh.. but unable find at my budget.. Could you pls help me by your divine methods..


    ask wolf to find for you

  128. Dear Naran sir,
    I recently started using switchwords.I have a very big problem of my husband.My husband likes to go out most of the time.He never thinks about me.He likes to see others girls but never care about me.He always go out and give money to them.So please Naran sir i heartly request you to give me some switchword so that my husband will love me and never care about other girls..

  129. Dear Naran Sir,

    This is regarding urgent financial situation I am facing nowadays. I need to give my friend money back approx 2 lac rs…But currently I am not earning and already under huge debt….could you please suggest any switchwords so that I can give money I have to give back to my friend. And also how can I come out of this debt (bank personal loan)….please

    Love and Light,

  130. Dear Naranji,
    We have been searching a land since more than 2 years. But whenever we go to do the deal there is a problem in the papers. Now there is no land left, Pls give us a chant so that we may be able to find and buy a perfect land.

  131. Hello Naran sir,
    I’ve many friends in my school but they always tease me because I am fat and coming back from my school I always cry by the harsh words my friends had used in my school. Please Naran sir I heartly request you to give me some switchwords so that I could be slim and live a happy life.

  132. samiraq,
    chant crab apple heather walnut

  133. I have shifted to a new city after my marriage and due to my qualifications,I am not able to find a job.Can u suggest a switch word for finding a job immediately and with a salary higher than what I received in my previous job…Thanks

  134. NKG
    chant together find divine job count now done

  135. Baishaki Mukherjee

    Hi Naran,

    I heard about switch words recently & have read how wonderfully it can change life for better. I have never used switch words earlier but would love to try it.

    I face a peculiar problem all the time. My husband’s work or anything he does, get struck in the middle all the time without any rhythm or reason. He had to join one company in the month of Dec 2012 but it got postponed to Jan 2013. Now it has got further postponed. He wants to join the company by 1st Apr 2013. After doing some research on net, I was thinking of chanting Count Divine Rush Now. Kindly help, which switch words shall I use.


  136. My wife was diagnosed with Glaucoma in the right eye in 2007 and by the time she lost 90% of vision in that eye. The eye pressure is under control with eye drops, but the lost vision could not be restored. She was also diagnosed with deterioration of retina in both the eyes, especially in the left eye, due to which she lost the central vision.

    Doctors say there is no cure. We only have faith in God. I recently came across the switch word. She is chanting CLEAR POINT DIVINE.

    Can you please advise what else she can chant and any other remedy? We live in Bangalore and my wife continues to work for an IT major in the software domain.

  137. Dear Naran,
    What is the best switchword to determine one’s vocation in life?
    Blessings to you for all your help,

  138. Hi Naran,

    I am in a relationship, we both love each other and want to get married, but his parents are not accepting this and hence even if he loves me he is making a distance from me. Please help in “getting my relationship back to as it was” and also help me both the parents accept our marraige

  139. Amy20
    Accept what is happening.

  140. Sanjana Prasad

    Dear NAran sir,

    I am going through lot of problems, divorce,no job no money no home.
    and i am trying for jobs so far nothing worked.

    with my behaviour people get annoyed and irritated and say that i am frustrated and avoid me. my intentions wont be that way but my actions make them angry and
    i feel i am loosing respect.

    i have a best friend and he too is misunderstanding me and avoiding me which i am unable to take it as he means a lot to me. he is the only one who has been with me supporting, but he too is avoiding me. which i am unable to take it. i feel so lonely and he also says he is fedup. i feel so restless with my problems and at times i am cranky .

    pls help me with switch word so that my behaviour is not mistaken, n people love me not hate me. especially my friend.

    pls help me as i am feeling terrible about all this. as my intentions are never to hurt anyone. everyone says i am caring but i overdo it. everyone is avoiding me and especially my friend.

    Regards n respects
    sanjana prasad

  141. Sanjana Prasad
    you have to take flower remedies: Rescue remedy for composure.
    Take also holly heather and chicory 3 pills each five times a day.

  142. Dear sir,
    I was a working professional but I quit two years back cos I had my second child. Now I want to get back to my profile but my in laws are not ready to take care of my children. I am not very happy to put them in a day care. Please suggest the best switch word for me.

  143. hello Naranji,
    I am married for 22 years now. Have 2 children.I am separated from husband and son for last 8 years due to problems with Mother-in-law & father-in-law.One son with husband and the other with me. Now want husband to take me with him and have family united since both in-laws have passed away. He is asking me to come on my own since I left on my own.He doesnot want to come to my mother’s place. My mother is 65 years and she is not in very good health.Can u suggest some switchword to solve this problem and have him to stay at my mother’s place.

  144. Vijay Raj M.D.

    Hello Naran sir,

    How are you? This is sonu im 27 years old working in a good company i have a true relation ship with a girl and we had a good relation ship for the past 4 months we used to fight with each other and we both have true love for wach other and because of our ego,shortemper we are fighting daily for silly reasons so i want to erase her taughts and i want to forget her as she doesnt like me she is aying me that because of me her life is horrible. so please help me in forgetting that girl and her memories.I should nt remember anyting about what we were in the past even if she is infront of me or if she talks to someone. even if i saw her she should remain to me as a unknown person. Please help me naran sir as im suffering mentally as i dont want to suffer. Please help me in forgetting herself and her memories.

    • vijay raj
      take the flower remedies AGRIMONY CHICORY CHERRYPLUM WALNUT HORNBEAM each two pills one by one for three times a day.
      take Agrimony whitechestnut in the night before sleep. put 5 pills of each in a cup of water and have it before going to sleep

  145. Sir,

    I am suffering from low BP. One day at night 3 o’clock i had cough. when i got up i had vomiting sensation and giddiness. Immediately i got fainted and became unconsious for 4-5 mins. Somehow my husband could hear the sound and he woke up and rushed me to the hospital. They took all the test ecg,brain that this. n finally they said that my bp is low and nothing else. From then on i am getting frigthen for everything. I am not goin out of my house thinking that i would faint. I feel very week. My fingers are shivering if i keep them straight. Plz help me come out of this sir.My mind fears a lot if any thing untoward would happen something like that. I just livin like a sick gal. just eating and doing the work at home and not even goin out of the house. I got job and i need to join from next month. Dont know how i can manage my health.Plz help me sir.


  146. Sir,
    This is my continuation to my prevoius mail 205. Sir somethimes i get vomitin sensation also. dont know why. i feel like somethin is there in chest. plz help me to overcome this low bp n vomitin sensation


  147. Hi, please suggest me switchword for visa approval.

  148. Aravind prasanna

    hello, please help me out with my unpleasant situation of being jobless. i completed B.E. automobile engineering in 2012 then 6months i was trying for job and later i got a job in service centre later in which i was working for 3months, later due to a customer issue and though i was not guilty i had to resign it. Where ever i go seeking a job they ask for experience which i dont have and they dont offer me an engineering job all they do is to work on the floor which diploma guys do, i never expected this would happen in my life, all i want now is to get a good job and take care of my parents. Still there is hardly 1 and a half years for my father’s retirement before that i have to make him feel comfortable. I feel that only an influenced person can get a job for me. sir please get me out of this situation, teach me some MANTRAS so that i would get the job which i need. thanks in advance.

  149. Hello Naran

    My mother lost her diamond earrings and cash while travelling by train almost 2 years ago.Inspite of follow up on the police complaint,there seems to be no progress.appreciate if you can help us in recovering the lost items.

    Thanks and regards

    • vaishnavi
      take the flower remedies gorse chicory daily each two pils.
      Thank the lost diamond. Think that is for good only

  150. respected sir,
    i want to get more than 92% in my exams. please suggest some switch words.

  151. Dear Sir,

    Please help me to get a job, I am in a cruicial situation, i have applied many companies for a job….but no interview calls, please help me to get into a good job as per my expectation with good pay

    Please advice wht should i pray to get an interview call and to get selected in the interview

    I know only u can help me.plssssss help me

  152. Respected Sir,
    Please suggest me a switch word to be calm from within what ever may come and also i have a habit of sharing all my domestic problems with friends and also parents ,have no peace due to several issues.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  153. sir i am in a very bad shape now. Please help me out. I cant live without my lover. Please tell me some words to stop his unwanted marriage. He does not like that girl but in pressure he is marrying her. Please sir please tell something so that he get released from that girl. How shall we both get together?

  154. Sir i am waiting for you reply

  155. how do we call help to the wolf ? i am trying to look for the article but I cant find it. maybe someone could tell me ?

  156. Dear Sir,
    My brother has failed in his engineering exam,he has already made 2 attempts but failed in that also.He is in house for more than a year without being bothered about passing the exam nor about his future.My father is depending on him to take over family responsibilities.Seeing his behaviour my father is worried a lot.Pls advice some switch words which I can chant on his behalf as he doesnt have belief.Pls help
    Thank you

  157. Dear sir,

    My father 72 years old, is suffering from Parkinson’e disease.He is treated by a neurologist and is very with his medication. From your blog, I found the ‘Madhavam Madavan’ mantra and the ”Vayu Mudra’ whcih he is doing for few months now. They seem to help him. Thank you very much for this blog and service.

    His biggest problem with this disease is hallucination. The drugs he is given for this is really not helping him to reduce the symptoms. Can you please suggest some remedy for this.

    Thanks you,

    • mythili
      for hallucination give him the remedies whitechestnut walnut aspen clematis each two pills three times a day.

  158. Dear Guru ji,

    I am living in the UAE for many years. I lost my last job more than 6 months ago for no fault of mine. I am trying very hard to get a job but I am unable to do so. Some say because of my Shani Dasha. Because of stress my sugar levels have gone up.
    Guru ji I am travelling back in close to 3 weeks as my visa is expiring. Kindly help me get a job as I want to work in Dubai only. Kindly advise me some mantras or switch word for getting a job immediately.

    I will be highly obliged. Thanking you in advance sincerely.

    Yours humbly,

  159. dear sir , I am looking for a change of job within the company at a higher leavel. though I am good I have not been able to get any role. I am not even getting any interview calls . Kindly help .

  160. Respected Naran Ji,
    My fiance is in the habit of lying to me or hiding things unnecessarily thinking that i would react in a certain way, even though i hardly have aggressive reactions. he also mistrusts me and gets angry at smallthings. please give me a chant so that i can stabilise him, make him trust me and be truthful and a calm person

  161. Hello Naranji,

    First of all thank you for all the help extended.

    With regular chanting of FIND COUNT DIVINE ORDER NOW, I was able to arrange money for a site that I have been alloted. Was short of 1.5 lakhs and the money got arranged without taking external loan.Things flowed easily to me. Thank the switch word , divine and you for all this.

    • Dear Naran Sir,

      First of all, thank you for the humanitarian service you are doing. You provide hope to a lot of people. Thank you Sir for that. Sir, I have been doing the chant (Chicory, holly, Chestnutbud) you gave me and have also been chanting on behalf of my fiance. But his aggression and anger are not very subdued. He thinks that everyone around him love him for their own selfish reasons, which is not at all true. Also i should mention how a lady-friend of his is influencing him indirectly. She seems to have motives to get him in her life, but my fiance has very good opinion about her. I am also doing the ho’ponopono for that woman. i do not hate her, but I wish she leaves my fiance alone. I seek a peaceful life with my fiance Sir. I am a much calmer person now. Thanks to all the blogposts about switchwords and to your extended help. Can you please Sir give me switchwords for a peaceful life with my would be husband, without any interference of any 3rd person (outsider) in our lives?

  162. naran sir,
    I had a boyfriend and we both loved each other very much. Even i was happy with our relationship but now a girl has come between us. She too likes my boyfriend and now my bf is falling in love with her. He always see her and she smile seeing him. I just cant bear this situation. Infact i come to my home and cry alot. So please naran sir give me some switchwords so that my bf will come to me and love me much more than any other else and forget about that girl.

  163. shalini
    Take the flower remedies Chicory, Gentian, Walnut, Rescue Remedy and White chestnut. Put 5 pills of each in 200 ml water and sip that water every two hours from morning to night

  164. Hello Naranji,
    As per your advice , I Am chanting
    For my son’s Job .All his freinds have been placed .He is very depressed and feels he will not get placed. What to do to get him out of this state and help him get placed in job soon
    have written WALNUT in concentric circles with his name and kept below the bed. Also written 520 with concentric circles and kept below the bed .

    What can I do so that he starts developing interest and scores above 90% in this semester final exams

  165. Nishant Srivastava

    Namaskar Naran Ji,

    Please provide me a mantra which help me align my concentration at work. I am good at assignments and do my job well, but the issue is I do not start my assignments early due to which i suffer through stress and anxiety. I am able to complete my tasks but it takes toll on me. I try my level best to start tasks early but some how I find myself unable to do so.

    Ideas (for assignment completion) start flooding in only when I see deadline getting alarmingly closer.

    I want to continue my education further (MBA) as i am already 6 yr exp in software. But due to high stress and anxiety i am unable to concentrate and very skeptical if I should devote time for MBA.

    I have observed this pattern right from childhood, where i have always done assignments and studies for exam in the very last moment. Currently I am employed in a renowned organization and stress is beyond control. Please help !!!


  166. NS
    Take the flower remedies scleratnthus walnut Rescue Remedy. Put 6 to 7 pills each in 500ml water and sip that water once in a hour.
    Do this for three months

  167. Respected Naran Ji,
    I am face to face with a very tense situation. My mother has been diagnosed with a slow heart rate of 46bpm and has marked sinus bradycardia. We have other tests to be conducted before the doctors decide if she will need pacemaker. My mother is barely 53 years old and i want her condition to improve.Please sir can the bach flower remedies help to stabilise and improve her heart beat?Aand what can be chanted so that her heart health improves? I am chanting the Mahamrtyunjaya mantra for her.

    An early response would be very helpful sir, as we would be consulting the doctor this monday itself.

    Thank you so much.

    • rima
      chant OM VAJRESWARYAI NAMAHA. This will improve the perfromance of the heart.
      Give bach flower remedy ELM OAK OLIVE.Daily Put 5 pills each in 200ml water and let her sip that water every one hour.

  168. Hi Naran,

    I applied to a volunteer-based program called City Year, went through both interviews and although they did not say no they put me on the waiting list for any possible position opening that might occur between June-July. I really want this position. Could you please provide me with some switchwords for this strong desire to manifest into my life? Thank you

  169. I and my husband are trying to sell our house but we are not getting the amount we are looking for.Can you please help us as we are in lot of debts and we want the house to be sold in a couple of weeks time.Please do guide us about what has to be chanted and who has to chant and how it has to be chanted.Please pardon my ignorance.Thanks and please do reply.

  170. sunita
    chant TOGETHER FIND DIVINE BUYER GIVE COUNT NOW DONE. as many times as possible. it is better if both chant. chant within yourself even when you do the work,and while in bed before sleeping

  171. Hi,
    I am trying to sell a piece of land and an apartment. Please tell me some switch words to chant, and any bach flower medicines to use and animal spirits to call upon.
    Thank you!

  172. Hello,
    I am trying to get some clothes stitched by the tailors. I have tried many many tailors and each time, it takes up to a year and even then sometimes they do not stitch properly or they don’t stitch it at all. Please tell me any switch words or bach flower medicines or even animal spirits to help me – anything that might help.
    Thanks so much.

