Your body loves these words

The main advantage of TOGETHER DIVINE is that all body organs like it. All the organs want these words to be chanted.

Body command centre

There is one more thing called “Body Command” inside the body. Under this command alone, all the organs of the body functions. Therefore, organs’ cooperation is very important. There should not be a mistimed in the body even for a single second. Everything should go on simultaneously. If it is mistimed then we are finished.

Co-operation of organs

If the heart says ‘I have forgotten to work’ and stops functioning for a while what will happen? No organ in the body can take rest even for a second. These organs will be functioning non-stop. All the organs are functioning cooperatively. The moment the cooperation is lost then some problem will be there.

Toning up your organs

TOGETHER is the mantra for toning up the organs. “Hey! Come on! All of you co-operate” – this is the command, TOGETHER gives to the organs. It is the sub-conscious mind which has built up the body. TOGETHER calls up all the organs and commands “Be in cooperation, don’t be in conflict”.

So if you want to be healthy daily you have to chant minimum of one Lakh times TOGETHER DIVINE.  It is difficult to chant for one Lakh times, so I have decided to make a CD which will repeat the words one Lakh times within half an hour. What will happen particularly if we chant TOGETHER DIVINE? That we cannot tell. It depends on each person. If all organs are in cooperation with each other, then that is enough.

Don’t be influenced by others

We need to look at other things like what these words do to us. If one person is under fear, the goal is to understand that and heal him. The same type of fear you may also get. So TOGETHER DIVINE has to be chanted more number of times. You are not supposed to feel the emotions of other person. This is very important. If we do that, then we will be creating nothing but rubbish for ourselves.

What we have to do is when you feel that you are getting the emotions of other person then you have to take the Bach flower remedy CENTAURY. Centaury is influenced by other person’s emotions. His energy field is always open. So you take Centaury and do chanting. Centaury’s message to you is “Do not keep your aura open”.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Great article! I’m going to experiement with this and see how it works for me.

    • Heyyy can u please tell the switchword for back hope of my boyfriend to continue our relationship and thinks that I’m the one for him
      Ps: he still loves me but doesn’t think our relationship is going to work out

  2. Hello Naran, Thank You so much for the wonderful articles and the Divine knowledge.

    a) I have interview coming up. Can you please tell me switch words to do extremely well in the interview and get the job offer instantly??

    b) How to get more physical energy to do tasks efficiently without feeling tired.What are the switch words for this?

    c) How to increase my job skills, knowledge, memory and confidence that I become an important part and asset to the company. What are the switch words for this?

    d) I have a persistent skin allergy from metals that doesn’t get healed. What are the switch words to heal?

    I will really appreciate your help. Thank You so much!!

  3. Thanks Naran for the insight. Please, does it mean that without chanting it for one Lakh time, it won’t work?
    Secondly, Naran, i have recently got the opportunity to do my MBA in London after so many years of trying and now that i have the chance, i don’t have the 6,000 poundsterling i need to do the course.
    Please, can you help me with Switchwords, or remedies to chant?
    Thank You.

  4. can i chant together divine for my husband , for his well being
    please, as he is having deviated nasal septum & eye retina problems i.e. weak spotsin the retina.

  5. khush

    • thank you sir, i will chant HOLLY TOGETHER DIVINE for my husband , would it be possible for you sir to explain as you always do as what does holly mean? please just to understand. thanks

  6. SmoothVisaTransfer


    to get a job. I also have more interviews this week which I want to pass.

    I am 95% sure I am getting a job offer this week and I am a little worried about my H1B visa transfer from my old employer to my new employer.

    Please suggest switchwords to have my job transition and H1B visa transition go smoothly.

    Thank You for your help. Switchwords you suggest are so powerful.

  7. Hello Naranji,,

    i am having severe chronic cough which leads to breathless and fainting and i also have a heel pain in leg. which mantra i have to chant. please reply

  8. Hi Mr. Naran, Thanks for all your efforts. You are awesome. Can you pls. help me find the best switch words for:

    1- Which switchword I can use best to help my child stop bedwetting

    2- Which switchword I can use best to Reconnect the relationship with a friend with whom I am not talking anymore

    3- Which switchword I can use best to help me Get my phone calls answered and returned by other people, (Clients and friends)

    Thanks and Regards

  9. Susan
    chant CLEMATIS WHITECHESTNUT for the bed wetting.
    chant REACH DIVINE ….(firends’ name) NOW TOGETHER

  10. Sir,

    My husband has weak spots in both his left & right eyes, on the retina, which the doctors have adviced to do laser sealing by which they seal the weak spots, so that a tear in the retina could be prevented later, Sir what should i chant as switch words? we are seeing a specialist on wednesday 25th april for a second opinion.
    please could you help us, thanks…. khush

    • khush,
      chant diamond find be alone

      • Naranji,

        THANK YOU i will chant “diamond find be alone” but if you could please explain, what it means so that when i chant, i can put all
        my sincere emotions & thoughts in it.Also sir will these words
        be able to heal the weak spots on the retina? so that a laser can be avoided please sir.

        • khush,
          diamond is specific for eyes.commanding the subconscious mind to be in good health (BE) and align the (ALONE) to receive the divine flow. Diamond will align the eyes to the divine flow to be healthy.

  11. Dear Sir,
    Is there any specific combination of Switch Words for handling stomach pain/troubles.? ’cause I get them often.

    Thanks a lot.

