CHANGE for a Better Offer

Niru, July 24

I want to change my job in the same company that I am presently working.

These days, my desperation is for changing the department but not the organization is increasing a lot.

Naran, July 27


Niru, August 29

As told by you I am chanting “Change Divine Order” as many times as possible and also writing “MIMULUS, LARCH” 51 times in a notebook (honestly speaking not every day).

I got an offer from another department yesterday. The HR formalities are still pending. I am praying everything should go smoothly and I should do extremely well in the new position.

One thing I noticed after I started writing Mimulus and Larch in the notebook is that I have become more peaceful.

Instead of worrying about what will happen to my future continuously now, whenever such thought comes to my mind I immediately tell myself ‘There is a divine force that will take me in the right direction’. The only thing I need to do is keep faith and keep chanting and believe in God.

Thank you for giving me this peace of mind.

Naran, August 31

Continue writing.


Niru, September 20

I am glad to inform you that I got a job in another department in the same company. I am chanting as told by you and writing as well.

Now my aim is to do extremely well in my new role and grow in position.

I also need the strength to take care of my aged parents and my daughter. Please let me know what I should chant for continuous peace of mind and prosperity in life.

Thanks you for your guidance without which I would not have had peace at all.




Change, Divine Order and Together are switch words, while Mimulus, Larch, Elm, Oak and Olive are Bach Flower remedies

Change Divine Order: to change the situation to divine order

Larch: for low self-confidence and develop an ‘I CAN’ attitude.

Mimulus: fear of future about job

Together: to bring all the forces inside us to achieve our objective.

Elm, Oak and Olive: will provide both mental strength with smartness (required in office) and physical strength (to handle parents and daughter).

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir!
    due to my husband sudden loss of job,i have become very depressed and sad as i am worried how we will get money for paying loans etc..My job barely covers day to day expenses.Please give remedy so he gets a suitable job at the earliest and i lessen my mental tension.

  2. There is need for US VISA ready candidate in a couple of BPOs. I happen to have visa.

    • Could you please suggest swithword to that i be shortlisted.

      • LOKE4300

        • It’s been almost 3 weeks since I have been chanting SWs given by you. Following are the results:
          1. Confidence and energy levels have increased.
          2. There is positive feeling in my mind [instead of fear/depressive thoughts]
          3. Getting phone calls from job consultants.

          However, things are not moving past phone calls for Job. I am broke financially w/o any job or bank balance. And this is very discouraging. Having money gives confidence.

          The SWs that I have been chanting: GENTIAN WILDROSE FIND DIVINE ORDER [as suggested by you for JOB], WATERVIOLET [to have friends] and FIND COUNT DIVINE [to improve my finances via trading].

  3. Respected Sir,

    My life is entirely changed with your divine help….now we have peaceful,harmonious and loving life. Millions of thanks to you…

    Today I am in an urgent need of your help. I m living in Australia since 6 years and filed for the Permanent Residency of Australia 4 years back….and today my application is opened and the officer handling my case is doubting for one of the document. That document was signed by person ‘A’ in 2008….and now this ‘A’ is not ready to cooperate with me ….to prove the authenticity of that same document. ‘A’ promised in 2008 to help me if required…..but now he is not ready to talk to me.

    The immigration officer has given me 28 days notice to prove it, how do I get it proved without ‘A’ s help….as immigration is asking to get some additional evidence from A to prove my eligibility .

    Please Sir help me to come out of this problem with positive result.
    It’s been 6 years in Australia….I am struggling along with my husband and two daughters to get PR of Australia. Finally my application is opened but ….with this problem..

    My application is opened after 4 years….that too in this big problem.
    I will be ruined if they come out with negative answer.
    Sir please help me ….how to convince ‘A’ to help me….just with his words….to prove my self correct for immigration officer .

    If ‘A’ say yes to help me… I will get this long long long ….awaited PR visa Granted otherwise Immigration will ask me to leave Australia in these 27 days….each day is a countdown now.

    Please sir help me to get my PR .

  4. Sir plz give me some Switch Word or Angel Numbers to get this problem solved.

    I need your Divine Help…..please Sir

    I have just 2 weeks to justify my document….in immigration.

