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Change Your Misfortune


My husband manages the budget for a prestigious organization.

When the annual audit was done, it was found out that there was a discrepancy in a particular account and he had approved it. Since it was pertaining to the beginning of 2008 he was not able to recollect that incident.

He was afraid he might lose his job. I tried to convince him that things can’t be so bad, and he should wait and see if he is able to resolve it rather than imagining things. However, he was too low and stumped.

As per consultation with Naran S. Balakumar, I chanted “CHANGE DIVINE ORDER”.

Within 10 minutes of chanting, my husband was settled, had a shower and was indulging in normal work at home. His behavior was a total contrast to what it was an hour ago. He stopped talking about the issue and was confident that he would be able to resolve it. He had a good night’s sleep too. Whenever he is disturbed he can’t sleep well at all.

I continued chanting when he went to office next day. Surprisingly he didn’t speak about the issue even when he called me during the day. Therefore, I called him at noon and asked him what happened. He found out that he was not responsible for the discrepancy and neither had he approved it. He was able to resolve it during the first 15 minutes in the morning.

Change Divine Order means…

It means change to divine order. Change Divine Order could be chanted for the following situations:

  • For countries in crisis like Sri Lanka
  • For the racist situation in Australia
  • It will put you in a healthy mode – especially you can handle any pain (neck pain for example) then.
  • When you are recovering from sickness, you want your organs in the body to get back into rhythm and in harmony with one another.
  • Every time I see my street next to my house unclean, chanting these Switch Words help the government-employed cleaners to clean up their act J
  • You want to cleanse your room, but you are not doing it. You keep postponing it. If you chant “Change Divine Order” then either you will clean it yourself or get the help from somebody.
  • There is always a problem in the street, whenever there are rains. Water will be knee-high as the drainage system doesn’t function well. Now they are in the process of constructing a new one. I believe it is due to “Change Divine Order” Switch Word.
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