Sold a Pharmaceutical Company

Two years back, one person wanted to sell his pharmaceutical office at a price of 2 crores rupees. He fixed the price based on his desire to make 75 lakhs profit after paying 1 crore 25 lakhs for his debts.

He immediately got some offers for the same price. However expecting the price of the office to go up, he waited for some time. Unfortunately, the real estate market went down.

Recently he found a buyer for the pharmaceutical house for 2.5 crores. Even though the price he got was more, yet he got the same profit of 75 lakhs. Why? He had to pay the rest – 50 lakhs of interest towards his debt.

Tip: When selling is involved we should be ready to give. That’s why Switch Word GIVE works for selling.


About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hello Naranji,

    I have applied for UK visa through my company.What is the switchword to speed up the visa process. My company is taking too much time to complete the formalities.

  2. Amazing. Thanks for sharing. Superb. GIVE GIVE GIVE.

  3. Revered Naran Sir !
    I want to excel in my official wor in my day to day life. Sometimes I fear in office to take up work. I am calling animal spirit Horse sometime.
    Please guide me what switch word or anything else should I do so that I will be best in my out put in my all day to day life. Than you. Humble pranam.

    • Dear Guruji,
      I have some debts and I am unable to settle now and it affects my mental peace and I blame myself for the helplessness. I am worrying about my future. Kindly give me some mantra or switch words or batch flower remedy so that I can settle all my debts and save money for me. Kindly answer me as earlier as possible and I heard that if we chant some switch words money will come to us within 24 hours, is it so ?

    • suvam

  4. Thank you Sir ! For your advice, I’m following it. One of my friend is selected in a company, but the company is not calling him and from past 1 year he is workless, so request you to give him some advice please so that he can join in a job soon.

  5. Revered Sir ! My friend is diagnosed as he has kidney stone. Kindly advice some remedy or switch word for it, even I can do for him.

  6. Dear Naran,

    We have next to our house a noisy dog that annoys us everyday. Sometimes at daybreak and many times during the day. We tried everything in vain. Can you give me a switch word to stop that or Energy Circle to influence this situation or anything you suggest. thanks

  7. kook
    call wolf and say this

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