How to use Switch Words

Intention healing using switch words

Like in Reiki, you can do INTENTION HEALING using Switch Words. Make an intention within yourself (stating your goal and desires) and chant the Switch Words.

Healing Others

To heal others put their name in a piece of paper, keep it on the left hand and chant the Switch Words. Preferably chant during the beginning of the day and then later before going to sleep.

How long and how many times we need to chant?


How many times one should chant a combination to make it effective?


Till you get what you want. Or you can stop when you come out of the present (state of mind)

Instructions for chanting switch words

Just repeat the switch word, for example, ‘DIVINE ORDER’ any number of times, whenever possible. Repeating the switch word is chanting.

Writing the combination in a notebook


You can write (in multiples of) 21 times/day in a notebook for (multiples of) 21 days.

Hearing recorded switch words


I have recorded switch words of my own voice and stored it in my mobile memory. I hear the recorded switch word with my earphone. Can it work in sleep or half-sleep state?


Yes. It will (in both the states).

Combining switch words with other healing methods

For fever one patient was prescribed CRAB APPLE CHANGE DIVINE ORDER. Crab apple is a Bach Flower remedy, while Change and Divine Order are switch words. Both Bach flower remedy and Switch words can be combined during chanting.

Energizing water with Switch words

Is it possible to chant them and sprinkle the water or to drink the water? Yes you can. Chant them and sprinkle the water or drink the water.

Water will absorb Switch Words energies better. Chant a Switch Words 100 times while holding a glass of water and give the water to children as they won’t chant. The Japam you are doing is of no use if there is no water or earth – in the form of Vibhuddi or Kumkum, while chanting. All Switch Words work with water. Anything spoken to water will be absorbed by it. Do chanting of the Switch Words either for 108 times or chant them for duration of 5 to 10 minutes. No specific time is required.

Label the water bottle with the Switch Words. The water will absorb the energy of it. In addition to that, do chanting as well.

Using circle technique

  1. Write the name of the person(s) or the situation to be healed in a piece of paper.
  2. Draw a circle around the name/situation.
  3. Draw one more concentric circle.
  4. In between each gap between circles, write one switch word.
  5. Keep the paper with you.
  6. See it in the morning and evening

When do I add Release Resistance to Switch Words


For how long should one chant before we put RELEASE RESISTANCE to the Switch Words? Can RELEASE RESISTANCE only be put before one Switch Word or could it be put in front of a Switch Word combination?

How do you recommend the chanting loud or silent?


RELEASE RESISTANCE is also a switch word. If one is unable to get the desired result with the use of switch words, then release resistance is to be added before the string of switch words.

Silent chanting is enough.

Finding harmony with a person, you are in conflict with

How to use this for harmony? With this one technique that follows, we can do for all other problems.

‘A’ and I are quarrelling. Visualize A is on the left hand and yourself on the right hand. Chant the switch words CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE, for a minimum 100 to 200 times. Bring the right hand closer to left hand slowly. Finally both hands should meet (which should not happen until you finish chanting). Immediately harmony will be established between you too.

When the hands come closer to each other, and if you find it difficult to merge both the hands, at that time chant CENTRE many times and finally it will merge.

Finding harmony among two individuals

Let us say ‘A’ and ‘B’ are quarrelling. Keep A on the left and B on the right hand. Chant CONCEDE CLEAR FIND DIVINE LOVE WITH many times, bring the hands closer to each other and finally join them both.

Solving physical problems

For physical problems – (visualize) keep the problem and name of the person on the left hand, and chant CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE CANCEL DIVINE BE NOW DONE. BE is for physical health.

Problem-Solution Approach

For other problems – (visualize) keep the problem on the left hand, and chant CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE. Problem will be solved, for the good of everybody concerned.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    the second-last para ‘solving physical problems’ ;
    can i use this combination for self-healing.?


  2. i am in love with a guy..want to marry him.. how should i chant this switch words..should i use my lovers name please.tell me the right method…”bow concede clear center find divine life partner now”

  3. bow concede clear center find divine ………….(name)life partner now”

    • the person with whom i am in love got engaged to someone else…how can i get him back…is there any mantra to stop his marriage and get married to me………is this chant enuf….bow concede clear center find divine ………….(name)life partner now”…help me….to get my love….