  173. JHNAVI

  174. Hello Naranji,
    Could u please suggest some switch words for severe neck sprain?
    Thanks & Regards

    • shobhana

      • Hello Naranji,
        Thanks for the same.

        My Mom dreams of snakes and next day she sees snakes (rat snakes) in the portico and backyard of the house This happens very frequently. Please suggest some switchwords to keep them away from our premises.

        Thanks and Regards,

  175. Hello,

    plz suggest any switch word for eloquent speech, Vak Shuddhi, good communication skills and to become a good astrologer.

    Thank you

    • MP

      • Hello Naran ji,

        Thanks a lot for giving me the sw. But i can’t understand why i am not happy about the switch words. Whenever i see switch words or mantra or any, whichever you give to others or in your posts, i am feeling happy (means ” it works for me.. it is a right switch word for my situation”) and i tried and got the results immediately. But now i don’t feel like ” if i chant this, I’ll get the benefit”. After saw ur reply i felt happy. But when it came to chant those sw, i am feeling not good and till now i did not get any result like other switch words. Please tell me why this is happened to me ? I can’t understand in what way i will be proceed, in which profession i’ll be success. I want to earn money (need not, but prove myself).. i want to be praise by others.. i can’t take any decision about this.. i don’t get creative ideas, when anyone ask ideas i am being in blank mind. i don’t get any thoughts, no words are strike (abt what to say next) in mind when talk with others. Last one thing, whatever i think or expect always it should be reverse. Exactly the opposite will be done ( i am observing from some years), bcz i avoid to wish or think anything i want (it is very tough to be without any goal or wish). so please give ur guidance, sw or mantra.. sorry for lot of questios, but all related. that’s why i explain to you..

        Thank you so much

        • MP,
          regularly take the flower remedies GENTIAN LARCH PINE HORNBEAM 2 pills each one after the other for 4 times a day for a month

  176. dear Naran
    accept my regards
    in your blog you have advised some lady to chant sweetchestnut pine crab apple together divine for Pitru Dosh.Can same words be chanted by gents as my husband has also Pitru Dosh.

    you have blessed us with so many different articles on different problems of life.please bless us with an article on Pitru Dosh.its remedies and how to get blessings of ancestors.

    • HETAL
      Pithru dosh is wrongly understood by many. Pithru means those who departed(to be born again) Dosh does not mean curse by forefathers. Dosh means,a sin committed by any one of the forefathers which has befallen on the said person.i.e., he has to make amends for the sin committed by his fore father.
      People may argue that why should one be punished for the sin which he has not committed.That is not so.
      Everyone carries his own karma and the karmas of six generations of his forefathers and fore mothers.
      In Reiki past life healing, atonment can be done by changing whatever karma that is responsible for your present problem, into light and love.
      How does one know by himself whether he has pitru dosh or not? If Rahu or kethu conjoins sun(represents father) or moon(represents mother) in the horoscope, it is there.
      Readers,Please do not post any question on horoscopes.

  177. hi Naran sir my fiance is unsettled because of this he is avoiding me to the core.we want to be together always and have to get married soon pls bless us.

  178. Hi Naran sir,
    I have been working for 5 years in office. I always keep trying to do my work efficiently to the best of my knowledge but somehow my managers and peers are creating problems in work life. I have been denied promotion consecutively with inadequate reasons. Please let me know sir what can i do to remove hurdles in my worklife……..Thank you sir.

  179. Hi Naran I want him to settled soon

  180. Hi Naran he got opportunity to work in abroad but dono y at the end because of any reason it got cancelled dis happen thrice last time before exam he met with accident so he loosu that opportunity . His both sister are in abroad so they want him too settled der. Basically he don’t want me to leave me alone here for that reason first he cancelled the trip but now we don’t have any choise he want to settled soon pls help us if he got settled only all our problems will come to an end and we will get married

  181. Hi naranji,
    Sir, I hv completed my Mba and still jobless. Am a fresher and I hv submitted my cv to a job consultancy, no call from them too. Please give a switchword for it’s remedy. Recently I have been to an astrologer, he said my sun is weak in the horoscope and i have kalsarpa dosha. Can you suggest any remedy for that. I am wearing rubi gem as of now.

    • sunny
      chant QUIET CLEAR GO ADD END BRING TAKE JOB COUNT NOW DONE as many times as possible

      Write this in left hand daily for 7 times.

  182. Hi Naran,

    My husband is a private tutor giving tuitions at home. Since last year he was doing good, but this year its in a very bad shape. Kindly suggest me a switch word so that he can get a good number of students. I will chant on behalf of him. Thanks in advance.


  183. Baishaki Mukherjee

    Dear Sir,

    My Husband & I, want to change our jobs but are unable to get a good break. Our current job is fine but now we need want to move ahead our career. Kindly suggest some switch words which will help us get into an excellent job in our respective field. The job should help us harmonizing our personal & professional life happily, healthily & prosperously.

  184. Sheerin Fatma Ansari

    Dear Sir,

    I am in a relation since last 4 yrs with a guy. Initially everything was fine but now the guy’s parents have refused to bless our relation & accept me as their daughter-in-law. The guy still supports me but our relation is going through a very rough patch. Kindly advise some switch words so that I can get married to this guy happily with his parents blessing as well as both of us can become financially sound & secure.


  185. Pink Reflection

    I have joined a new job 1 months ago. I am settling down well. My boss likes me. I was told at the time of interview that they would be relocating the office to a place near my house. It was one of the factors in my accepting the position. But suddenly the company has stated that they will be moving to a different location as the initial office location does not have enough space. This new location is very far for me. This is almost 85% decided. What can i chant so that the company does not move to this new location but to the initial location that is near my house.

    I have used magic switch words before and have got jobs within days of chanting. I thank you for your service

  186. Pink Reflection

  187. Hi Naran.

    Thank you very much for suggeting a SW for my husband. I have two more things to ask.
    1. My son has completed enginieering in Electronincs and telecommunication in 2012 and got a job in Reliance. He left the job as he wanted to go abroad for further studies. Unfortunately he did not get admission in any one of thd good colleges. Since last six months he has been trying for a job. I have forwarded his CV to whomever I know. Yet to get any response. Kindly suggest a SW for him to get a good break to start his career.
    I want to change my Job. Kindly suggest a SW for me to get a well paid and a satisfied job.

      chant QUIET CLEAR GO ADD END BRING TAKE JOB COUNT NOW DONE as many times as possible

      for his career

      • Hi Naran,

        I want to change my Job. Kindly suggest a SW for me to get a well paid and a satisfied job.


  188. Hello Naranji,
    Thanks for all the previous help provided.
    My son has got 72% in his final sem ece engineering. Please suggest some switch word so that this percentage gets increased in revaluation .
    Thanks & Regards

  189. Respected sir!

    My brother in law trying transfer to other country in the same company last 7 months.but did not get any improvement.This month he tries very serious. Family members all are pray and eagerly waiting for his transfer. Becoz we are planning after he got this transfer both families are together live with same house.kindly suggest SW for him to get good salary & Posting.

    Thank you sir


  190. Hi Naran,

    Given SW is for me or my son or for both. If it is for either one of us, what is the other SW?
    Kindly clarify. Thanks.

  191. Hi Naran,
    My father is a good person but addicted to alcohol ,has left his job and he has trouble getting out of the problem and there has been constant issues at night and has gone at the verge of getting separated.could you please give a switchword so that i can chant on behalf of him as he is adamant and wont listen to all these.please advice

  192. Hello Naran,
    My husband has agreed to pay me alimony after which our divorce will be finalized, but does not pay. This coming 4th he has a deadline to pay but says he needs more time yet again, I am so fed up of waiting and want the money and my freedom. Please please help, my daughter and I need to move on now.

    Thank You

    • Hi hs,

      “My husband has agreed to pay me alimony after which our divorce will be finalized, but does not pay. ”
      At first, RELEASE all the expectations of getting the money. But continue to do all the proceedings/formalities that you are doing.
      RELEASING has to be done to remove the internal resistance. The need to get the money is itself going to stop the payment from coming to you.

      “…says he needs more time yet again, ”
      For a moment, step into your husband’s shoes. If you were in his place you would not have given the money so easily and would have required some more time.
      ACCEPT his situation here (even though he may or may not be doing it deliberately).

      “I am so fed up of waiting and want the money and my freedom.”
      RELEASE all kinds of frustration on this issue.


      This will leave you CENTERED.

      “Please please help, my daughter and I need to move on now”

      Chanting this continuously will get you on a frequency of gratitude, love and forgiveness which will lead to miraculous results happening with you (much much better than the pending payment you will get from your husband)

      Good Luck!

      • Dear Naran,
        Thank you for these insightful thoughts, I understand the truth and beauty of what you conveyed. I am starting now with your suggestions, will report back. My grateful thanks – hs

  193. Hi Naran sir,
    I have been preparing for an GMAT exam for the past 3 years bu every-time i start off and then i stop and keep dragging and that’s like a baggage every time. i have given the exam twice now but got low scores,i need to somehow complete the exam this year and apply for the university.My exam is due in 2 months but my preparation is not up to to the mark and i keep dilly dallying every time because there’s no motivation to write.Can “Elm Together” be chanted or is there any other switch word to keep the tempo going and keep me tuned in to the groove so that every day i get up have the drive to study.

  194. hello sir,

    please give sw to go and see a specific place or specific temple or someone house. i want another sw for bond relationship between 2 persons being 3rd person.

    thank you very much

  195. Thnx naranji. U r truly grt. Jst got an intrview cl today aftr chanting ur prescribed switchword. Naranji i have 2 more question:
    1. Please give me a switchword or animal spirit to crack my interview round
    2. I am having a bad luck these days. All my favourite things, ie, my music system my laptop are getting damaged. Besides I am always running short of money. Please help me to come out of this situation. You are the only saviour I believe.

  196. My business has had a big set back. I need a client (new or existing) to buy a $300,000 of services from me and pay me right away.

  197. Hi Naran,

    Thanks for suggesting a SW for my son’s career. The very next day he got a call for technical interview in Cognizant. His first round of interview is over. Waiting for the next and final round call. Same SW will do or any other SW to be chanted. Kindly help.

  198. Hello Naranji,
    Thanks for all the previous help provided.
    My son has got 72% in his final sem ece engineering. Please suggest some switch word so that this percentage gets increased in revaluation .
    Thanks & Regards

  199. Namaskaram Sir,

    Sir Iam 40 years mysister 35 one more sister 32, no body get married and my 2 elder sister got married with in 2 months both of them divorced and they are staying separately. I wrote before this to you.
    Because of this we 3 are not getting marriage. so you suggest me to chant ” Lalitham Lambodaram, Lalitham Sadasivam, I doing the same form April onwards till date we have not get any response. sir iam very dipressed why this is happening and my parents cannot come outside because of this. So iam very kind of you to do something sir. please sir help me sir atleast my 2 sister should get married.

  200. Naran Sir,
    I interacted with you few months back for being in jobless situation. With God’s grace and your blessings, I have got one job in a good organization. However, they said that they will initially take me on a contract of 3 months only. After that they will confirm me based on my performance. Sir, Kindly give me some remedy or solution so that I work as per required and I get permanent in this organization.

    Waiting for your kind reply!
    Hare Krishna!!


  201. Aritra Sengupta

    Hello guruji,
    How r u? Guruji, its grt to get wonderful advice and remedy. Guruji, I’m going through a very bad phase of my life, luck is aslo being bad. Everything and every situation is against me. What should I chant guruji to regain good luck and a happy life. Please guruji, I need a quick reply.

  202. Naran Sir,
    I interacted with you few months back for being in jobless situation. With God’s grace and your blessings, I have got one job in a good organization. However, they said that they will initially take me on a contract of 3 months only. After that they will confirm me based on my performance. Sir, Kindly give me some remedy or solution so that I work as per required and I get permanent in this organization.

    Waiting for your kind reply!
    Hare Krishna!!


  203. R Srinivasa Subrahmanyam


    I am Srinivasa Subrahmanyam need sufficient money to pay debts and save some money for urgent needs. I am unable to save money from salary. Some urgent need or the other awaits every month to snatch away my salary. I am eager to receive sums to secure savings and pay off debts. Please suggest a suitable and effective “Switch Word” and help me out.


    R.Srinivasa Subrahmanyam

  204. Nagalaksmi Kameswary


    My gold chain was missing for the lst 7 months. Kindly help me and suggest me a switch word to find it without further delay.


    Nagalakshmi Kameswary

  205. Hello Sir,

    I have a friend/Neighbor with whom we are not talking to each other for a while now due to some misunderstandings and certain negative deeds , Is there a switchword to help our relationship go back to normal. A switchword that can attract him back . Thank you . I love your site . God Gives the power always


  206. hello Naran ji,

    please give me the switch word to get creative thoughts in right time..

    thank you so much

  207. Hi Naran ji,

    I have chanted many switch words that u had told and found good results..I want to buy my own dream home in the place/area that I desire…Kindly let me know the chant words to buy my dream home.

  208. Dear sir
    I am having severe hairfall n very tensed bcos of it…. Plz advice

    • md
      for hair fall chant “OM PRAAM PREEM PROWM SAHA SHANAYE NAMAHA””
      and you can contact centre and buy product “hair Strong”

  209. Dear respected Sir Naranji
    Dear Sir Kindly give me english switchwords,angel numbers Bachflower,and life power symbol for myself and for my daughter.For…… not getting affected by other People”s bitter words speak for US. Because when other people speak harshly,bitterly with us we feel bad and our mental condition gets affected badly.Even though we are good to people .And letting go many times….Still people many times speak harshly with us.
    For Having peace of mind,to get respect from others and main thing LET OURSELVES NOT GET AFFECTED COME what MAY.
    Kindly suggest best remedy with your Divine Power.

    PRANAM to YOU SIR -^-

  210. Respected Sir!
    Please suggest SW for my query. Please.

    1. If some items/ articles which is belonging to us in past is now in possession of some others (who may not be reachable easily) for a long time, which we want it back now, what we have to chant?

    2. My elder sister does not get any suitable/good job in her field until now (2008 pass out), what she has to chant? and what she has to chant for her marriage?

    3. To grow my plants safely and healthily with 100% protection against pests, insects, animals, etc… what i have to chant? tell me is it enough to chant ” TOGETHER DIVINE GUARD”?

    4. I have written my cwa exams this june. results are to be declared next month. what i have to chant to get a positive result? tell me is it enough to chant ” AMBIKA ANAADI NIDANAA ASWAROODA APARAJITHA 300 TIMES A DAY”?

    thanks in advance.

  211. Naran sir,
    I am still waiting for your kind reply. Please suggest switchwords for getting permanent in job.

  212. Dear Naran sir,

    what is the body message, when you have corns on the sole of the feet.
    My brother has it on both feet.

  213. Naran Sir

    I’m in menopause stage. Pls suggest me sw / suitable remedies for hair fall
    And hair growth. Also having irregular periods with heavy flow. Pls help me.

