Experimenting with Switch Words

Effect of Switch Words on Our Body

Chant switch words within our mind and observe the effect it gives on our physical body.

There is a switch word for eye problems also (CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE POINT).

Like this, we have many switch words. You have to do one by one and see if there are any effects. A little research from your side will take you a long way.

Combining Switch Words

What is the big advantage in these words? One switch word complements the other word. So you can combine Switch Words.

For example you can use just FIND or you can add switch words to it – FIND DIVINE (the word DIVINE can be used for most of our life situations). It is your choice. That is why so many words are used. Please be brave and experimental in combining Switch Words. Share your experiences with us and your friends too.

If you start chanting FIND DIVINE, then miracles will happen for you.

Don’t Curse while you cook

That’s why when you cook, don’t curse, because the food – as it contains water to cook, will absorb it. Chant the switch words instead. The food will absorb this positive energy instead.

Build New Switch words into Your Forte

Now what we can do is to take a switch word, find out the meaning of it, and its application. Same application will be there in other switch word also. How to build this up depends on an individual’s imagination and ability.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Excellent post! Gave me some ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Dear Sir, Really nice,!

    I will also try and figure out combinations..

    Can I have a switchword combination for handling digestive complaints?



  4. Please suggest a switchword for finding a very good life-partner and getting married soon (after a long delay already). Thanks.

  5. UserOne


  6. Dear Sir Naranji
    Sir My sister has asked (how to change the mind of children as Pari tosh says in April he wants money and leave us everyday he says same thing)
    to give sw Bachflower remedies ,for her son has demanded 5 lakh rupees and would leave the family house forever. Please sir bless my siter for changing her son’s mind.
    Its urgent sir do you send distance reike for healing?
    Kindly reply soon.

  7. And Sir NAranji is there anyway knowing if any person has done wrong black magic in The house she is worried if her servant is involved in the doing I pray to god for forgiveness without proof am writting . But My sister requested to know thats why i am asking you.Kindly reply.


  9. Dear Sir,

    My brother’s wife and children always fight and finding fault with my brother and his sisters. How to keep harmony with them. We cannot visit our borther’s place because of their behaviour. They are not in talking terms with us. Any mantra to have good relations with them. We do not want to loose our brother.

    Thanks and regards

  10. Anita
    write their names in a piece of paper. keep it in your left palm. chant BEECH WILLOW HOLLY WALNUT CHERRYPLUM daily for 20 minutes.

  11. Dear Sir,
    I have had this problem of extremely bad breath for over ten years. During this period, i have lost a lot of relationships, jobs, self confidence, infact my life is at a standstill as i cant find any friends, go out in public and speak.

    its has really destroyed my life. please i am desperate and need your help. any mudras, switch words?
    Thank you very much.

  12. Phil
    what is your food habit? how is your digestion? how is your bowel movement? what paste you are using.

  13. Please i need your help, my husband is not stable in his job since 3 yrs and without any income, there is nothing happening, please help with some switch words

  14. Mrs.vV.Santhakumari

    we are following your website recently. it is very good. we have tried some switch word combinations – TOGETHER-DIVINE-COUNT-FIND.
    At present we are having problem with the company we have taken agency. Few of our friends have written complaint letter to the office and we are in little bit of trouble we need your divine help to tackle this situation and continue running our agency.

    With regards

  15. Mrs.vV.Santhakumari
    CHANT aspen holly gentian hornbeam

  16. MR.Vivekanandan.S.N

    Dear sir,

    At present i am running private LPG agency with low earnings only. I have been trying out for several years to begin new profitable business yet i am able to begin such a one. I meditate, chant lalitham mantras but the result is zero. Kindly send in your divine advice.

    with luv

  17. v.santhakumari

    Gud mrng. I have been repeating the switch words u have asked me to repeat, of now i have major improvement in company’s point of view still there is unrest among my friends turned enemies still poking here and there and trying to harm me in some means.It will be of great help for me if you can suggest s.w to calm down my friends because the are trying to defame me and not allowing the company to proceed in my favour. I need immediate reply.

    waiting for your reply,


  18. chant waterviolet holly hornbeam

  19. Sir, It is so divine of you to guide us thus. Let divine energy be there when you guide me in my problem. Sir It is about my Husband who is suffering from severe pain in shoulders, neck and arms. We treated him many places with many physiotherapist, but there is no improvement. This problem aggravates at nights he literally will sit and cry like a child due to pain. I am helpless and distressed seeing him thus. He is basically a gentian type person always worrying and frustrated for one thing or the other. He is also very miserly at some times due to his poor brought up. He has a habit of not lifting a finger at home. Not even putting his shoe, socks by his own. All these creates a bad atmosphere among my two grown up sons who needs his active guidance and enthusiasm. I am also working and have my menopausal problems. These all creates frustration and I don’t know what to do. Is there any remedy. Pls. help me. I will be grateful for your kindness and goodness.

  20. Dear Sir,
    What switchwords should I chant in order to get a raise at work? Thank you.

  21. hello sir
    If you can help me with any mantra where my parents on their own accept me and my husband happily. As our was a love marriage without my parents concern they were not happy for my marriage its been two years that i have not spoken to my parents please help
    I miss them alot.

  22. I got married in 2012.
    still not getting pregnant pls help with switch words.
    I have pcod

  23. Dear Bala Sir, I am very much concerned about, my – weak memory, I always turned out forgetting things/, (specially – numeric figures) & moreover i am a day dreamer. I do face great difficulties – in concentrating on a particular task.

    It would be of great help to me – if you could please suggest the remedy for the same.

  24. I would like to get everyday 5 customers who choose Premium Consultation package. What switch word shall I chant?

  25. Dear Naran sir,
    I have developed now very healthy life style and optimistic approach towards life. For past 10 to 12 years I have a digestive issue. Few years back I had fissure problem that I somehow managed by healthy food habits but problem not completely solved yet . Now Everyday I wake up with no feeling or pressure of going to the toilet as I feel no pressure even after drinking 1 litre water with lemon. I have lot of gas and bloating problem i.e vaat problem due to which even if I go to toilet I do not clear my entire bowels everytime leaving some shit inside my body. I start my day with fruits yogurt and green veggies a lot and also do yoga. Could you please suggest some switch words for me ?

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