  4. wana congratulate you,you re doing a great job here!:)
    I ve a problem and need urgent help,the love of my life is angry with me and wants to break up because he is very upset with an act of mine and after my apology and insistence,he says that he needs 4-5 days time to think about it and to see if things can work.I am talking to him this friday and I want him to come back to me.I ve a set of questions.I am presently using a switch phrase ‘my name’-‘his name’-520-listen-between-cozy-magnanimity-continue-tiny-sweet-act-with-mirrored reflection.Is this good enough for my situation?can you advice any better switch string or technique which can work for my situation considering the time I have?will the harmony between two individuals technique work for me and will provide instant result?I am chanting the above switch phrase almost all the time I can.pls reply asap.gratitude and love to you!!

  5. Apoorva

    2. You have to do the forgiving exercise to reduce his anger:
    “I Apoorva forgive you ……(Name of your love). You please forgive me”.
    Say this daily for 100 times.

    Then chant the swich words.

  6. Why won’t switch words work for me??I’ve been using them for months now,but nothing happens 😦 I need financial help and also trying to help my son….but nothing. Very disappointed

  7. Elfie Elms,
    to get financialhelp try these flowers as switch words:
    SWEETCHESTNUT to openup to Divine grace.
    GORSE(To have faith in human beings and human systems)
    WATERVIOLET ( to have a giver/helper)
    WILLOW(not to blame) PINE( to get help one should be deserving; or one should think that he deserves to be helped)

  8. Dear Sir,
    If I want to buy a 2 or 3 BHK flat and I am not finding necessary money and to get that money whether following chant can be done:


    or any other chant including batch flower remedy ?

    Thanking you in anticipation


  9. A srinivas

  10. I suffer from depressive psychosis and schizophrenia. I would like to know what flower essences/switchword combinations to chant to help self-heal these conditions. i use vibrational medicine frequently. please help me. jtj

  11. Tim Johnson
    Vibrational remedies fare not for the name of the disorder. Come out with your state of mind .list out your frequent emotions frequent thoughts that go in the mind.
    Then i will suggest.

    • Mr. Naran,
      Thank you for your kind reply. I hope the following will help:
      –Quest for Wholeness:

      “Self-hatred; Unhappiness; Pessimism; Sexual Guilt (gay); Emotional & Sexual Abuse; Hopelessness; Vacant Expression In My Eyes–Not Fully Present In My Body.”

      To summarize, perhaps most importantly:

      “I do not feel at home in my body on Planet Earth.”

      I hope this info will help you develop the best SwitchPair or SwitchPhrase for my holistic wellbeing. I thank you.

      Tim Johnson

      • Mr. Naran,

        One more piece of info I wanted to share, since I have been researching the Bach Flower Essences. After much thought and prayer, I selected the following three (3) remedies, which might possibly (?) be incorporated into my SwitchPhrase:

        –WILD OAT
        –WILD ROSE and

        I’m interested to know your thoughts on these flower essences, and to discover the SwitchPhrase you have formulated for me.
        With much appreciation and gratitude,

        Tim Johnson

      • Tim johnson,

  12. Sir,
    My spouse has narcissism personality disorder due to which he is making our life miserable.Can I heal him by chanting switch words?If so can you recommend me apt words to heal him ?Please tell me the procedure too.I will forever be grateful to you.

  13. Priya,
    he has to be given remedies. mail me at

    • Dear Naran, What are some remedies for this? A key person in my family is suffering due to a narcissistic husband. Her character has been assassinated by him it is so painful to watch. She is unable to leave but he is destroying her life.

  14. Hello Naran Sir,
    My lover has left me and gone away from me to a distant country.I can’t live without him.I want to marry him ASAP as we both are over 30..Please suggest me a combination of effective SW so that he comes back to me and marry me.

  15. shivani,
    forget him chant CHICORY WALNUT

  16. Respected Naran Sir,
    I am 31 years old n still unmarried.Please suggest me a combination of SW or any other remedy so that I get a match of my choice and get married ASAP.

  17. Shivani,
    chant VALLABHAM GAJAANANAM YEKADHANTHAM as many times as possible

  18. respected sir,
    Its been 7 years of my love marriage and things are not going well. My husband doesn’t show any interest in this relation. He stays in some other country and I am staying in India…
    I want to regain his love , affection and care and want a happy married life…help me

  19. rikta,
    take the flower remedy mustard daily three pills three times a day for one month

  20. Hello sir,i don’t know weather its a prblm or nt bt i want its a bengali girl and we hv an ritual called bhaifota where brothers and sisters exchange gifts,its like Raksha my family all my bros r rich and give us expensive gifts bt me and my sis r nt that much my brothers loves us a lot.stil plz can u refer any Sw which i cn chant for both me and my sis so that whatever we gift them they like them by heart without seeing its moneytary value.APARNA ROY.