  214. hi sir , I am kalyani. as per your advice i chanted “gorse release resistance find divine job now” to get into a job, I got a call letter from amazon on the second day of my chanting. I did the interview well, I am waiting for my results, but I am scared of my results. pls help me out sir

  215. Hi naran,
    Im not able to complete what i start and thats a major problem,if i sit down to study i do it only one day and the next day i dont have interest.Its been going ON and OFF for past 3 years.
    Can you please give a switch word for focus and concentration for studying

  216. Hi Naran,
    I have recently graduated university and I am finding it very hard to find a job in Finance. I was wondering what I could do to ensure I have a job soon. Please let me know, and thank you for your help 🙂


  217. Dear Guru,

    I am living in a compounded house. I saw a water snake last week during yama gandam. it didn’t harm us. but i saw entering into the compound and dis-appeared somewhere within a seconds. already myself and my hubby are having naga dosham. have done astrological remedy for it. after seeing water snake i am afraid to live in that house. why i saw this snake. any reason is there. please help.


  218. I want my debts canceled/paid AND I want unexpected money. So, do I say: Cancel + Divine Count? Or, do I just say Divine Count because the extra money will allow me to pay my debts? OR is there a better set of switch words all together? THANKS!

  219. sir i want to do part time job after my office over online job pls telme a switch words to get part time online job sir thank you .
    pls reply me sir

  220. sir, my husband is a businessman and he is established and self dependent in such a young age. Thus he got so many enemies in his life including his friends n family. Everyone tries to cheat him. Our daily expenses r also beyond our budget and so we r going through money loss. Sir, plz suggest any divine remedy to avoid money loss as well as cheat people and bring abundance and money flow in our family..

  221. Dear Guruji

    Can u please suggest me any powerful switch words to get married in a short period as per my choice totally a good cultured person as my life partner. i am depressed everything getting delayed guruji lots of obstacles in my life no happiness. so i request you to please suggest me some quick remedy to get married soon a well educated, well settled, cultured, lovable caring kind person as my life partner. very urgent guruji please reply me.

  222. Naran Sir

    Any Switch words to reduce my weight soon.

  223. M. Sarada Susmita

    Could you please suggest me any SwitchWords for weight loss?

  224. hello
    i want to start a food blog and earn money. please give me switch words to implement my thoughts into reality without any obstructions and go on posts without interruption. and to good traffic. plz help me. thanku

  225. sir i want to do part time job after my office over online job pls telme a switch words to get part time online job sir thank you .
    pls reply me sir pls sir

  226. Hello Naranji,
    My brother has been jobless for the past 3 years now. He tells that no company is ready to recruit him. We see no inclination in him to work.Please suggest some switchword for this what could be chanted by me or my mother in this regard
    Thanks and Regards,

  227. in main blog, the comments are in ascending order, here in descending date. could it be such so latest is on top and scroll down not reqd. it wud make it easier to read.

  228. Hi Naran,

    I have worked at my current job for 3 years now. I have worked hard at it but have not received any significant pay raise. Yesterday I made up my mind and I approached my manager and told him that I needed a raise and I also told him the figure that I am expecting. The ball is right now in his court, but please let me know what switchword I can chant to get the expected raise. Also at this time I do not want to change my job. I just want to get the expected raise at the same job.


  229. Dear Sir,

    I want learn driving.And want drive confidently. Please suggest apporiate word or phrase.

  230. hi naran ji,
    ive been a fanatic of your switch word concept as its working wonders.I have started studying for gmat exam now, the problem is I get stuck when I don’t seem to get an answer and that is the point when I get bogged down and lose hope, can I chant “reach” to find out a way to get the answer or please suggest good combination of switch words to solve the problem and keep moving

  231. Sir,

    i met you only today morning just missed asking two things – we have a shop and my husband wants to start a business on his own for extra income. planning to keep cut vegetables shop. please advice me on sw to take the right decision and run the business smoothly and profitably.
    Secondly he has to receive nearly 2 lakhs from his old organisation pls advise one sw to get the money .

    thanks a lot for always guiding my life.


  232. Namasthe


    I had posted about my problem , in office due to my senior girl in june blog for which you had given me a switch word to chant on.It was really a miracle switch word that has worked positively for me.I wanted to share this with you .now that girl has stopped all her activities that she was doing aganist me and started helping me instead.As of now i am mentally free and am concentrating in my job.
    I was in a very bad situation when ur switch words came as a boon to me.Since i have been a regular follower of ur blogs i had great faith on the switch word u had given me.Thanks Naranji for the timely help.
    One more problem naranji,i am 33 years and my parents are looking for alliance.but none of the alliance is up-to the match.As the marriage is delaying i have started compromising in everythg Education ,age of the person but still we are not getting the proper match.Am a engineering graduate and working in a named company.So am expecting a match that shouldnt be less than my expectation .due to which there is a lot of problems in my house and my parents are scolding me instead.Please give a solution to my problem naranji as i want to lead a comfortable and peacefull marriage life with what i expected since am settling late.i am from bangalore and i dont want to leave my job which i have got after years of struggle.i want to get married soon as the problem is increasing because of this.Plz advice me.

  233. Sir, just two days back I have come across your website. I have read how you are helping others through angel numbers and switch words. Sir please help me too. I have appeared an all India exam. The results will be out in this month. I need to clear this exam this time. Please let me know what Angel Number/ Switch Words/Mantra should I chant that will definitely work and give me success. Sir, please help me with the remedy as soon as possible because result is likely to come out very soon.

  234. Sir,

    I had posted my request here but it is not be seen.

    I have also sent mail to your email add. Please help me – only a miracle can help me now.

  235. Sir,

    I need help on these –

    I want my daughter to be good, obedient, happy always and God fearing. Her friends should also become good. She should get herself out from all vices and lead a student’s life. She should love all and be loved by all especially family. She should be successful and above all, ALWAYS happy – she has currently depressive traits and has unbearable short temper. She should stop her extravagant way of life and be careful about money .

    My husband should love and respect me for what I am. He should also be at peace with himself and not fight with me always. He should be calm, mature and be supportive and compassionate to me. He should support me emotionally and physically.

    I have a new job in a new location – this assignment is new to me – I should be able to do this without any help and my boss and my company should be extremely happy with me. I need success at work. I am very frightened now – my assignment starts on the 19th of August.

    I have no mental peace now – I am struggling in life’s problems. I need happiness and peace – I should be loved by all.

    PLease help me – you are my last resort – I hope you will reply -please do not delay – I beg you

  236. dear sir,

    plz tell me sm switchwords so tht i may get a good marriage proposal…..i wnt to get married within dis yr…..i wnt a guy who is kindhearted, decent, well settled n a true lover, who wl always keep me happy….i hv cm across 3 guys in ma life who were cheaters…n i wz shocked to c their real colours ….dis time i wnt d rite person to cm in ma life….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  237. Sir

    My husband is in sales job in finance company but he’s not doing much well business.Also he is not getting much support from his boss as one of his colleague is always doing his flattering & my husband remains quite. Pls suggest what to do get more clients & business & also support from boss & colleagues

    • Sir,
      My mother has Diabetes. What should I make her chant so that she is completely cured of the disease.
      Eagerly waiting for your help.

      • Sir, I haven’t got the reply to my above query. Please help me….

        • Sir, every now and then I am looking into the blog if you have answered my question. Sir, I have other problems too to be solved immediately.

          Sir, I am 32 and still not finding a suitable match for my marriage. There are lot of proposals but I couldn’t say ‘yes’ to anyone because somewhere something is not clicking. Sir, I have a picture of a perfect life partner in my mind regarding his education, personality, job, family, the chemistry that is to be settled between us etc etc. As such after such a long wait, I want to get settled with a desired husband. Sir, please please help me that would definitely work for me and help me tie the knot immediately.
          Sir, I have also started chanting — ‘Vallabam Gajaananam Ekadhantham’ whenever I feel like.. But let me know what else to do to fulfill as i have wished for.

          Eagerly waiting for your help..

        • Sir, please please please help me. I am waiting for your reply….
          thanking you…….

      • Sir, please please help my mother.
        thanking you……

      • She can chant “Rum Bum Lum Dum ”
        For diabetes patients. 20 minutes, twice a day. Proper Digestion will happen. Once that happens perfectly, your craving for more food will come down.After 30 days check it, you will find your sugar level would have come down.

  238. I’m a 45 yr old lady, single till date. Inspite of my best efforts, I’m unable to find success in getting married. Please advise me on which switch word to use to get a good proposal which ends in a happy married life for me at the earliest.

  239. my husband and i separated 10 years ago due to his family interference. He only listens to his family especialy mother and sisters. he loves his son though. What can I win him back as husband and father. He can remain as a good son and brother to his family but I do not want them to interfere in our marriage. please advice. tq.

  240. cutiesheetal05

    Namasté guruji,
    since 3 years im married and living in france. As my diploma has no value here, i have to re start until zero. Im not much at ease with this french language . My exam is next year(on july 2014). I got a very poor memory, i may spent the whole day revising my lessons but the next day , i forgot eveything. I really want to succeed and got a better job in the future.
    Can u plz suggest me a mantra so that i become more and more intelligent,understand flently my lessons and succeed in my exam.
    Thanks for your help

  241. Sir, I haven’t got the reply to to my question. Ignore me not plzz:(

  242. Sir,
    2 Questions,
    I want to go back to U.S.A, as my chiidren were born there,they are completing their schooling here, please let me know what to do to effect the transfer smoothly and safely for the entire family, meaning job, school and college.
    To come clean of all debts and to get money back from people who owe us and are cheating us for close to 5 years now,p.s.- they are very well off now.
    thank you

  243. An apartment is coming up for sale in our building……and we have a neighbour who is also vying for the same apt…..I have already informed the owners that I would like to buy the apt ….I have another apt to sell …and with that money I would like to buy this apt….please suggest a sw for me to get a good price on my apt and a good price for me to buy this apt….thanks DIVINE,……

  244. Hello Naran, I need your help! I need to be fit AND LOOSE WEIGH. I am exersing and eating more healthly but I am not loosing the amount that I want. What do I need to chant?
    I am brazilian, do I need to chant in english or portuguese?
    Tks for you help!!!
    God bless you!

  245. sir,
    I have a doubt, now to those questions that you give the answer, is it based on the individuality of the problem ,addressing the particular person who has the issue; now., I am seeing many people following the same solution , if it is applicable to their situation, for some it works and for some not, so ; how should we go about in general , the usage of the methods suggested in your blogs , in relation to all our questions/problems?
    thank you

  246. hello Naran sir, In October 2012 I found a part time job in a good company. Then I started chanting ” TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER” to become full time in the same company which I got in june. I am still chanting the same SW. Sir please suggest me if I should still keep chanting the same SW to keep my job there permanently and not to loose or get lay off any ways .because I am at bottom in seniority, there is always fear of lay -off. please help me sir.

    • You can add Release Resistance to the chant.

      When a chant doesn’t bring total result we are aiming for, then it means there is a resistance inside us stopping.

      Add Move on to goto the next level


  247. hello sir
    Im PriyaMohan
    my husband started a new business. we need to develop high and move on to next level and need our parents blessings forever. we have money problem also. we want to overcome from that. help us.

  248. sr, Is there any alternative other than switch word, forgiveness cd, mudra for those who r searching job for years together and not getting success ?
    thank you

    admin, there Is a change and it will be followed from now …please allow. thanks

    • “admin, there Is a change and it will be followed from now …please allow. thanks” – what do you mean by this. I don’t follow you.

      Remedies for job:

      Walnut for transitioning into a job
      Oak: you are trying hard not smarter
      Hornbeam: mental tiredness after trying so long. To have a start you need Hornbeam anyway
      Star of Bethlehem: for getting a break

      During interview take the remedies Water Violet, Larch, Gentian and Wild Rose

      Good luck

  249. Thanks for Being so kind as a Teacher. Happy Teachers day to you .
    Happy teachers day to you on Behalf of all teachers who taught good and Great things in life

  250. Dear Respected Sir Naranji _/i\_ Nama:shkar
    Dear Sir Wishing you HAppy Teachers DAy and Thanking you for Being A Kind Guru,Loving Guru to teach us so many reality of life and solving our day today lifes’ situation.There is no words to THANK YOU.BUT I CAN SAY THANK YOU TO BE MY GURU .I AM IN GRATITUDE To BE YOUR SHISHYA A HUMBLE PERSON WHO SEEKS MORE AND MORE FROM HER GURU NARANJI.I THANK YOU SHOBANAJI TOO FOR ALSO HELPING US WITH YOUR DIVINE KNOWLEDGE TIME TO TIME WHEN ASKED QUESTION BY US>
    PRANAM =//

  251. Sir, I have posted you few questions on my problems last week, still I didn’t get any reply, I am eagerly waiting for your switch words, I problems are really unbearable, for which I had attempted suicide 2 days back but unfortunately I have survived.
    Sir, please help me, all my debtors are haunting my parents, in laws and my husband very badly, my husband is very depressed and also have health issues. Sir, now your switch words are last hope for me.
    Thank you

    • Chaitanya,
      I think R Mohan already replied to you and suggested you to chant “SRINIVASA ARAVINDALOCHANA”
      Also I searched blogs find this solution for you…
      We are born to live and not to die. Be courageous, you will soon find a solution. Chant “MUSTARD CHERRY PLUM” for as many times as possible. It will make the problem bearable and you will see light in your life.

      When the problem is dearest, solution is nearest – Naran

      Chant Lalitham Sreedharam Lalitham Bhaskaram Lalitham Sudarsanam will remove your debts and financial related problems.

      Be in Safe and Secure Mudra always.

      Take care

  252. Thanks for the answer. I have already started chanting these switch words for job. Like to know during interview process, Is there anything to chant / keep it with, so that company offer what the job aspirant is expecting as salary and more than that ?

  253. dear sir,

    i spoke to some1 about my troubled situation n the person referred to me to U.
    i m a financial ad-visor n have my own consultancy but unfortunately it isnt doing good n was doing well few months a ago.i m in financial crunch n now have decided to go for a very good JOB which i m finding difficult to find. i had got good offers but they fizzle out in the last moment.

    pls help me to get rid out of this situation n i shall be highly obliged.

  254. I am not getting tenent for my flat since 4months trying a lot approached the agents but no luck. Please help me with a switch word to get a tenant. Pls.

  255. hi sir gud mrg thank you so much for your switch words gentain larch togethre divine i have paased my mba first years tahnk a lot

  256. Sir,
    Please reply to this atleast we are having relationship problems at home there is no peace ,harmony and understanding between 4 of us ,my husband is always like we 3 are depending on him financially [kids are still small] and always he says he never wrote a bond that he would take care of me n kids. Husband is yelling at my daughter for not being respectful to him though it is not this way,i dont know what to write but please help me with a switch word for peace,understanding and harmony.

    Thanks in advance

  257. can the topics be made in descending order, current posts in front and older to become last
    Thanks Divine order

    • Are you talking about comments or blogs. Blogs in switch words are already in descending order. People prefer comments in ascending order.

      You are talking about which blog?

  258. thanks sir, You are right !. I think the latest comment to come first would make it more relavant is my suggestion. You may consider. You are the best judge

  259. Hi Sir,
    My kid is 1.5 yrs old. She talks well and is very much stubborn and cries for everything due to her grandmom too much caressing her. Shes given daily chocolates and icecreams and gets cold often. Wen I say dont take them she resists me and now shes not even coming to me 😦 Pls tell me some switch word to make her a happy baby, obedient and I feel embarassed and very badly hurt wen my lil one not coming to me. sometimes she cries seeing me. Only she comes to me for food, taking bath, wen she wets her clothes.I want her to be more affectionate towards me, I Knw shes just a kid but as a mom, Im getting depressed as my in laws laugh at me saying my kid doesnt like me 😥

    Also pls let me know switchwords to get rid of dominating people and their negative tricks from my life

  260. Thanks m.
    I dont mind my kid attached to her grandparents. I don wan her to ignore me.
    And the only prob I have wid my MIL, she feeds my kid daily one 10 Rs Dairy milk and one cup ice cream. Ive told her in a way a DIL can say. and my hubby also. But she gives secretly, which I find wid de smell. This s affecting my kids health badly.
    And the worst thing is, once I noticed her saying ‘yr mom is bad she never gives u choclates. be with me will give u dasiluy.

