Got a Buyer for My Residential Plot

Mr. PS

I was planning to sell my sons residential plots for quite some time. But was not getting any buyer.

After reading Naran’s blog I started chanting “STAR OF BETHLEHEM FIND DIVINE BUYER COUNT NOW DONE” since Monday frequently.

I am happy to say that today I have finalised the deal.

This is again miraculous for me.


STAR OF BETHLEHEM: is a Bach Flower Remedy prescribed to get a break – say a break in job situation for example.

Find, Divine, Count, Now and Done are Switch words. Buyer is the objective and not a switch word.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran,

    I bought your book from Amazon. It’s awesome, but I am a bit confused on some of the pages. Do I say/Chant/ repeat the name of bach Flowers or should I buy them and use them. If yes from where to buy? and should I buy them all

    Also, which switchword do you recommend to help a friend find a job. What can I say as switchword to help him


  2. josh,
    taking the remedies orally will always help.
    friend: together find divine job count now

  3. Dear Naran Sir,

    I am writing to you for the first time.

    I regularly go through the healing methods suggested by you to the needy. I always take the help of switchword for my problems and now I have started believing in the power of these switchwords whole heartedly. I usually find the switchwords on the net, through your blogs but this time I am not getting any hence need your help.

    From the last few days I am facing some or the other issues which are generally small in nature but they make me tensed for example – I lost the keys of my house 2 days back and could find after searching for about half an hour, today I lost my 2 wheeler key which I could not find. Lastly I had to search for the key master and I had to spent Rs.200/-. Yesterday night cartridge of my water filter stopped working. It usually last for 5 months ( only I am using it as I stay alone) but this time it lasted only for 3 months, as this is necessary I have to spend Rs.350 today to buy it. 2 days back my laptop charger stopped working. When I checked with electrician, he told me that it had got burnt. I purchased the new cord which again I lost. I don’t know where it was dropped but when I reached home I could not find it. I had to buy another for which again I spent Rs. 75/-.

    Sit, I know that these things happen. But Sir, now a days such things are happening so frequently that normally on a daily basis I have to spend about 200/- 300/- unnecessarily. These are some unwanted expenditure.

    Sir, I do take care of my things but don’t know what is happening and why such things are happening so frequently. I get tensed for some time and then I chant DIVINE ORDER. I feel ok and fine after a while but I am not able to stop these expenses.

    Please help with some switchwords/ phrases so that such expenses don’t happen and life go smoothly.

  4. UV
    chant adjust together change divine order now

  5. I have been reading your website for quite some time..We had purchased an independent house for the purpose of investment but unfortunately we didnt get much rent/returns as we expected..We have been trying to sell this residential independent house for quite a long time..People come and finalise the deal and after some time they drop the offer and go away..This has happened 2 times..Also, we are finding it difficult to get buyers and to sell off the property..Kindly help us to sell the property as quickly as possible..You are our last hope..

  6. pre,
    chant scelranthus gentian find divine buyer give count now

  7. We have received amazing results after chanting your switch words..Thanks a lot sir. We will be meeting a prospective buyer tomorrow. We want to sell the house for 50 lakhs. Pls give us switch words to sell the property in the amount we desire..

  8. Pre
    chant Release resistance find divine 50lakhs count give now done

  9. naran ji in our house we a 3 portions in ground floor .for every 2 months north east portion wil be vaccated .no one is staing for long time this is happening from last year .before that one lady was there in that portion for 11 years ,she constructed a house and went ,since than for every 2 months our portion is vaccated and each one is saying different excuse,one says bathroom is small and so on ,kindly help me .

  10. friend
    chant together divine

  11. Thanks Sir..We got a prospective buyer and have finalised the deal. Now another person is posing a problem to us. A person had seen the house few months ago and gave us advance. He didnt respond after that. Now that we have got a buyer, he is asking us to give back the advance. We dont want to give back the advance as we waited more time(few months) for him but he didnt turn back, He is also claiming now to the new buyer that he is the owner of the house as he is having xerox of the documents. We are very tensed now. Pls give us switch words so that the person does not ask us for the advance and does not pose a problem to us and we want to finish the deal smoothly with the new buyer without any problem. Kindly help.

  12. Pre,
    chant agrimony and heather and GIVE his advance BACK TO HIM

  13. Sir, I have finalised a deal for my property(Independent house). The buyer is going for a loan. Some documents and papers requested by his bank is difficult to get and I am trying to get the documents so that he can get his loan and finish this deal. Pls give me switch words so that I get all the required documents quickly from the government depts and he gets a loan quickly and the house registration takes place quickly.

  14. Ram,
    chant MUSTARD WATERVIOLET ROCKWATER find documents now done

    • Sir, I chanted the switch words and got most of the documents from the government depts. Thanks a lot. The buyer, in order to get more loan from bank, has shown higher value in Sale agreement so that the bank will release around 80% of the agreement amount subject to bank valuation. We have submitted all the documents to the bank. The bank will now value the property and based on their valuation, they will release 80% of the valuation amount. If the bank values the property at lesser amount, then the buyer needs to arrange money out of this own fund which will be huge for him and may not be possible.

