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I want to share an experience.

Today, due to some mechanical problem I lost all FM channels in my mobile. I tried for at least 20 minutes to get it fixed, but failed. Again after 2 hours I checked, but it was the same condition.

I chanted REACH DIVINE to regain FM channels. I was amazed to see that all channels were there as before.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi Sir,

    We want to admit my son to engineer college which is costing around 6lacs. Please suggest some remedy where the admission amount will come down (since it is a management seat they are asking 6 lacs). Alos we are facing problem to arrange that amount. Please give some remedy so that we are able to pay the amount.


    • A friend of mine did the following chanting to get his daughter a medical seat in a similar situation as yours:


      He was able to her a seat, even though they applied late, a management seat, for lesser fee than normal.

      Hope this works for you too.

      • Sir,

        His engineering seat is confirmed and we have paid 50k. Please let me know the switch word to arrange the rest money.

        I am chanting below currently.

        “Mustard Cherryplum find count divine now on ”

        Can i continue chanting the same.


          • Hi Sir,

            I am chanting “Mustard Cherryplum find count divine now on ” for arranging money for my son’s admission in engineering college. But still couldn’t arrange anything. We tried handloans but some people promised to give money on interest and now they are postponing. they are telling we will in 1 week and already college has started 1.5 months ago, we are worried a lot. please give some divine SW.


  2. sir,
    my husband works in MNC.
    he is on managerial post. he often goes to abroad for official purpose.

    as few employee more often do abroad trip and extend their journey to get some extra bucks of expenses.

    so from past 2-3 months his MD is bit reluctant to send people abroad.
    MD is watching everybody thru same mindset.
    and for this my husband and his department’s other employees have decided, they will go to abroad if and only if when their MD will allow.

    my husband has twice been awarded as best performance.
    and he goes until and unless there is some urgency, otherwise he clears most of the issues in video conference.

    but this time, he has to go to Russia. and Russian client is continuously calling him.
    and my husband is waiting for his approval. His meeting is in next week.

    ( my hubby never believed in my spiritual activities/ techniques. but today he really asked me to find some mantra/ switchword to get thru this situation.)

    that’s why am requesting you some remedy.
    and thanks in advance for ur reply from both of us.

    PS – sir i’ve left a comment on this page. and waiting for ur reply for the same. thanks in advance.


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