Centre for Harmony


CENTRE means nucleus. It also means the seed. What is a seed? Seed means the beginning of everything, the beginning of the problem, the beginning of a feeling and so on. For whatever the condition we are in, what is the beginning? The switch word CENTRE will bring that out for you.

Child bearing

Seed means child – everything comes from an embryo. For child-bearing chant TOGETHER CLEAR CENTRE DIVINE CHILD. This has to be chanted by the person who wants to have a child – both husband and wife.


Nucleus means gene. What is a gene? Your life path is enclosed in genes. To change this, CENTRE is the switch word. If you want anything to be changed from the beginning, from seed, from the gene, CENTRE is the switch word. You need not go for past life regression. When you feel the beginning of a problem then chant CENTRE. It will alter it.

Finding harmony with a person, you are in conflict with

 ‘A’ and I are quarrelling. Visualize A is on the left hand and yourself on the right hand.

Chant the switch words CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE, for a minimum 100 to 200 times. As you chant, bring the right hand closer to left hand slowly. Finally, both hands should meet (which should not happen before you finish chanting). Immediately harmony will be established between both of you.

When the hands come closer to each other, and if you find it difficult to merge both the hands, at that time chant CENTRE many times and finally it will merge.

Handling jealousy

If there is jealousy, same method should be followed. Jealousy is lack of love, so he is acting differently. So we have a technique now and we can handle that.

Whoever has more techniques, he will have more problems. All healers will have maximum number of techniques and therefore they will have maximum number of complaints/problems 🙂

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir,what is the pronounciation of word centre…..is it center or centree plz clear us.and when someone do it for regaining harmony with his or her partner shall we add partner’s name also,if yes then where

  2. Aparna,
    it is center.
    add anywhere

  3. One more ques sir,can i record the chakra balancing mantra in my mobile and listen it at night,i mean is that works….i want peace in my life.

  4. Sir,my husband has applied for a job abroad in his field of interest…pls suggest switch words for an interview call..this is a desperate situation,sir as he has been waiting for the same since a long time….many thanks…

    • Rushrush,
      chant gorse clematis find divine order count now done.
      you write this in a paper and keep it with him.
      chant this as many times as possible. keep the paper under pillow while sleeping

      • Balakumarji i hv recorded chakra mantra and listening it at night,but though at that time negetive thinking arises that me loosing my love forever whom i don’t want to loose in reality.and sir if i chant CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE r two hands comes closer by our own will or by mechanicaly.anything else can i add with this so that me and my loved one again come closer and regain true love.u can help me more than how much i can help myself.FIND DIVINE ANSWER.

  5. Aparna,
    continue your existing chanting

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