Find a Life of Fulfillment

The affirmation that is needed by those who have a hectic life and who seek calm, peace and joy is: “QUIET MIND, OPEN HEART, RELAX”.

Say it in the order mentioned, continuously, for at least 10 minutes a day.

What happens when we do so?

These keywords act like command words to our sub-conscious mind.

When we are not relaxed, our mind will not be quiet and an open heart will not be present. Why both the quiet mind and open heart is required.

A quiet mind – what it does?

To quote from the Bach Flower Meditation CD, a prayer, “White Chestnut, release all the unwanted thoughts that go round and round within. Give us a calm and quiet mind. When I am at peace within solution dawns. Guide me White chestnut to follow this message”.

An open heart – what it does?

Open heart will help us to link with cosmic memory.

We usually live with our evolutionary memory – derived from our parents and ancestors. This memory belongs to lower-level consciousness.

From one of Naran’s lectures, a quote, “Unless our heart is opened, we can’t feel complete and whole”.

What happens when we chant the affirmation

Out throat chakra is opened by the expression, “Quiet mind”, Heart chakra by “Open heart” and the Hara chakra by the keyword, “Relax”.

When the mind is quiet, (it remains without any expectation) manifestation becomes easier. In addition, a quiet mind allows us to surrender.

When the heart chakra is open, we are ready to give what we receive. The attitude of giving helps us to receive in abundance.

To have a life of fulfillment, chant “QUIET MIND, OPEN HEART, RELAX”.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Awesome!!!

  2. Revered Naran Sir !
    I’m going through sensual thoughts a lot. I’m more filled with lust and anger, I’m really not able to control myself. Request you to help me what should I do to overcome from lust and anger? Please advice me.

  3. suvam
    take the flower remediesCENTAURY WALNUT CHERRYPLUM WHITECHESTNUT CRAB APPLE HORNBEAM Put 5 pills of each in 200 ml water and have small sips from that water every two hours.

  4. hello Sir,
    although i am married i am continuing my studies and it is not so easy for me to handle studies , work and family at the same time. when i do exams, the lecturer give me less marks. after the lecturer gives back the corrected papers i check my answers with those of my classmates. although our answers are same, i do not know why i get less marks than them. please suggest something??
    thanking you

  5. Hello Sir,

    What is switchword to get US greencard.

  6. Hi Naran Sir,
    I used to follow your instructions when ever i feel myself in difficult situation. Now i am in such a difficult situation that i need your help. My husband is detected with Renal failure and now we are in process of transplatation and my husband quit the job. From his previous company(were he started along with his friend) he was supposed to get his share which is still pending. Its more than 5 years now we are behind them asking for money. Still they have not paid us back. They just say that it will be paid in this month .. or next week etc. Now its long 5 years. It would be very helpful for us if you help us in getting back the money. This can be used for my husbands treatment.

    • Dear Sir,
      my Director relieved on 25 Mar.’13 and all the charges including signing authority taken by our Chairperson timebeing. We are going to install one lift in our office and on my then Director’s guidance I processed the things and one agreement between us is signed by our then Director. And we released the first instalment of 30% of the total amount (i.e. for Order Reception) and now they are asking for 2nd instalment of 60% (i.e. for material supply and production). Our Chairperson is very angry because my then Director never asked permission for signing the agreement and releasing the 30% advance. She firing us (how you people did this likewise, I wont release 60% now, tell them to supply the materials first then only i can think of releasing 60%). Actually that time we didnt have any power and whatever our Director told we followed them. But she dont want to understand these things and she never call our Director for explanation. 4-5 days we are worrying like anything because our Chairperson is an IAS and her mood is unpredictable and everyone is unhappy. In this situation what can I do ? Please suggest me and it is very urgent Sir. Thanks in advance.

    • INDU

  7. Hello Naranji,

    I am 28 Years old. I used to have braces on my teeth 2 years back. Still my upper teeths are coming out. Its not possible to again start treatment. My marriage has been fixed.Kindly suggest switchword.

  8. Hi Sir,

    My son is 18yrs old. He scored in 10th ICSE with 58% (Maths and science 48%), so he couldn’t get admission in good college. Since we were undergoing financial problems we couldn’t spent money to get into good college. He joined for 11th, and he is not studing well. He couldn’t clear 12th in 1st attempt and cleared in 2nd attempt. But he was not eligible to join engg course(45% is required), he scored 37%. So we joined him to diploma, and now he is in 2nd year. But he is not studing at all. Always roaming with Freinds, watching TV and games in mobile. He studies only before exam day. He has backlogs in this year. He encourage him to join engg (lateral entry) after diploma. But he is not seroius at all. He learnt smoking also. Please give some switch word, so that he will study well and score good marks in diploma and join engg in good college.

    • gita
      give him the flower remedies agrimony sclelranthus walnut cherryplum vervain. put 5 pills of each in 200 ml water. give that water 6 to 7 times in a day

  9. Hello Naranji,

    Wold actually worked for me. I got opportunity to go to london on Business Visa. Thanks a lot Sir, It was my long pending wish. I need one more help . Kindly suggest me switchword or animal instinct to get fair & attractive & lose some weight. Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi Sir !
    I want to excel in my job life. I’m quite afraid to take up issues and work on it. Request you to guide me something so that I can work effectively and have mental peace. Thank you

  11. ganapathi kavitha

    guruji a week back i you gave me a chant for getting my husband transfer in city limits because of younger sons ill health tody evening he got transferd, posting is not at given at kindly i want his posting in city imits. expecting early reply.

  12. Hi, need a switchword för my daughter and her boyfreind. They need a place of their own to live in. Yesterday the looked on a flat, but this morning they got the message that someone else got the flat. Can you please help me with a SW? I am in a hurry, please help!

    • Revered Sir !

      I’m getting a unknown fear inside me that I can’t do anything or like I’m worthless. Right now I don’t have friends. Always feeling lonely and even stay very depressed now a days. I’m not able to concentrate on anything. I want to be settle in my life and be successfull. Please help me.

  13. annie
    call wolf
    chant halfway done now

  14. Hello Naran. I would like to know what switchwords to use to become more beautiul and attractive. I have used PRAISE and HOLE but the result was making me more self concious rather than confident. Thanks

  15. mARA
    Add crab apple

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