Lack of Peace


Wherever there is lack of peace, send this pink energy. Send it to countries, places and regions which lack peace, harmony and fill those areas with pink energy.

How to do it as a ritual? Light a pink candle in the south-west direction and looking at the flame of the candle, chant the switch word “TOGETHER DIVINE”.

TOGETHER DIVINE means, “Let us be united together peacefully”.

To know more about using pink energy, please check out this blog

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran – does the “south-west direction” apply for those living in Australia and New Zealand?

  2. Hi Sir,

    I am living in a rented house in ground flr and my owner’s brother stays in 1st floor. The owner’s brother has 4 cars .There is one parking inside the building which they are using and also they are using outside(in front of the building) for other cars. we are buying car(costs more than 12lacs). my problem is parking for our car. casually we asked for the parking and they suggested to park 200-300mts far from our house. i don’t want to argue or fight with them, at least they should provide 1 parking near the house. iam not asking inside but infront of the house. we are getting our car by 5th oct 2013. please give some divine SW so that we get parking in front of the house without any misunderstanding or argument.


  3. dear sir,
    plz suggest me some switchword for below situation going in my life.
    my hubby came across a girl on facebook chat. usually he never hides any such activities from me, i was aware that. that girl on her own sent him request for adding her in spite knowing that my hubby is a married man.

    after getting bit familiarized she started talking her love stories (?) and nasty chat with my husband.
    this also my hubby told me. i told him to ignore that girl.
    somehow she managed to track his number.
    even they met once, when huuby went for some office work i her town.
    i was aware of this.
    but still i trust my husband.
    he flirts with girls, mostly in front of me.

    and now that girl’s boyfriend left, and she is blaming for this to my husband.
    and evryday cursing my hubby and nagging him a lot.

    i cheked their chat history. but that seems that girl wants to get close to my husband.
    and now husband is telling me, please get me rid of that girl.

    i know my husband didn’t cheat with me, as he was and he still is open from beginning for everything.

    she is now blackmailing my husband, that why did u listen to my nasty chat, when u were not interested in doing in affair with her. … blah… blah..

    she is threatening him , that i’ll spoil your name in front of your family and your wife.
    but as am aware of all these things. it doesn’t really bothers to me.
    coz i know how trustworthy and loyal my hubby is.

    PLEASE HELP US TO KEEP THIS UNWANTED GIRL FROM MY HUBBY’S LIFE and never come back again in contact online or offline.

    • shivoham
      chant TOGETHER SAVE LIMIT GUARD NOW DONE as many times as possible.
      chant over a glass of water and give it to your husband.
      write his name. draw a circle. around the first one, draw one more concentric circle. In the gap between two circles write the above switch words and keep it.. place your right palm over the paper and chant, whenever you chant.

  4. How long is the time when we see results of the remedies suggested by Naran Sir? I am doing for the last 2.5 months but i am yet to see results. I have read blogs where i see that people get results in a day or two, some within a week. But i just don’t seem to get any results. I am really worried. Is the Divine so angry on me that I am not getting any results? I am really surviving on the hope that I will also get results but when? What should I do, Sir?

    • Just now I had a discussion about the “time” required to heal with naran, he said the following, which I bring to your notice.

      “When one asks a question ‘when'” or “How long will it take to see the result?” he is in a state of Cherry plum and Impatiens.

      To have self-control with tolerance or forbearance Cherry plum is the remedy. Impatiens will make one person slow so that he waits patiently for the divine time.

      When one is angry with god, he is in Willow state. But when one says “is god angry with me?” he is in a Pine state.

      Prescribe Willow Pine Cherry plum Impatiens.

  5. Good information but do we need to chant or take these remedies

  6. Hi Sir,I am Ashalatha my husband is facing many financial problem we are in very desperate situation please help me by swtich word so that i can come out of it.

  7. Hi Sir,

    For my son’s engineering college admission, iam chanting ” Mustard cherryplum find count divine now on” to raise 5.5 lacs. but still not able to arrange money and classes are started from 10 august and it is more than 2months. very much worried whether he will lose 1 year. Please suggest some switch words. we tried handloans but financiers are delaying. Please help.


  8. Hello Naran ji- Please help me urgently!! My nephew and his wife were married for the past 4 years and they never had a peaceful happy life. His wife left the home and went to her parents house two times. This time it is going to be the final and going for a divorce.We all are heart broken and no way to fix this. Is there any way this marriage can be safed and make them have a happy united family? Please answer me ASAP. Kindly, Thank you

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