    Anyways i don mind dem cos wen she grows up she will know things herself. But I don like anyone by anyway poisioning her.
    Me n my hubby r very careful in raising her, we never argue or fight before her and never tell anything negative about anyone in d family.
    But others do it. m only worried abt my kid. and dont care wat others do.
    I want herself to resist from all these negativities. Pls help

  261. Hi Naran Sir,

    I am divorced and I still love my ex husband even he is married now and have a son. he even have a daughter with me before . The woman took him away from me knowing that i wanted him still. can you make him to love me again ..and the woman ask for forgiveness and let him go

  262. M. Sarada Susmita

    Hello Naran Sir,
    I am overweight of 88 Kgs.I am married.I should immediately reduce my weight with exercise or Yoga.The problem is I couldn’t make it and I search for some reasons.I am also a second degree Reiki channel and I cannot practice.My wish is to practice Reiki and do Yoga early or someother time in a day.But I am not able to do these lack of will power,jeez.
    Could you please suggest Switch Words for Willpower?Please help me Sir.

    • Scleranthus Hornbeam

      Scleranthus – postponing tendency
      Hornbeam – starting trouble

      • M. Sarada Susmita

        Thank you Sir for responding to my problem.But how should I do this?Just chanting these words daily?
        Sir,I have another problem……If I start some work, I need a dedication towards it until I finished it.But,when I start something with motivation or dedication, some obstacle or disinterest comes in mind and the work will stop in middle.I cannot continue the work.Please suggest switch words to continue any work I started till it is over.And also please let me know how the above SWs should be chanted,how many times a day?
        Thank you once again Sir.

  263. Greetings to you Naran Sir,

    I am trying to sell my flat to clear my debts and invest in another property. Please advise me a sw and animal spirit for speeding up the sale as it has to happen soon due to other pressure.

    Thanks in advance.

  264. Respected sir,
    Thank you so much for the mantra and bach flower remedies. Sir ,is it necessary to follow both or just the mantra ,i am afraid I dont get flower remedies in my place.
    Please help me with this problem also my daughter is feeling stressed when she has exams and not able to grasp quickly ,she is taking too long to complete 1 lesson ,its hard and she is in 10th grade also suggestion needed for my son ,he is aiming to go abroad for studies.
    Kindly suggest me switch word which I can do on their behalf.
    Thanks again and god bless you.

  265. My husband is a very very nice guy, I really love him so much. Hes so very gentle and very respectful with others. but the thing is hes very unexpressive and hard to talk with. He doesnt share anything with me and not friendly with me and hes very shy inside when it come to public places. He never even stands close to me for a photo. But ive seen him hugging his friends(girls) for photos(ofcourse before marriage:)). Wen i ask y, he says “its easy when it comes to friends, but i feel shy when its wife :(“… its a wierd answer, but still I can understand theres something blocking from inside, a shyness may be. Hes completely fine in private.
    So I jus left him undisturbed. But its hurting me, wen in gettogethers, I see his friends and their wife are very expressive, attached with each other, he never even turns to me n talks. So one of his friend takes it as an advantage and teases my hubby as if hes not happy wid the married life, my hubby also doesnt resist tat and he laughs with them, teasing me.
    i feel so embarassed and cry privately.
    I asjed my hubby directly, is he happy wid me and y he never resists his friend’s comment,
    He says he loves me and he cant resist his friends comment, cos its jus for fun and nothing intentional.
    But they r commenting on me and I feel really embarassed.
    I know, I believe, my hubby loves me cos i luv him so much.
    Pls help me sir with some switch words to make hime love me more,be friendly with me,share things and importantly to be more expressive and attached without any shyness in public

  266. Hello Naranji,
    My brother has been jobless for the past 3 years now. He tells that no company is ready to recruit him. We see no inclination in him to work.Please suggest some switchword for this what could be chanted by me or my mother in this regard
    Thanks and Regards,

  267. Sir,
    My Son has finished B-tech Degree in Electronics and communications 2013 batch. Could u suggest switch words for him to get a well paying job.
    Thanks & Regards,

  268. I am 37 years old, i lost my job 1 year before, after that
    i have started Trading business in Share Market.
    I have invested some lakhs but till now no profit.
    Please suggest Chanting to earn money in Share Market.

    • Please write :”TOGETHER FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE” 101 times every day. You will see money in plenty. May you enjoy an abundant life. Let Divine Lakshmi bless you.

      • R mohan
        whats the method to get job change in desired city with desired package

        • A family friend of mine wanted his son to come from UK and settled down in Chennai. The boy was adamant, while the daughter-in-law was keen to oblige.

          He put everything in a paper – his desires, his problems. He gave Reiki to the paper for 1 month and forget about it. Soon after his son lost his job in UK. Tried for more than 5 months. Didn’t get one. So he had to return to India and then got a job in Mumbai.

          Mumbai is closer to London. My family friend is reasonably happy as he could meet his son and his family at least once a month.

          • Thanks a lot for showing me path. U r gr8.
            Currently im chanting “ADJUST CHANGE DIVINE ORDER” as suggested by Naran sir last year.Also he asked me to say below lines 2-3 times a day- “Thank the intentions as if happened. I thank the husband. we are living separately away from the inlaws.
            He is secured in his job. I thank the divine for that.”

            Can u provide me the affirmation to write on wish slip if i want my husband to get job in ludhiana & shift there with me as he is not at all ready to leave this city Chandigarh.

      • Thanks, yes, it works, i was getting small, small amount from wherever receivable, they them self called me to collect the amount. But there is no improvement in earning money from share market, Still i am working to earn better than earlier with some new techniques..

        • In addition, to what you are doing, try this also:

          “I release the part that aligns with loss in the share market”
          “I am OPEN and ALIGN WITH the part that knows how to make money in the share market”

          Do the above as many times as you can.

          • OK. I observed that ”TOGETHER FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE” works, i am getting money (small small amount) from whatever possibilities and going to get big amount from one deal. (all happened miracle, yes they them self called me to collect the money), it seems all blocks are removed.. Only thing i need to earn from Share & Commodity Market, b’coz this is my primary and only one business that i can earn money for long term. I believe that i can do.

          • The reason behind the technique is…

            There is one part in us – which wants us to be poor, unhappy, unloved, not loving others and so on. We release this part.

            There is another part inside us or out in the universe, which we can tap into or use) that knows how to be successful, happy and loving. We align or activate the part. Naran says Align works better than Activate.

            To put it simple, we are aligning ourselves with the winning energy (god, angels, NLP resources, whatever you want to call them, call it so).

            I am glad you got it.


  269. Please suggest to stop drinking & smoking habits.

  270. hi, today i thought of downloading RED BALSAM flower picture to paste it on a photo. got confused as 2 different flower pictures came. need help to differentiate. One flower looks like flat one with only one round of 5 petals. the leaves of this plant is almost like that of Tulasi plant for which we do pooja daily.
    Other one called garden balsam is like many lines of petals like that of Rose flower in our house. Its leaf’s are long and sharp pointed at the end.
    Which is the mother flower used for meditation ? please provide help ?
    thanks in advance

  271. Dear Sir,
    I love a guy ,we both love each other,but our problem is both our parents are against our match d girls parents have issue of caste and the guy parents have the issue of physical incompatibility. Kindly suggest some remedy so that our parents accept our union. Please provide your help to solve our problem.We want our parents approval to solemnize our marriage…
    Thanks in advance

  272. sir,
    my brother misbehaves with my father and after that he never talk with my father and anyone of us in the house.Now he lives in another city and never come back .suggest some remedy so that quarrel between them will be finished.and he would talk with my father.

  273. Respected Sir,

    Please help me sir, my daughter is finding it difficult to study and memorise all the matter ,she is in 10 th grade ever since she started this year her grades have fallen down badly and also received several complaints from teachers ,unable to grasp faster and she keeps on crying n thinking that why is it happening to her only ,she has to stop learning music for studies , her father is always yelling at her saying that he is paying lot of money towards fees ,is this effecting her indirectly. Sir pls ,pls need your advice i am in deep pain ,and she is feeling so low and getting tensed .I know that she was a bright student when she was in abroad but after coming here ,her capacity has gone down drastically ,she was excelling there but now she is just an average student.Please kindly help me sir ,she is putting lot of efforts but in vain ,has become all pale and is also suffering from psoriasis. from 10 yrs.
    Kindly help me any advice immediately would be appreciated much.

    • Sir

      Please can u suggest me some switchword or bachflower remedy . I need your help.She has been falling sick and is anemic .I sent an email to shobana also ,there was no reply .Your help is highly appreciated.

  274. Hello Naran Sir,

    We live in USA and my son is in 12th grade. He will be applying for Early action in a top engineering college in Boston (MIT) on Oct 30, 2013 and know the decision on dec 15, 2013.With his excellent high school record and all other activities, we believe he has a great chance of being accepted. Anyhow, as it a extrelemly competitive college, there is no gurantee of admission to any student.

    Can you please suggest switch words, that I can chant for him to get admission.

    he will have an interview with this college in the next 2 weeks. He is a very bright, motivated and hard working student and really hoping to study in this college.


  275. I have a problem of lizards and rodents in my house. kindly suggest some switch words or remedies so that I get rid of these issues.

  276. R.Malathi Suresh

    In my day today’s life i’m nothing without Naran sir’s switch words and mantras….thanks Divine and Naran sir.

  277. I have spinal muscular atrophy, my spine, right elbow, both knees r not straight. hv teeth, gum, gray hair, acidity, skin burn problem and many bad memories too. please heal me up……

  278. Sir,
    my brother misbehaves with my father and after that he never talk with my father and anyone of us in the house.Now he lives in another city and never come back .suggest some remedy so that quarrel between them will be finished.and he would talk with my father.

    • Try this affirmation, ask for explanation later:

      “I release the quarrel and animosity between my father and my brother”
      “I activate the love between my father and my brother”

  279. Sir, my husband has pSoriasis from past 14 years, he has lot of loans, and we couldn’t able to repay the loan, , please suggest to rectify the disease and complete the loan dues.

    • For pSoriasis contact centre:

      From the blog:

      “LALITHAM SRIDHARAM, LALITHAM BASKARAM, LALITHAM SUDARSHANAM” mantra will give you light and source of good income.

      Lalitham – the one mother who is so compassionate, that she will forgive all my past. Forgiving all the past she allows Sridharam (wealth), to bring money from Baskaram – the provider of wealth, and activates Sudarshnam, to continue the flow of money (after the debts are paid-off).

      Bow down to the (Lalitham) Mother in reverence and chant the mantra. And when you chant this powerful mantra, chant it with all the trust in divine, without expecting anything in return.

  280. Hi Naran Sir,

    My hubby is trying for an foreign assignment in his job, at least for a year or 2. But right now in his office the onsite work is going hectic. So Please tell me some switch words to help him get a foreign assignment with a normal workload. He doesn’t believe in switch words, so please tell me SW which I can use on behalf of him

    Please let me know SW for increasing my memory, I often keep things here and there and forget about it.
    And also to avoid laziness and be active always


  281. sir plz reply to problem stated above.

  282. Goodmorning sir, your blog is really interesting,im addicted to it , thanks for helping us.
    I’d like to ask one question, i chant ambika mantra everyday while holding a bottle of water instead of glass of water in my hand. And i sip for the whole day that water.. Is that ok, a bottle of water instead of a glass of water.. i chant for about 108 times per day.

  283. Dear Sir,

    in our house all the electrical items oftenly get repaired and for that lot of expenses how to over come from this we are very much worried more over financial problems also. please suggest some remedies to over come this problems any mantras / switchwords.

  284. M. Sarada Susmita

    Hello Sir,
    Do we reduce weight through Reiki?I am Reiki 2nd degree channel.Could you please suggest how weight reduced through 2nd degree Reiki and symbols?

  285. Dear Sir,

    my marriage is getting delayed very much depressed in spite of doing all sorts of pooja, chanting mantras, and also i have tried your switch words related to marriage in your blog. but not at all working. please please sir suggest me some switch words / mantras to get married soon as per my choice., a well educated, well settled, with clean habits a kind hearted, loving and caring person. iam unable to explain my painful life, im in dark side of my life sir please help me to get married soon and lead a happy healthy wealthy married life.

  286. M. Sarada Susmita

    Hello Sir,
    Is there any Chakra Healing Treatment to reduce weight?If so could you please suggest me how to do chakra healing for weight reduction?I am 2nd degree Reiki Heale,how could I pactice it?

    • M. Sarada Susmita

      Could you please say what it is?I cannot understand it.could you please say what the Switch Words are?

      • Switch words are ………….english mantra
        Switch Words have a direct access to our subconscious minds. Like a switch for the light, it works very fast. Just repeat the concerned switch word constantly. That’s it. Success in results will be taken care of automatically.

  287. Respected Sir
    Iam in love with a guy and we wish to marry.Both of us told to our parents.His parent’s are happy and ready for this marriage.But my parent’s are not even ready to talk with him or his parent’s.They are looking other proposals for me.Sir can you please suggest me a switchword such that this marriage happens happily with the blessings of both our parents.

  288. Dear Sir Naranji
    Sir this one came from one of my friend….i am forwarding you ..
    someone i know is suffering from chronic backache for the last 12 years and she keeps getting hurt in the back. looking forward to sw to help her heal her tail bone where she was hurt this time. she does not want to consider surgery as an option. heartfelt gratitude
    Kindly reply
    Thank YOU

  289. Dear naran sir,
    I have posted you few times before , and received switch words.thank you so much, I have started chanting them.
    As I have mentioned you earlier, I have filed insolvancy, due to which I am facing civil and criminal cases.
    Now I am facing cheque bounce case for which I am supposed to attend the court on 29th of this month.
    Sir, I am really scared of this,As the other parties are very powerful and have so much of political influence, Ian scared they would abuse or attack physically by people.
    please give me a switch word to overcome these criminal cases.
    Thank you .