    Please help me in urgent Sir

    • vj,
      chant MUSTARD WATERVIOLETROCKWATER MIMULUS HOLLY over a glass of water and drink it. write these names in a paper and keep it with you .
      download a picture of The Magician (Tarot card) and keep this under the pillow

  5. My present company is on verge of closing ,unable to find a suitable job, also suffering from bad back pain for last 3 years

    • DKS

      • Thank you Mr Naran, I have been chanting this for last one month but i dont see any positive reply, plesae help me over come my present problem. I was told by one of the astroger that my Gurubala is week hence i am unsucessful on my job search.

  6. dear naranji
    my husband hasn’t get a right job and promotion till now .he is trying for a job abroad but that too is late pls suggest any switch words inorder to get his dreams very fast

  7. hello sir, i have too much pain in my tail bone and unable to sit, even donut pillow is not helping. also cant lie on my left side because of pain in the outer side of my left thigh near side of my hip bone. please help with switch word or angel numbers.

  8. Dear Naran,

    I would like to receive a better rent on my accommodations. Most of all I would like to prevent my landlord from increasing the rate. what switch words do you suggest before I approach my landlord? Thank you!

  9. sir,suddenly today morning i got four black dots like moles on my face ,two on my right cheek n two on my left…m veryy much worried..i do not want them..pls pls suggest me some remedies ur the only hope for me

  10. R
    chant crab apple

  11. Sir,i need a job very badly m doing a course for two months for tat purpose…i want to understand it very well and get a very good job in a big company wit a good pay…also my husband wants to get a job abroad….we wwant to earn lot of money…
    pls suggest some switch words,gem remedies or bach flower remedies for ths….

  12. naranji
    i am chanting walnut clematis daily 300 times i didn’t get any possitive results what should i do? we need a job abroad asap .
    thanks for ur support

  13. unni,
    add Mustard holly

  14. Naran, what do you suggest for deep feelings of shame and embarrassment. Regards, grace

  15. Hi Naran sir,

    I am not comfortable with my current job which I have just joined 3 months back. I want to change it as my boss is troubling me now and then. Pls suggest some SWs so that I find a new job as soon as possible and I am comfortable working over there. Most likely I would like a job near my locality so that I can concentrate on a new business that me and my friend are thinking of starting. I am chanting the SWs for success in business that were suggested by you “Gentian Larch Hornbeam Honeysuckle”.
    Till my business gets started and stabilised, Pls suggest SWs so that I find a new job with a good salary package to continue with.


  16. naranji,

    my husband has not even get ajob abroad or promotion.i chanted mustard find divine order count now us .

    what should i do? pls give me some suggestion.

  17. unni,

  18. Dear Naran,

    My husband and I have been in the States for about 8 years, living in the same small town and doing the same job. We feel like stuck. We would like to move out to another city to get more opportunities but It has been difficult to get a job. We just want a fresh start, job opportunities so that we can move out. Please advice us what should we do? Thank you.

  19. Ruthieb
    Be in the following mudra for 30 minutes
    Thumb touching the index finger(both hands) and the rest of the fingers at the base of the thumb. chant Thanks Change divine order count now done.

  20. Hi dear Naran, we have completed a month doing the mudra (thumb touching the index finger and the rest of the fingers at the base of the thumb) and also the chanting thanks Change divine order count now done. We have not seen any changes yet. My husband has applied to some jobs but no one call for interview or anything.
    He had had an interview last October, but they stop the selection and they told my husband they would start the process again in January 2013 but they have not called yet. Why is everything stuck and not flowing? Please give us your guidance sr.

  21. Hi Naran Sir,

    Me and my friend are searching for a shop on rent to start our business but since 2 months we have not been able to find any. Can you pls suggest over it so that we find a shop at a perfect location where our business will run very smoothly with good profit and I will also be able to quit my job and look into my business permanently.


