Fixing imbalances in our lives

Then, what is a balanced state of life?

It is a state of mind where each part of life is equally distributed. So to balance your work and family, as well as to balance your physical health and spiritual life, we need the switch word TOGETHER. To be stable in any situation TOGETHER is the word.

TOGETHER is sufficient for us

TOGETHER is one word that is sufficient for us, because we do not have a balanced life. So chant this word for 10 minutes and tell me what you find. You can chant like a mad person. Every switch word goes deep into the subconscious mind. Chanting for 10 minutes is nothing. You have to go on chant like a mad person.

Getting insights about imbalanced life

Think of situations where all you have imbalance and chant TOGETHER. By chanting this, you are bringing every part of the mind together. Some people will not have good relationship, some will have money problem, some will have physical problem, and this word brings all parts of the mind together. By chanting this word, thinking of our life situations, we will get some insights and we will come to know where we are committing mistakes.

If you add DIVINE with TOGETHER you will have better insights. Whenever you want harmony chant, “TOGETHER DIVINE”

Our conscious mind obeys like a dog

You need not visualize anything. These words do not require visualization. It will go inside and bring all the meanings of TOGETHER. It goes and activates the sub-conscious mind as TOGETHER is a command word.

Our conscious mind is like a dog. We love dogs because they listen to us and do whatever we say. If we are angry it still keeps coming to us and it understands our mood. So we love dogs. However, we do not like humans.

So the conscious mind is like a dog. Subconscious mind is the master. The conscious mind does not do anything about this switch word because it is only a dog. Only the subconscious mind is activated by chanting, which then gives direction to the conscious mind.

We don’t have a Free Will

All of us think that we have a free will. But there is no free will. Your directions from the subconscious mind are making you work. We all have the illusion that we have a free will. At a lower level of the mind there is always conflict. By chanting TOGETHER you will get higher perceptions (of life).

Conflicts are at a Lower Level of Mind

Many people will come and ask me, “I have Baba photo in my house. In addition, I have a Mother photo and Raghavendra photo too. If I garland one photo and leave the other, will the other god will be angry with me?”

All the conflicts are at the lower level only. In an ego state (of mind), all conflicts will be there. In Divine state, there is no conflict. We alone have separated that this is Mother, this is Baba, etc. But in divine state all are divine beings and all are spiritual beings.

An important switch word in our life

So keep chanting TOGETHER DIVINE. It is a very important switch word for our life. You can even do tapping, while chanting TOGETHER DIVINE.

How to find out where we are imbalanced in life?

You can chant by closing the eyes or keeping eyes wide open. But if you close the eyes and chant, we will come to know where we are imbalanced. You need not analyze anything. After chanting TOGETHER DIVINE something will happen and you will automatically carry it out.

Checking out for happiness within

Do not try to find any change in the opposite person. In my mind, am I happy? That is sufficient. Am I in harmony with my own environment? Am I in harmony with my son and other people around me?

Let others be as they are. However, I have to give love to others. That’s all. We are always concentrating on receiving. Even if, our receiving is zero, it does not mean that we should not give.

When you are focused on getting, then you will not get it–this is a life lesson.

This means that there is imbalance in receiving and giving. It is very clear that receiving is not in balance with giving. In other words you are supposed to give more. Conscious mind knows it but does not understand it. There is a lot of difference between knowing and understanding.

So there is imbalance. Wherever there is a conflict, there is an imbalance in the mind. TOGETHER DIVINE alone can clear that.

What is TOGETHER DIVINE? It means miraculously, anything may happen. When will that be balanced we do not know. We should go on chanting. Even after chanting one Lakh times you may not be able to find the path.  But you have to do it continuously. Our harmony, our happiness or our balanced state of mind does not depend on anybody else.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thank you Naran. Conflict being at the level of the lower mind only is important to me.

  2. I have a strange (maybe) question for you, dear Naran: I’d like to know if it’s possible that chanting together and together divine could initially make things worse. Yesterday morning I chanted like mad together and all my relationships went very bad, at work, in family, with friends…could this possibly be a good sign, maybe I shook something whith my chant?

      continue to chant. nothing strange will happen. We are thinking machines and we analyse the events. This happened “becuase” of that or this is a habit. overcome that. and have faith in God. It is god the unseen force is acting throguh these words.

  3. Dear Naran,

    I already sent you an enquiry twice with no response, is there a reason why some posts are answered immediately and some posts are ignored and neglected?, so I was thinking if there is a switchword that I can chant that can help me get a response from you..(LOL)


    My earlier Enquiry was:

    Is there a switchword to reduce Belly Fat to help me have six packs fast? Thanks

  4. Josh I noticed the same thing. I am glad you asked!

  5. hello Naran,
    Please, my daughter used to be very smart and was always on top of her class. Now, she’s becoming lazy to learn and do her assignments, as a result dropping down from her first or second position. she says she doesnt understand mathematics well.she is 8 years old.
    Please any switchwords?

