Importance of Switch Words in our lives


What’s the specialty of switch words? The same switch word which can heal a life situation can be used to heal the physical problem also.

Why Switch Words are so important?

There are millions of words in English. Switch words are so special in the nature because these words represent the Universal Symbols.

What are switch words anyway?

Our sub-conscious mind responds only to pictures and symbols. We discussed it during the Power Life Symbols class.

The moment a word is said, a picture is formed in the mind. If that word is representative of the universal symbols then that word becomes a switch word.

That’s why certain words only become switch words.

Whichever word forms a picture in the subconscious mind and gets an immediate response from it, is called a switch word. That’s why I say, every switch word has its own consciousness.

The word that has elevated consciousness in our world is called switch words.

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi
    What would you recommend for finding my purpose in life
    Thank you in advance

  2. My lymph nodes have swollen due to skin infection.Can u suggest a switch word to heal the swollen lympph node which is causing immense pain.

    Thank You

  3. sir I’m facing a crucial stage in my career. I will have to go back in March 2014 to India and rejoin my service to get my pension. I have only one more year to get retired. I’m from Kerala. Pension age is 56 out there now. If there is a possibility to increase the age to 60 by February 2014 then there will be no problem. My child has been learning in an international school where there is no languages taught other than English and Arabic. She will finish her 9th this year and will seek admission to class 10 in India. That too is worrying me a lot. So keeping all these issues I want to stay back at least for 3 years. Please help me with a switch word that would help me solve the issues. I’m mentally depressed due to all these pressures and I feel very weak at times. Please take this seriously and help me.

  4. Sir…
    I’m a 17 year old teenager I was in relationship with a boy two years back
    He dumped me because I had to move to some other place I cannot get over him and im struggling. I have all the gifts he gave me and im unable to throw them. I remember the times we spent and
    I cry alot and im sp desperate yo talk with him even though hr likes someone else.
    Please help

  5. respected sir,
    i’m a college student.i find some difficulties in my studies..
    i hav to score well(above 90%) in my forecoming semester exams ,
    i should hav good memory power,
    my mom needs sufficient money to pay my college fees…wat should i do for these sir? please reply me…thanking you in advance…

  6. Narensir:

    I am on temp contract in the school. Please give me powerful switchwords so that I can continue in this school.

  7. Hello Naranji, I am prathima. I came to know about you through one of my friend. I need your help. My 10 years old son is not showing interest in studies and my 4years old son is not having deep sleep at night times..sometimes he is not at all sleeping the whole night…we showed him to so many doctors…all of them said he is ok…his mucus glands are become big in both nostrils due to adenoids and tonsillitis. .but cannot operate now..infact we also don’t want to operate him. Everytime his problem is ending with antibiotics..he reduced his weight too..please suggest some switchwords ti both the problems. Thank you sir.

  8. Namaskaram Sir,

    Iam waran writing this with my pain Heart, Iam in chennai with my father mother and 4 sisters iam only the son in my family.
    My three sisters got married
    1 st sister got married in the year 2000 with in three months she was seperated and got divorce stay with us age 46 years
    2nd sister got married in the year 2008 with in 6 months she was sepearated and got divorce stay with us age 41 years
    3rd sister got married in the year 2015 she is with her husband with one child age 38 years
    4th sister not married with us age 34 years

    and my self not married 45 years

    recently my father not attached with us he not care of family, he spent as he like he never give a single paise to the family he was retired from Govt department getting pension of Rs.15000/-

    two months back he taken our house document which is in the name of my father. he pledged for 10,00,000 without our knowledge.

    last week two person came and enquired that our house is going to sale. we got shock , and quarreled with my father he said sale deed is in my name and iam going to sold out so you all vacate from my house.

    we donot know what to do

    please sir can you help me in this regard to change my father mind and our house should not be sold.

    now a days regularly brokers are visiting with the customers to see our house.

    we all are suffering like any thing please help out in this regard and we want to get back the document which pledged.

    Note : and my father is doing some matharam with lemon and kukum daily we donot know what he is doing.