  21. .Hello sir,i don’t know weather its a prblm or nt bt i want its a bengali girl and we hv an ritual called bhaifota where brothers and sisters exchange gifts,its like Raksha my family all my bros r rich and give us expensive gifts bt me and my sis r nt that much my brothers loves us a lot.stil plz can u refer any Sw which i cn chant for both me and my sis so that whatever we gift them they like them by heart without seeing its moneytary value.APARNA ROY.

  22. aparna,
    chant CHICORY(i give from the heart) HEATHER(please accept it) MIMULUS (overcome shyness and give)
    Best of divine love

  23. Dear Sir Namastey,

    My brother is working. Around April This year, he told my mom that he wishes to marry a girl of his choice, and she took aback with his decision. Because she always kept telling us from childhood, that we shld not go against our community line and have to marry as per their wish. and We too agreed and kept their word.

    After a lot of discussion and crys and whining, my mom atlast agreed to go as per his wish, to keep him happy. When they approached an astrologer, he said the girl is morally not good & this guy has been trapped, & is that he is the 3rd one in line in the girl’s life. And also that she is an occult practisioner.
    But They still went to sm other astrologers, only to get the same answer from them too.

    My mother tried to explain him, but he is reluctant to listen. He started blaming my parents especiallly my mother, that since she doesnt like intercaste marriage right from the begining, shes try to create propaganda against that girl. We havent yet seen the girl, but… day by day his behaviour is worsening, and hence we understood that the girl must be smthing wrong, otherwise y would a guy spoil his behaviour and career in the name of love, where he must be happy and try to improve his career for a better life.

    Today, he doesnt spend time at home at all, or even care to talk to anybody at home. He justs goes to office come home and sleep, stopped eating totally at home.

    Sir, Since Im not yet married yet, he says to my mother that its ur foolishness and inablity that u kept her unwedded at home in the name of caste. Check if shes not roaming with any guy, try to find out and throw her out. he doubts my every movement, and says because of her Im struggling without marriage. Always shouting and yelling at us, as if he forgot to speak politely with others.

    My parents had always been so loving and caring about us. Always gave watever we wanted. took care of our well being, even in times of worst , be it financial or health related.

    When my bro was diagonosed with rhuematism, with less chances in childhood, they got him treated with Ayurveda medicine. They forgone all the food items restricted for his diet along witth him, we gave up eating almost 15 + items from our diet. and did wat not. Whenever he got tensed in collgee for ragging and his seniors tantrums in office, he would call mother from there saying that listening her words will pacify him and keep his cool.
    I had seen my parents wake up all nite beside his bed in hospital and at home in times of treatment.

    Such was his behaviour and today he is blaming all the three of us that we are not good people, and spoiling his life. All we did was to say no to that girl. he says my parents have spoiled his life and didnt give him anything. But still we kept cool that smday he’ll know the truth, but instead… Day by day that girl teaches him wat not and this fellow comes home and questions them about their earnings, savings and prooperty related questions and complain thers nothing that u gave me. She keeps ringing phone 24/7 messaging and pesters him to marry asap( since i had overheard their conversation), she keeps pressing him on finances. Doesnt allow him to be with us for a single hour. This year we didnt celebrate any occasion or festival birthday like before we did, because she tells him not spend time at home and calls him her home. He got ready to move away from home and marry her, where even her parents are spprting this relationship.

    My mom says had the girl been a good one, we would’ve agreeed, but now we cant see him spoil his life with her.

    Tensions are increasing and my parnts are shrinking in health. Im worried so many ways. I do not know wat to ask for. What to pray for.

    If only he could realise the truth about tht girl and keep himself safe, that would be his rebirth and blessing to all of us. Please help in this matter, ur help is not jus for him but my entire family. Kindly suggest switchwords & remedy or anything u suggest to do. Shall Ever be grateful to you sir, Thank u. Thanku

    • srika,
      chant together divine.
      You have to buy flower remedies from the centre and put it in the common water. for at least 2 months.

  24. Sir please dont mind with my lengthy msg, desperate that I am, only wanted to describe the atmosphere at home as clear as possible.

  25. i m love with a guy want to marry him but he got engagd to someone else. How can i get him back. Sir plz give me any switch word or mantra so i can get him back…

  26. anji,
    dont try to get him back

  27. sir give me any switch word to get my ex bf..there is no contact last 2 mnths..i want him back in my life…give me any sws so he can contact me
    Thank u

  28. Dear Naran sir,
    I am single and I need someone in life. Recently my gf broke up wid me for no fault of mine. Pls suggest a sw to get a geniune life partner. I nd ur help.

