Handling changes in your job situation


I was working in a good department in my office, where I was very happy. Due to office politics, there was a reshuffle. I was put in a different section where work is really hectic and worse under a boss who is very un-accommodating.

Can you please advise us as to what I can do or chant to enable me to move back to my former department?




Walnut: a Bach flower remedy that helps us to manage all types of transitions. Please refer the blog: http://healbybachflowers.wordpress.com/2009/03/27/the-21st-century-magic-pill-%e2%80%93-walnut-the-bach-flower-remedy/

Change: a switch word to manage a situation from un-acceptable to acceptable situation

Divine Order: a situation, willed by the divine

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir Naran i am new to this subject Animal Spirit Guides.Can you please suggest what are the other MOdern Mantras for different problems.And how does this Words help in what is the time span for healing.Kindly explain as i am unaware of such remedies.Thanks in Advance.

  2. Farida,
    go through the entire blogs, in your free time. Be specific in asking questions. or mention the problem i will give suggestions.

  3. Dear Sir,

    we both love each other, however our parents will not agree due to difference in caste. We both dont want to go against our parents and so we meet as friends with love in our hearts. We both agree that when we know our relationship will not work then why to continue. But both of us miss each other. Is there any switch word that will help us take the right decision. Is HOLE a switch word to find our right person? How many times should we chant?

  4. kavitha
    1. Take the flower remedies Chicory walnut and Coral(gem stone). Take them orally for three months. Then you can forget the love and be comfortable.
    2. Chant “Change Divine order Find Divine Love”
    Change the love pain and regain the Divine order is the meaning
    3. There is one programme to find a right person. You have to write one statement one day. There will be ten statements, which you comeplete in ten days. Repeat the cycle for four times. You will find the right partner.The statements are prepared by Naran.
    4. You can also listen to cd “I LOVE MYSELF” and “Soul Love” daily.

  5. I stay at mumbai, where can i find the flower remedies as mentioned in Mumbai. Or should i order it from Chennai. Also for the statements mentioned, how can i get in touch with you for that…

    Thanks in advance

  6. dear Naran.
    I am a single mum and i have some trubbles money issue. I have loans i need to pay and I dont have money to do it. Is there a sw that could help, since the bank wont help me. I have a job, but the sallery is not so high. i cant borrow from someone, and i don´t want to do this,because it just will make me have to pay more. what could i do? Please, please help. advice me

  7. Anna,

    • sir, I have been chanting for two days now. How would I know when sw works? I dont kow what to do…

      • Anna
        can’t you know?When the money comes, you will know at that time say “yes”

        • Sir, I am i such a bad situation and all i can do is trusting in the words you gave me. How many times should i chant RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW. The mony I need is huge, should i think of the sum and chant the switchwords? or should i just chant them and don´t think of anything? Any advice in chanting will help me a lot.

  8. Thank you, i will do that. I do hope it will help, because i need the money fast. it is a huge problem i have and i cant sleep at night just thinking of it.

  9. dont think of anything. chant as many number of times as possible. write the switch words in a paper and keep it under the pillow. Carrry the paper with you when you are awake and see the words many times.

  10. Dear sir,
    I am writing a blogg every day and have put some advertises in it, so the readers can click on them. Is there a SW that could help so I will have many readers to my blogg, and would help me to be rank high on the blogglists and a SW that will make them click on my advertice? I hope you can advice me! I also would like a SW that would help me writing a book, as iIlike writing. I have may ideas, but I can´’t seem to organize them so I can start writing.

  11. Anna
    “HOLE DIVINE readers” can be chanted,
    take the flower remedies CLEMATIS OAK to put ideas into a book

    • Thanks, I will try HOLE DIVINE readers. Can I use the same SW to make my readers click on the adverts I have on my blogg. I would like them to do that as it bring money in . pls advice me

  12. Anna

  13. respected naranji,i went through the topic’ handling changes in your job’.you have suggested to chant sw-‘walnut change divine order’ to return back to former section.will this sw be applicable in similar issues?.plz.advise me. b.dash.

  14. Hello naranji, is there a switch word that me and my husband could both chant for promotion (at work – too many obstacles/issues) and continued career growth. Thanks in advance for the help. regards.

  15. Hi

    I would like to change my career path, could you help me with switch words and bach flowers

  16. Sir, I want to go to Australia for MBA and I surely want to join July,2015 session. I had applied for education loan. Please help me so that everything is done well. Regards.

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