Fill Up Your Life with Energy of Love


What is the LIMIT of (SAHANSHILTA) TOLERANCE for the Person and what is the solution to cross such hurdles in life?

When kids don’t listen, husband does not agree, care for the family, when friends and relatives have wrong ideas?  A person wants to have happy, healthy peaceful and honorable life to live?


If you think that happiness depends upon friends and relatives, you will never get.

This world has all people good and bad. All emotions like fear, anger sadness and worry are present within us. At the same time we have other emotions like peace, love, happiness, joy, calmness etc also within us.

 If the same person can have both surviving emotions and evolving emotions at the same time, the outside world also can have good and bad people.

We should believe in co-existence. When we don’t like others because they are creating problem for us, we think they should not be in our vicinity.

This fear about them makes us forget our good qualities.

In the midst of fear, cultivate sympathy. When you don’t get love, give love. In this world nothing is imperfect. Everything is happening as it should.

If there is imperfection around us, we are trained to see imperfection only. Develop the attitude of gratitude thinking that everything is perfect. Always thank any event any person.

Sympathy, unconditional love and gratitude only can elevate us and only in evolved state we can get peace or happiness.

Same anger, same hatred and same fear will bring in the same people, same event and our life becomes a repetition of the past.

Break the past. Think differently. Then you can have a different future.

Chant “TOGETHER FORGIVE LOVE THANK BE DIVINE” 1000 times, of which 100 times over a glass of water.

Drink that water so that the body also is filled up with that energy of love!!!

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi Sir,
    We have a flat in bangalore. We purchased through home loan and paid EMI for 2yrs.since we had huge loss in business we couldn’t repay EMI properly and so the bank transferrred the property to Recovery team. we took loan of 29lakhs in 2006 and now the recovery people are telling to settle this for 37 to 40laks(approx). In between we gave house for lease and lease amount is 7.4lakhs. Since year ending , now the recovery officials are pressurizing to settle this . we tried hard to sell the flat so that we can clear lease amount and vacant them and also settle with Recovery bank. one of them was very serious to buy the house and they paid 2lakhs as advance amt and they applied for home loan. Their loan got rejected because the property is with recovery team. The current rate of the flat in that apartment is around 52lakhs. Please help to get good buyer , so that we can clear lease amount, advance amount taken and also settle with bank. Please advice some remedy to get out of this situation.

  2. Geetha,

  3. Dear Naran,

    My 11 yr old son has a serious problem whenever he sees bread or someone rips or cuts bread in front of him, his jaw totally locks and he can’t open his mouth anymore for few minutes and he can’t talk as if his teeth are glued before it goes away and I usually use EFT on him, it improves at the moment but still it’s getting more at a later stage . It’s making his life miserable cause wherever he goes there is bread around. It is really annoying him and he cries because of that, Any effective switchword you suggest that can help him to stop this recurring and annoying feeling. I am impatiently and desperately waiting for your answer. Thank you so much Naran


  4. Dear Sir, our elder dog (female), was operated for mammary gland growth and her uterus was also removed a couple of years ago. Now there is infection in a part of the uterus that got left behind, which is blocking her bladder. She has not been able to pass urine on her own for the past one month. On scan, it also shows that the mammary gland growth seems to have spread in other areas. She is only 9 years old. We are all very worried and concerned for her. Want to do anything that will help her get better. Please suggest switchwords and/or flower remedy that might help her. Please

  5. jeena

  6. I need a better paying job and I think I lack the skillset for better paying job.. I often get scolded for lack of thorough attention at work. Pls suggest sw for getting out of this needy condition ?

  7. Namastey sir,my quary may seems little different.i saw two of my nearest to broke up bcoz of the same reason,CASTE.(typical hindu muslim)in both cases they r victim of the event.sir u hv lots of chants for every issues.can u suggest me anything to create unity between hindu and muslim??i know my alone effort is like one glass of water poured in sea to increase the water.but stil i atleast want to try.please tel me if any,it is for universal sake.PINKU

  8. I am very scared Sir,i started chanting together divine thinking about that issue and last day that incident happened in Sw have any reverse reaction or it is a signal that it can’t be change.i feel very sad,should i continue or stop?