      Pls give me switch word so that the bank accepts all the documents submitted and doesnt ask for any more documents. The bank should also value the property at a higher value as shown in the agreement and the bank releases the loan as requested by the buyer so that the house registration is done successfully.

  15. naran sir, i need Rs 7000 within a week. I have no source of fund. Plz suggest me switchword so that i get the money quickly. I need to pay that amount to my collegue.

  16. Naran, I want sell my business good price pls tell me salutation. Animal spirit or switchword. I thank you

  17. vijya,
    together find divine buyer give count now

  18. i want to sell my laptop at decent price. What should i do

  19. Thank naran,
    Is there animal spirits pray instead of switchword.

  20. Pls reply naran
    Thank you

  21. Naran
    Increase Sales profit in business which animal help I should seek. And how to call

  22. Dear Respected Sir Naranji
    Namashkar! I Always have taken your guidence for everything hence would like to Thank you for your Divine Guidence.
    And here too i want to know switchwords for selling our BMW car and Buying other Car in resonable price with in budget.We want a DIVINE Car .For betterment of ALL.kindly suggest Switchwords so as to we love the vehical which we buy and sell our car and get amount as per our choice …to someone who loves it too for their likings.God Bless.

  23. Dear naran I send a inquiries. On April 6,you told me to chant Togather find divine buyer give count now.
    I am chanting daily but I am not getting any responses. Can pls suggest me something so I can find buyers asap

  24. Hi Naran,
    I graduated 4 months ago and I am desperately looking for a job. I keep on getting interviews but always get rejected at by the last stage. everyone around me are getting great job opportunities and sometimes even try to help me but I still get rejected. I am starting to loose hope . I really want to find a a job as soon as possible.

    Please help me.

    Thank you very much.

    • larissa
      chant WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILDROSE before during and after the interview
      write in a notebook, TOGETHER FIND DIVINE JOB COUNT NOW DONE 51 times daily till you get the job

  25. Hi sir,

    I have been chanting many switch words in my day to day life and am finding amazing results..We want to sell our land and have applied for patta. We have been trying for 3 years to get the patta but are not getting it..Pls let us know the switch word to get the patta as soon as possible so that we can sell our land at good cost.


  26. hello naran ji my husband is unemployed he wnt to do business

  27. Hi sir,

    My dad is trying to sell a land urgently as he is in dire need of money..kindly let me know the switch words to sell the land as soon as possible and in expected amount..

  28. Hi sir,

    I have so many problems. I will list out one by one. Pl. help me to get rid of these.
    1. I have invested about 10 lakhs in unregistered financial firm and i lost it.
    2. All my income are running out wastely for debts and unwanted unforeseen expenses daily.
    3. My wife for last 2 years had more unethical orthodox sentiments resulting quarells with me
    4. My daughter is now studying tenth std. She is always sleepy in nature. No time to study.
    5. My son is now studying 7th std. He can’t read and understand his subjects. I have to help.
    6. My daughter is now facing eve-teasing problem from her class-mate. Often she feel bad.
    7. I have a dream to buy a car for my family.
    What to do? How to start? My mind is always turbulent in nature. One mind is telling to follow something. Another mind tells not to follow this because net result is zero. No rest for my mind. No sound sleep as well. I want peace of mind. Pl. help me. I have listed out all my problems. Pl. guide me to sort it out for good results.

  29. savi,
    prioritize your needs,
    2)for debt read this-
    3)for your wife, chant together divine..
    4)give her scleranthus and clematis three doses per day for 21 days.
    5)your son take mustard and oak to master subjects,
    chant “Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa” as many time as possible.You can chant(100 times) over a glass of water and give that water to your daughter and son.write 398 on paper and keep it under your kids pillows.(at night )
    6)for your daughter (eve teasing)–
    read this
    you can buy card from center..she can keep with her always..
    until you buy ..write it on a paper “CENTAURY + MIMULUS + PINE + ROCK WATER + CHESTNUT BUD + ROCK ROSE + VINE + GUARD”…give it to her,she can keep with her.

    for peace of mind you chant “QUIET MIND, OPEN HEART, RELAX” daily as many times as possible.


  30. Sir,

    Will you be kind to help me. I have bought my significant other shoes for his birthday. I’ve heard that giving shoes as a gift is bad luck and they would walk away from you. I didn’t believe in that at first but after giving him this gift I felt that he has been distant with me and we are having problem. please sir help me. Is there anything I can do to improve our relationship once again. Please I need you’re help. I care for him so much. Thank you

  31. Dear sir. I kindly ask you to provide me with a mantra or a switch word to fix relationships. Me and my husband have been fighting non stop and it I ruining our relationship. I want us to go back to how we were. Please help. Thanks

  32. Dear sir my name is Sandhya we have some plots in vijayanagaram which we wanted to sell them out could you please provide me a chant to happen that for our desire price thanks in advance sir

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