  290. some switch words for memory plz….
    i need gud momery power for my studies

    abuna lacsan

  291. dear sir,
    i need some good marks in my examination like more than 94%…. suggest som switch words please

  292. Dear Naran Sir,
    Presently Im engaged in a big deal, what mantra should be chanted for the successful transaction. ( sir im taking high risk for this unsecured investment ) now the deal is going and hope wil finish by 10 – 20 days. pls help me in this regard.Presently Im chanting ” Find Devine Order Count Now Done “

  293. Dear Naran sir,
    Please sujjest a switch word to get rid of curses , and procedure to chant.
    Thank you

  294. Sir, I have some urgent issue to share. Yesterday on this occasion of Durga Puja,I with my family went to a restaurant at night. I went inside and took a remote corner side for us while other members were still to come inside from the next shop.There wasn’t many people in the restaurant. Immediately i asked for the menu and started taking out my mobile from my purse so as to listen to some mantra/switch word recorded in my mobile which i keep listening anytime anywhere. I was plugging in the headset in my mobile and was asking the waiter about some items. I was looking into the menu. Then my family came and we ordered and had our food.When we were about to come, I looked for my purse to take, but to my surprise it wasn’t there. When i said this, the waiter also came and asked to check there, it might have fallen down. We checked but it wasn’t anywhere. There is no possibility of any other person to come to that corner to take away the purse. Immediately we went to the police station which was there itself. They came to inquire. But as usual the owner and her staff were defending their restaurant and the waiter. The waiter tried giving a sense of carelessness saying I came inside with my head phone on and I didn’t bring any purse which he lied 100%. With this statement I was sure, he must be the culprit. I had good amount of money, atm card, other cards and valuables. I lodged a FIR.Today,we will go again. The police men said they will inquire the waiter again today but can’t charge him directly as it is not seen.My address is there in one of the card. So, thinking of whether to ask to charge him on benefit of doubt. I want to get back everything whoever has stolen it. Sir, I have been only losing and suffering and nothing constructive is happening. Last month there was heavy loss of my money, data, time with my computer disk crash. I was planning to check the disk once again after Dussherra. On top I am suffering because of one friend of mine whom I have helped like anything, have always trusted blindly but who has always ditched me, lied to me which is totally against my character and made me suffer a lot. Now, from some days, I am running after to get back my money which I gave to help my friend in spite of ditching me from years. I am just tired of everything. Sir, if you could help me in getting back my purse and the valuables inside it, I would be grateful to you.

    Thanking you,

  295. Naran Sir, could you help me in this matter ? I am waiting for some help.
    Thanking you

  296. hello sir… I need a mantra to get the job… can u please suggest me..??

  297. hello sir… is there any switch word for obesity??

    • from the blogs i got this:
      You want your body to become TINY – meaning to reduce your weight. It is possible if you take this as LIGHT as possible.

      therefore: Chant the switch words: tiny light

  298. Hello sir
    I am in need of SW that would help me to move next level in life. I finished my law degree in 2001 and not much worried to get the degree as the provisional one would do to enrol on bar council. Now I am planning to do PG in law. For past 6 yrs I been applying for my degree certificate but no use. All my efforts are just like laid stone underwater. No movement at all. Please guide me with SW to get my law degree certificate and go further in life. Thanks in advance.

  299. Dear naran sir,
    As I have mentioned about a court case, I should attend this 29 th October, I have asked you for a switch word, I still dint get any reply from you sir.
    As the days are approaching I am really scared, none of my relatives and family members are interested to accompany me to the court, as every one are scared by the circumstances in and out side the court premises.
    Sir, I beg you , please provide me your switch word to attend the court and come back safely with out any embarrassing situation, and also to win the case.
    Sir, you are my last hope. Please save me.

    • Chaithanya,
      till Naran sir replies you can do this..
      I searched blog for “safety ” I found these things..
      1)Do the VIOLET FLAME PRAYER or MEDITATION, when the situation goes out of control and things are not manageable. It helps you to manage the situation. It’s a prayer for emergency.
      Violet flame! Give umbrella protection to me wherever I am”. Do this prayer once.
      Violet flame is equivalent the Fire Rituals done by Hindus.Do the Violet Flame Prayer as follows, “I AM A BEING OF VIOLET FIRE; I AM THE PURITY OF GOD’S DESIRE”.

      2)You can even Invoke wolf …to assist you and help you always..

      3)Call St. Michael the arch angel and say “Please keep your blue flaming sword around me and allow divine light and love only to enter”…and protect me . Do it three times.

      4)Daily in the morning pray to flowers requesting them to protect you. “WATER VIOLET, WALNUT, SWEET CHESTNUT, STAR OF BETHLEHEM and ROCK ROSE! Be active around me for the next 24 hours and heal me”. Do it once a day.
      6)daily in the morning chant OM JOOM SAHA;SAHA JOOM OM. for 15 minutes, visualising the mantra energy forming a divine layer around you(for your protection)

      I think for cour case you can chant “SRINIVASA ARVINDLOCHNA”
      Pls read this…

      Hope this helps you,

  300. Dear sir, m

    Thank you so much for sending prayers to chant for my problem, thanks a lot for the reply and help, very happy to see your reply in my inbox, this itself boosted me up and gave lot of confidence,I will surely follow your prayers, thanks to all the team people for being in the most troublesome time.
    Thanks for streching your help with switch words and prayers for people like us .

    With great regards ,

  301. Dear sir m,
    Thank you for suggesting me forgiving exercise ,I will surely follow.
    Thank you once again.

  302. Thank u Sir. I will do it and will definitely post my results

  303. I want to share my experiences regarding help from wolf.
    last night the wolf spirit really helped me to get auto from my home and again to my home, (generally auto-person do not agree the fare).

    Thank you wolf for this help.

    I have two questions:
    1. We have a land purchased by my father (he is passed away when we were too young) and our ancestral home. We want to sell these properties. people do come to ask and negotiate. But suddenly what happens we don’t know. nobody turns then. this is happening from last few years.
    Now please help us so that we could sell these two properties because we are in financial crisis and have to pay loan.
    2. the second problem is my sister’s marriage. She is 33yrs, working girl but still we are worried about her marriage.

    please help.

  304. i have been reading your blog and in past you have helped me with switch words. with your help i am engaged and marriage is fixed. i am very tensed. earlier there was no fight between me and my fiance but as days are passing we fight very often. he wants things in his way, doesnt spend much time compared to earlier and if i try to make him understand his fault he becomes angry. i dont know what to do. i have been chanting together change now. earlier he was not like this. i am worried still we are not married and if he has changed and doing this then what will happen after marriage. his sister is married but she is always at his house and interferes. how to make him understand that after marriage we have our own family life and we have to spend time with each other. family is there but now we also have our family. every time he does sister and parents wherever we go. there is no privacy in our life. pls help me. am very worried and tensed. pls help me with switch word to make him understand during fights shedding his ego and anger, switch word so that his sister dont interfere in our life and that we have our own life. pls pls help me.

  305. Hi, I want to have a car and buy a plot and build my dream home all these done by Jan 15. Please suggest.

  306. Hi, I want to reduce weight immediately at least 5-7kg within December. Becoz recently I got kidney transplant on 6th of April & I m under medication. Pl help me

  307. Respected Sir,

    Please help me sir, my daughter is finding it difficult to study and memorise all the matter ,she is in 10 th grade ever since she started this year her grades have fallen down badly and also received several complaints from teachers ,unable to grasp faster and she keeps on crying n thinking that why is it happening to her only ,she has to stop learning music for studies , her father is always yelling at her saying that he is paying lot of money towards fees ,is this effecting her indirectly. Sir pls ,pls need your advice i am in deep pain ,and she is feeling so low and getting tensed .I know that she was a bright student when she was in abroad but after coming here ,her capacity has gone down drastically ,she was excelling there but now she is just an average student.Please kindly help me sir ,she is putting lot of efforts but in vain ,has become all pale and is also suffering from psoriasis. from 10 yrs.
    Kindly help me any advice immediately would be appreciated much.

    • Please can u suggest me some switchword or bachflower remedy . I need your help.She has been falling sick and is anemic .I sent an email to shobana also ,there was no reply .Your help is highly appreciated. I posted the previous post long time back pls sir waiting for your reply.

    • Lakshmi,
      Give her walnut mimulus larch,rescue remedy…,.

      Ask child how she feels in new school/ there any fear?Let her express it…

  308. Sir ,Thanks for the prompt reply!
    She really feels insecure and she is being bullied in the class when ever she gets up to talk as her accent is different. She is cornered ,luckily she has another girl in the same situation so they are together. Even then the class and few teachers do not appreciate this ,but she is helpless.
    Sir, how many pills should be given and in how much gap ?
    Thanks once again ,God bless you.

  309. Lakshmi,
    Add cat’s eyes pills can buy it from center,chant “cat’s eyes” till you get pills.
    you can give 3 pills of each remedy 4 times a day.

    She can keep the picture of Water violet in her pocket (download them or the picture is available in the centre).
    She can Chant Water violet.
    She can also write the name Water violet daily in a notebook – 20 to 30 times.
    Water violet helps her to get good friends.

    you take redchestnut.

  310. Hi sir
    please help me sir, i am saileja, i am not getting job not getting married nothing is happening right in my life, even today i attended interview but didnt get through, total vexed sir.

  311. Hello Sir,
    I have given my final year BDS exams and my result is awaited.What switch word can I use to pass with 75% marks.

    I’m studying in a pvt college but I wish to complete my one year compulsory internship from a government hospital.what can I do so that I get that opportunity?

    Thank you

  312. Hello Sir,
    My boyfriend came back to me after 7 months of no contact(he was the one who broke up with me,after 3 years of relationship,out of the blue and refused to talk with me).We live in different cities and the past weekend he came to my town to see me because he said he misses me.We are back together,at least that’s what he told me but since he got back to his city he only called me once(because I asked him to) to announce me that he had a safe flight.Since then I haven’t receive any call from him(when we first was together he used to call me every night before going to sleep).What switchwords could I use to make him give me more attention and love,and for the relationship to go well and to last.
    Thank You in advance!

  313. Dear Naran ji,
    My daughter is 11yrs now and she has still to loose two of her baby teeth, additionally we got her dental X-ray and the doctor says it may require long procedure (the angle of hidden teeth is not correct) to pull her baby teeth out and then pull the adult teeth in its place which show in X-ray but are not coming out on their own. Also this involves 3 yrs of braces and monthly dentist visits. Please help with switch words that I can write on her behalf and any other remedy. Many thanks. Raj

  314. sir.. i shared my problem with you before. i am hindu and I love a muslim boy. we r in a relationship since 3 years. we have gone through so many ups and downs! as my father is strictly against this relationship.according to ur advice I chanted “together change now” and “together divine” . things were going well. but suddenly my father came to know that still i am in that relationship & he stopped me in every way to communicate with him. then I overcame the situation. but my lover stopped communicating with me. i tried every possible ways but failed to reach him! he was disconnected from me for almost 1.5 month. he called me last month suddenly. but I lost him once again! i know he loves me a lot! something is coming between us and stopping him to communicate with me. plz help me so that we can overcome all the obstacles & get united forever.i want to marry him as soon as possible. plz suggest me divine remedy so that I can maintain good communication with him and always get him by my side. what mantra can I chant for our quick marriage? I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.things r not going well at all. don’t know why I always get disconnected from him inspite of loving him so much!

  315. Dear Guruji,

    Please suggest me any switch words / mantra to get the missed menstrual period immediately and also for regularizing the delayed periods. please guruji it is very urgent.

  316. hello sir,

    this is preethi, i got an alliance, i liked the guy and that guy too like me, but my parents r not interested because horoscope is average match, we both like to get married, pls help us so that my parents get convinced please help us sir pleaseeeeee
    waiting for ur reply
    thanks in advance

    i am chantig 58 to remove obstacles and SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME I LOVE U THANK U DIVINE MARRIAGE DINESH

  317. I have fallen into legal issue with immigration and have confess honestly dat i was wrong and now waiting for jurisdiction, i hav 6 month baby so pls help me dat im saved and free as she wil b alone if sumthing happens to me urgent pls help

  318. hello sir,
    my upper body is going narrow as it is losing body mass and my waist is getting broad.
    i am trying hard to maintain my physique but nothing appeared working.kindly suggest some chanting and remedy for me.

  319. Namaste Sir

    I am Santose kumar S
    dob : 16TH JULY 1991

    My father died in year 2006, till this day my problem is increasing severely without end. Mainly money, i completed the degree with 2 arrear yet to completed, started business not able to put investment startingly, running business in loss, my family loan is above 20 lakhs, personally i have loan of 3 lakhs, i cant concentrate in business due to lack of money, my hair is also falling, looking like aged person, my body is heavy weight, lazyness and lack of concentration increase day by day, stamina is decreased heavily, case related to father death is hanging from 2001(accident happened on that year). i want to survive in the world and lead a happy life, my mom suggest me switchwords from the magazine “babaji anmigam” and said about you, I need the remedy immediately, else i need to die , we all need the solution within this year, i beg on your leg, i lost the hope of god due to my situation, even i lived without food for a week, my situation go worsely, Tell Me switchwords, mantra to chant, mantra to right. tell my mudra or flower or anymethod to come out this situation quickly, i wanna life, Please tell me step by step like (words to chants – times per day, position to chant, time to chant, place to chant.) (words to write – times per day, ) & any other remedy mark, once again i beg ur leg to bring prosperous to my life, u r my lost hope, i became superior u are my god. Thanks in advance from my whole heart and my family on your leg sir

  320. sir, plz.. i need an urgent reply.. i shared my problem on nov 7! everything is getting worse! no contact from my boyfriend yet! i don’t know what to do! my parents are looking for other suitors! i don’t know what to do! i don’t want to live without him.. you are my last hope.. help me!

  321. Dear sir,

    I want a particular job, and i do know how to go about it. Kindly tell me a swtchword which could get me this particular job in the particular company

  322. Dear mr naran,
    my mother is not in terms with father i am in a position to take care of her. but i dont have a job , i dont get any calls also.. i had taken a break for my pregnancy ,i was a sofware engg , now i dont get calls for my profile.. but i am in a situation i have to support my mohter..
    pls help me , what should i do to get a job apart from trying, preparing and waiting..
    kindly reply..

  323. Dear Naran Sir,

    Thanks for your switch word regarding a job.I am well placed and very happy.I need your help once again.I am now married and I want to see my parents and my family happy.My brother has fallen into bad company,he is a trouble for the entire family.I want to get rid of a problem like him and want the rest of the family to live happily,specially my parents.I want to serve them and give them a happy life and happiness that they have missed all this year due to him.

    • nkg,
      After searching blog I got these points….
      1)buy the flower remedies RESCUE REMEDY WALNUT AGRIMONY WILLOW. put 5 pills of each in common drinking water, so that every body drinks that water.

      2)To make the teenagers be aware of What is Right and What is Wrong

      Is it enough if we know what is right or wrong for teenagers aged 13 to 21? They should know it. To make them differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, give them the Bach Flower Remedies, “Crab Apple, Cerato, Walnut, Wild Oat and Centaury”.

      They will not go wrong. This is a very important remedy for them.

      3)read this take a printout of symbol 32 and do as instructed

  324. Hi Naran ji,
    Im working in IT and im at the verge of losing my job as there has been an announcement that there is going to be a firing policy in the company this year.what are the switchwords that need to be used to protect the job in hand,please advice

  325. Sir,
    I attended a interview in an MNC recently…I did it well also…I felt like i will get the final call.but i did not get it till now. They said interviews are going on and finally they will inform…Sir plz give me a switch word for getting the offer in that company…During the interview i called the spirit of wolf and was also chanting Togther Divine all the time…

  326. Thanks,but it not possible to give flower remedy,can you suggest some chant word so that the family stays happy together and my brother is married with two kids,he is not a teenager and I am the only one who will have to chant and pray for the situation to improve as I want my parents to be happy and also the entire family to express bliss.

  327. Dear Sir, My family is facing serious financial crisis. My parents have taken money from debtors n also we are paying house loan. Recently we are unable to pay the amount due to uncertainty of income. We are on the verge of selling our house. Please help me with some Switchwords for getting financial help (amount is huge) from expected n unexpected sources so that we may save our house n also pay back the debt. Also please explain how to use it. Thank you. God Bless.

