My Deposit is Safe

UPK, Sep 4th

Last month, after a long time, I could put a small amount as deposit.

Now my husband says he needs that money for some adjustment and that he will return it in 15-20 days. I do not want to give it to him, as I’ll not get it back. If I tell him ‘no’, then our relationship will get affected.

He is always after some loan or the other. What should I do? I do not want to break the deposit.

Naran S Balakumar, Sep 6th

Call WOLF and say this.


UPK, Sep 7th

I had been praying to Wolf to ensure that I do not have to part with the money since the day my husband asked for it.

Two days back my husband himself told me to wait till Monday, before I give him the money. Meanwhile, he said he will decide if he really needs this money or not.

I am praying to Wolf that he does not require it at all. I really thank Wolf for making him think like that and really pray that he does not need the money at all.

UPK, Sep 10th

Today he said he needs the money and will positively return in a week’s time. I am transferring the amount.

Please suggest me something so that he will surely return the money in a week’s time.

Naran, Sep 12th


UPK, Sep 14th

As per your suggestion for another query you had asked me to chant the mantra “LALITHAM LAMBODARAM”, which I had been doing it continuously.

I had chanted the Bach flowers a few times since the last 2 days and thanks to your blessings, my husband has returned the money which he had taken from me.

Thank you very much for your guidance.


Change Divine Order: Change to Divine Order; to bring peace to a conflict situation, this combination of switch words is useful

Wolf: When we don’t know how to interact with someone regarding some issue, the animal spirit guide will help us do it amicably.

Gorse and Chicory are Bach Flower Remedies. You can use them as switch words.

Chicory:  when you don’t want to part with your money

Gorse: no hope of getting the money back

Lalitham Lambodaram: a mantra to remove obstacles we are facing


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir / Madam

    I am very upset because I find my income very less to that of my expenses. And I have to shoulder the responsilibilities of my parents. My 3 brothers & 2 sisters families though staying separately are additional burden on me. Then my job where I am working 15years and I love this job. I don’t want to change this job but I see no progress in my income only which sometimes hurts. I have tried additional incomes but had met only losses and failures. Since 10years I am unable to buy a home for myself.

    Kindly suggest some solutions and hand mudra.

  2. kAUSHIKI,
    BE IN PRAN MUDRA daily for 15 minutes.
    chant GENTIAN LARCH OAK HORNBEAM as ,any times as possible

  3. sir ,

    we have started a business with a reputed call taxi. but we won’t get any profit as they promised. now we are in big trouble . this month we can not manage. because we have to give salary for our driver and should pay the EMI for car loan. kindly suggest me what to do and get a good business in a profitable way.

    Lakshmi .V


    Kunjitha padam sharanam

    As I am a meditator, I had got a message about 2 weeks before that there was a serious circumstance to befall my MOM, where she wud struggle between LIFE and DEATH.

    My mom was suffering from Kidney stones problem. Immediately, had a laproscopic treatment(stunt blasting). And she came out of it.

    After 18 days, suddenly she started suffering from loose motion, breathlessness. We rushed her to the hospital.

    After 2 nights, the doctor was able to diagonize the problem with PULMONARY EMBOLISM. Both her lungs had got infected. She had oxygen mask 24 hrs/day. She was quite a bold lady. This was one of the rarest of rarest cases in India(ratio being 1: 1 crore in India).

    I had no other option but to have faith in the ALMIGHTY.

    As I am a regular follower of My GREAT GURU “Naran Sir’s BLOG”, I wrote down the mantra “KUNJITHA PADAM SARANAM, WALNUT, RESCUE REMEDY AND put it under her pillow.

    Then contacted Madam Shobana to confirm, if I was correct. She asked me to add “SWEETCHESTNUT” to the list.

    During this time she was in oxygen mask for almost 3 weeks. And then after the 1st check up in the hospital, doctor reduced it to for 4 hrs of 24hrs and has a speedy recovery.

    Thanks to Lord NARAYANAN, in the form of Mr.Naran Balakumar and Madam Shobana for being at my side during the dark days of my life(afraid of losing my mother).

    Thank you once again.

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