TOGETHER is Fine!!!

Bringing people together with a sense of harmony

TOGETHER means hand in hand and unity. Therefore, it is a word for harmony.

If you think your spouse will scold you when you are late, keep chanting the switch words TOGETHER DIVINE.

Complementing Each Other

For the bride and bridegroom/ husband and wife – they can visualize the picture that they are hand in hand and then chant TOGETHER. TOGETHER means is to be united. It is a beautiful word for them to complete each other. Even now, any husband and wife are complementing each other. If he is in one direction then she will be in another direction 🙂

Co-operation is the key

Another meaning for TOGETHER is co-operation. Wherever harmony is not there, keep a big bowl of water in front of you. 10 to 15 people can chant TOGETHER for some time. Then that water can be given to all. Sprinkle that water in the house also. Then only you can be hand in hand and be united. Though, it is not only useful for husband and wife. I just told you as an example.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Most respected Naran sir…wish you and your family a very happy new year.Spoke to you today and am feeling so light and happy.Wish to meet you in person soon.
    Sir,m travelling with my husband,it’s a work cum travel trip.pls suggest switch words for success in his work and to have a safe,healthy n good trip.many thanks,sir….!!!

  2. rUSHRUSH,
    chant Thanks divine order

  3. Someone told me after watching my Kundalini that one of my ancestors passed away due to untimely death (or killed – I don’t know) and the soul is not in peace.

    Now I wish to make that soul in peace so that that it could be free and I will get the blessings of my ancestors. There’s is PITRA DOSH in my Kundalini.

    • amit sharma
      Chant HON SHA ZE SHO NEN thinking about the soul, daily for 15 minutes for 48 days.

      • Sir, can i chant HON SHA ZE SHO NEN for Karmic problems?
        How exactly to use it… can i visualize any problem in my life and apply this mantra or.. should I use my imagination and visualize any past life event that is bothering me.. ?

        Thanks in advance and wishes,


  4. Dear Naran,

    I am in sorrow due to not being heard or considered by those who are close to me I have been doing so many healing for a year now and am dismayed that still I cannot change this aspect. There are too many layers to the onion! I saw another blog where you mentioned the 5th chakra. I am using your CD to balance but I do not get affect. I speak and no one takes me seriously. My emotions do not matter to those who are close to me. I am using Horse not to blame them. I need to see a change! I want to be treated with consideration, love and devotion. Please guide me. Thank you.

    • Grace
      tap i release my desire to be loved. I release my resistance to love

      • Dear Naran,

        I am having good effect. I can powerful results including being guided to a Reki circle 2 days after I releaser resistance to receiving love. This circle helped me to think more clearly and be more at peace. I feel the effect in my life.

        I have a new problem now. Some time ago I explained to you some sexual harassment that I was suffering from near my home. You asked me to forgive them and it worked. They are no longer around blocking my path. Unfortunately now – post clearing resistance to love – one of them has decided he is in love with me.

        Naran please help me I do not want this! I feel like this may have been why I originally created the tendency not to receive love from people to avoid unwanted advances. This man is too old for me and not at all what I had in mind. Please help me! I do not want to receive love from inappropriate places. I want to continue to be open to receiving love that does not make me feel badly. Thank you in advance for your help.

        • Grace,
          do the forgivine exercise for this man.
          say i thank you old man for keeping away from me. three times daily.

          • Okay. I will do. What is the root cause of this? I feel I am always in this type of situation. It makes me become separatist. I’m tired of it!

            thank you for your sincerity.

            • Grace, let us think about why this is happening. Heal as and when the situation arises. Release all your anger and resentment.
              You can take a paper and write down your anger stories. Go on writing without reading what you wrote. Burn the paper or dip the paper in water and tear it.
              do it for the second day and so on till you feel that there is nothing to write

              • Thank you Naran. I want to let you know that the man who was bothering me has lessened his advances. This is unprecedented. I will continue to thank and forgive until it stops. i have not yet done the writing out exercise but I will try soon. thank you again. step by step everything is working.

  5. Sailing in the same boat as mentioned in Query 8. It feels horrible when your genuine good actions and gestures are not received in good sense and blamed for doing the same. Have failed to understand.

    • Be in chin mudhra and release all your present emotions and thoughts.
      Be in the heart Mudhra and say, “i release the unknown past memories that prevent me from giving” .
      Be in the Vital essence (hara) mudhra and chant “I release my desire to be loved and i love myself totally. (Right hand thumb touching the tips of little finger and ring finger while the left hand thumb touch the tips of middle and ring fingers.
      Be in the vitality mudra and chant “Be together Now divine”.
      Be in the pushan Mudra and chant “i release resistance to accept what is given.
      Be in each mudra for 12 minutes.

  6. Hi Sir,

    I am working in a company and our company conducts tests and we need to clear the same which will be considered for the appraisal/promotion. there will be 3 attempts per year. I am not able to clear in 3 attempts also in the previous year. This year i have got to clear it. Already I have taken 1st attempt and couldn’t clear. there are 2 more attempts left. I need to score 70%. There will be 50 questions and I have to get 35 questions correct to score 70%. But Iam getting between 50% to 66%(25 to 33 questions correct). I am really frustrated. Please advice some switch words.

    you had told me to chant ” ELM TOGETHER ”

    I am planning to take test in Feb 2013. Will it be enough to chant “elm together” .

    I am scared to take exam thinking if I will again fail. Please advice


    • Geetha,
      Doubts can spoil all our attempts. it is faith and faith alone that carries us forward.

      • Hi Sir,

        Thanks a lot for your advice. I took today online exam and cleared. I chanted “ELM TOGETHER” daily and also wrote 100 times in book 4-5 days before exam. Really feeling very confident now.