  328. Sir.. im not actually very obese but im fat. . I want to shed off the extra flesh and fat … im not able to control my diet.. please help.

  329. Sir.. I want to reduce my weight and shed off the extra fat around my body.. im not able to control my diet.. please help..

  330. sir.. i shared my problem on november 7 ! but no reply yet! i need urgent help ! my parents are going to fix my marriage else where.. they’ve proceeded so far! but no contact from my lover yet!! I am so helpless!! i don’t want to get married with anyone else!! plzzzz sir.. help me to be united with my lover & get married with him.. only him.. plz sir! you are my last hope!! i m afraid if things goes on like this.. i won’t be able to stop this marriage and lose my lover forever!! i don’t want to live without him…

  331. sir…my upper body is going narrow as it is losing body mass and my waist is getting broad.
    i am trying hard to maintain my physique but nothing appeared working.kindly suggest some chanting and remedy for me

  332. Sir, I attended an interview for a dream job at my favourite company.I think I did well.It is been more than three weeks.I left a message with the HR.He called back saying he will get back.I am not happy at my current comany. Can u please suggest something for me.

  333. Naran Sir: Please help me. My husband has a flirting attitude. if anyone talks well with him he goes overboard. Its fine when he does this with men but he behaves the same with woman. If any woman approaches him and talks well with him, he does not stop there. He takes her number and starts making friendship with her. This is a continuous thing. Moreover he is a social person and dances well and is alwyas on stage. Beacuse of this there is a lot of woman that approach him and make friends with him. This creates lot of disharmony between us. When I ask him he says there is nothing wrong in what he is doing and that I accuse him of unnecessary allegations. It looks horrible when he fliorts that way.. All my freinds pity me and make me feel horrible. Please help me sir. Please make him to keep to himself and keep away from unnecessary relations. He will never stop doing anything because I dont want him to do it. He never values my feeling and doesnot care. He always says this is how I am and you can leave if you dont want to stay. This makes me feel helpless. What should I do?

    • Dh Sai,
      …I got these points from blogs ..may be this will helpful for you..
      1)CORAL for MORAL

      To make a person moral, CONCEDE HOLD DIVINE CORAL. CORAL (gem stone) means moral. CORAL can be used as a switch word, meaning moral. If we use this word CORAL, the person will become 100% moral. No doubt about it. Even after doing this if that person does not become moral, let him not change. So, leave him alone.

      2)Immoral behavior
      If there is immoral behaviour or infatuation is in a person, then it means salt content is more. Nsatrum.Mur 1 cm every week once, will remove infatuation. Even the gem remedy Coral can remove it.

      3)read this also..and do as instructed.You have to take coloured printout..

  334. hello sir

    i m preparing for competitive exams for job. i wrote 6 exams but not cleared a single.and that is not i m not studying or working hard. i m putting all my efforts but i dont know what happens in the examination hall, some unusual things happens with me like negative feelings and sometimes unconsciousness comes and these things blocks my mind. last bank exam which i gave in that i attempted 3 sections very well but in last section a thought came get up no need to write further .i had 1 hour with me, ques left were only 30 but i was unable to complete and i failed again. plz suggest something.

  335. Hi Sir… can you please advise me about what switch words to use while cooking food so that we feel positive and healthy by eating that food? Thanks a lot for your kind help!

  336. Hi Sir…….. can you please advise me which switch words / mantras to use so that my husband can get best job abroad , so he can clear his interview and no obstacles should be their while changing his job and place. As he wishes to change his job for better prospects in terms of salary growth and life style. He is graduate but has experience only in Admin dept. Its our wish from bottom of our heart to go abroad and get best job with great life style and salary.

  337. Dear sir ,
    This is chaithanya again . Sir i am writing to you to share my fears and get your help.
    Sir, I am really scared for all the situations I have experienced which I have mentioned you earlier . I constantly get dreams of again going to jail , police cases, etc.,
    Sir , my enemies involved my husband also as an aquisit 2 in the FIR and is trying for anticipatory bail but it is been delayed from 1 month. We have also applied for my relaxation of my conditional bail and this is also delaying.
    Sir, all our works are getting delayed and I am hoping through hell , thoughts are keeping me worried all the time.
    There is no body to support me. My husband instead of his moral support he is constantly criticising and making me feel more bad. I haven’t seen happiness since 1 year sir. Why is all this happening to me. When will I be free from all these worries. I was blamed and filed cases unwantedly.
    I lost everything sir, my life has become a disaster sir. Please help me with your switch words to get rid of all my problems regarding constant worries, fears,enemies, my son education, my husband job, my husband anticipatory bail, my conditional bail relaxation, our severe financial problems, to get my husband’s love back.
    Sir, I believe your switch words so much and have lots of hopes in your remedies.
    Sir, please relieve me from my agony and helpmy entire family from disaster .
    Thank you

  338. Hello and greetings, im in a very terrible situation, i used some fraud documents to get my visa and one of friends complained this to immigration and police came and checked all my documents, i was afraid and confirmed dat im wrong and asked for forgiveness, they hav released me on bail as i have a two month old baby, i just want to be free from this mess so nothing happens to me and im set free and forgiven please help urgent

  339. Naran sir ,
    This is chaithanya again .
    Sir I am waiting for your reply to my post 2 days back. I know I have to wait as you are very busy with other customers too.
    Sir, as I couldn’t bear my tensions I am writing to you. Sir please provide ne your valuable switch words and remedies for my post on 1/12/13. Sorry If I am bothering you.
    Thank you

  340. Dear Sir,
    I had an interview yesterday in a reputed company , and they confirmed me that they will call me for 2nd round interview , but they need me to join immediately within 1 month/45days notice, my current company needs 3 month notice.
    Please suggest me as what to be done to get selected and receive the offer letter and also my current company to release me within 45 days.

    Waiting for your valuable suggestion/words

    • Dear Sir
      I had 2nd round interview, it was good, but they have many more candidates , hence not responded till now, please help me to get selected and receive the offer letter , & my current company to release me within 45 days

      Humbly waiting for your response

  341. I am feeling like found tressure,………
    I live in banglore I wanted purchase some naran sir’s healing products, is this all products are available to buy during banglore workshop…..

  342. Dear Sir,

    I am living in dubai and my salary here is very less, i am mba and not getting the job in good position, financial position is also not good , too many responsibilities we husband and wife and we are doing it without saying it to any one , we are not in position to save the money, even for all my in laws we are doing and for this i don’t have any complaint for any thing but want to increase my financial position to ful fill all the needs.

    Please suggest some remedies.

    Thanks in advance.

    With Regards,

  343. Hello everyone, warm wishes to everyone!! This is in regards to my sis who is 32 now and is not married, he is d most beautiful girl i have seen, v come from a rich educated and hi class family and she is modern yet homely, there is nothing lacking in her infact we use to think she wil get thousand proposal in a day but sumthing is not right may be destiny, things mature but nothing if finalised, she has been in love three times in last 10 years but all left her without explanation, she is so spiritual and stil god i not helping her, please help with switchword or anything dat brings true love and a modern loving rich husband in her life

  344. Hello ALL! I have a friend who I’ve been talking to about the Law of Attraction and how to apply it to their lives. They currently have a criminal record and have been hard to find a job in the past few years. What is a set of switch words I can give them to turn their situation around for good?

    • Dear Sir,
      This is regarding my mother and brother they are trying to get my mother’s share from ancestral property which my mother’s brother (my uncle) is not ready to give. We do not wish to go in court or have fight as my mother is against it.
      Could you please advise on which switch words to use so that my uncle gives my mother her share from ancestral property without fight or going to court.(or any switch words that I can recite it on my mother’s and brother’s behalf so that they get their share from ancestral property )
      Thanks in advance

      • Please Sir,waiting for your advice.

        • Sir, Request you to advice me as this is regarding my mother and brother they are trying to get my mother’s share from ancestral property which my mother’s brother (my uncle) is not ready to give. We do not wish to go in court or have fight as my mother is against it.
          Could you please advise on which switch words to use so that my uncle gives my mother her share from ancestral property without fight or going to court.(or any switch words that I can recite it on my mother’s and brother’s behalf so that they get their share from ancestral property )
          OR which switchwords to use so that my mother & her sister’s children can win case in court and get their share in ancestral property.

          Thanks in advance

          • Dear Sir Naran,
            request you to advice as it is very difficult to file a court case because, costly fees of lawyer and its very time consuming as my mother cannot go to court now and then and my brother’s has to go to job daily (cannot get leave from office).
            we still are trying to get advice from lawyer and are proceeding to file case, but don’t know what to do(as other relatives say my uncle has lot of money power to win the case)

            need your help what switch words to recite so that my uncle gives his sister their share in ancestral property without going in court (my mother and my auntie’s children (as my aunt is no more)).
            switch words to win the court case and meet expenses of lawyer.

            please sir my mother and brother’s are facing lot of difficulties.

            please advice

            • Dear Sir,
              I am repeatedly asking for help. Your help and advice would really be appreciated.
              tell me which switchwords to chant

              • Dear Naran Sir,
                Eagerly waiting for your help
                I’m continously reminding for your help for the following matter which I had written on 06 Dec 2013. Your help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance

                Need your help, which switch words to recite so that my uncle gives his sister’s their share in ancestral property without going in court (my mother and my auntie’s children (as my aunt is no more)).
                As we do not want court case as it will spoil relationship with uncle and waste of money also.


                • 2anishAK,

                  also read this case…

                  “Sharing the property of the deceased brother, a case history

                  Recently a person died. That person has a brother and a sister. Within 10 days, a conflict arose between the living siblings of the deceased, over taking the property.

                  The sister came to me. At that time I didn’t have the color picture. Therefore, I printed the picture of the Red Balsam flower in black and white color and gave it to her. From the next day onwards, the quarrel about the property between them has stopped. It was resolved amicably.”

                  You can search on net and get the picture of Red Balsam

  345. swapnil chaudhari

    hello naran sir, i am having problem of hairfall…alopecia pattern..can u please suggest me switchword to stop hairfall and to grow new hairs on the head..looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  346. Dear Sir,

    My father was admitted in hospital two months back. I have filed a insurance claim to insurance company. But due to my mistakes in past for selecting correct insurance I think my insurance claim will get rejected. Please give me some mantra to chant so my claim gets accepted and I don’t have to pay huge medical bills. Sir Please I need your help really urgent. Please help me sir.

  347. Thanku naran sir for giving such great and helpful information through blog……..


  348. Dear Sir,

    Right now I have two requirements:
    1. to get free from debt by next week and
    2. I am starting my own practice/business, need to secure good contracts from new clients and increase by business.

    Kindly suggest me suitable switch words for above two requirements.

    • Dear Sir,

      Hope you are doing good and hope I am not bothering you.

      Could you please help in sending the switch words for my two requirements.

      Thank you,

  349. sir.. I am in a great trouble!! I shared my problem with you before that I am Hindu and I love a Muslim boy.. last week we got married. But my family doesn’t know it yet! My father will kill him if he comes to know this! I am confronted in my own house! And my husband is in great danger.. My father has made his life a hell !! Sir plz advice me some divine words which i can chant for my husband’s all round safety.. Also what can I chant to overcome this situation and get united with him? My father has told me either he will kill my husband or he will kill himself! Even he won;t care if I die! But he won’t let it happen!! Already he has tortured my husband’s family.. my husband is afraid of claiming me as my father can do anything with him or his family.. I really don’t know what to do!! How can I save both my marriage and my husband?? Plz help me sir.. I am in a dead end!!

    • sir.. please.. I need an urgent help! Things are getting worse!! My husband’s life is in danger!! I want him to be safe and get united with him forever..

  350. Namaste Sir
    This is for my daughter who is married. Her in laws expect too much money from their son even though they can afford. I am worried for them because their are not able to save. Every time they visit they make them spend for shopping and tickets and that too luxury goods like bags and cosmetics. All high end expensive items and tickets worth lakhs.(they are living abroad so tickets also they have to send) sometimes they make frequent trips in a year. We know they are parents but squeezing the children makes us worry for her. She is too quiet and wont say anything. They make them shop bags and bags of items clothes, shoes, bags , perfumes etc all branded gooda. Please help if i can chant or do anything to lessen the expense not for stopping them from going but for making them realize. .

  351. Dear Naran Sir !!!

    I need help urgently or I will be broke or have to file bankruptcy.
    Dear Sir,

    My father was admitted in hospital two months back. I have filed a insurance claim to insurance company. But due to my mistakes in past for selecting correct insurance I think my insurance claim will get rejected. Please give me some mantra to chant so my claim gets accepted and I don’t have to pay huge medical bills. Sir Please I need your help really urgent. Please help me sir.

    • Samir,
      Untill Naran Sir replies this..
      Call wolf to help you…
      Chant “ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW” like a mad person

      • Thank you Sir !!!!

        I lost my job yesterday. I was laid off. For job should I chant “Find Divine Order Count Now Done”

  352. Any switchword for healing serious eye ailment sir?

  353. Sir, My kids (8 months old girl baby, 2 and halfyr boy and 5 and half yr boy) are having stomach problem(dysentry) (hopefully indigestion).for the past 3 days. can you please sugest any switch words.

  354. Naran Ji ,

    I attended an interview today, due to my personal commitments this job is very much necessary for me and my family survival . Plsssss direct me the switch words to get the job offer and join the company who had interviewed me today-15th Dec’2013

  355. sir.. I am in great trouble!! My family is fixing my marriage else where while I am already married! But I can’t communicate with my husband!! I don’t know what’s his problem! He is not communicating with me! He is not ready to face the difficulties!! But how can I marry someone else when I am already married!! Sir.. I shared my problem on 11th dec! I really need an urgent help! How can I save my marriage and get united with my husband? I also want him to be safe and protected as my father will do harms to him if he comes to know the truth! In fact I cannot connect my husband! I am in total fix! Plz help me! I faced so many difficulties to marry my lover!! Now I don’t want to lose him! Plz save my marriage!

  356. Dear sir,

    Can you tell a remedy to have a good relation with my lady boss and get appreciation for the work I’m doing and a promotion.
    Thank you.

  357. sir.. If you don’t help me immediately I will die!! my parents are approaching to make my engagement on next friday!! my husband has nothing to do as he is helpless before my father!! IHe is not even communicating with me! I don’t know what kind of problems or obstacles he is facing! Plz help me to stop this injustice! I am already married and I love only my husband! Plz help me so that my parents postpone this proposal and my husband can find a way to be united with me! sir.. I posted my problem on dec 11, 14 and 16 continuously! Please forgive me!! I really need an urgent divine help!! You are my last ray of hope!! I can’t marry anyone else! Please help me so that my husband can obtain the courage and capability to face all the difficulties and be with me to love me forever..

  358. Naran sir ,
    This is chaithanya . I have contacted you so many times regarding all my problems and requested your help for switch words. Sir, I have mailed you recently to your email I.d as well . Sir , please try to understand my emergency and everything is getting delayed .
    Sir, please give me your remedies for solving all my problems. I am unable to bear the constant tensions.
    Kindly reply me sir.

  359. Dear Naran
    My husband is facing major organizational conflict which he wants to resolve and have his way. He wants suitable switch words and mudra to help him resolve the conflict as soon as possbile. Thanks.

