Switch to Self-Care

Study CARE

CARE means to be careful. CARE will make the person study well, and observe well.

SLOW CARE is the switch word for children. You can make a big poster of SLOW CARE and paste it in the children’s room. Then he will study well. By this both concentration and memory will improve. CARE – will improve memory and SLOW – will improve concentration.

HOLD on to Good Behavior

For hyper active child, chant HOLD CONCEDE.  HOLD means restrict, and CONCEDE means surrender.

For children who do not listen to the parents, CONCEDE … (name of the child). HOLD also means going/moving in the right direction, orderliness in addition to restriction. So for such children, who do not listen to their parents, chant the name of child and say CONCEDE HOLD. If you want you can also add DIVINE to that combination (CONCEDE HOLD DIVINE).


To make a person moral, CONCEDE HOLD DIVINE CORAL. CORAL (gem stone) means moral. CORAL can be used as a switch word, meaning moral. If we use this word CORAL, the person will become 100% moral. No doubt about it. Even after doing this if that person does not become moral, let him not change. So, leave him alone.


Even for bad habits this is very good and for addiction too. I told you restriction is the keyword for HOLD. It will also restrict any addiction. How many words we can add to this CONCEDE? Like CLEAR, HOLD, DIVINE (CONCEDE CLEAR HOLD DIVINE) and so on.


What is the other usage of this switch word in our lives? When you are ignored for promotion, or when you are denied promotion – chant TOGETHER CARE DIVINE.


Some children will not get sufficient marks in the exams and so we go for revaluation. CARE DIVINE will be of useful in such life situations.

Mantra for Good Speech

Chant the mantra, OM VACHASPATHAYE NAMAHA, which will activate the Throat Chakra. Vachaspathaye means Guru. “I prostrate to the lord of speech” is the meaning of this mantra.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi Naran Sir

    My child is three and half years old. She often cries for no reason. She is very stubborn and cries continously as though we did somethin g really bad with her. Even making her eat is a big deal. She sort of becomes very cranky. We listen to your mantra healing cd every day. Inspite of that, and when we go out to others house, she refuses to talk to them. But when happy, she is the best..she enjoys each and every action that takes place. I just want to know what to chant when she is so hyper active or cranky and crying and making me get irritated. Its so tough to manage her that time.

    • Respected naran sir,I want my children to talk perfect language whatever language they speak..can i chant om vachaspathaye namaha…for them

  2. rajalekshmi
    yes you can do. Om vachaspathaye namaha is the mantra for guru

  3. Naran Sir

    Am waiting for your reply.

  4. Namashkar Naranji,

    My Son Shrey Kapur who will now be promoted to 10th standard, studying in bluebells school delhi. He wants to become an engineer and further go into the technology world for his career.

    Please give me switchwords for his success and any more remedies that r possible.

    Thanks and regards,

  5. Nisha Kapur

  6. Thank you so much. Please give me some words for peace of Mind for the family


  7. Dear Sir

    I need switchword for my father , he is 72 years old , he use to be a very happy person off late he has started getting extreamly upset with everything and always remains irriated with everyone and ends up fighting with people for no reason. this is impacting the family life and his own health.

    Please suggest some switchwords/ batch flower medicines so that he becomes peaceful and happy and stops getting angry and is healthy

  8. Geetanjali

  9. Dear Sir Naranji what does it mean by ……(.Write the name of the bride, draw a circle over it, and write the word Crow around it. She will invite the right partner.)around it means outside circle or around name of bride …inside circle….?
    kindly reply

  10. Sir,

    My fatherinlaw creates too many problems in the house. He stops eating food and throws tantrums for no reason. His name is Raj Kumar Kapur and He is above 80 years old. please give me some upaye so that he lives with us peacefully and happily.


  11. Nisha

  12. i have got exams shortly. lot of syllabus to cover. not able to concentrate & sit to study.plz advice word so that i m able to study hard & clear the exam

  13. kamal,
    write 398 in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow.
    chant 662 SLOW CARE 50 times over a glass of water and drink this water two times a day.

  14. Too good sir. I really appreciate. These words are like magic. They r really working.

  15. I googled for some other thoughts and reached here! Once again, it is divine guiding.Thank you. Naran Sir for all your blessings and healing.

  16. hi naran sir , i am a post graduate software engineering finished 5 years ago still i am not having permananent job settled now a days i am searching a job and also my house under block magic how can remove block magic.i applied the foreign job but i didn’t get good result .please suggest a remedy sir.

  17. Hello Dear, are you really visiting this website regularly, if so after that you will
    without doubt take good experience.

  18. Gd eve Sir..pl help me to get healed. I have acute cervical – S4/5/6 totally compressed which is giving me severe pain all the time n rendering my arms n fingers numb. Lower spine L 4/5 are affected with degenerative changes and osteophyte deposition in that area as well. So my legs are getting affected too with numbess n cramps. And all this leads to severe headaches mostly in the middle of the night. My movements in kitchen and otherwise are getting restricted with. I am taking some Ayurvedic medicine nowadays after trying out allopathy n homeopathy. All this has brought down my confidence as I have been labeled as Alwez Sick by my husband.! Many tx Sir..

  19. Sir, I am a mother of eleven year old boy. His behaviour with his grandparents is not good. He uses abusive language and sometime hurt them also. He does not listen yo us. If we try to understand him, he starts crying and say that he does not want to live. He is a single child. He is good in studies but i think he is losing his interest in studies also. Please please help

  20. Sir ive been gaining weight since last 2-3months .. I have been overweight all my life but I was 14 kgs less few months ago . My all hormones are imbalanced . I was this big in the year 2009 after being on very heavy dose of steroids given to me due to a attack of multiple sclerosis ! Please help

  21. How do I chant the exam related Switchwords if my son is studying overseas.

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