  7. Hi Sir,

    Me and my husband(Muralidhar R) have lots of debts (becos we incurred loss in business), now my husband stopped business and working in a company. Financial people who gave money are threatening that they will put case and all. We don’t have any intension to cheat, but helpless to raise money. Please help with swtich words and remedy to come out of this debts.


  8. Geetha,
    Take the flower remedies Mustard Rockwater Rockrose Chestnutbud in the mornings 2 pills each one after the other.
    In the night, before sleep,take each 5 pills of whitechestnut and sweetchestnut.
    write in a notebook “I am sorry please forgive me. violet flame! cancel all the debts carried from my past to count now” 51 times daily

  9. im indumathy,dentist,
    my clinic often becomes so dull without patients,pls suggest me what i should do to be busy always in my clinic with patients and increase the monthly income of my clinic.

  10. Sir i am in a job for last coming month i need 2days leave for sm persol work.what to chant to aprove my leave without any pqble.

  11. Rakesh,
    chant Waterviolet centaury holly hornbeam

  12. sir, after many years of wait i got visa for USA. but my fiancee and inlaws are not happy with my descision to go there for at least one year. he tells me that i give more importance to my parents and ignore him.he also tells me lot of things that are really hurting.i am in a fix.i have been calling wolf for help but troubles are increasing daily..please help me.

  13. Hi Sir,
    My son is in 9th class(icse), he was good in studies till 7th class and used to score highest in Chemistry and physics. since he is in class 8th he is not studing properly. He has school only 5 days a week and he doesn’t want to go to school at least 1 day in a week . Telling some or the other reason to take leave. I am very upset. Recently I came to know that his friends make fun of his surname, so he doesn’t want to go to school. I had met his teacher also and told the same.

    Also always wants to play games in Laptop and watch TV shows.

    In 9th class , he is failing in 5/6 subjects(Phy,Chem,Math, etc) in test/exam. He studies only during exam’s previous day.

    Please advice some remedy so that he will go to school regulary and gets interest in studies.


  14. Sir,
    I am not getting my call letter from the company after being selected. what should I do?


  16. Sir,
    My brother and his family are in the US. he is been blessed with a baby and she is 5 months old now. All these days his MIL was there to take care of the child. she came back to India recently. now he is asking my parents to come to US. but they are not at all interested as both having small health issues and they dont want to do there. They have tried to convince him to find someone there but he is not at all trying. Please suggest a way so that he understands my parents point of view and also please any mantra that my parents can chant so that he is able to get a good person ther who can look after the baby

  17. Anu,
    chant chicory to get a person.
    call wolf to resolve the misunderstanding between your husband and your parents.

  18. Higher officials signature required for getting pension. They are not ready to sign due to personal enemity, how to get my right of pension done soon. they sign my documents and change their attitude?

  19. pranjal,
    chant waterviolet gentian holly hornbeam aspen

  20. Hello Sir,

    I am working in a software concern. it has been long time since I am held up in a project and role. I have intentions of a job change and my job profile is such that I would need creative mind and innovative thoughts to outclass my peers and the same quality would help me to gain confidence in a job change. Hence my query is on the medicine or words through which one I would get an opportunity of a new Job or an overseas opportunity. In addition, I would also need medicine to improve my creative mind (to have one if I lack) and to have innovative thoughts which would help me to prepare and present myself superiorly

    Thanks and Regards

  21. prakash,
    Take the flower remedies WATERVIOLET OAK MUSTARD HORNBEAM two pills each three times daily

  22. Hello Mr. Naran,
    I have a question on a situation that is coming up in a week.
    There is a party in a week that is being planned by people with whom I work in the office.
    The thing is I am not interested at all to attend to party but feel obligated to attend as I have to meet the same people at work the next day. I have attended parties with the same people a couple of times ago. I do not like to go because at the party they drink a lot of alcohol, smoke cigarettes, give lots of bad words, bad-mouth other people. I do not drink and am not a social person too. I feel very uncomfortable sitting there. Also I feel I am creating lots of negative karma by listening and being in that environment. Do let me know what can be done. Thanks.

  23. Thanks. If time permits please let me know the meaning so that I can chant more effectively resonating with its significance. .

  24. Naranji,
    Could you please give a combination of switch words that can give one
    1. a perfect Health
    2. Abundant Wealth

    Thanking You,

  25. vinodc
    which you want first?

    • Naranji,
      I had posted my query on 28th may and a reminder after 5days on2nd June, but still have not got your valuable guidance. Please guide SW, Flower Remedies & Mantras for
      1. A Perfect Health
      2. Abundant Wealth


      • vinod,
        you have to shift your focus on positive; change your attitude towards yourself and the world. You are focusing on lack having grudges; get clarity see the world with new eyes, clear all your anger and resentment. Then you have both.
        “What is ignorance(night) to the ordinary is (Day) wisdom to the sAGE (one who has higher perception)” Bagavad Gita

        • Dear Naranji,
          Thanks for your reply. I am shocked to know how come you described my negative state of mind without even meeting or knowing me. You must be having some siddhis-divine powers.

          The reason for my being all the negative traits that u described is that almost last decade am suffering a lot in life be it my physical health, financial poverty and not even single friend despite of being good person with no vices and devoted to God- who guided me to you.

          Even as financial consultant people have benefited from my advice, but when i try to act on it myself something unusual happens and i fail and now become Bankrupt.

          So Please help me out

          Thanking You,

  26. Naranji,
    Off-course HEALTH ! as “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.
    But, why can’t we have both? 🙂
    As in todays world besides being physically & mentally fit one needs to be financially healthy as well.
    So please guide SW & Mantras,if any, for both -Perfect Health & Abundant Wealth-ASAP

    Thank You for all the guidance that you selflessly give to everyone.


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