  6. phil,
    give her SCLERANTHUS WALNUT MUSTARD OAK CLEMATIS – the Bach Flower Remedies. Give one by one. Dont mix.

  7. Hi Naran! Can you help me?

    I need a switchwords to use to win my ex back. but I’m confuse in what word/s to use. we broke up because of prioritize and family matters. I think her family doesn’t like me for there daughter. My ex also confuse. Hope you can help me. Thanks for advamce! :’)

  8. IKETZ,

    • Naran.. you won’t believe it by I got my ex back.. I’m so amaze!!!! You are a BIG help 😀 We talk yesterday and she said that she miss me 🙂

      I want to keep now our relationship. Do you have any suggested chant??? :)) Thanks!

  9. Thanks Naran for the wonderful article. I chanted Together Divine. My family harmony has improved since then.
    Thank you again

  10. Hi naran.
    I hav been reading ur blogs since past 3-4 months. Im amazed wth ur switchwords and bach remedies.

    Please help me with my relation. My girlfriend broke with me 3 months back because of money issues and problem with her father. Give me a switchword for getting her back. At least i want to start communicating with her.. She is not taking my calls. Find divine answer find divine answer.

  11. Gkd,
    chant BOW CONCEDE,RELEASE RESISTANCE TOGETHER DIVINE as many times as possible.

  12. Naran ji… After chanting, i am getting confidence about the relation. But there is no response from her til now. I listen to the switchwords daily for minimum 600-800 times.

    Can eft tapping be used? Can you tap for her to release the resistance? I wil mail u the details. Any method is ok. I just want some results. I need a personal advice. Can you please help me?

    Find divine answer…

  13. Gkd

  14. Naran ji, Me and my girlfriend had a common friend whom i wanted to meet and seek some help. But for some unknown reason, i was afraid to meet her and tell my problems. You suggested me to chant – “I RELEASE ALL THOUGHTS PREVENTING ME FROM RE-UNITING WITH HER. I THANK HER FOR REUNITING WITH ME”.

    After chanting this for about 5-7 days (and also writing it for 21 times), I felt like contacting this common friend for help. Earlier, some unknown fear was preventing me from contacting this common friend.

    I do not know how you could suggest me the right words! I met this common friend yesterday and she assured me all help / cooperation in re-uniting us. I do not have the new phone number of my girlfriend. The common friend forgot to save the new number. But she told me that she will try to get the number from facebook friends. After getting the number, she will try to speak to her.

    Please let me know whether I should continue the same words? Or Do you suggest me to chant something more?

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless NARAN, so that he can guide more people and spread love and peace on this earth.

    • gkd,
      continue the same.
      For most of the people who want re-union green is the lacking colour. download two pictures of emerald. Keep one in your pocket and the other under your pillow

  15. naran ji, i have been continuing the same. there are no results yet. please guide me what i should do further.

  16. Hi, need some help with a thing that has been disturbing the peace in our family. My son 21 year, his girlfriend 22 year and my daughter has been involved in a fight with each other. Its more my sons girlfriend and my daughter that is fighting. So right now the are not talking to each other, are very angry with each other and my daughter have sad that she is sorry. But my sons girlfrend is very angry and will not forgive my daughter.

    I am so sad, because it is infecting everytihing in our family.I feel so sorry for everything and would like to know if there is any Swtich words or anything that could fix the situation?

    Please, please help!

  17. Miss A
    chant willow holly change divine order

  18. Hi!
    I know this is an older post but I really need help.Almost 6 months ago my boyfreind brokeup with me out of the blue telling me that he doesn’t see any future of our relationship and that he care about me,but that he doesn’t love me like he did in the beginning.We had very limited contact,only 2 times,both initiated by me(one for his birthday and one for his name’s day).Maybe I should mention that when he brokup with me he told me that he wants a break and that he will call me after one month,but he didn’t call.Is there any switchword or switchwords to help me get him back and make him love me again?Thank You in advance!

  19. Naran, can I have switchwords to get my ex back? Thanks in advance.

  20. Hi naran i want my hus to earn more money cud u pls tel me switch words and also health of my daughter and hus

  21. Hi Nara,

    What are the switch words to use to get my ex back? He is the one for me but we broke up because he thinks we argue too much (mainly over money) and he is too stressed and negative to think about coming back to me.


  22. Hi!

    I need a switchword(s) to get back my ex but I have no clue on what words to use to get her back we loved each other a lot and we met online so we used to talk a lot on skype and we couldn’t really meet because she lives all the way in Greece and I live in Canada. One day when I came back home and I went on skype to see that she had removed me from her contacts without any explanation or anything and that was our only way of contact so I can’t really contact her anymore. Our love for each other was actually very strong so I don’t know why she left me and I now I just want her back. I just want to know what switch words to use to get her to add me back again so we can talk to each other and so that I can strengthen our relationship even more than before

    Thanks 😀

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