  29. help me with some switch words for the good physical condition of my wife and daughter as both were suffering from frequent cold and cough

  30. I have a plan to renovate my home next year and built a marriage hall with in five years. Actually i have no idea of how to raise funds for both the projects. Kindly help me in finding a source to fund all these projects

  31. RK

  32. Are these Switch Words effective for those that English is not their mother tongue language?

  33. joe,
    effective for every one

  34. sir my love is anger with me without any fault of mine…he don’t talk me..he said he is not intrsted in me….sir plz tell which sw i chant so he ready to talk me and forgive me….i can’t live without him…i need your help sir please

  35. I have spinal muscular atrophy, my spine, right elbow, both knees r not straight. hv teeth, gum, gray hair, acidity, skin burn problem and many bad memories too. please heal me up……

  36. Namaste Sir,
    Me and my husband are in great financial crisis all of a sudden and we need huge money(in lakhs) in coming months to repay the loans. I dont like borrowing it from our relatives. Please advice if there is any remedy to overcome or to get money to meet the situation.

  37. From last two days I am chanting and writing down Together Mustard Find Count Divine Now ON. Will this help me? Or should I chant something else? Sir, Please help

  38. Naran, can I have switchwords to get my ex bf back? Thanks 🙂

  39. sir plz reply,..

  40. Sir I have booked Railway ticket 60 days advannce, but I had waitlisted ticket, which is constant and waiting not reduced. Is there any Animal Spirt or Switch Word so that our seats are confirmed.
    Thanking you.

    • a srinivas ,
      call wolf ..ask him to help you..

      • a srinivas
        chant “Chant “CRYSTAL CLEAR GORSE WOLF HELP NOW DONE” as many times as possible

        • Dear Sir,
          Thanks a lot. I have already chanting while working in my office now.
          I am worried because this is my return ticket with my family members from Tirupati to Mumbai.

          • Dear sir,
            Really I am sorry to say that chanting of :Chant “CRYSTAL CLEAR GORSE WOLF HELP NOW DONE” didnt help at all.
            My train tickets booked on 13-9-13 for journey on 13-11-2013 remained in wainting list only.
            I have suffered a lot with my family, as I have to reach Mumbai on 14-11-13. The travel fellow also cheated me and we have to go to Bangalore from Tirupaty and from Bangalore to Mumbai thus shelling heavey amount.
            What went wrong,
            Kindly explain me.
            Thank you
            A Srinivas

            • For a cheat I know the word is chestnut bud.

              Also Naran has said over and over again you have to accept what happens first in order to see a change. Being adamant does not work and in fact can block healing of a situation. I would say Sorry, Love, Forgive, Thank you. To let go.

              • If I chant Chestnut Bud, whether we will get the amount recoverable from cheater.
                Kindly explain me.
                Also for the last 10 days before journey date I have chanted as per instructions of Sri Naran Sir.
                I would like to get the explanation or solution from Naran Sir please,

  41. hi, i recently met someone and I ended up really liking him but he says there’s something came up in his life that’s making him think too much…not sure what type of problems he’s dealing with but i’m not sure if this is the end… any chant for finding the truth as to what is going on with the situation? I would like to keep seeing him but not sure where he stands…any advise? thanks in advance.

  42. hello sir,
    plz suggest some SW remedy for my brother that I can do for him.
    he is going to marry soon in march, he is not settled yet. he might loose his job soon. his mind never stabilizes at one point when it comes to making his career. he provides no financial help at home. he is indebted with 1.5lakhs of amount for no essential reason. he is very aggressive by nature. he don’t think rationally. my parents are very much upset about his career, health and his future after them. he listens to no one at home. ma pa alwz try to show him right path. but he never understands. instead he back abuses them.

    plz tell me sir how can I help my parents to get them back their obedient and sincere son.
    plz suggest some remedy for him that I can do.

    I am studying at central university at Punjab and my family is away from me at Delhi.

  43. hello sir,
    plz suggest some SW remedy for my brother that I can do for him.
    he is going to marry soon in march, he is not settled yet. he might loose his job soon. his mind never stabilizes at one point when it comes to making his career. he provides no financial help at home. he is indebted with 1.5lakhs of amount for no essential reason or need ( and my parents don’t know his this misdeed). he is very aggressive by nature. he don’t think rationally. my parents are very much upset about his career, health and his future after them. he listens to no one at home. ma pa alwz try to show him right path. but he never understands. instead he back abuses them or me.

    plz tell me sir how can I help my parents to get them back their obedient and sincere son.
    plz suggest some remedy for him that I can do.

    I am studying at central university at Punjab and my family lives at Delhi.

  44. plz reply sir,
    I really need ur guidance.