  360. Naran Sir I am still waiting for your help. Please Help me,

  361. Namaste Sir,
    My husband is having an extra marital affair.It’s very intense.I want him to come out of it and forget her.My husband should love me like before.
    please help me with switch word

    • I searched blog …I got these points..may be this will helpful for you..
      1)CORAL for MORAL

      To make a person moral, CONCEDE HOLD DIVINE CORAL. CORAL (gem stone) means moral. CORAL can be used as a switch word, meaning moral. If we use this word CORAL, the person will become 100% moral. No doubt about it. Even after doing this if that person does not become moral, let him not change. So, leave him alone.

      2)Immoral behavior
      If there is immoral behaviour or infatuation is in a person, then it means salt content is more. Nsatrum.Mur 1 cm every week once, will remove infatuation. Even the gem remedy Coral can remove it.

      3)read this also..

  362. sir.. Plz Plz Plz help me! I posted my problems so many times! It’s an emergency!! I am married. i don’t want to marry anyone else! my parents are fixing my marriage else where! Things are going so far and out of my hands! I cannot even communicate with my husband i don’t know what kind of obstacles he is facing! Plz bless me with divine words so that my husband obtains the courage and capability to reveal that I am his wife and we can be united together forever.. If my father comes to know he can do anything with my husband! Plz help me! I my husband is helpless before my father’s power! If you don’t help me my parents will make me marry another person while I am already married and love my husband so much! Plz sir.. help me before I lose my everything!

  363. Dear m,
    Thanks for the reply . I will surely chant the given SW .
    Thanks a lot.

  364. Greetings and namastey all, it might sound a bit silly but its very important for me and may be help many others as well , i have a little daughter who is one year old and she has so much unwanted facial and body hair, on her upperlip, chin, forehead, ears and neck and back i mean everywhere n with all ubtan remedies nothing has worked, she is a little baby and it disturba her and she is itching in ears etc also it takes away from her beauty, please if anyone would know some switchwords, chants or guide or reiki or anything i can do for her, thanks for helping me out.

  365. Namaste Sir,

    I urgently require your Divine help regarding my brother and my aunt. Its is really urgent and important for me Sir

    My aunt met an accident and her right foot is kind of completely numb. She cannot walk properly as there is no sensation in her foot, she does not feel anything, its totally numb. She has consulted various therapists but no use. She has her own religious faith so she won’t consult anyone other than what she believes in. So, is there anything I can do like chanting in her name so that she recovers quickly?

    Secondly, my brother who works as a designer is not satisfied with his current job wants to settle in Canada since my maternal aunt is well settled there to support him but he cannot apply because his job category is not in the list of Canadian immigration. Even last year his job category was not listed and we are not sure if it will be there next year. Please guide and advise as to what can be done regarding this situation. He has chosen a girl for himself but cannot marry until he is well settled in an job. Please please please help !

    With Love and regards,

  366. Hi- I want to attract a specific person, please suggest a switchword or a switchword sentance…

  367. Dear sir ,
    I have read miracles happened to many of them by your SW . Why can’t I find miracles in my agony. As I mentioned many times earlier that I was released on a conditional bail on a cheating case filed against me. I am supposed to sign every week in the police station. Due to threat I was scared to sign andmy lawyer filed relaxation petition on behalf of conditional bail , but getting on postponed in the court since 7 weeks. Today I came to know that my bail has been cancelled for not signing in the policestation and also issued arrest warrant again.
    Now I am hiding .
    Please help me from this situation . Being a woman and a mother to a small child I can’t bear this onceagain .
    I was chanting ” srinivasa aravindalochana ” from past 3 months , still I am not able to get any help. My enemies are trying to attack me in all the possible ways . Please help me sir.

    • You have been replied by Naran sir as follows…..

      PUT 10 PILLS IN 200 ML WATER and have 6 to 7 sips in the day time.
      If you cannot purchase the remedies, write the above names 108 times daily

      you can even try this also..(chant this)
      “I release the part of me that created this conditions
      I open and allign to the part that solves this smoothly easily happily”

      read this also..

  368. dear sir,
    Please suggest me a switch word to get married soon and to get a good job immediately please sir. i am in very critical situation please help me sir.

    • you can chant “VALLABHAM GAJANANAM EKADANTHAM:: as many time as possible
      write “SWEETCHESTNUT WALNUT HORNBEAM ” 50 times in a notebook.

  369. Hello everyone, im shocked as no one is answering the questions, please help as some cases are urgent for example chaitanya, please everyone help each other

  370. Mrs . Kapoor
    Thank you so much for requesting others to help me. I got reply from “m” . Thanks for your mercy. Please pray for my sake.
    This is my humble request.

  371. Dear m
    Thanks for your reply.

  372. Sir ,
    Where can I get the flower remedies to buy in Hyderabad.

  373. Sir ,
    I will surely attend to the work shop. In the meanwhile please let me know the quantity of the medicine to buy and take orally.
    Thank you

  374. Dear Sir,

    Can you please tell a remedy to get money to pay my bank loans . I’m expecting my own money from a person since 2010 but still I didn’t get it. Because of this I’m in a very critical situation with loads of loans and intrest to pay off. Please help.

  375. Dear Sir,

    I am well qualified and experienced lady, but still not getting any proper job from 6 months. Now i am financially also unstable. I need a well paid job immediately. please help

    • Dear Sir,

      I am looking for a job in Dubai and currently I am on Visit Visa and the visa will expire on 12th Jan 2014 and before that I have to get a job. I have attended interview but so far no positive response. Also as mentioned earlier financially I have lot of problems since I have no job since July 2013. Request to please help.

      • plz can u say me switch words for to become beautifull…..

        On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 9:15 PM, Switch Words wrote:

        > Devi commented: “Dear sir” >

      • Dear Sir,

        Request to please respond to my messages. Its a very crucial time for me and I have to get a job in these 10 days. Please respond. After going through the blogs i am chanting FIND DIVINE ORDER COUND NOW DONE & GORSE calling WOLF. Thanking you in advance, Regards

        • Dear Sir,

          Request you to kindly respond. I have few interview lined up and I want to know how to proceed and excel in the interview. Regards

          • Devi,
            On the date of interview, chant “WATER VIOLET, LARCH, GENTIAN, WILD ROSE
            and write on a piece of paper keep it in your pocket or purse on that day also

            • Thank you Sir, I will update the progress

              • Dear Sir,

                I attended the interviews and got through, but the salaries offered is very less and no benefits. At this stage I cannot take this type of job. I want to get the job in multinational company or a larger organization where there are good benefits and the salary what i am expecting. I have applied for few big companies here in Dubai, but I am not getting the interview calls. Please let me know which switch words to chant to get interview calls. Thanking you, Best Regards.

              • devi,
                Chant “REACH DIVINE CALL NOW DONE”
                REACH DIVINE CALL: seeking (Reaching) Divine’s Help for an interview call

                NOW, DONE: make it immediately happen without delay

                • Dear Sir,

                  I got some job reference and I went for interview. They are ok with my profile and offering a part time assignment. But they are taking time to decide on the same. My extended visa will end on 10th Feb 2013. Please tell me what to chant so that they will take decision immediately.


  376. God bless you m
    I have been reading and following this site for three months now and i see replies from u And r mohan, now even r mohan isnt replying so the only person who is keeping this help eachnother session going on is you, im sure this good deed of giving ur precious time to strangers helping them out wil bring u abundance and good karma which wil solve ur own life issues automatically, that is how divine works and im sure with all our wishes and blessings, u shal have a blissful life dear M

  377. And im just waiting for my laptop den i wil devote an hour myself for this cause. Right now with phone its difficult to search and find things on blog as its a touch fone and takes hours to do all this stuff but definitely il help once i have my laptop in a month, til den carry on the good work

  378. Naranji,All your sw/mantras are very helpful to solve day to day problems.

  379. Good evening,

    I am looking for a switch word that will help me separate myself from negative depressing people. Please help!

  380. Hello Naran.

    My husband’s immigration paperwork has been okayed, yet pending for some non-technical reasons for many years now. Can you kindly suggest a sequence of switchwords so that we can receive the immigration card in hand at the earliest?

    Thank you.

  381. Yashodha Pradeep

    Namaste sir, Im yashodha pradeep 26 year old and married. i have 2 year old child. my problem is am very very Lazy. I dont do work with intrest. whatever my husband says i dont do regularly. so he’s angry on me so we’r not happy. we have a financial problem. we pledge all the jewells.

  382. Sir i want mantra or switch words for the following problem..
    1.I want to clear my competitive exam with good score.
    2.I want to gain self confidence,as i doubted in myself because of lack of knowledge and poor english language and also unable to speak in public
    3.I want to loose my weight.
    4.I want to increase my height.

  383. Dear Naran Sir,

    A large sum of money is missing from our bank account due to hacking by a gang of cyber criminals. We have approached the official channels to trace the criminals and recover the amount. Kindly suggest us a remedy for smooth solving of this problem. Thank you.

    Pya R

  384. Naran Ji ,

    I attended an interview 15th Dec’2013, due to my personal commitments this job is the most needed for me and my family survival . Plsssss direct me the switch words to get the job offer and join the company who had interviewed me on-15th Dec’2013

    Still waiting for your reply

  385. Dear sir,
    To get job i chanted the following

    and I have received one call from consultant.
    This consultant has taken my first round of interview
    but as per the consultant I fumble while speaking which shows that I am not confident.
    the consultant also told me to improve and said I may get the 2nd round interview call after 31 dec 2013.

    At present I am chanting the following switchwords

    are this the right switchwords I am chanting?

    Please help me to get call for second round of interview and i get selected for this job
    also tell me switchwords which I can gain confidence will speaking
    Request your help at earliest as i have very less time.


  386. Sir im in great troubles, i need urgent help..
    I joined for my examination high school diploma for June, 2014, The service(department) inter academic of the examinations sent me a mail by telling me that my demand of registration(inscription) was cancelled, my application(candidacy) was cancelled because they had not received my supporting documents on time. I had sent them all the document on time ,before 6 december 2013 which was the final date. i even have the proof acknowledgement of receipt.. Im revising night and day, working very hard, please give me a mantra so that they accept my candidacy???

    • plz sir, it’s very reply to me

      • Sheetal,
        also chant “I release the part of me that has created this condition.
        I open and allign to part of me that makes Department to accept my Registration”

    • sheetal,
      Until Naran sir replies you.. do this..
      Say all these things to wolf..ask wolf to help you..everyday

      and while communitating with Department chant “rockwater water voilet,chestnut bud.,you can wtite it on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket or purse..

      and chant “MIMULUS GORSE” many times in a day..

  387. Hello Naran Ji – I have met with an accident two days ago and I’m really suffering from killing pain. Can you please give a mantra to get cure from this pain.

  388. m i did forgiving exercise for husband & MIL(not regular). Yesterday i asked inlaws & husband that i want to visit my parents,they started shouting on me & said no.This happens everytime,they never allow me to go to my parents. then they said u can go alone but my son will not go with me. This is injustice.Does marriage means that a girl loses all her rights?? Pls suggest some strong mantras/switch words so that my husband himself takes me to my parents & allow me to stay there with my son for few days.

    • v,
      continue forgiving exercise regularly..
      next time before talking to husband and MIL …first request wolf to talk behalf of you..
      I think you can give REIKI To this intention.

      “I relase the part of me that makes my MIL and husband ignore my requests.
      I open and allign to part that convince MIL and husband to allow me to go to parent’s place peacefully.”

      be in acceptance mudra. and chant VERVAIN.
      When one wants to convince others he will require vervain -flower remedy.

  389. m i will call wolf & do reiki & chant VERVAIN……u r right
    how many times i need to chant the releasing part

    • v,
      I chant first part (I release ) 5-10 mins…
      Then second part (I open and allign part )5-10 mins .

      If you wish you can do it(like this) many times a day…
      All the best..

  390. in my job, i want to show progress / results on what i am doing. sometime i feel blank and idle. my manager is keep on telling me that my progress is not well. how can i make them i am showing good progress. please help me regarding this.

  391. Mr Naran ji

    I feel heaviness / discomfort in my lungs, heart area, front/back solar plex chakkaras, arm pits around 10 to 20 minutes. that time i am restless and something tightening me . what i have to do when heaviness arrives. pls help me your suggestion

  392. hello sir, Happy new year 2014, may god always shower his blessing on you.
    Mom is Learning astrology, can u give a mantra so that she become more powerful and help people.

  393. dear naran ji

    i want to / should earn 5 lakhs rs per every month. pls suggest me the switch word/angle number/flower remedy. thanks in advance

  394. Sir, my daughter is in the 10th std and her preboards are starting on 21st of this month pls give a switch word for her to do well in her exams she is weak in Maths and science

  395. dear sir
    please give a switchword to re-instate in the previous job position since I’ve been transferred unexpectedly due to a conspiracy

  396. Right now am having financial problem with loan and around 9 lackhs amount need to am working in a software company and i put all my best effort to a work but no response for that . no one response for me .please suggest me get good job abroad or around india soon and change my life with peaceful. i need to get job in abroad and solve my financial problem. please suggest me any mantra to get good job and change my life and my family.Thanks in advance

  397. Dear sir

    I have got a chalazion (lump of the lid that is caused by obstruction of the drainage duct of an oil gland within the upper or lower eyelid.)
    on left upper eye lid and its been almost month.

    I chant CLEAR POINT DIVINE but still no difference.(Not regular)

    Could you please help as to what I have to chant so that my chalazion goes without operating it.

    Your help is appreciated.


  398. dear sir,
    i wanted to switch from my job in software to find other in software only. So i resigned from my job thinking i would easily switch to other company . but it dint happen so i was jobless . Also i am very confused and tensed and unable to decide as to which line in my profession i should pick(whether i should be analyst, tester or in database) . I want to decide my line of work and get job as soon as possible. Its been 6 months i am jobless and want to work and earn asap in good line and good company.

    thanks and regards

  399. sir.. please help me! my parents have fixed my marriage on 3rd Feb.. but I am already married and I love my husband a lot.. but my father has become so ruthless that he can do any harm to my hisband if he comes to know the truth! plz help me with divine words so that my husband can obtain the courage and capability to face the reality and we can be united together forever.. plz sir.. it’s urgent.. you are my last ray of hope!

  400. sir.. please help me! my parents have fixed my marriage on 3rd Feb.. but I am already married and I love my husband a lot.. but my father has become so ruthless that he can do any harm to my husband if he comes to know the truth! plz help me with divine words so that my husband can obtain the courage and capability to face the reality and we can be united together forever.. plz sir.. it’s urgent.. you are my last ray of hope!

  401. Namaste Naran ji,

    please help me to remove my gastric problem. i am suffering from my gastric and tighten my lungs, heart

    • risha,
      Chinese Mantra EEJOE is very good for gastritis, gas problem and stomach related diseases. After overeating, EEJOE is the mantra to be chanted.

      Chant the mantras RUM BUM LUM DHUM. Dhum gives comfort after eating. The food that was eaten has to be digested and we should be ready for the next meal isn’t it

  402. sir.. i urgently need your help.. my parents have fixed my marriage on 3rd Feb.. but i am already married and I love my husband a lot.. but he is totally helpless now. as my father is very powerful and he can be ruthless and do any kind of harm to him as my husband is from different religion.. sir.. plz bless me with divine words so that I can stop this illegal marriage and my husband obtains the courage and capability to face the truth and unite with me forever!! sir.. you r my last ray of hope! i tried to connect u in every way but failed ! plz plz plz help me before it is too late!!

