Found My Lord Ganesh


I missed my Ganesha pendant. It must be in the same floor.

I’m chanting “CERATO, ROCK WATER, CHESTNUT BUD”. If someone found it I want them to return.

Are there any other switch words which I should chant?




I found the Ganesha Pendant after 2 months.


CERATO: searching for the pedant

ROCK WATER and CHESTNUT BUD: a combination used, either to find if your object is lost or somebody has taken it.

REACH: to know where it is misplaced

NOW: find it now

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Respected Naranji please solve my problem. I have placed Gods temple in SW side of living room. Is it ok. I have many Gods photo frames. I learnt God Kuldevi should be kept in NE. I do have glass bracket in NE corner Naranji can i place only Kuldevi in NE along wtih the Gods whom i bath with milk and water daily and other Gods photoes in SW is it OK please reply I am under great confusion please or all God in SW i.e. back of God in SW.

    Thank you very much Naranji awaiting for your reply.


    Mrs. Joshi

  2. It was a miracle to find my lost Ganesha pendant after 2 months. Lost it in the corridor. I searched for almost 2-3 days. Cudnt find. Continued my chanting. The lift is in front of the flat door. Cudnt find it even there. There are almost hundreds of people moving in the corridor. Cleaner mops the floor daily. Even he didnt find. All nationalities people stay here, so i wasnt expecting them to return as it is just a gold for them. Going on the gold price now i never expected someone to return it. i lost hope. Thought it will serve someone else needs. After 2 months one of my neighbour said that a sudani neighbour found the pendant. when i asked the person, he acknowledged sayin that he found it near the lift when he was taking his wife for delivery a month back. I was very happy to get it back. May be Ganesha wanted to bless the lady n baby. God bless them for returning the pendant and Naran sir for the timely help with the mantra.

  3. Namaste Naranji

    Please can you assist me with switchwords for lump sum of cash in a short period of time. Thank you.

    Help Seeker

  4. dear sir , I have brought your mp3 for releasing resistance . I am listening to it daily at night before sleeping as well as just playing it when the kids are around. Please let me know if I have to chant anything along with it . I am terribly insecure about my job though there are no major issues and I have been chanting gentian larch together divine for some time now .

    • rani,
      when you feel insecured, chant mimulus. buy release fear mp3.

      • Thank you very much Sir . I am now listening to release your fear. I feel a sense of calmness. Now I am more at peace. I keep listening to the mp3 even when I am at work .

          • Dear sir

            I can most certainly say that I have been benifited by listening to the CD for releasing fears. Now everyday morning I don’t go the office expecting the worst. Bt I am more positive as well as calm.
            Sir now I want to improve my relation with my family. I don’t know why but most of the time I am irritated especialy when my husband or mother try to start a conversation. I feel bad later and appologise but now this circle of bursting out and appologizing is increasing. Request you to please let me know if there is an MP3 i can listen to and any switchword that i can say .

            Ran i

  5. Naran I probably found this because I have been REACH – ing for 2 days and I am panicking : I earned some money working hard on a gig on Saturday ..the money was out in a big white envelope which I put in my bag. The next day as I looked it was gone …:( I don’t know how, nor who but I really needed this money and parts of it was for someone else. Reach is obviously not enough so what can I chant to find it. I’m also looking for a flat and now exactly where but I keep missing opportunities or find some that are more expensive than the average… I am now time bound and have only 3 days left to find one …now I am panicking so would love your soothing advice…


  6. lyly
    together be divine offer

  7. I have been chanting all morning as well as affirming how thankfully I am that my perfect flat is delivered. I was waiting on confirmation for a flat that fits more or less and just got confirmation that it was taken by someone else. I got a call about another tower but it’s too expensive…

    So now I don’t even have any prospects anymore. Am I doing something wrong or is this the storm before the rainbow? I now have 2 days left!

  8. lyly
    gorse clouds elate together find count divine now

  9. Thank you Naran,

    After chanting the entire day I found I feel a lot calmer and received some extra money so I will be able to cover some expenses that I had banked on the envelope money. I have come to peace with the fact that somebody probably took it.

    I haven’t found an appartment but now that I am calmer, should I go back to the original together be divine offer you gave me or continue with the gorse clouds elate together find count divine now?

    Thank you very much… I will probably owe you a lot to keeping my sanity while all this is panning out.


  10. lyly
    to find apartment

  11. Thank you Naran,

    I have definitely been give more options since I started chanting though it’s still too expensive ( with unusual fees involved) or not what I’m looking for. Should I just keep chanting ?

    Thank you 🙂

  12. LYLY

  13. Hello Naranji,

    I am in UK for one project. I want finish this project & go back to India as I am getting married in October.But This project is getting delayed. Kindly suggest switchword so that I can finish this project successfuly & within Time. And my manager relieve me asap.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Thank you Naran, I found a flat 🙂 4 days before having to move out ! I’m signing tomorrow. The only thing is they want me to pay a lot of money to move in so I have been reciting find divine order count now done to help me gather enough and in time.

    Thank you very much, I know you helped tremendously with blessed patience.

    Thank you.

  15. Dear naranji,


    I have been always been benefited by your blog.I got a job because of ” Ambikka ” mantra and writing 398 btwn the circle a month before.But now am facing problem in my new job because of a senior girl in my office.As she is closer to the managers ,she is telling all bad things about me and last week i had a meeting with my managers, in which they said me to be away from the girls group but in a positive way. Whatever i do in my project she updates it to my managers even if it is not related to her.Please advise me how to avoid her and regain my managers faith in me as they like that girl very much and whatever she says thy jst believe. Plz help me i have got this job after a lot of struggle.


  16. sh

  17. Naran I’m always nervous anxious and depressed and always confused. Please help

  18. please naran sir tell me about my governt job. How should i get govt job

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