Find a House within Your budget


Thank you so much for your guidance. Last month I had asked you about what to chant for finding a house nearby. And I chanted “CERATO MIMULUS FIND DIVINE HOUSE” and also “REACH HOUSE DIVINE” continuously.

We found a house so near. It was a miracle .We had almost fixed a house as a compromise and for that, luckily we had not yet paid advance. Suddenly I got a call for this house and that too without a broker!

I was also asking help from dear Wolf. I am very grateful!


CERATO: searching for the house you want

MIMULUS: within your budget

FIND: the house

DIVINE: by chance, miracle or luck

HOUSE: the goal

The switch word REACH is not required here.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. H
    Is there a switch word that will touch people heart to leave a tip or
    get them to tip. I work in a hotel as a lobby attendance and my co -workers are room attendance and people do not tip any more
    Thank you.

  2. jean
    when the client sits on the table thank them for ordering the food through you. Thank the divine for meeting them. pray to the divine, that whatever you serve will give them good health. When you come to work, think about previous day clients and thank them one by one even if someone has not paid. Thank the hotel owner for giving a chance to chance to serve.
    Thank the food you are serving. When you serve food, say three times LOVE THANKS DIVINE and serve.
    Write in a piece of paper “CHICORY HEATHER” and keep it in your pocket.

  3. Dear Sir,
    My younger sister is trying to go abroad (usa or australia) related to work.So far she has been unsuccessful inspite of she being a bright intelligent girl.All most all her college mates and collegues are working abroad.I feel very sad when i see her depressed in this matter.As a elder sister what can i do or chant that will make this dream of her come true soon..Thanks in advance and i love reading your wonderful blog.Please help us to achieve my sister’s wish.

  4. Sir,I think my mails are just not getting through to’s a desperate situation and we really need your help.we are planning to move out of India for better job prospects.M at home right now and my husband’s company is unfortunately not doing well at all.he is desperately looking for a change of job with better position and better salary out of India.
    Having problems at home due to this.he is extremely sensitive to everything,very attached to his sibling and is full of remorse towards others including me,my family n friends.,extremely possessive of me.we are not able to come to a solution and this causes heated arguments n quarrels between us…we are very different from each other n so our reasonings don’t make sense to each other.pls help us sir….with SW that can give us good jobs abroad and good relationship with each other….Hv tried few combinations of SW etc but nothing seems to click right now……awaiting your reply,sir
    Best regards…….

  5. I received the solution sir through your mail,thanks n best regards…..sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. I came across your site when doing research about mantras and chants for prosperity and financial healing. I am familiar with the bach flower remedies but not so much with using them in the form of a chant.

    My situation/s:

    I am asking for a money miracle fast. I need a large sum of money to get out of debt and move into a beautiful home before December of 2012.

    The family members around me are also in need of a money miracle. In this sense, I hope to be the conduit to help them. It really does pain me to see them suffer financially. I would like to be the one to help them out of their debts in the most inspiring and empowering way.

    Please give me the bach remedy for this. Can you tell me how to use the liquid form as well to make the chant more powerful?

    Thank you so much for all of your global impact on the world!!

    Love & Light

  7. Aja Jackson
    take the flower remedies CENTAURY GORSE . two drops of each in 200 ml water and sip over the day.
    chant BASKARAM PRABODHAM as many times as possible

  8. Sir,
    I am writing for your spiritual guidance in regards to an issue I am having. My sister and I share an apartment together and have business ventures we wish to get up an running but a falling out back in June has left us at odds. We haven’t spoken due to her own request and she has stated not only does she not wish to continue with our business plans but she thinks its best that either her or I seek other living arrangements. She has begun to take steps to achieve this but I currently lack funds to sustain apartment on my own or afford to move into a new one. I believe this situation derives from a repetitive cycle that seems to prevent us from attaining our goal. It seems when we are making progress we are confronted with resistance that we have yet learned to successfully breakthrough. This has been the case for a few years now. Even when I attempted to help her see that this was the same road we had walked down before, she was just unwilling to. I believe that we must overcome this “resistance” in order to breakthrough as it keeps on resurfacing, but don’t know how to especially when other party is uncooperative. I am both saddened and frustrated by this situation and gratefully welcome your guidance in this matter. Thank you for you time and any assistance you can provide.

