Power Your Life with Switch Words


I wanted to narrate an interesting episode regarding switch words. There was renovation going on at home and I was using switch words and Mantras with great results.

I was talking about this to a friend who immediately mentioned that he has a problem. He said that he had an agreement with a builder to build some apartments in his land. The construction was completed and he moved in to one of the apartments.

However, there was an additional room, which was to be used as a boutique by his wife. This room was also completed, but for 7 months they were unable to utilise the room as the electricity department had not given the required clearance. The officials were citing the deviation in the original plan as the reason.

They had been really running from pillar to post but they were unable to get the connection even after paying additional money as bribes. Going by how Naran S Balakumar uses switch words I asked him to chant, “FIND DIVINE ELECTRICITY NOW ON”, assuming his wife may not really want to chant.

After this conversation, I was very busy with some work and I completely forgot about this whole episode. An hour later, I saw four missed calls from my friend whom I had spoken to earlier.

I called him and he sounded very excited and said that after I had given the switch words to chant, he had called his wife and asked her to chant the same. Within 20 minutes of chanting there was a call on the landline. It was from the electricity dept!!!!

The officials said that everything was cleared and that they would give the connection the following day. The next day the connection was given.

My friend is still unable to stop talking about it!!!!!!


Find: to find the solution

Divine: by luck or chance

Electricity: is not a switch word, but the objective

Now: when it has to be done? It has to be done now.

On: Not to get stuck up in the unwanted situation and move on.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. This is really wonderful. SWICH WORD MAGIC is in reality you be connected to the divine: divine receives the request: result is What you want..

    When connection to the DIVINE is established just by chanting the words we have the result in the materialistic world.

  2. AWESOME story! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am in extremely deep stress. My love is going away from me. We had lot of fights in the past on some reasons. And that fight has come to such a level that now she thinks that she cant stay happy with me. But i love her so much that i cant live without her. It is just a misunderstanding that has been ruining our relationship. I have tried to explain a lot to her about that but she is not ready to listen. I dnt know how to convince her. Now she says that she doesnt want to be with me anymore and told me not to msg or call her. I dont knw what to do. I am constantly praying to god that she comes back to me. I dont want to loose her for a reason which was completely senseless.
    Request you to help me with this situation. Pls suggest something which i could do so that my love comes back to me. I love her a lot, sir.


    • Kishor,
      when you love her, why this fight?
      What guarantee is there if she comes back, that you will not fight with her? you will do the same thing again and again.
      chant “CHESTNUT BUD CHANGE me”

      • Naran Sir,

        I am waiting for your response since 3 days.
        Pls suggest something over the above request, i.e

        “One more request Sir.
        What can I do so that she gives me one more chance to save our relationship gets back that confidence in me that I can keep her happy. As suggested by you day before, I am ready to change myself for her and I am chanting the switchwords CHESTNUT BUD change me.
        But she is not ready to listen to me anymore and since two days she have not talked or messaged me. To get a chance, atleast she should be able to forgive me and consider giving me another chance (atleast a last chance). If this distance goes on increasing, it would be impossible for her also to come back.
        All this has happened due to misunderstandings between us and the fights made it worse.
        First of all I need an opportunity so that I can start to get back that confidence in her for me and later on I would like to clear the misunderstandings between us alongwith changing myself. Pls suggest something for this.”
        God bless.

  4. It is quite true that SWITCH WORDS are producing miracles when uttered as it is bringing instant /immediate results and we can certainly reap the benefits as they are very powerful. I wud like to take this opportunity to thank Sri Naran for enlightening us with the divine gift and it is up to us to make use of the same . One should have utmost faith in the teachings as faith alone can move mountains thereby achieving the desired results/goal. Personally I have gained a lot after attending the many of the wonderful easy to follow classes. Especially, I have no adequate words to describe in words the help being rendered to us by the ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDE, the great WOLF in my personal and say to life. As it has brought me lot of solace and benefits like getting Railway Accommodation especially ticket, berth of our choice, dealing with Govt. departments, getting school admissions, upbringing small kids to rosy eights in the field of education and financial aspects.

    Once again thank Sri Naran for imparting the treasured knowledge


  5. Mrs. Pampi Rajib Prasad Sarma

    Hello Sir,
    Good Afternoon .
    I am married for 6 yrs(2006),till now 3 miscarriages. me and my husband eagerly waiting for a child sir. what to do in this regard? please help us so that we get a healthy child with long long longevity by grace of GOD and live happily and positively.

  6. Pampi Rajib Prasad Sarma
    hang a picture of Rabbit in the bed room.
    chant SWEETCHESTNUT WALNUT OAK GENTIAN CHESTNUTBUD over a glass of water and drink that water(both you and your husband)

  7. Dear Sir,

    This is Deep Here have been reading ur blog for a week now and have gathered courage to ask for help..Im not able to come out of a relationship and move forward..Got Married in 2008 and within two months of marriage my husband started beating me up..for no reason he would beat me..the first time it happened i was too shocked to say any thing to anyone not even my parents this continued till the few months we were together he would beat me..feel sorry and i would forgive..

    then for 6 months it continued like this till my sister in law came for delivery she beat me up in front of my husband and spoke in a very derogative way questioning my character..that when i couldnt take it anymore and walked out of the house..its been 4 years since this has hapened..he filed for divorce cos i was scared to go back to their house and asked him to stay seperatly which he didnt want to..he filed for divorce..

    im contesting it.. but for how long sir, its been 4 years now he doesnt want me..and i dont have the courage to sign the papers i dont know what is it that is stopping me..what fear i dont know but not able to sign the papers..everytime i see him i start crying..i dont know what to do..even though we were together for a few month i cant seem to move on from this marraige..please help me

  8. Dear Naran Sir,
    I think I have been constantly kept aside from main group in office, even juniors to me have been given wrong notion about me.

    and I sense I have been given unfairly small financial gains over last 2-3 years.

