Pregnant after 2 Miscarriages

Rashmi Dilip

My friend’s friend was not conceiving. 2 times she had miscarriages.

I had read about Animal Wisdom in your site.

I told her to hang the picture of the rabbit in her bedroom.

Her husband would not believe in all this so she kept the picture of the rabbit as wall paper in her mobile.

In a very short time she is now 3 months pregnant. Doctor is saying everything is normal.

She is very thankful to u and so am I.

Now can u help us what she should chant for the next 6 months so that she gets a healthy child.

She can only do chanting.


All pregnant women can chant “TOGETHER DIVINE”.

 They can write in a paper the Bach Flower Remedies – “ELM, SWEET CHESTNUT, HORNBEAM, WALNUT, RED CHESTNUT” and keep it under the pillow.

The names of Bach flower remedies can be written in a notebook daily for 21 times.

They can listen to Bach Flower Meditation CD.

By keeping the hands on the Hara Chakra (situated below the belly button), one can chant TOGETHER DIVINE.

Please check this link:

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    My son is 2months old and since the time he was born, he’s on milk supplement and not taking mothers feed. He is used to the milk bottles and finds it easy to drink.
    If I try hard, he gets cranky and cries a lot.
    I tried all methods, but nothing works.
    Please help me. I tried mixing Walnut in his milk as well as I’m taking too.
    Also I’m short of milk now, even though I want to feed him.
    Please help Sir.

  2. Sir, Please Guide. I’m on fertility treatment past few years. 3 cycles of IUI have failed. Have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2. Age-32.At present, i’ve taken break from the treatment. I request for your guidance!

  3. shalz

  4. Thank you for your guidance and would revert to you as soon as I get to know some positive developments in my case. Thank you once again.

  5. Namaste Naran sir,
    I have 7 year old son trying for second baby…I had missed abortion in January 20. Have controlled hypothyroid with medicines…still not able to concieve..
    Doctor saying harmonal imbalance is there…. please help.

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