  45. hello sir,
    I have started reading ur blogs from last week. these are helping me a lot. but sir I really need ur guidance for the wellness of my family. sir we r financially average. but because of my brother’s bad habits of drinking and useless expenditures we r loosing our savings. whatever he earns don’t save at all instead spends all on himself, or on paying his debts that he loaned for unnecessary reasons. he never listens or understands to my parents. he has got into bad company they misguide him a lot. my parents are always worried for him. we are lacking peace in our daily life. my mother has become a B.P. patients and my father is already a diabetic and asthmatic patient. they want a steady future for him. but he never understands this. he fulfills none of his responsibility sir. he lies to them, misbehaves with both of them. soon he is going to get married and at this moment he himself is ruining his career. he always runs away from problems nvr face them and fight back.
    plz sir plz help me.
    plz give some SW remedy or something that I can do on his behalf, coz I know he won’t listen me. and I want him to become a responsible, obedient and sincere son. Earlier by nature he used to b a good person sir. he did a lot for our grandparents just like my parents. even he love us too. but now he has become worse. I can see no solution sir. plz enlighten my family’s future sir. plz help naran sir.
    waiting with lots of expectations.

  46. I have no words sir to express my gratitude for u.
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart sir. you devoted ur most precious time for understanding and giving solution for my family’s problem. thanks a ton sir, thanks a lot. I will definitely do it & revert back to u soon sir. thanks again.

  47. Hi Sir… me and my boyfriend love eachother and intended to get married this oct . His family is against the marriage because I m elder to him by 6 years. They are now making it very difficult to marry. My boyfriend has been pressurised to wait for their response. My already 34 years. Please help

  48. Hi Sir, I am 32yrs old and I want to get married to a guy. His parents liked me a lot and have happily agreed for marriage. My mother has also agreed but we are not yet able to talk to my father about him because it is an intercaste marriage, may be because of his reaction that we might get. Please help me with a remedy so that my father agrees soon and I get married to this guy i love.

    • smileA,
      . write 58 in a notebook fifty eight times
      chant walnut rockwater together divine

      • something Strange happened this afternoon..i wrote 58 in a notebook fifty eight times.. and slept chanting the above…got a weird dream which was almost like real…almost grasped for breath . Dream was – i was sleeping in my room and all of sudden a felt some warm air coming from my roommates room which is just opposite to my room..i felt like i have been sleeping whole day and it was 11:11 at night and No one was still at house, and seems like my roommate has left geyser on..As i went to close the geyser in her room, i heard a voice as if someone is talking from inside..I thought let me call somefriend of mine or let me call my roommate for help..but my phone isn’t working and the voice said are you trying to call..i got scared and i closed my room i came inside as it was very dark i felt my room’s windows are also open..suddenly a black crow came inside and i hushed it outside …i was trying to recite hanuman chalisa and was forgeting the verses but still i was just trying and trying…finally I came out of my dream..It was so much real that I cried after coming out of it…I dont know what this dream meant..was it trying to convey something..or was it just a made of my mind…pls suggest..

  49. sir I’m facing a crucial stage in my career. I will have to go back in March 2014 to India and rejoin my service to get my pension. I have only one more year to get retired. I’m from Kerala. Pension age is 56 out there now. If there is a possibility to increase the age to 60 by February 2014 then there will be no problem. I child has been learning in an international school where there is no languages taught other than English and Arabic. She will finish her 9th this year and will seek admission to class 10 in India. That too is worrying me a lot. So keeping all these issues I want to stay back at least for 3 years. Please help me with a switch word that would help me solve the issues. I’m mentally depressed due to all these pressures and I feel very weak at times. Please take this seriously and help me.

  50. Hello sir, I’m struggling with my finances n relationship in my life finding house n office for myself, nothing is working completely feel like there is so much of external force which pushes me back lots of anger n powerless feelings at times confused at times finances matters a is relationship n family kindly guide me for same

  51. i am a kidney creatine level is 7…give me guidence abt switch word

  52. i am a kidney patient ,my creatine level is 7…please guide me,how to cure through switch word..

  53. I want a job offer of dubai to materialise before Monday 1st Dec, 14 in my favor. Pls help me with the switch words.
    Jiten Thakker.

  54. Naran Sir,

    I saw your blogs regarding switch word recently. I took a switch word to get a good job for my husband ‘ crystal gorse wolf reach help divine job count now done’ last week. on repeated chanting my husband got a job before 2 days. I thank you very much for your help to the peoples.