    Sincerely AlVette

  9. Alvette,
    Why do you hang on to her? leave her and start anew. chant RUBY NEW LIFE 100 times over a glass of water visualising a beautiful red filling up and energising the water. Drink this water daily.

  10. Thank you sir for your response. In addition to having this breech in our relationship and communication, I believe another part is fear that I would not accomplish these goals without her. We’ve spent so much talking about accomplishing our aspirations that its a bit odd moving forward without her, in addition, my scarce finances has added to my reluctance as well. Nonetheless, I will take your advice and will embrace this new direction.Thank you again

  11. My husband is trying to go abroad (usa or australia) related to work.So far he has been unsuccessful what should i do. any mantra for getting good salary job in usa

  12. meerasnair,

  13. Hi Naran,

    I need a help, my dad worries too much ,he is a very good hearted person ever that I have seen.He helps anyone without any expectation.few years back he helped his friend by giving him money more than 8 lakhs,but his friend refuses to repay the money.My dad never sleeps keeps thinking about this day and night.Pls let me know any SW that iI can chant so that we get that money back.I want my dad to be happy we have lot of misunderstanding and problems at home.Pls reply me Naran ji


  14. Sairam
    chant WHITECHESTNUT SWEETCHESTNUT ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD CHICORY 100 times over a glass of water and give that water to your father in the night daily

  15. hi naranji
    i need ur help for buying a house.we dont have enough money to buy a house our financial situation is very bad . how can we overcome this ?can u pls suggest any remedy for this

  16. meeranair,
    why do you want to buy a house if you have very bad financial condition?

  17. hi naranji

    as per ur advice i chanted GENTIAN FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT DONE and he got an opputunity to attend a interview for a uk job.but it is not finalized by them.what should i do for getting a foreign job for my husband? is that switchword continue or any other remedy for it.


  18. hi naranji,

    its my dream to buy there any switch word to improve our financial situation plz suggest any remedy for this

  19. meera nair,
    first get the job

  20. hi naranji,
    first of all thank for ur support .
    as per ur advice i chanted clematis GENTIAN FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT DONE my husband got confirmation from UK people
    thanks for ur advice.
    apart from this i need some switchword for the hasslefree visa process bcoz we are facing many obstacles for getting a visa. pls suggest a switchword for this

    we are to looking for longtrm trip for that he has to perform well in that project.he is very lazy for doing this and learning new things and that is must for every project please suggest any remedy for performing in that project and to get good appreciation and for his promotion.

    once again thanks for all ur support


  21. meeranair,
    call wolf for removing obstacles and get the visa.

  22. Hi Naran sir,

    I had bought a new house on loan around two years ago. All the formalities were completed. But we have not got the possession of the house yet and the builder keeps on saying that he will give the possession and just keeps on postponing it. Currently we are staying on rent in our own house that we sold for arranging the money for this new house.
    Now we are paying the rent as well as that home loan EMIs.
    Also, we had got a loan sanctioned for the new house of about 18 lacs. But later on because of some issues, we could not get the 2BHK flat that we initially booked and the builder agreed to offer us another house which is a 1BHK with terrace. The price now got lowered by 5 lacs. But we made a mistake of giving the full cheque of 18 lacs to the builder as the builder suggested us that he would give us back 5 lacs once he gets the cheque encashed and the same amount we could use for doing interior of the new flat.
    But the builder has not given us the 5 lacs also yet. He doesn’t pick up our call. We are not able to take any action as we do not have any proof that we gave him that extra 5 lacs amount. That was where I made a big mistake where just on faith I gave the builder the full 18 lacs cheque.

    Pls suggest some SW so that I get the possession of the house as well as the 5 lacs amount from the builder back as soon as possible.


