Scared to take the exam

Geetha K L

I am working in a company and our company conducts tests and we need to clear the same which will be considered for the appraisal/promotion. There will be 3 attempts per year.

I am not able to clear in 3 attempts also in the previous year. This year I have got to clear it. Already I have taken 1st attempt and couldn’t clear.

There are 2 more attempts left. I am really frustrated.

You had told me to chant “ELM TOGETHER”. Will it be enough? I am scared to take exam thinking if I will again fail.


Doubts can spoil all our attempts. It is faith and faith alone that carries us forward.

Geetha K L

Thanks a lot for your advice.

I took today online exam and cleared. I chanted “ELM TOGETHER” daily and also wrote 100 times in book 4-5 days before exam.

I am really feeling very confident now.


Together:  the switch word to nullify the internal resistance to pass the exam

Elm: the Bach Flower remedy to handle the task, which we consider too big and difficult to accomplish

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I am going through detox in recovery from a candida yeast infection.
    would CRAB APPLE-TOGETHER-DIVINE help move the process along, or do you have anothe suggestion?

  2. Thank you for the useful information.
    Is there any chant for cure locked/ t ight knees. I am not able to sit down at all.

    Can i chant for my son for scoring high in board exams?

    • shanthi,
      you can chant for your son.
      take two potatoes. cut them into small pieces with the skin. make a paste of it by adding a small quantity of water. Apply the paste on the knees and tie it with the cloth before sleep. next day throw it out. do for a week.

  3. Dear Naran Sir,

    one of my friends is in abroad. She wants to change her job and wants to come back to India. Is there any switchword/ phrase which i can chant so that she can get a good job in India?

  4. radha narayanan

    I am facing similar situation now like Ms geetha said,i too didnt pass exam 4 years ago and now i have to take that exa m inorder to get satisfactoty job.i am scared as youngsters seeing them study will i pass,that fear paralyses mme even i cannot study.please help how will i overcome fears and get strength to study and pass.

  5. radhanaranyanan,
    take the flower remedies GENTIAN LARCH MIMULUS RESCUE REMEDY

  6. Parents are seeking alliance for me on a matrimony site for the past 3- 4 yrs now. We are so fed up as nothing seems to be materializing. We never thought getting married would be so tough.

    Some of the prospects have a couple of conversations on the phone at the start with me and then stop abruptly without even telling what the reason is or what happened. Some came home and never returned back. Not sure why we are not able to go past initial conversation stage to final marriage stage. At times we don’t like the prospects.

    Parents want my marriage to be completed this year somehow as I’m approaching 30 and have another sister to get married.

    Don’t know how to deal with this entire situation. Need your help to get this working. It has been very frustrating for us. Any switch words to chant or remedies to have prospect to finalize.

  7. kavi,
    Take the flower remedies SWEET CHESTNUT, SCLERANTHUS, IMPATIENS and OAK.

  8. Dear Sir
    Is there a switch word for success in career ? I have been assigned a project and I am desperate to make it succesful. Is there a switch word that will help me to over come obstacles and ensure success at my work.

    • Sir to add I am working with an MNC as project manager in their software sector. Please help.

    • Rani unnii
      chant gentian larch together divine

      • Dear sir , I don’t know how to thank you … I was completely confused at the beginning , but now I am more confident and I see the entire team helping me out , even the ones who are known to be arrogant . thank you sir for your guidance…

  9. Dear Naran,

    I really need some help for something that is annoying me a lot. I have many people asking me to find them jobs (For them or for their relatives). Is there a switch word I can use to help them get a job that they deserve. Is there a way that can help. It’s really important. Is there a way to help from within the pendant vial. It’s negatively affecting my relationship with them when I am helpless. Thanks a lot

  10. josh,
    chant Centaury Ruby

    • Dear Naran

      Is it centaruy or centaury. It seems these switchwords. Help me feel good even if i am not able help. That is fine, but is there a switchowrd that helps me get help to help them. In other words increase my ability/ resources to help them Thanks

  11. Revered Sir !
    I have a interview on 30th March and I want to click it, Please advice some switch word to get success in the interview?

  12. Hi Sir,
    I am seriously trying for my sons school admission in a reputed school. Could not get admission last year also. There is very remote chance of getting admitted in the school. But I have full faith and belief in switch words. Kindly give me the switch words to get admission in that school. Also, pls mention whether i need to include the name the school in the switch word.

  13. preetha,
    chant gorse.
    call wolf to help you in admission

  14. Hi Sir,

    I want looking for admission in a particular school..I called wolf to help my son get admission in a good school and was also chanting the sw. To my surprise, I found a very good school(better than the school i had decided) for my son which i had not even known before. Thanks to naran ji..What sw should we use when we want to know whether the decision we have made is correct or not?

  15. preetha

  16. Hi sir,
    how are you sir, Yesterday i enrolled to my mba exams with the help of wolf. after 7years i hav started to study again . i want to study wel & do my exams well but my problem is at my husbands house i have lot of work at home she does not like me styding & also i working women so please help me what i can do to concentrate. Pleae help me sir

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