  12. Dear Sir,
    I feel anxious and have a constant tremor in my head/neck. Please let me know a specific combination of switchwords for handling this. Thanks.

  13. Dear Naran, I have a question. What causes persistent lateness? I have been trying to get better but it seems I am attached to this pattern. I hope you have some advice. Thank you.

  14. Any switch words or bach flower remedies to get rid of chronic constipation? Please help me Sir


  15. Dear Naran,
    ive had this extremely bad breath for over 10 years and it has destroyed my social life, i cant find a job, i cant even open my mouth around other people. Ive tried all sorts of treatments like herbal clinics, supplements, hospitals, switchwords like: HEATHER WILLOW, CRSTAL CLEAR, tapping and even concentric circles with switchwords.
    i dont have a dental problem, and brush very well, even though i have inefficient digestion, constipation and used to have acid reflux sometimes.
    Please, i want to uproot it once and for all so that i can find a job to survive.

  16. Sir,
    I am a housewife.I get tired very soon by doing all household work.Please suggest any mantra so that I can actively and efficiently do all my household work without getting tired.

    chant ELM OLIVE

  18. Dear Sir,

    I keep fast on a particular day in the week and doing simple dhannam in temple as suggested by astrologer. please suggest mantras to recite while giving dhan in temple.

  19. Dear Naran,

    do you recommend any switchwords for hand eczema?

  20. Sir
    Thanks a lot for the bachflowers you suggested. Sir my friend has acne on her face she has asked me to asked you to suggest for her bachflowers/switchwords/mantras. The acne happened just a year back it wasn’t there from before.

    Thanking you for your time and consideration


  21. paresh,
    ask her to take AGRIMONY CRAB APPLE WALNUT each three pills three times.

  22. Naran sir , Namaste ,
    I am 40 yrs now and lost a job all of sudden first time in successful career of 20 yrs . not able to get the job for last 3 months , seek your help and get the job

  23. uday,

  24. Thank you Naran Sir, will revert with the feedback.

    • dear sir, i started the chanting and with god grace , your valuable input , got 3 calls and 1 discussion at advance stage. should i continue with same words or else, pls advise, best regards,uday

      • uday,
        this is how one should approach for a solution to any problem.Feed back is necessary. One suggestion is given. it is not the end. The healing is something similar to peeling of onion layers. here the mind is to be peeled off, when the obstructing layer is peeled off, solution is born. Since we do not which is the obstructing layer, we have to peel one by one.
        now chant during the interview WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILDROSE MIMULUS.

        • dear Naran Sir,

          finally i got a offer matching my financial needs and of my experience. Thank you so much for your kind help for no reason. pls let me know if I can do something for you or someone else.

          pls suggest chant for successful joining and completion of probation period of 6 months

          thank you again
          best regards,Uday

  25. Respected Sir,

    As i had earlier written to you my husband has a deviated nasal

    septum,along with nasal polyp that is fleshy swellings that are on the

    lining of the nose, that makes it very difficult to breathe, a stuffy

    feeling in the nose, thus he has to breathe from his mouth… and the

    whole thing is very uncomfortable, makes him tired esily & its been

    for years now.In the night he cannot sleep without nasal

    drops ..Otrivin

    As you had suggested i am chanting HOLLY TOGETHER DIVINE
    but now its a month, but the above symptoms still exsist please could you help us again with what to do..

    thank you


  26. khush,
    add cherryplum and help him manage. The deviated septum is normally operated

    • Sir,
      how do i chant? where do i add cherry plum ? before holly or after, sir i m a great believer of your switch words, as many times they… thru you have helped me & my family, so please i know doctors have asked the nasal septum to be operated, but with your blessings & chosen switch words, maybe i can get over, this situation, where he can breathe properly, not thru his mouth.
      thanks a ton

  27. uday,
    question 58.
    chant Gentian scleranthus change divine order 100 times over a glass of water and drink it

    • Naran sir , you are amazing. i got a call on Sat after I started chanting Change divine order. today i had a successful interview and expecting final round of discussion within next 2 days . I need your help to make this interview happen , offer to get closed before this weekend. pls suggest the action/s. Thank you for this Divine help. best regards, uday

      p.s. it is little urgent n critical

  28. uday,
    chant gentian hornbeam find divine order count now done.

    • dear Naran Sir,
      finally i got a offer matching my financial needs and of my experience. Thank you so much for your kind help for no reason. pls let me know if I can do something for you or someone else.

      pls suggest chant for successful joining and completion of probation period of 6 months

      thank you again
      best regards,Uday

      • Congrats Uday. I m also inspired by you and practicing the bach flowers. Wishing you all the best.
        I m also looking for a job that helps me grow professionally and financially.

        Take care
        Thanks and regards

  29. Naran SIr , Namaste and thank you very much for guidance.

    Paresh ji, trust Naran sir’s advise and you will sail through. Thank you for your wishes


  30. uday,
    chant WATERVIOLET WALNUT HOLLY MIMULUS during your probation

    • Good Morning & Namaste Naran Sir,

      Thanks to your help , I could able to survive through these difficult days . Recently there was mass layoff but i could survive . At the same time I got offer from another company. Now I am in dilemma to take which path. pls guide ,

      Thank you again n best regards,

  31. Naran Sir,
    In your article “Don’t be influenced by others”

    You said: Centaury’s message to you is “Do not keep your aura open”.
    what we we do to have a closed aura?

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