Be Level-headed

Read the blog, “Inside disturbance = Outside disturbance”

Whatever is happening outside, you should not bring it inside

You should observe your mind as a third person. How to do that?

Let us say, you are going to meet a person for an important matter.

Let us assume that the scheduled meeting is at 4.30 pm.

What will you do between 3.30 and 4.30 pm?

Whatever you want to discuss in the meeting, will get repeated in your mind –“I should do this; I should not say that” and so on.

However, at the meeting you will be simply become blank if you are not prepared for the meeting.

Interestingly, whether you get yourself prepared or not prepared, the result will be the same.

At 5.30 pm you will come out of the meeting.

After coming out, you will be thinking about the meeting that took place between 4.30 t0 5.30 p.m. You don’t do this too.

The principle is, whatever is outside do not bring it inside and whatever is inside do not take it outside.

What do you mean by “Whatever is inside do not take it outside”?

Whatever you have inside you have no control. If any two persons are quarrelling, we also get angry.

You observe simply whatever is happening outside. After a few seconds it will go off (from the mind).

When you are angry, you are holding on to that anger and that is why it is staying with you. We must learn how to observe that too.

Instead of observing if we react then it becomes our karma

Everything is the drama of the mind.

We have understood everything wrongly. There is nothing called as external factors.

We have to go inside our mind. With your own mind you are entering into the others’ territory.

We have to try to do these. For that the switch words TOGETHER DIVINE will work.

You will become level-headed

When you keep on chanting TOGETHER DIVINE, you will be balanced and level-headed.

Then only the mind will be under our control.

Why the mind is not in control?

One part of the mind wants to be in harmony and other part of the mind wants to be in conflict.

If you go to a movie we want everything in that movie like love, comedy, action etc.

Whatever you except in the movie you except the same in life also. But unfortunately when we want comedy we get tragedy, when we want harmony we will get violence and so on.

We have to change it. We have to change our present life completely in the opposite direction. That alone will do us good.

Now, start chanting TOGETHER DIVINE for 10 minutes.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. The above concept is clear. But then what to do, how to behave in any situation? The mind becomes numb if the above is followed.

  2. vijayalskshmi

    very correctly said sir. even in the books on switch words it is written by you sir that we should not bring the external factors inside .I f we practice what you have said certainly we can become level headed. thank you sir.

  3. N.S. Venkhataraman

    Respected Naran ji,

    I urgently require Rs.3 lakh to restart my share business.
    Please advise me Sir.



  4. N.S. Venkhataraman

  5. Pls give me a remedy for my irregular menstrual cycles.the interval gets too much prolonged between two cycles

    • cool star
      release all your postponing tendencies in all aspects of life.
      Find out which work is kept pending.complete that.
      Thank uterus and thank your mother for begetting you as a female.
      Take scelranthus walnut bach flower remedies.

  6. Naran Sir
    Please guide me with chanting mantra so that one of our relative can stay away from our home and our life.He has already played so much negative for us that we had to struggle a lot but know I donot want him again in our home.he is planning to come to our house.
    We have given a chance again and again but his intention were never and are not even today good for us.
    Even I fear that something tragic can also happen.please ——
    Jigna Patel

  7. naran sir

    please do not reply my query as now i want to have faith on forgiveness and leaving all to god.otherwise i will be same like his character.may be it was my immediate reaction to situation.

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