  22. Namaskar sir,i read so many blogs of u. Its realy an innovative way to heal life’s problems.i want to know smthng if u don’t mind……when a person chant Sw for someone else(to regain lost love,to get money,to get job or to pachup family querell)what should b our mind state that time bcoz the opposite person is nt listening my chant then how can it works even in cases when some1 brokeup the opposite one may stay far away.r this what we cal’vashikaran?Please Balakumarji don’t get me wrong as i never heard about this so want to know how it works.all done by divine?and my last ques r all religion same?do Allah,ISHWAR,JESUS hv any fight?this ques is for my Sis who loves a muslim guy bt they hv lots of sis somehow got to believe that as she is hindu so allah reject her for him and lord shiva reject him for her.she started to pray everyday that if Allah n ishwar r one then plz bring us also together in love and release all differences.Sorry for this huge Msg bt need to know all.

    • Sorry sir the last quary is for me also,why people fight n argue about religion if the almighty is realy there any mantra which can make a good relation between Hindu n Muslim and also Cristian.

      • Golu,
        all the conflicts quarrels are in the human mind only. We fight because we know that only. We quarrel because we know that only. Whether it is allah or ishwar, the divine wants one to surrender the expectation. God or divine has no name. We only name it as per our past. naming everything in the world is the human way.
        Loving or wishing is in your mind and it is yours. Fulfliment is not in your hands. It just happens. Accepting whatever happens will enable us to move forward and continue our work in this world.
        Dont feel sad if anything does not happen as per your wish. Dont feel happy also if anything happens as per your wish. The life is a game of dice.

  23. Hi I first wanted to thank on behalf of all the people who follow your blog for the unconditional help you provide! It is an amazing work you do! Thank you so much!
    I have a couple of areas that I really need help in
    1) My financial situation – am always short of money and expenses keep rising. To battle this, I want a top up loan on my Home Loan account and an overdraft facility on my salary account. This will temporarily help me. Please could you suggest switchwords for the same. I have also asked the Wolf to help

    2) I need to move back to Noida to be with my parents who are now old. I have got a job offer, which is for Gurgaon and the money is not much. Please suggest switchwords which can help me find a job in Noida itself.

    3) I had bought air tickets from Kingfisher. Now that they are not flying, my refund is pending with them. It is about 12000 which is a huge amount for me. Please suggest switchwords so that I can quickly get the refund from them

    Thanking you in advance

  24. Dear Sir, I quit my job 7 yrs back for looking after my kid and now i want to start a new business or do a part time job where i can do without disturbing my family routine and iam unable to decide on the options. pls advice and suggest me ..sir pls revert

    take the flower remedy scelranthus walnut two pills each three times a day for 15 days.

  26. Sir, i want to improve my relationship with this guy i like and be closer to him as well as he is working in a different country. I feel that he likes me too but there are just many hindrances like family. Can i chant something to work out all issues. Thank you.

  27. Hi Naran,

    I am Looking for a job for the past 2 months, I started chanting FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE. I did attend the interview and got an offer, but suddenly they are talking about lower pay package than originally confirmed. What do I do to get the previously agreed amount as payment?

  28. I am struggling on personal and professional fronts. At work, I am constantly overwhelmed with my work pressure, and have begun to lose interest in my job. There is a lot of office politics and insecurity. I seem to be in a constant negative state of mind and want to consciously get out of it.
    Personally, there is a lot of unrest. I want peace of mind and the best way forward for me.

  29. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website Best of luck.

  30. Sir,

    I have come across all your blogs on switch words i have chosen few of them which suits me. now I’m in need your divine help in getting USA opportunities for my husband. we have been trying hard for few years and due to some internal corporate politics he has not been rewarded to his hard work, Please help sir.Also we have been tying for second baby , but this is also not happening , please help in this too. I have been chanting more mantras, even though there is no positive signs till now. Please help me with the switch words and how many times to chant daily.

    Thank you In advance Sir,

  31. Sir,

    I have come across all your blogs. At present I am jobless . All My dad s property is in

    case . I am not able to find solution to my problems. I have chanting more mantra

    s since i there is no positive signs , please help me with switch words daily how many

    time I have to chant

    Yours sincerely


  32. Dear Naran,
    Please suggest the switch words to get recognition for my work, get good reputation among decision makers and get my salary raise.
    Thank you,

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