Why Switch Words are Effective

There are different meanings for words in Greek and Latin

Most of the English words were derived from Greek and Latin. So while using switch words, whatever meaning is there in Greek and Latin is taken. Therefore we have to ask, for example, “The word – Divine Order – where it is coming from?” 

However there is a common meaning for the word in different languages

Greek and Latin are the common origin for other European languages also. A word is used in French, and when the same word is used in different communities, by different people or in different countries, all of them will have a common meaning. That we have to find out – how French use this word, how German uses this word, and so on. We will find more common trends then.

Identify the common trend and thus the meaning and purpose behind a switch word

How do these common trends work? These words have been used for many centuries by lakhs and lakhs of people. Once they use them, they go into our sub-conscious minds.

How do these common trends work? These words have been used for many centuries by lakhs and lakhs of people. Once they use it, it goes into our sub-consciousness minds.

How the switch words could influence our subconscious mind so much?

Sometimes we need not go into finding the spelling of the word. For example, “FIND” – we are able to write it, isn’t it? The first time when we wrote it, like when we were studying first or second standard, it was very difficult in writing the spelling of FIND. Now we write the word very easily. That means that word has gone deeper into the mind.

Like that, when the words go into the minds of millions of people, some words gain more importance. Those types of words are switch words.

In this world there is only one subconscious mind

It is a command word for subconscious mind. At the subconscious mind level there is no individuality. There is only one full of mind and that is the subconscious mind. So there is no difference between you and him. The switch words are a command for you and for the other person also.

Our conscious mind obeys like a dog

You need not visualize anything while chanting switch words. These words do not require visualization. It will go inside and bring all the meanings of the words. It goes and activates the sub-conscious mind as they are command words.

Our conscious mind is like a dog. We love dogs because they listen to us and do whatever we say. If we are angry it still keeps coming to us and it understands our mood. So we love dogs. However, we do not like humans. 

The conscious mind is like a dog. Subconscious mind is the master. The conscious mind does not do anything about this switch word because it is only a dog. Only the subconscious mind is activated by chanting, which then gives direction to the conscious mind.

We don’t have a Free Will

All of us think that we have a free will. But there is no free will. Your directions from the subconscious mind are making you work. We all have the illusion that we have a free will. At a lower level of the mind there is always conflict. By chanting TOGETHER you will get higher perceptions (of life).

Find a New Switch Word

In addition, can we find out new switch words? Yes, we can. There is one switch word which will help you to find more switch words. I will tell you in person – that is off the record 🙂

From the book, “Switch Words, the English Mantras – Volume II” by Naran S Balakumar. To order for the book, please click the link: http://naranhealingproducts.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/faq-on-buying-naran%e2%80%99s-products/

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Very good post.

  2. Dear Sir,

    My son is studying in hostel and should do well in his studies to join a professional course next year, Please suggest me an energy circle with switch phrases or angel numbers (or any other remedy) which i can do for him at home for his good health, concentration & success.

  3. 398.

  4. hello i could use some switch words, if anyone could help me please?

  5. Amanda
    A blog will be published on how to use some switch words or all the switch words soon.

  6. Hi,

    I read in your other post that 520 produce miracles. Can I write 520 on paper for finding jobs and helping in bringing me money to pay for rent and bills? I am dealing with a financial situation. I was wondering if I can use 520 count as the switchwords. Please advise.


  7. when you are desperate and dont know the source, chant 520 find count divine, as many times as possible.

  8. SIR, what is the diffrence between 520 and 48 in combo with find count divine?

  9. Anna
    when you are desperate only and dont know the source, 520 will work. Otherwise this will not work.

  10. Hi,

    What happens if I only chant 520 count divine? Will it still work? Do you have a list of switcheords for numbers such as 520?


  11. 11.tigereyz,
    try and tell me the result. you have not stated here the problem. Do not “just like that” ask any question.

  12. Hi,
    I am still dealing with financial situation. Do I have to chant 520 count find divine? Or can I just chant 520 count divine and still get the same result?

  13. tigereyz
    why so much of confusion and doubt? chant any way you like

  14. Respected Sir. My wife is a Cancer Patient since last 5yrs. She has undertaken flower therapy before going for treatment. Now, disease persists, but no Symptoms. Could you please suggest me ‘switch words for her? I am thankful to you. She is 61yrs old.

    Thanks and regards to you, sir.
    Babu Kamath.L

    • babu kamath,
      chant THIRUNEELAKANTAM over a cup of water and give her daily

      • Thank you, very much, sir.

        Should her take the water after chanting say about 54 times? Or is there any other procedure she has to follow?

        Extremely thankful, if you could kindly let me know.

        Thanking you once again
        With best regards
        Babu Kamath.L

  15. Still waiting for the blog.

  16. dear sir,
    you have eriler said that one can chant silently. But is it to chant even if I just think the sw in my head, as I do anything else? Often I am working wiht pople and can´t chant because i work with customor care and thelephones. But I chant it in my head, without moving my lips. Can this work as well?

  17. Babu Kamath

    Yes she has to take that water

  18. Anna

    Ok you can try

  19. Sir what is slow CAre Poster can you please send me to my email address with attachment.Thanks

  20. Hi,

    I came across this website, searching for SW for monye.I have spent the whole weekend reading most of the post, but I decided to try to write anyway.

    Many have asked abot SW for money and this is also a matter of mine. Can I use SW you have told someone else and use it for my own?

    I have some rahter big depts I would like too pay off. I don´t have the money to do so. Well, I meen, I do pay of them every month, but I would like to get rid of them now, not only having money to pay of by each month. Can you suggest a SW to help me? Can I use SW with the specific sum I need. is it easier to use SW with a small sum rahter then i big one?