  55. Hi, sir how are you this is sangeetha sir i need a help from you regarding salary increase every thing was fine but hr dept keept my file pending sir plsssssss give me a switch words to increase my salary

  56. sir pls give me switch word help me sir

  57. Hi Sir,

    Currently im staying in a rented house and we have a plan to buy a same house, has we stayed more than 40 yrs in the same house.but i dont have enough amount to buy or im not getting help from any body towards finance.Currently my owner is demanding to settle the full amount (purchase)or to vacate the house.IM IN A HELP LESS situation. Please sir suggest me a switch words to buy the home as the earliest.


  58. Hi, sir how are you this is sangeetha sir i need a help from you regarding salary increase every thing was fine but hr dept keept my file pending sir plsssssss give me a switch words to increase my salary

  59. Dear Naran, please give me a switch word for a good job and how many times to chant it. Thanks Nita Patel

  60. My cousin is looking for a job, please give me a switch word for her.Thanks Nirali Desai

  61. Me and my boyfriend we were in a relationship for the last four years, but suddenly his behaviour is very changed with me..please help me to get him back as he was before. Pls help me.

  62. I am 52 yrs old,male,If I want to cure my diabetes,which switchword I want to cant?

    • I am 52 yrs old,male,If I want to completely cure my diabetes,and eye related problems,which switchword I want to chant?

  63. Hi mr narain,

    Can u pls tell me the switch words for loosing weight.. And also to have a healthy clear young skin.. Thanku .. God bless u

  64. how do i cure ocd with switchwords?

  65. Chanchal Chaturvedi

    Dear Sir,
    I have started my own venture, along with my 2 more partners. During the last 1 & half months both the other partners have left me with no reasons. Now, I am in mid way n confusing state of mind, whether I should continue this business or not. I am running out of money, cause I have some fund still pending with my last employer. Kindly suggest me the SW for smooth running of my business & recovery of my dues with my last employer. Kindly also suggest me the method to use it.
    I’ll be very thankful to you.
    Chanchal Chaturvedi

  66. sachin prasad

    respected balakumarji,

    i am in serious debt amounting to a couple of crores for the last 5 years i have been struggling a lot. kindly suggest me a strong set of switch words for huge amount of money generation or attraction

  67. Can i chant on behalf of my close relatives? What should I chant for my cousin who is too tensed and worried about getting a student visa to UK?

  68. P Madhusudhan

    dear balakumarji,

    Can you please suggest switchwords to heal my brother’s son of possible Schizoprenia as doctor has said the problem he has could culminate into that! Pranams Madhusudhan


    I have been experiencing severe financial crunch for the past three years. My deals are not getting fructified despite sincere and human effort. I am into real estate business, surprisingly not even a single small deal could through since two years. Debts have mounted up and there is a very urgency to clear them. Please suggest effective remedy. Regards.


  70. Sir,

    I wrote to you about my mother who had gone thru Gamma Knife Surgery and later she had little memory problem. I had asked for some SW for her healing. I did not get any reply. By going thru your blogs and articles, I picked SW “CONCED CLEAR CENTRE CANCEL DIVINE BE NOW DONE”. I chanted this for my mother. I also chanted “RESTORE REVIVE LIGHT MEMORY”. This really helped me and mother is perfectly alright now. Thank you very much.
    But please let me know was I on a right track or did any mistake by picking up SW randomly.

  71. Sir,
    I am working for a company on a temporary basis (Oct 2012). I was told I will be absorbed by the company in 6 months. But this dint happened till date. Please give me some SW to get this job permanent. Also give me a switchword for debt free life.

  72. Pranam Naranji,

    I have been divorced from 2 years and have custody of kids, however i and my ex are yet in the same apartment as the order was kind of bribed by my ex. I want to cut all chords and karmic dues with him, wishing him well and to move on in our own lives. I feel stuck and trapped. I want to be physically permanently and legally free of him as his carefree and dysfunctional behaviour is now affecting the kids and me.
    Please suggest i am in court from 9 years and my domestic violence case is yet on…from 2007.
    All i want is that we are physically and permanently is separate houses. he is stuck on us like a parasite. I really want him and myself to be free as i feel how much ever good positive workshops and affirmations and other space cleansing i do there is always a lot of anamosity between us and negativity in the house i dont my kids to grow up in this atmosphere. Plus it my daughters 9th std next year.

  73. hlo sir m ramandeep n m reiki healer of usui reiki level 2 m in relationship with a guy his name is sagar n we want to marry with each other .. how can i heal my relationshp what is my switch words

  74. Sir my so aged 25 years anc currently working in the states. Has not been able to find a romantic partner for several years. He is dejected and lost confidence kindly tell what switch words he should use

  75. I have a house that I need to sell quickly for a good price what switch words should I use to help get sold quickly for best price

  76. Hi
    I like thus guy a lot , we are like best friends .
    But I have started loving him . he likes me too but he thinks his mum won’t let him marry the girl of his choice and hence does not want go be in a relation. I have not told him how I feel because of this reason

    Can you give me some chant with which things can workout .


