Found a Big Client


I used the Switch Words “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND COUNT DIVINE Clients Everyday”.  I drew the concentric circles and wrote those Switch Words. I have already found some work. Recently, I got one something out of the blue. That is a Bank Branch Audit, which I never dreamt of.

Those Switch Words has worked even thought I wasn’t constantly repeating it.

Sir from unexpected it has come as a wind fall gain.


Concede Clear Centre: When something is not happening for a longer time, then there is an internal resistance, which has to be removed, to realize our goal/objective.

Find: Gain objective or achieve the target

Count: Make money

Divine: By luck, or chance

Clients Everyday: are not switch words but the objective

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. what can I chant to get over someone? to resist thinking of the person all the time and move on?

  2. jeena,

  3. Dear Guru,

    Namasthe. I need my husband’s share from my in-laws to purchase a flat. in my husband’s family all are living happily in their own house. but i am living in a rented house with many problems. hence i want to purchase a flat within my budget in my husband’s share. please suggest remedies to get the share from them. i want them to give the same whole heartedly so that my house problem will be solved. please help.


    chant chicory cherryplum mimulus find count divine house

    • Dear Guru,

      Namasthe. I will chant. Can you explain the meaning please.


      • SANTHA,
        Chant what i gave. Get the experience. you have to tell me what you have experienced. Then i will give you explanation, if necessary.

  5. Please do help me with the problem I wrote about my mom
    my mother has a lot of lower back and hip pain. Also knees and heel pain. One of her discs is mal-aligned for decades. She also had breast cancer and the chemo has made her bones even more fragile and painful. Please help me relieve her of some of her pain. Thanking you in advance

  6. out of every thing I try . switch word works for me. After doing the
    Switch Word for finding clients . I receive one the week after .Do I do
    the same switch word for more clients to come . Thank you so much

  7. JEAN,
    yes you can do

  8. Thank you so much for your help. I have started chanting for my mother. Needed another urgent help for my dog. She is an one year old Golden Retriever who is terrified of firecrackers noise and thunders. TO the extent she refuses to go down for walks after 7pm thinking there might be firecrackers. I have to go out of station for a couple of days and need to leave her with a kennel. She loves the place but I am scared of how she will be able to stay alone during the nights. Please help with something that will help her conquer her fears

  9. jeena,
    give the do flower remedies RESCUE REMEDY AND MIMULUS.
    You take Redchestnut while away.

    • Thank you so very much for the prompt response. I will do so.

      • Thank you so much. She was quite calm during her stay at the kennel.
        Now we have another problem, both my dog and I seem to have been bitten by some bugs (not flea or ticks) which is probably in my room. We have bad itching. I have taken anti allergy pills. But dont kknow how to help my dog overcome the itching. I am mixing Crab apple in her water. Is that enough?

        • jeena,
          Add walnut and pine (not to be bugged by insectes or bugs.) You can spray the water in the room. do not develop too much attachment. You be attached in a detached manner. i meant your attachment to the Dogs only.
          Take chicory two pills three tims a day.

  10. Respected Sir,
    I am writing for my sisters husband , he is a corporate trainer (his own business) but lately he just does not have any clients, even if talks are going on it ends up nowhere, thus he has no clients , he is also not keeping well has many health problems & remains quite sad & depressed as he just has no clients. Reading your blog i had suggested to my sister to chant CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE CLIENTS FOR…. DAILY.but sir there has not been any change, could you help… previously when i had written to you about his health problems you had asked us to write WATERVIOLETon a paper and keep it in his pant pocket which till date we are doing.Sir if there are any switch words for getting clients for him do let us know we will certainly chant them.
    thank you and eagerly waiting for your reply.


  11. khush,
    chant ASPEN GENTIAN TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE CLIENTS EVERYDAY. Keep this paper on the office table and ask him to chant looking at the paper.

    • Respected Sir,
      Since you had suggested that to chant ASPEN GENTIAN TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE CLIENTS EVERYDAY..My brother in law daily after his bath & saying prayers he chants the above, and also has put the same in writing on his work desk (which i had written and given to him)… but sir, till date he has not found any clients & even those who had taken work from him are not paying him his dues& making excuses… what should we do?
      He & my sister are quite sad & worried & say that may be it is destiny…what should we do sir?
      Please could you help us….

  12. Namaskaram! My son studies improved now after your advise. (scleranthus wild rose) and he is in 12th std. I visited your place 19th June met Shobana Mam and took some medicines, books and CDs. As per your advise i am chanting CHANGE DIVINE ORDER FIND COUNT DIVINE for my improvement in business. I could not get any improvement in my shipping business. I have to take care of my son’s studies here (UAE) Lot of outstanding money we have to get, same we haveto give only one loan. I am totally drained. I dont know the way how to go with this situation. I need money to solve day to day getting things. I am chanting Lalitham Sridharam and Vallabam Gajananam also.
    Please help me that not to suffer anymore for money matter.
    Namaskaram Sir!

    • r.s.
      chant SWEETCHESTNUT FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW over a glass of water and drink it daily.
      be in the following mudra, while sleeping:
      index finger touching the base of the thumb,while the thumb toucing little finger and ring finger. Meaning: let go all that is not required to be stable

  13. Good Job been done here Sir,

    I want to build a 3 bedroom bungalow between July 2012- December 2012.

    I need about N9million(Approx $60,000) to buy the land and build the house.)

    1. God has Abundance everywhere. I know that what I am asking for is small compared to what is available in the universe.

    2. My friends in the office have their 3 bedroom built, through a government loan, that I could not access at the time it was available because I was in debt. I had to opt out of the scheme because based on my finance I could not meet up with the demands.

    I do not want to be lagging behind among my colleagues in this area and I do not want to be mocked.

    What combination of swicthwords will enable me achieve this goal within this time frame ?
    I greatly desire for this to happen this year. It will be a miracle indeed!

  14. s.f.
    Chant “520 FIND COUNT DIVINE HOUSE NOW”, daily as many times as possible.

  15. my job is to call companies to send their staff for corporate public workshops. Am not able to get clients. also wish that an hones and well established businessman will pull my husband in his business and we will create lot of wealth and riches. please tell me switch words for both and how do I use/ draw them

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