  9. Hello Sir,
    My neighbour always complain me for very small things..Like” dnt keep your slippers here,sometimes abt dustbin”….I never say anything to them..But they have neverending complains..we only share common corridor..all issues are related to this corridor.. dnt know to do..I dnt like to argue on such small things with them.They are nice though.What can i do…sir..

  10. M,
    WRITEin a paper AGRIMONY BEECH CHERRYPLUM and paste it on your door.

  11. Respected Naran Sir,

    I need your help …..i have a small child and have been facing lots of difficulty , i am not able to focus on anything else except my child, i have had this child after a great difficulty and feel realy possisive about her , i feel no one else can take care of her as i can which hold me back from doing all other things, i have a professional life which i am ignoring completely…i also feel realy low at energy all the time. please suggest some switch words for my healthy life and me being able to leave my child with others for some time during the day.

    • geetanjali,
      Take the flower remedies redchestnut chicory walnut.
      Put each 5 pills in a glass of water and have small sips from that water every one or two hours from morning to evening.

  12. Hi Sir,

    I am working for a software company for 7 yrs. My promotion is due since 2yrs. There are some tests for appraisal which I couldn’t complete last year. With your divine SW’s I am able clear this year. Please advice some SW’s to get the promotion at this appraisal cycle.

  13. Hi Sir,

    You had adviced to chant “ELM TOGETHER”. i used to chant daily and also wrote 100 times in a book 4-5 days before taking exam. Very luckily cleared. Thanks once again.


  14. Hi Sir,

    Please give switch words , so that I will get promotion this time.

    Thanks ,

  15. Respected Sir.

    I am fed with my son with.his behaviour ,he is 18 yrs old and never have any respect for me ,he yells and gets frustated ,we had to come back from US in the middle of his studies ,1 yr got wasted and I feel that he shows all his anger and frustation on me.Since I am jobless ,sitting at home gives him lot of linience.He wont even let me help his sister ,always fights,controls every one especially me and no peace at home He is disrespectable and careless from his childhood..My husband is also the same . Please suggest any switch words for peace ,understanding and harmony .I am struggling a lot.
    Thanks in advance.

  16. hello sir,
    I am 20 and see my height increasing by 4 inches.What switchwords should I use to achieve this?And what is the most effective way to use them?
    Love and Light

  17. Sir, My 5 yr old son seems to be grinding his teeth during sleep at night..I guess this could be due to anger or stress..Kindly give me switch word to help him to strop grinding his teeth in night during sleep

  18. PReetha,
    give him flower remedies whitechestnut agrimony impatiens before sleep

  19. hello sir … i dont know whether this is the right blog to ask this question…. plz forgive me if i have asked at the wrong place….
    is it possible that with the use of various divine solutions ( like angel numbers , animal spirit , bach flower , or healing mantras etc ) , we can change what is supposed to happen to us…..
    like if a persons astrology chart shows a divorce or late marriage , or less success in career is it possible that using the divine solutions he or she can change them for good….???

  20. Dear Sir
    Let me begin by thanking you for the all the help you provide to so many people.Thank you.
    I have a problem which is causing a lot of anxiety. This is related to my career. I am not a very confident person with seniors and hence seem to not make a very good impression on them. I am in middle management and need to interact with seniors. I hesitate and most times feel that I am not competent or knowledgeable enough to handle their queries.though I have come a long way in my career I keep coming to phases when everything seems to be going wrong and I am scared that I will lose my job. I have recently joined a new job and am hesitating to meet people and get to know the processes etc. This wont be good as I am at a senior position and a lot is expected from me. Apart from being not confident and not feeling competent or maybe as a result of that I don’t feel inspired and motivated enough to work. Please suggest what I can do to
    1) get more confident and believe in myself
    2) Feel motivated and inspired to work

    • jp
      chant waterviolet larch hornbeam. It is better if you take the above remedies.
      with waterviolet and larch you will gain confidence and move with higher ups easily.
      Hornbeam will give mental strength and motivation.

  21. sir can i also chant durga dukhahantri, sugaprada for my son?

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