  9. Dear Sir, I am using a pseudoname here. I am a 39 year old unmarried woman. I started working when I was in class 9 to fund my education and have been self reliant and career oriented since then. Despite several challenges, I never gave up on my career goals and kept progressing steadily. I faced several bullying bosses, co-workers, friends and close family relatives but I never gave in. I was strong and would also dare to protest against bullying bosses and friends and fight to protect myself if required. I however never protested against my bully aunty or shared her unacceptable behaviour with. anyone or even my mother because she would not believe me and because my father was jobless and we didnot have a support system so my mother would never break relationship with my aunty. Her husband would also use obsence words and threats with me. One of her family friends had also tried to sexually absue me when I was only 10 years old but till today I have never shared this with my mother. Now when I tell my mother about my aunty she just ignores me. I am very hurt by my mothers attitude and I don’t want to live with her. She doesnot care about what I have experienced and am experiencing and keeps making life difficult for me. She only thinks about herself. I have even brought her a very expensive flat but I dont think she cares about me. I feel like I am cursed to have been born to her and in this dirty family. My aunty only keeps saying mean and negativ things to me. I hate her and wish her and her husband hell even in their after life!
    I lived abroad away from my mother from 2006 to end 2013 and those were the best years of my life.
    I did my dream MBA from the best business school in europe in 2013 at the age of 35 years and wanted to change my career field and move into marketing of fast moving consumer goods company. .Since end 2013 my shani mahadasha started and my illustrous international career crashed. I didnot get the desired job after MBA. Everytime I was 99% close to getting the job in Europe and all of a sudden it would be put on hold or a slightly better candidate would get the job. I returned to India very dejected to live with my mother and after persevering very hard after remaining jobless for 8 months, I got a great job in Singapore but within one month differences and misunderstandng came up with the boss who had hired me and helped me to get the job. She started blaming me for a job which had gone wrong due to my predecessor and became very hostile and started blaming me for other things also which i was not responsible. I discussed this with her politely and she was offended and extended my probabtion. I resigned and complained about her but she got away scott free. I came back to India and joined another company which was a wrong choice. They would make employees work till 2pm in the night. I had not been made aware of this while joining so I was not happy with this. The culture was very aggressive with people shouting at each other and ill treating each other. .Within 4 months, I again got into trouble due to this and had to leave. After waiting for 4 months, I got a job in a good company but the boss who had hired me turned out to have a wild temper. She would fly into a fit of rage, shout and scream, threaten many people including me. She was a bad manager, forgetfull and a tyrant. She would give wrong brief to people, keep changing orders again and again, talk to everyone like servant and demean and insult everyone. I really wanted to stabilise my career, so I resolvd to put up with this and would start crying when I could not cope with her bad behaviours. Many people complained about her and there was also investigation against her. I was also interrogated and I shared what I experienced. After one month of that interrogation, she told me that her superior didnot like that I asked question on a strategic company plan which was actually a very basic question as a part of my project. She told me that I should not ask such questions. After one month, while working on a project I asked another question which was just information regarding my project and she and her boss reprimanded me on the same. She also started accusing me of mismanaging a budget which she was managing and for some delays which never happened. I told her that it was not my fault at which she threatened to fire me. She also indicated to me that she has learnt that I had complained about her. I told her that if this is how I am being treated after working so hard and sincerely then lets agree how to part. She and her boss told me that i can leave when I get a job and they will allow me the time. Parallely, I learnt from someone trustworthy that this was all a conspiracy to fire me because I had participated in the investigation. He was right, all of a sudden one evening i was called and told that they dont need me any more. I was shocked because just one week ago they had promised me that nothing of this sort will happen. I pleaded for mercy and begged them to allow me some notice period. Finally they agreed but took a letter from me with the end date. The next few months were absolutely nightmare. I would be summoned by my boss every morning and she would mock me, humiliate me and tear my soul apart. I wished I would better be dead. I was emotionally and mentally shattered. I worked with her for 1 year but she only abused me emotionally and mentally.
    My job ended one month ago and I want to move out of India. I dont want to work in India.
    I have interviewed with almost 10-15 companies and everytime I am 99% close, someone else gets the job. Some astrologers tell me that I will never be able to get a job abroad or have a successful career for the next 20 years due to Shani Mahadasha and aweak guru and also a sade sati which will end in 2017.
    I am totally devasted and need your kind help. I really want to leave India. I cannot live in India. I want to have my dream career marketing in FMCG abroad and settle there forever.
    I will die. I cannot cope with this anymore. I am practising Reiki and meditation but am very dejected with the job search and the astrologer prediction.
    I also want to add that i used to get beaten ip black and blue by father because i used to suck my thumb and i hated him. I left home when i was 15 years old to live with my granny and after one year he passed away. He never loved me. I am not able to deal with agressive behaviour of others or mocking or taunting or controlling of others and I dont take it well in my stride and get angry or disturbed.
    Please help me.

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