  77. Dear Guruji

    Namaste. I am divorced for 7 years. My ex is very difficult when i ask him for things for my daughter. He divorced me underhandedly and gave me nothing. I would like to for him to give us a vehicle to take my child to school etc.What switch word may i use. Please advise. Thank u Guruji

  78. hi
    i am working with my dad in his business.there are few clients who are not paying us from long time so our big amount of money is blocked plz give me switch words so the blocked money gets unblockrf

  79. I am 32yrs of age and not yet married. We are looking for an alliance for me and get many proposals and all good. We always have many options but none culminate to marriage. Help with the right switch words and energy circle.

  80. Hi. Recently only I came to know about switch words.can u pls help me .hw to use these words . My husband has depressing since 8yrs he is not ready to stop his tablets.iwant him to cum out of it and give his time in business nd family.pls advice.thanku.

  81. Dear Sir,

    I had a late marriage at the age of 38 in year 2010 and now 44 ad my wife 42 yrs old. After marriage my mother used to have quarrel and hate my wife for no reasons. Me and wife left parents house and staying on rent. While leaving we were cursed of not having baby etc. and till now my wife not able to conceive.

    Also my mother don’t like my wife till now.

    Could you please help me with Switchword or mantras chant that will help my mother wife relationship gets smoother and we stay together and also for child birth.


  82. how to get rid of scars and spots of skin and get a clear skin using switch word?please help


    I started a relationship with a guy over the internet that was so passionate for one month and i planned to see him however, he had doubts that am with other guy and he dumped me. he refused to answer my calls although i pleaded and i swore to him i really know nobody!!!! he hasn’t blocked me but threatened to do so if i kept contacting him, i want him back please we were about to see each other and i felt he was my soul mate! any EFFECTIVE AND FAST switch words sir?

    • Hi Rafaa,
      Naran seems to be going thru something wrong himself. He hasn’t replied to any requests since sept,2013.
      Donno why angels become unreachable when in emergencies. But Rafaa I wanted to share my knowledge with you.I know a few men who act very nice as long as the nice girl doesn’t get too seemingly irrevocably attached and then treat them as shits. You guys haven’t even started a relationship and someone behaving like this should be left , distanced and completely avoided so as to keep our self-worth intact. There is nothing wrong in the relationship except that the man has an abnormal psychie to develop feeling of respect and being wanted and disrespect people who respect him despite being undeserving.
      Anyways I def.wish you get what u want so that u r eventually rightly happy.

      • thanks lovely Rachana for your reply ❤

        i wanted to talk to him coz i believe there is a misunderstanding happened between us. he is a good man and i knew him but he had some issues from the past and he doesnt trust anybody anymore so i understand what he is going through. i want him to come back again we need to talk… any words to assure that?

        • try looking from answers above like : Let us say ‘A’ and ‘B’ are quarrelling. Keep A on the left and B on the right hand. Chant CONCEDE CLEAR FIND DIVINE LOVE WITH many times, bring the hands closer to each other and finally join them both.
          others from the net. Search on google for switch words and enery circles else use the above that was shared by Naran earlier. All the best .. if you get your guy .. I’ll regain my lost faith too 🙂

          • So you tried that and didnt work?

            • hahaha .. no no .. I havn’t tried switch words yet. I am also waiting for Naran to share a few switch words with me. I generally said , I wish you all the best so that you get this man as your man for life because I have given up the suggestion to run after any single man who doesn’t treat you well in return as I belief selfish men have it in their trait and one can’t change it.

  84. And if switch words help you , I’ll regain my lost faith that people can change for better. 🙂 … all the very best. I really wish you the best .. umm … my heartfelt wishes for others generally don’t go unheard ever.

  85. dear sir I want someone in my life like a life partner.
    I m married but our relationship not good .

  86. Dear Sir ,

    Kindly Help me. A friend Mr. NALLIAN ows a favor and big Money but tell excuses in settling the payment. It is almost 3 years.

    I owe the Bank money which I have to settle. The bank is coming to my office to hares me. I Need Help. What is the Switch Word that suits my position.

    Thank You.

    Batumalai .


  87. Kirti Katariya


    My parents always treated me as a burden. After completing graduation I shifted to other city for job. There one boy cheated on me recently, i was so disturbed that i left my job and returned home where my parents still dont like me.

    I feel all alone and not have any direction to move ahead in life. Can u help me in any manner.