    Hope you find the time to answer my questions and I wish you a plesant day


  21. Please mr Naran, can you reply on my post nr 24?


  22. Mr. Naran, what words I can use for back pains and body pains please. Thanks and all the best!!!


    • Mr. Naran, please is the above reply for me? Be in chin mudra?? Thanks for your response. Regards and all the best!! Luciana

  24. happy sunday naran,

    i would like to help one of my neighbour in his business .

    what would the right switchwords so as she could attract more clients for order his home pastry.

    thank you and good health

  25. Yes Luciana Marins

  26. i started real estate almost a year ago, but could not get any client and ofcourse money also.and now i dont even like to go to office. staying home and having financial problems. always unexpected expences and worries comes up. also pain in tail bone and cant sleep without pills. list goes on.
    i need your big help to get rid off these problems.please suggest me something to get rid off these long time problems………thanks.

  27. Hi, Need help with a sw that could help. Some issue concerning my mom, me and my sister regarding Christmas have made my mother upset and she is blaming me for things happening and she is so disapponted at me, she said. This have made me sad and I would like things going better without have to face her with this matter. Can I chant sw to make her kind and loving again? And make her change her mind in this matter? Without having to discuss it with her? Pleas, pleas help!/ Filippa

  28. chant WILLOW PINE

  29. Dear Sir,
    I like domestic animals; I like and have pets,
    If its ok, can I get any Switch word or technique which I can chant for their safety. Most animals in roadside get killed by accidents and also some people hurt them. I feel bad that I am not able to do anything for those beings as they are helpless.

    Thank you, Sir, as always,


  30. you can do for them.
    Pray, “Violet flame give umbrella protection to ……” (fill up for whom you are praying for)

  31. What SW can I use to make my ex bf come back to me?

  32. lovely

  33. What switch words should I say to bring abundant prosperity in my life and to win at gambling?

  34. I desperately need a transaction to be successful by 31 Mar 2012 and receive money. Need to get success for my efforts and have job security. Need to shine. Please tell me how.

  35. I want to chant for someone so they can find a job they like. What words can I use? Thank you!

  36. hellokiki
    tHinking about the person chant WALNUT CLEMATIS FIND DIVINE JOB COUNT NOW as many times as possible.

  37. Thank you so much!!

  38. I am now looking for job …attending interviews …can you please help me with the switch words

    Thanks in advance

    • What are some switch words for winning at the casino and attracting money?

      • Ida Snowden
        i dont suggest to win at the casino

      • ida snowden,
        wat naran ji is telling is right. As far as my limited knowledge goes, in gambling, a lot of people loose their money and very few win it. The negative energy of loosers is not good for anyone. As per the law of nature, we get what we sow. Hence, take up some good work / business and pray for good wishes using switchwords or any other method. It is not good to expect money without hard work. Do some work and expect the best. All the best for your endeavors. God bless you.

    • kiki,

  39. I live in nice, quiet, place that I like. I am healthy, financially safe. I have a partner who is my best friend… But I feel unsettled, unsatisfied. I feel my life is passing by. I don’t feel inspired to do anything. I used to travel and I have been creative, but for years now I am not doing anything. I feel so STUCK.Please could you suggest some switch words or a mantra?
    Thank you very much.

  40. Bc,
    chant mustard hornbeam wildrose AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE

  41. Stephen Selvaraj

    Greetings guru ji,
    I am s.stephen , i am into travels business , i take lot of steps to promote and increase my revenue but i dont succeed please suggest me SW to promote business and make profit .
    please suggest the needful.

  42. Dear guruji,

    My husband is jobless n he has debt to clear. Can u help me on what switch word to use to get a good job and get rid of debts.

    Thank you n god bless u.

  43. Dear guruji,

    I have some credit card debts to clear. Cau u give me d SW to get clear of d credit cards n attract more money.

    Thank you n god bless u.

  44. Dear guruji,
    I have lost a government job in 2009.I and my family are regretting about that.kindly suggest me strong switch words so that I should get back that job within 15 days with higher designation.I want a miracle to happen and the same organisation should call me and give my job back.

  45. Parviin Grewal


    Really needed your help, having been having issues at home and life for past three years. I lost everything, husband, child house and came back to live with my parents. Nothing is going well. My parents and I have a horrible relationship. A lot fighting. Money comes and goes. Barely making anything. Would like my life back, a house, children, partner. Just turned 40. Is there some suggestions you could make for me? Thanks.

  46. Hi Sir,

    My father is suffering from Neurological disorder since past 30 years. No doctor knows the remedy. He Has lot of problem in walking and cannot run at all.

    Can you please suggest a switch word…

  47. Hi,
    My name is Anjum.
    I need you help to get right switch words. I dropped you a mail on may 26 this year.
    I am ready to avail the service. Please tell me how should i get in touch with you to solve my problems.

  48. Naran SIR,

    Have emailed you abt my issue. So posting my problem is short. My husband has been into an extra martial affair and that lady’s influence is so much on him that he is not listening to anyone from his family. He was not this way before. He is staying with her now. No divorce has happened from that lady’s side not from my side. Can you please help in lessening her influence on him so he returns home and starts thinking positively abt me and my child.

    Please help.


  49. respected sir, THANKS universe to give a wonderful guide from you. i come across the power of switchwords. but i have doubt on that SIR.
    1.How to find the right switchwords to fulfil the desire?
    (for start business for regular income because i want to take care my old-age parents and my 3 years child, my husband working in outstation he came monthly once. on that day also v have lot of misunderstanding This suffer both my parents and child

    please help me sir i want clear guide from you sir. Thanks in advance

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