Need an extension for my husband’s project


I am very happy by using your mantras, it is very very useful. I need one more help. Now we are in Germany for official project work. We are desperately expecting for extending of our project, kindly advice what needs to do?


Chant (Bach Flower remedies) WALNUT CLEMATIS. Write these names of flowers in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping.

We mayn’t get another project

Asha and Kayal, two freshers just started working in a company for a period of 6 weeks. One day, their manager came and told them that their project is over and they may or mayn’t get another project.

With a feeling of a great desperation they contacted Naran, who asked them to chant, “WALNUT CLEMATIS FIND DIVINE PROJECT”. This combination was given either to find a project within their current company or from some other organization.

Within a week, they got another project. They heard from their current manager that this project would go for another two years.

The Bach Flowers “WALNUT CLEMATIS” is good combination for getting another project or project extension within your current organization.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I m regularly drinking water chanted with MUSTARD WATERVIOLETROCKWATER MIMULUS HOLLY
    Also keeping ‘TAROT’ card under pillow.

    Sir only 11 days are left for reply to immigration….but this ‘GESSI’ person is not ready to help me yet. Please kindly show me a way to convince him… He is very greedy about money & we are ready to pay him…but still he is doubleminded to say ‘YES’ to us, we need his help urgently…So that we both together can convince the immigration officer namely ‘BRETT’.

    Also we are trying to lodge a new visa …so that incase this present visa is refused then at least we have another visa to stay back in Australia . But we we have only 10 days left for all this.
    Please Sir help us to get everything done before 21 Dec, also let us have an extension on the time period for reply on immi letter.

    We are in urgent need of your DIVINE HELP

  2. Hi Sir,

    I am working in a company and our company conducts tests and we need to clear the same which will be considered for the appraisal/promotion. there will be 3 attempts per year.I am not able to clear in 3 attempts also in the previous year. This year i have got to clear it. Already I have taken 1st attempt and couldn’t clear. there are 2 more attempts left. I need to score 70%. But Iam getting between 50% to 66%. I am really frustrated. I need to clear this test before 31st december 2012. Please advice some switch words.


  3. Hi Sir,
    Please reply.


  4. My child is mostly failing in all subjects in 8th std or just passes borderline.I tried Ambika mantra during the first exam but no change.His teachers complaints are talking, distracting class and also distracted himself.Also he is a slow writer and never completes his maths paper.Please advise..

  5. Hello Naran !
    I want stability, perfection and satisfaction in my career please advice me what should I do?

  6. i finished my first round of interview for a job and i cleared that but till now they didnt call again .is there any way to get offer letter without furthur level of interviews

  7. priya
    chant gorse clematis wildrose

  8. dear sir,
    my husband works in MNC.
    he is a mechanical engineer. his company has submitted a proposal to russian client to get new project. he says, this project is required to keep his job running. Though he is on managerial post, but wanted to work as team leader or project head for the proposed project.
    can u please suggest some switchword for above situation.

    thanks in advance.

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