    • kishor,
      take the flower remedies ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD AGRIMONY CHICORY PINE each 3 pills three times a day.
      write these names in a paper and chant also as many times as possible. and ask him.
      Thank the builder for giving back the 5 lakhs, instead of blaming him.

  23. naranji
    everything changed all of sudden. now my husband’s uk visa process stopped and they dont want to come onshore plz give any sw to get any other foreign oppurtunity

  24. meeranair,
    chant gentian wildrose

  25. namaskar naranji,
    we need to buy a house immediately how to go abt help…any mantra or chant
    my daughter wants to go abroad on work kindly tell how to go abt it
    pl help us

  26. Kirti,
    chant TOGETHER COUNT NOW by seeing at the picture of Mooladara chakra, by being in safe and secure mudra.
    Ask your daughter to chant WALNUT by being in the following mudra.
    thumb touching the first three fingers.

    • Namaskar Naranji,
      me n my daughter hv been chanting the sw frm dec but results r yet 2 b seen …srry 2 say this.i m still an optimist sayin all good is happening ,pl Sir ,kindly guide me.

      • kirti,
        chant gentian larch.find divine order together count now

        • thank u Naranji,very kind of u to help me
          will strt right away.

          • sorry to trouble u again Naranji,
            my daughter wants to go abroad for her further studies n we need money for this i want her 2 do this as i know its her future kindly tell me a powerful sw 2 get good amount of money so i can help her… me n my husband want the best for our girls…she has strarted her classes for GMAT n wants 2 join session which strts in aug-sept in UK……pl Sir i trust ur help ….kindly help as i need loads of mny to help her …..thanx
            n if nethn she has 2 do for her dreams
            cum true HELP asap

        • Namaskar Naranji,
          I need your help again my husband job is 2 b confirmed on 3rd of march so i desperately need a sw fr this as his job is very important 2 us as i don hv a job n i will b sayin for him 2 wat u tell me ..
          Another thing is dat our money is stuck in a few places n v hv 2 get it back kindly tell me sw for this 2,i m really getting worried of all this and this is affecting my health n i want 2 b in good health as i wan 2 look after my family ,my future has to b secured……kindly help me Sir, srry fr the trouble but i m eagerly waiting fr your reply asap
          thank u

  27. My parents building has been taken by a builder for redevelopment 2 years ago. He has yet not started the construction. Please give a switch phrase to get the. Work started as soon as possible

  28. my parents want to sell their house but are unable to at desired price,please suggest


  29. naranji,

    we are facing finanial difficulties in every month ,his salary is not sufficient to meet our monthly expenses. we have 2 kids and i dont have any job,can u suggest any sw to change our difficulties and to live a better life

  30. meera,

  31. naranji
    thanks for ur support
    u suggested a lot of SWs but still the problem is not solved.
    is it my fault i mean wrong chanting?pls help me in this situation

  32. hello sir,
    recently I am going to join a reputed insurance company as Agent manager, where I need to recruit agent and fulfill the company’s target sales from them. pls, suggest me switch words from which I cud easily recruit good agents and succeed in fulfilling Company’s target. My future promotion are related with my performance. sir plz help me with prescribing switch words that would be beneficial in recruiting efficient agent quickly and fulfilling the target for my future promotions and incentive.

  33. chant gentian larch together divine

  34. Hi Sir,

    please help me out with any switch words, where my husband had joined a comapny with high salary and the owner of the coapny accepted the same but in paper he didnt mention the exact amount but he gave the half amount and the reming amount after 6 months, but now he is refusing to pay. my husband left the company becoz of some helath reasons, now we are in need of money where my husband is still asking the boss to pay the money for me. she showcased all his helath resoans also, but he is refusing please help us

  35. Naranji,
    I want to shift from joint family to nuclear family. My husband is skeptical as we hv inlaws ova here and day care centre near by. I am planning to take my child in the school i am working. But my job is not permanent yet and pay is also less. I want to shift my house near my school but that place is very far for my husband as his work place is 1 hr 15 mins far. I am tired with my inlaws behaviour and desperately want to move out. Please suggest me what should i do? How should i move on in my life.

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