My mind is not stable even for 10 minutes


I was doing EFT but found it difficult in public and sometimes not working.

I asked the Universe to give me some easier solutions to my problems and I came through this website.

I get uncontrollable negative thoughts all throughout the day, either of the past or future and can never stay in the present.

I get unwanted thoughts about people, situations, and circumstances of the past or future.

If any new thing I have to do in the next moment, then I view it negatively first.

It is hard to believe but I get around a 100 thoughts per minute.


Chant the switch words, “CONCEDE CLEAR CANCEL DIVINE ON”


Concede Clear Cancel: to remove (CLEAR) the mental debris (unwanted stuff). This is good especially before going to sleep as it clears the mind from all worries (CANCEL). It happens when you surrender (CONCEDE)

On: to move on with life with the help of DIVINE (to find a bit of luck and help)

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran,

    I noticed that I cannot keep excess money ever. All gone by the 5th day of getting paid. I feel as though I must spend it as soon as I have it. Or some unexpected ill comes to take the remaining amount. My goal is to pay off all of my debts and have healthy savings so that I can travel, pay for classes and start a small biz. I know my parents also have issues with money – they never have any and are very wasteful. What method of healing do you suggest to accomplish my goal. Thank you!

  2. Grace,
    download a picture of Wildrose and keep it under the pillow, for cutting the expenses.
    be in pushan mudra daily for atleast 20 minutes. this will balance the income and expenditure.
    for savings be in the vitality mudra (pran mudra) while in the bed and chant TOGETHER COUNT

  3. Respected Balakumarji,i never heard about Switchwords b4 i came to ur site.and don’t how i came life is not smooth though i try to mentain every aspect of life.i hv trust in God specialy Lord Shiva.i failed in 1 issue always n that is Lovelife.i love some1 and we both were very happy b4 few months.but suddenly due to some of his personal issue he behaved rudely with me and from last week we hv no contact.i believe he is a gentleman and nt having any intention to hurt me.SW hv solution of every problem so i get some ques are 1)any chant or animal spirit by which he can hear my words that i want to say (i mean mind to mind)as i say we broke contacts,2)chant to make him realise my pain and he approach me with divine me sir after so many harble i trust this guy and love him from heart. I want he should also share his stress with me.kindly help me As time is going like water.PRANAM

    • I thing i know his family wants him to marry some1 of their choice.sir i don’t know what is fate,i know there is a divine who can see us hear us feel us and make anything possible which we think next to impossible.if with this issue i came here it also mean he is showing me way to heal my problem.whatever u give me to chant for my 2 quaries i wl desperately do it.but please help.til then m chanting 520to keep hope.

  4. my life is in total mess after marriage my life has turned from riches to rags in all speer of life emotional, finacial ,mental , health ,dignity i stay in big joint family, my husband doesnt support me nor anybody, he has affairs outside if ask he beat me all critize me nd my kids, suppress me in all aspact , i have 3 kids but he doesnt show any effection or love towards me nor kids, he listens to his mom nd bhabhi a lot ,its been 14 years im still suffering i cant even explain iam fed up plz help me sir i want my life to normal i want my own seprate home wer i sud stay with my husband nd kids lead a normal life he doesnt want to come outside his joint family

    • grb,
      Take the flower remedies ROCKWATER VINE MUSTARD CHERRYPLUM – bach flower remedies – each two pills three times a day. Dont say i dont anything about flower remedies. Know about this by visiting and buy from any homeopathy shop or from the centre.

  5. Sir,
    I with my husband live in a building on the first floor, but we are facing a problem that every night the watchman with thecother bldg servants talk and chat till 12.30 /1.00am every time we request them politely please let us sleep and do not talk beyond 11.00pm

    Sir all these noises disturb us a lot and every night it is a worry.We have tried all ways to convince them but no result in fact they get very rude and defiant.

    In one of your Blogs I had read that a picture of Pisces could help and have also done the same but… help…. As they sit right below our windows and the Pisces picture faces straight out.

    Please if you could advice us…thanks

  6. Kate,
    do the forgiving exercise. Thank them before going to sleep for making no noise.
    Take the flower remedies cherryplum impatiens before going to bed.

    • Thank u soo much sir.i am chanting I AN SORY PLZ FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS TOGETHER DIVINE as many time as i can.after it i from a source came to know that he has been forced by his family to get marry with some1 of their choice.he is mentaly disturbed.i feel bad that without knowing the truth i scold on him.i know for this chant my anger gone.sir i want him to come out of this situation,i want him to open up with me and share everything(we hv no contacts at present).trust me sir i truely love him.i am praying to divine everyday.should i continue the same??and can i approch him after some days?

  7. Naranji Namaskar, I would be grateful if you could kindly tell me some Mantra for balancing time with work. Although i get up at 6am but i am not able to finish my work till 10am and go to office. Earlier i had read but now i am unable to recollect . Pl help me Naranji. Thank you Divine Sir.

    Many Many thanks.

  8. sunnju,
    halfway divine

  9. I am Continueing ‘i am sorry mantra’……my anger,complain against him r releasing slowly slowly but though working.sir as we broke all contacts from last almost 5weeks,one fear unwantedly occupy my mind that is if i am out of sight out of mind for i want to approach him by sending an email……need ur support for this initiative as i don’t know what to chant b4 approaching or this is the right time or not etc.Any flower or animal spirit that can help me to re establish our relation?u know sir there was natural attraction and feelings happen to us(no artificial effort to impres each other).suddenly time he is nt from my Caste i am praying both to Ishwar n Allah(may b they r 1).Plz guide me Sir how when i should approach him.i need ur blessings to see the light of hope.HONEYBEE

  10. hoNEYBEE,

  11. Hello Naranji,

    Kindly suggest switchword to attract soulmate.Curently I met one guy & i really like him. Kindly suggest switchword to get positive response from him.

  12. gargi
    together find divine love


  14. sir i again need your help……
    my projetct is 80% complete…but the matter of concern is that the presentation dates has been preponed….now every thing is in the hands of the faculty who will check…
    i know i dont deserve to get full grades but i wish to score atleast the second highest grade….. kindly help me so that the faculty who will check be lenient with me and my project and give good grades….
    plz help..!!!

  15. Hello Naranji,

    I used to follow your instructions when ever i feel myself in difficult situation & it always give me 100% positive result. Now I have assigned one project for which I am going to UK. Kindly suggest to succssefully done from my end as well as get appreciation from client. Thanks in advance.

  16. Hello Naranji,

    My company is sending me to UK for work , but my visa interview got rejected saying my passport is damaged. Now each & every process is getting delayed. I am not sure when I will get my next VISA appoitment. In your blog you have suggested to Archana to chant WATER VIOLET ROCK WATER LARCH GENTIAN WILD ROSE. Kindly guide me same. Because if it gets delayed then they can send next person to UK.Waiting for your reply.Please help.

  17. dhanashree
    WATER VIOLET ROCK WATER LARCH GENTIAN WILD ROSE is given for the visa interview. It can be used for job interview also. there is a write up about this combination in one of the pages.

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