    • chant”adjust together change divine order now” as many time as possible

      • Sir.. Thank you so much for your reply. But I got your message just now. within these days I chanted “GOD’S MESSENGER COMES AND PEACE IS GIVEN TO OUR TORN HUMAN HEARTS”.. But nothing has changed. My parents are busy to complete all the arrangements for my marriage and time is running so fast. As I have told you before, my husband is helpless before my father. So only God can save me. From today I will start chanting your suggested switch words. As time is too short, is there any miraculous emergency remedy so that I can stop this injustice? Sir, plz bless me.. Only divine blessings can save my love.. my marriage.. my life.. pranam..

  403. Sir,

    in bangalore where can i get the gem remedy emerald…pls can you tel me the details.

  404. Sir

    I am suffering with severe headache on the right side of my head. the pain starts from the jaw line and spreads to the temple, right ear and head. the pain increases everytime i open my mouth. All my tests are normal. Please help

    • nivedita
      try to do varun mudra
      Touch the tip of the little finger with the tip of the thumb. Do this in both hands.
      and chant whitechestnut,agrimony

      • M,
        my mudra therapy is different. little finger represents Earth and ring finger represents water. if the ring finger is placed at the base of the thumb, it activates fire because water is reduced.
        “The pain increases every time i open the mouth……” indicates the aggravation of vayu.
        nivethitha has to do regularly chin mudra

  405. I am a single mother to a teenager. Since last 6 years we have been through a lot. I want to buy a home of my own so that no one can kick me out of the house. But I don’t have any savings or money how can I manifest this..

  406. sir
    i am searching for my late husband s money which i have not been able to trace for 15 yrs now ..once again i am going to approach the highest authority of his company which is in saudia arabia ..please help me ..i am badly suffering with financial crunch ..not able to succeed in any of my endeavours …..thank you

  407. Halo sir,
    My husband is an LIC & mutual fund agent. Now a days he is struggling to get a single policy. we living with this agent commission only. please help us to obtain more policies from clients and to get more commission.

  408. Wishes Mr. Naran,
    I am starting up my own company. I want you to suggest me a name for it which will creat miracles and make it a skyrocket. As this is my last chance of proving myself, I want this one to be proven successful .
    Thanks in advance…

  409. sir
    i am searching for my late husband s money which i have not been able to trace for 15 yrs now ..once again i am going to approach the highest authority of his company which is in saudia arabia ..please help me ..i am badly suffering with financial crunch ..not able to succeed in any of my endeavours …..thank you

  410. Hi Naren sir
    I started loving a girl in my office . How to find out she is also loving me or not . I dont want express and spoil our.friendship . Any switch words to find out she is also in love we . I will be happy if she is my life partner . Please suggest me any switch word.

  411. hi naran ji,
    u have helped me a lot , thanks first ….is there any switch word to find my doppleganer.
    please let me know

  412. RAJA (Elanggovan.P)


    7 Jan

    Dear Mr. Balakumar, Good Morning,

    I thank you gracefully for the help you are giving to many people in despair. I wish you a long life and good health on your coming days.

    Mr. Balakumar, I too need your help to relieve my family of a single male Relative(A) who is residing in my home. He is sharing a room with my son who is 33.

    Although my Son(B) doesn’t complain, we can see that he needs privacy. He is single too and doesn’t want to get married because of his unsecured job, financial burdens etc.. He too doesn’t listen to me or my wife. He is also not in good term with the (A) guy who shares his room.

    Please help provide an appropriate switch words which ( I can chant ) to overcome these problems :-

    1) RELIEVE the relative(A) from my home as soon as possible.

    2) My son(B) to append all his misconception, get a permanent job and be responsible to the family.

    3) my son to get a suitable and compatible girl to his liking to get married soon.

    Hope to get your help Mr.Balakumar,

    Thank you in advance.

    7 Jan
    Dear Mr. Balakumar, Good Morning,
    I thank you gracefully for the help you are giving to many people in despair. I wish you a long life and good health on your coming days.

    Mr. Balakumar, I too need your help to relieve my family of a single male Relative(A) who is residing in my home. He is sharing a room with my son who is 33.

    Although my Son(B) doesn’t complain, we can see that he needs privacy. He is single too and doesn’t want to get married because of his unsecured job, financial burdens etc.. He too doesn’t listen to me or my wife. He is also not in good term with the (A) guy who shares his room.
    Please help provide an appropriate switch words which ( I can chant ) to overcome these problems :-

    1) RELIEVE the relative(A) from my home as soon as possible.

    2) My son(B) to append all his misconception, get a permanent job and be responsible to the family.

    3) my son to get a suitable and compatible girl to his liking to get married soon.

    Hope to get your help Mr.Balakumar,

    Thank you in advance.
    RAJA. Singapore.

  413. hello naran sir ,

    i love a guy very much , but lately there are confrontations , arguments, and fights between us . sometimes we dont have much to talk about. It seems he is getting distant from me. Please suggest me some switchwords so that i can revive my realtionship with him. I want us to be deeply connected at every level ,understand each other well and that we share everything and love each other immensely as before.
    i want him to love me as before , commit to me and be happily married to me .
    My relationship with with him is getting downfall these days . Please suggest some switchwords to revive that love, feeling and emotions in our relationship.

    Thank you

  414. actually there is a confusion… earlier the questions are answered by “naran” ji …but now the post questions are answered by “m”….

    please clear the confusion as to whether “m” is naran ji or someone else …

  415. m & Naranji are different

  416. hello naran sir ,

    i love a guy very much , but lately there are confrontations , arguments, and fights between us . sometimes we dont have much to talk about. It seems he is getting distant from me. Please suggest me some switchwords so that i can revive my realtionship with him. I want us to be deeply connected at every level ,understand each other well and that we share everything and love each other immensely as before.
    i want him to love me as before , commit to me and be happily married to me .
    My relationship with with him is getting downfall these days . Please suggest some switchwords to revive that love, feeling and emotions in our relationship.

    Thank you

  417. hi sir naran:
    I want to leave my abusive husband please give me the switchword that we will be separated peacefully.

  418. Sir our owner dismissed us because he is going to sell his apartment we shall have to leave our accommodation (housing) before September, 2014. My dream shattered, we were saving up to buy a house wanted to leave this apartment only after buying my dream house but destiny ,life has decided otherwise(differently) I know that we cannot buy now, it is impossible . Can u plz sir suggest a mantra so that we find a good apartment (rent) in our choice for not cheap at all so that we can save money to buy a house… I’m married and I have my brother who stays with me, I’d like to find an apartment which is not small enough for 3 people and in a good place. Plz sir help me,
    Thx a lot

    • sheetal,
      cerato mimulus find divine house

      • thanks alot sir, i meant to say ” find an apatment not expensive, beyond our budjet. sorry for the mistake.
        can i still chat cerato mimulus find divine house?
        thanks a lot

        • hello sir, i meant to say ” find a house not expensive at all because we have a very poor budjet..sorry for the mistake, can i still chant cerato mimulus find divine house ?
          Thanks for your reply

  419. Hi im in urgent situation, my mom wants to sell a plot but getting low price and v r getting buyer for another plot at gud price. v dont want to sell dat but if nothing happens and v can not get buyer for the plot v want to sell den no option but v have to sell the land which v dont want to sell. Its urgent as v need to pay intrest and morgage out of thr money v get from land deal, urgent help required please as v need to get it done within a week

  420. Paramjeet singh


    I want to switch job and even want to go abroad where i can settle myself along with family.Unfortunately not getting any opportunity to fulfill the wish .pls. help .Writing you with lot of hopes. Last 34 years lived for others now want to live for myself . Real meaning of life in which joy and satisfaction is presence.


  421. sir
    I need to find a rental house real some before Feb. 2014. what swithword do I use.
    Thank You

  422. sir,
    i love one person .but its one side love only intrest …i love deeplyy.i want mary him..Thats person parents are searching allaince for him.but i want that person.pls give solution for me.i hope u give remedies .
    thank you

  423. Sir, i am applying for UK and Schengen visa to go to europe and the UK in april this year. I am having problems with my requirements especially money for this trip. I also got this issue with my online appointment for UK. Please help. I want a successful and smooth visa application for both and have everything i need including funds for this trip. Thank you so much.

  424. I have been having problems finding jobs to my satisfaction. For 20 years the story is same.Now I want to do some business. Any switchwords to help my situation . I am in terrible debt

  425. Dear Naran,
    What is the switchword to grow taller? Thank you, sir, for all your help.
    Blessings to you and your family~*

  426. Namaskaram Sir
    My son is in 10th grade will be appearing his board exams in March 2014. He is working hard no doubts .Please suggest what i should chant from now on , even during his exams and after his exams. Thanks a tonne.

  427. Sir.. Thank you so much for your reply. But I got your message just now. within these days I chanted “GOD’S MESSENGER COMES AND PEACE IS GIVEN TO OUR TORN HUMAN HEARTS”.. But nothing has changed. My parents are busy to complete all the arrangements for my marriage and time is running so fast. As I have told you before, my husband is helpless before my father. So only God can save me. From today I will start chanting your suggested switch words. As time is too short, is there any miraculous emergency remedy so that I can stop this injustice? Sir, plz bless me.. Only divine blessings can save my love.. my marriage.. my life.. pranam..

  428. Thanks a lot

  429. respected sir, im a college student. im having many problems to be solved. im listing them below.
    1) i need to get more than 90% in my coming semesters.
    2) my father needs more money to pay my fees.
    3) i need t be more lucky in all aspects of my life.
    4) i need more memory power and understanding power t learn my subjects.

    plz give me effective switchwords sir.

    thanking you in advance.

  430. dear sir,
    i need your advice,my doughter got marrid last year videographer did movie he give to edit movie .from his home computer got stolan so she can’t finesed movie.
    can you please give me sw or anything so i can recover movie from tham or person stolan computer from her house return back to them.


  431. Hello Sir,

    I am a single parent, did a mistake by falling in love with a guy in 2007, right from that time, he has been torturing me mentally and physically, as he knew that I was separated from my husband from 2002, this person took advantage of it more by bullying me and showing love to me in the beginning, he even got married to someone else in 2011 and still is with me torturing and harassing me and my daughter too in all the possible ways and also makes me spend all my salaried money on him, I am trying my level best to come out of it or live happily but nothing is helping please help, everyday I am reaching at the deaths doorstep and returning back. I would have committed suicide, but then who would take care of my daughter. Please help me.

  432. pamela,
    refer to the above link, and do what is given there.
    In addition, write daily
    change be open confess limit divine 108 times

  433. sir
    i had written to you earlier , a month ago but since there was no reply , am writing again .
    my problems started 15 years ago with my husband s death in 1998 ..since then what ever venture i tried has not given me any good results inspite of putting in my best efforts .. now i am dependant on my daughter for everything husband s money is stuck somewhere ..i am hoping to receive some pension from his shipping company ..i wish to appeal to them again soon ..before that can you help me with some switch words to get this done successfully ? i need an income and a free life . also my health is not so great because of diabetis and thyroid .. i feel low and there is no motivation for anything ..thank you in advance

  434. I have
    Abundance cd, how many time I have to listen? Can I listen for 3, 4 times a day,
    Any switchword for before go to meditation. because I can’t concertaion to many unwanted thought put obstacle in meditation.


  435. Hi m

    Naran Sir’s main page is not working & im very upset & praying to wolf as im not able to search all blogs

    • v,
      experiencing same thing..
      I think you have seen this message for main page(NARAN ONLINE)
      “An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.”

      Hope it will resolved soon…

  436. yes m my day is incomplete without surfing this site & problem is that all the categories are shown in main page so it becomes easy also to search from there. Now i dont remember all categories.

  437. v,
    Don’t worry..I think it will resolved soon…….

  438. thanks m,
    i ask for abundance cd too ,,how many time i have to listen.i liten three to four time a day.


    • vijay,
      one time is enough,I think so..even If you want to listen more,…that’s fine…do it for atleast 3-4 months..

  439. Naranji,
    I have sort help from you some months back to get a job and it had fetched me a job, that I could not even imagine. I’m now the head of an educational institution. I’m very happy and satisfied and my subordinates are very happy under me. Your words and mantras came to me as a magic. I’m so thankful to you.
    I have an issue that came up. My husband is working abroad in an educational institution as Professor. He took leave from his government service to join the present post. The real issue is he will have to join service this March as he is turning 56 to get retired from service. But we want to continue here. Also if we don’t return back he will miss his pension which he is eligible for. We don’t want to miss that at all. We have a daughter who is doing class 9 in an international school, she will find it difficult to study in India after a long years of education in this country. She has learned only English and Arabic and no other language is being taught here other than these two. So please help with a magic word or switch word that would help us continue here without effecting the pension and my daughters studies. I have asked my husband to write to you. I hope he has done that. Please help me as you have done before. I pray my problem is solved with this.
    Also one more very serious issue, my husband gets depression attack at times and he is now depressed due to all these issues. He needs to calm his mind and get strong at heart. I want help to give me some mantras which will make him strong and get away from depression. Our house is being built and now after paying an amount of around 40lakhs, the house is not yet complete. That was supposed to be completed by the coming March.
    We want it to get done and made ready without any issues by the said time. Please also help me with a mantra to solve these issues. I hope you understand what we are going through at this time. I know the mantras or the switch words that you would tell will help me come out of all my issues without any problem. I look forward for your reply. I’m in very bad need of your help.
    I don’t want to loose my present job. I hold it so close to my heart. If we need to go back I’ll miss all that. Please help!

  440. Hello Naran sir, I have been chanting release resistance 369 for the past two months for a promotion at work, is there any other switch words I should chant. holds true for my husband as well. Thanks

    • Daily in the morning and night thank all the events and persons in your life.
      chant “OAk LARCH”
      write release resistance 369″ keep it in your purse

  441. Sir,

    Thank you very much for answering my problems asked on 28th January, 2014. I have made a note of what i need to do will start doing from today onwards and I did find a lot of change from that person after I had placed my question to you, as I was not hurt after that, I felt your blessings over me. I will come to meet you personally when all my financial problems will get solved. You have always guided me and answered all my questions, you are an angel on earth solving each ones problems.

  442. i want to discontinue from the college in which i’m studying now and get back to my mother which i want to be welcomed by everyone especially the person who recommended me for studying in this college…pls sir reply me

  443. Naranji, I’m waiting to hearing from you…please help me.

  444. Dear Sir,

    Please give me a switch word for my son who is suffering from skin problem. Thank you.

  445. Thank you Naran sir, will start reciting Oak Larch
    write release resistance 369″ keep it in your purse – is there a minimum number of times I should write this

  446. Naran sir, any switch words I can chant for my son to gain admission into a competitive school. He is in the border line right now. thank you.

  447. sir im waiting for ur reply

  448. Sir , I’m teaching some boys who can’t talk.They have been diagnosed as speech delay. Is there remedy that I can chant for them

  449. Dear sir,

    My parents are rather jaded and unhappy with their lives. And frequently they take out their frustrations on us. They don’t let us out much (even if they do, they will be very sullen and brusque for the next few days), and they tend to dislike the people whom we spend time with because they feel it is taking our time away from them. We still make time for them and in many ways try to make them happy. But it never seems enough for them. They also have problems with each other and when they fight, it tears us apart to watch it. What are we to do? We feel trapped.

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