Bring miracle into your life


To have miracles in life, “BRING PRAISE DIVINE”

Everybody needs not just solutions for physical problems, but need them for life and mind too. So I am suggesting you this.

This combination will manifest miracles.

When miracles happen, we will be praising isn’t it?

When nothing happens to you, you will have resentment, anger and will be criticizing others.

Instead of criticizing, when you chant PRAISE, the switch word tells your mind, ‘Stop being critical and wait for the miracle to happen’.

You can keep on saying these switch words without specifying what miracle you want.

Explanation from the Mind-Body Mystified II Manual

BRING: Manifest; Create; generate; attract; cause

DIVINE: Miraculously

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. My love life is in trouble, only miracle can bring positivity.can I go with chant?,?


  3. naranji,

    my husband wants to go US for a good job?which mantra should i chant for this?bring praise divine is enough?

  4. I will try it and report back.

  5. I guess this chant has worked a miracle for me, too. I saw this post yesterday and just chanted it for a few times. And by the evening I received 3 good news. Its just awesome.


  6. thanks naran sir for giving such a wonderful switchword…

  7. dear Naran sir,

    am pure vegeterian, and my husband is non vegeterian.
    i don’t even cook non veg food. i feel very disgusted by seeing, smelling that.
    he sometimes get angry for not cooking and eating non veg.

    i really really dislike non veg food. as its not good for health too.
    is there any switch word or mantra to change food habit.
    i.e turning someone from non-vegeterian to vegetarian.

    am ok , if he eats very moderate, especially when he goes abroad. coz there he usually don’t get much option while travelling.

  8. Dear Naran Sir,

    Happy to see you helping people selflessly. Keep it up!

    I have had a 3 yr relationship with my boyfriend. We are of different religions and nationalities. His mom is against our match. She went into depression and last week she forcibly got him engaged to a girl of her choice.
    My boyfriend is not happy with this. He doesnt talk to his fiancee at all.

    We both want to be together. Is there any way to convince his mother? Please help.

    Also, my best friend is suffering from diabetes. Please suggest something.

  9. Dear Sir,

    Please help. We are very worried and upset.

    • No carvings for sugary foo. Eat less, walk more.The stomach sends signal to the brain only after 20 minutes of the person’s liver being full. That extra 20 minutes of consumption after the stomach is full, leads to all health related complications viz., BP, diabetes, obese etc.,Hence have very less quantity as and when a person feels hunger. avoid carbohydrates and have more protein based diet. You can try Cinnamon thrice a day one tsp on a plain water or on any food which keeps blood sugar under control. watch it daily sometime it may go down too much. Beware! .. Waist should be less than 90cm and BMI less than 25, if you maintain these two, you should be happy to lead a good life. Apart from that, it may be from genes too.

      Note: Body do not need full food and only the mind need to have full food with more carvings for sugar and fatty foods otherwise known binge eating.. Read the book on Mind and Body and then any person can change their habits. Also, always keep in mind that a person should develop an attitude that he/she never depend on others for survival until death and then the person will automatically have control on everything on his own. No need to educate.

  10. Dear Sir,

    Tell me what switch word/mantra should I chant in order to get good buyer for my present house; who will pay me good price for purchasing my house.
    As we want to sell our house as early as possible.

  11. Dear Sir,

    This switchword is very effective, thanks for sharing. After chanting it for a few hours I received a very good news.

    How should I specify if I want a particular miracle?


  12. Respected Naran sir,
    I have a critical problem for my marriage. I’m in love for the past 10 years. I faced a lot of problems in my life that i can’t express through words. even i struggled a lot to convince my parents, i said without their permission and blessings i won’t get married so i waited for their permission, at last my parents said ok for my compulsion. even he(lover) also postponed to take effort for marriage becoz of some exams and everytime he asked me to come out from home. I said NO. now by my effort marriage date was fixed. both of us parents accepted for dad decided to do marriage in one of the big temple as per hindu darmam. (both are hindus only). now problem is his parents is demanding my parents to do reception also, that too grandly. his parents said if we refuse to do reception, marriage also will be refused. i and my parents were shocked to hear this. my dad is not willing to do reception and he never bother about that too. his parents never think about our losed life, just doing politics. so please kindly help me and my parents from this problem. i need a switchword to solve this problem. pls kindly help me as soon as possible sir……….

  13. Naran sir or mohan sir pls give solution to my problem as earlier as possible………..

  14. Respected Naran ji, I’m having problems with my husband since 13 yrs.That is from the time i was married to him.He keeps on nagging for each and every thing.He goes to an extent of smasing me also.Now that its becoming too much for me i’m shouting back at him.He doubts for each and every thing.He keeps telling me that he’ll divorce me for silly things.He keeps comparing me to other ladies who are fat which i’m not.I’ve been doing everything which he likes but still he nags and nags.He takes other ladies phone numbers and talks loosely which i’m not able to tolerate.One day he’ll be loving and another day he’ll be opposite.He keeps talking rubbish about my parents also.My father is no more.But he talks trash about him.My husband is very short tempered.He uses all vulgar language.I need your help sir. please suggest some switch words and bach flower remedies for me.How can i get books from you sir?I have no bank account.So i want to get them by cash on delivery.Is it ok sir?Try to understand me sir.Thank u sir.

  15. helo Naran,
    I am very desperate to change my job and get my dream job. could u please suggest me any switchword

  16. Respected Naranji, this is sangeetha sir i need ur help one of my friend is facing lot of problems , my friend gave money to few people , venkat swamy 10 lakhs, rohan 1 lakh, charan 4 lakh chatanaya 10 lakh they are not give money back sir pls give a switch word to this problem very soon sir we will be very thank ful to you sir plssssssssssssssss help my friend so that he can get amount back thanking you will be waiting for ur valuable reply sir plssssssssssssssssssssssss help my friend .

  17. Rajashekhar katti

    Purchasing New flat, need money for the same and close all my debts

  18. For instant relief from problems what words we should use….

  19. Hello sir, I am facing problem in my love life. We both love each other but due to caste problems our families wont agree. They have found a girl for him as well. Plz suggest me some switch words. Will “Bring Praise Divine” will be enough for it? Plz rply. Thank You in advance!

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