    • Hey Kirti,
      I decided to reply you because I felt by the time Naran replies , it’ll be too late for you to handle the isolation at home and feeling of unworthiness and helplessness because of a cheating partner/friend/fiance. All I can say is don’t worry about the cheat. He is gone. Forget it. World is so big and it has so so many people. You’ll def.find someone else. And as far as isolation at home is concerned and loss of job. I can assure you please don’t look back and brood. Just apply , pick up a new job and move ahead. Don’t analyse the situation, just work single minded to move forward. 1 man and 1 job is not the complete world at all. And isolation from parents when children don’t behave as per their expectations is common. So don’t at all single yourself out. Be confident and focussed to get another job and move on fast in life. All the best. Take care. And don’t worry at all. My best wishes are with you. And always remember parents are irreplaceable no matter how cold they r towards us.
      🙂 .. n I mean it. So ignore them and focus om urself.

  88. i want to solve three-four problems. can i chant respectively three to four switch words in a day?

  89. my question is same as Shivam- can we say two or three switch words at same time?

  90. Can we use switch words for health and money at the same time

  91. Sir,

    The is nore compatibility between my mom and husband. i am always in a fix and i end up disappointment 1 of them, can you help me with a switch word so that their relationship gets stronger and our life is easy.
    Secondly, i find it difficult to convince my husband and mom in law please help me with some switch word by which they are convinced happily as i dont want to hurt their feelings.


  92. Hello Sir ,
    I have been trying to go abroad for very long time but nothing worked out ,I failed always . Please help with a switch word which can help me .
    Waiting for your reply .

  93. Dear sir, I am in love with a boy who lives in a different country and knows I like him. He thinks I am too young for him (he’s six years older) and while I know he likes me too, he has refused to make a move since we are distant in both age and location. He is also not in touch with me as he finds it too sad to talk to people who are far away, but I miss him terribly and want him in my life, even if just as a friend. Please suggest some words that will help me bring him into my life again. Thank you.

  94. Hello Naran,

    Can you provide me switch words for the following issue in my family:
    My father (he is no more now) and my mother they have always helped (Financially and emotionally) to all our relatives, but whenever we need their support they always create problems for us. They never come for any of our functions and always try to create obstacles in any of our functions. They always make us feel lonely whenever we meet at any occasion (Specially they do this my mother). Because of this my mother feels insecure and scared that now for my brother’s wedding the relatives will do the same.

    I really want harmony within my family (as we never need any financial support from them, we only need them to be with us as a family) and that my brother’s wedding should happen with peace, happiness and that everyone should attend it without creating any issues.

    Thank you

  95. plz suggest switchword for a cancer patient …who developed abcess after radiotherapy


  97. Hi Narain,

    I have two deprecate questions.
    1) I am expecting and in 29th week. I have been informed I will be having pre term birth. Can you help with Switch words to avoid it or atleast delay by another 4 weeks with out any further hospitalisation. So that baby doesn’t suffer at all.

    2) We want to migrate to Australia or Canada, Husband , Baby & I as soon as possible with in a year or two.. Can you help with switch words which can help us achieve this dream and proper business and work there respectively.

  98. Dear Narain, I want to improve and keep my parents in good health and harmony, Please suggest me SW ASAP pl. Vijay

  99. Dear sir,

    Last saturday my brand new cycle was stolen in uk railway station . cctv cameras were installed and police are investigating ..need switch word and bach flower remedy to get it back as soon as possible

    Thanks in advance ,

  100. Sir,
    Good Evening !

    I am in Business of exports and have been without work as my only two clients are doing very badly too , and may close shop .
    I have no other source of income and a family to support .
    Neither do i have the expertise or resources to get new clients for old or new products .
    All looks like a closed road to me now.
    Absolutely clue less what to do and have already borrowed lot of money from friends and acquaintances to just float .
    Just keep thinking thinking and worry .
    I met an astrologer and she directed to chant switch words and that is how came across Your site for the first time .
    At present what i am doing is 3 sets of different Switch words combination picked from Your site and chant them 100 times each every morning ..

    I don’t know if that is correct or not .
    I picked the switch words from the above page and tried to fit them in to my situations .

    URGENTLY look forward to Your Valuable advise and direction .
    sunny d

  101. Indravadan Vyas

    Hello Naran Sir, Namste! My daughter want to clear license examination for Physiotherapist in Canada.she did not pass in two attempts. Now only one last trial is remain. Kindly let me know remedy for this. Thanks!.

  102. What about switch words for kids who are mildly autistic or have some problems with speech like iinteractive sociall conversation or improve conversation skills. talk and interact one on one without going into a tangent. also how to avoid repeated same talk Echolalia

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