    So I need to work out solution on two fronts – to improve work-relations and to level-up financially.

    what to do in such case ?

  9. acommonstar,
    chant WILLOW PINE

  10. What could be the switch word to get rid off from debts?

  11. Narayan sir,

    This is deepti i have ordered the Remedy for courage i have to receive it yet..i am trying to gather strength to move on with my life..the other day i had been to court i saw my husband and all the resolve has left me..i cant seem to get over the marriage..can you please help me with switch words that i can chant along with the remedy..it will help both me and my family cos its not just me but even my parents are going through a lot of pain on account of me not being able to move on..

  12. Naran Sir,

    I and my friend are thinking of opening a cyber cafe together. We want to become independent of the office job and do something on our own. We have started to plan for the same. Pls some suggest SW for getting success in our endeavor.


  13. kishor,
    chant gentian larch hornbeam honeysuckle as many times as possible

  14. kishor,
    do it without knowing. if your left brain starts working wanting to know the significance, these words will not work

  15. Hi Naran sir,

    A couple of days ago I had asked you to suggest SWs for success in business that me and my friend are planning to start. You suggested me to chant ‘gentian larch hornbeam honeysuckle’. I have started chanting them.
    Now I am slowly gaining confidence that I will give my 100 percent to start the business and achieve success in it.
    Yesterday another friend of mine called me up and told me that he is working with some senior in partnership on a business and now they are in search of some resources. So he considered me for the same. Tomorrow he has called me to meet his partner who is a senior to us and that senior will be taking an interview of mine.
    I guess the SWs have started to work because of which I got this call from my friend.
    Pls suggest if I can continue to chant the same SWs or anything else for tomorrows interview so that I impress that person and he considers me perfect to work with them and selects me for their business.


    • kishor,
      add waterviolet for the interview

      • Thanks you Sir.
        One more thing I would like to share here.
        Since I have started chanting the SWs suggested by you, I am feeling very determined to achieve the results in my endeavor. Also I am getting new ideas on how to go ahead and how to improve further.
        I will continue to chant the SWs.
        I will definitely do it and will succeed in it.

        Thanks a lot Naran sir.

  16. Dear Naran ji, First of all, i would like to give my sharanagati to you as very holy and divine soul helping people free of charge for humanity. You are truly a divine soul on earth easing the problems of people.

    I have pigmentation marks on my face. What switchwords can I chant to erase those pigmentation marks.

    Looking forward to your reply

  17. Hi Naran Sir,

    Need help Sir, i want to know what to do to be the centre of attraction amongst collegues, boss,my family and amongst my friends and also people who i daily interact……..Wats the switch word that will make me centre of attraction for good reasons so that i will be always in the good books of everyone around me so that nobody hates me……..everyone should like me…….something that will attract love and affection from others. and never in anyone’s bad books.looking forward to ur reply Naran sir.

  18. kavi,

  19. Hi Naran sir,
    I am not comfortable with my current job which I have just joined 3 months back. I want to change it as my boss is troubling me now and then. Pls suggest some SWs so that I find a new job as soon as possible and I am comfortable working over there. Most likely I would like a job near my locality so that I can concentrate on a new business that me and my friend are thinking of starting. I am chanting the SWs for success in business that were suggested by you “Gentian Larch Hornbeam Honeysuckle”.
    Till my business gets started and stabilised, Pls suggest SWs so that I find a new job with a good salary package to continue with.

  20. Respected sir,
    my problam is that i am scare to be with the most important person of my life.i find myself lacking courage ,self love and self trust.which is putting trouble in both of our lives. i m fearing too much to loose him n be with him also.please help

    • Pami
      i dont understand your question

      • thanku for response sir,
        i am facing a problam
        i am loving and fearing the most important person of my life
        i always keep fearing of loosing him
        i want to be confident about his presense in my life
        please help

        • pami,
          chant chicory holly mimulus

          • thanku very much Naran sir,
            chanting is helping me
            i have two more problams…1. i find my self NOT trusting on any healing,i mean i keep swinging to trust n distrust.
            can any SWITCH WORD help in stability of my thoughts just on positive??
            2.. this distrust is not letting me have my financial help back from a person which is putting them in more trouble… i think problam mainly is of distrust
            can healing my trust help them n can i get mu money back ??
            with the switch word COUNT…??

      • please help sir

        • pami,

          • sir
            if there are two or more switch words to chant
            how should we manage …?
            how often should we chant one word or we can chant together ??

            • Chant them together as given for as many times as possible

              • means to come out of any situation…OVER MOVE ON
                and to make miraculous money … TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE
                goes like this… OVER MOVE ON TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE…??

                sir i myself learnt REIKI all three levels,merlin trinity,angle therepy… still holding fear,distrust,lack of love ,confidense,self worth,and must be some thing more…
                which is affecting people deeply connected with me…. my kids suffer…. waan improve n heal myself n them too…

  21. pami,
    First heal your fears. write all your fears in a paper. Then write Reki heal all my fears for my highest good. Then keep the paper in the hand and give Reiki. do this daily for ten minutes.
    Then take up the next one.

  22. HI Naran Sir,

    I am preparing for an important exam. Not being focussed at all. I have to develop high determination and study regularly and seriously. Pls help me to do it fast and write the exam in 45 to 50 days and get high results.

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