Need a Worker


Can I use CONCEDE CLEAR DIVINE ORDER or CONCEDE CLEAR ON to get a home and office worker please?



(After a week)


Thanks Mr. Naran. I started to chant and in less than 2 hours I found a home worker.


Concede, Clear, Find and Divine are Switch Words.

Concede: Surrender to the situation. As soon as you surrender, you can find the solution for the problem.             

Clear: Clear the obstacles in front of you that stop you from finding the solution

Worker: the objective or goal. This is not a switch word.

Find: find the objective

Divine: by chance or luck

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Good Evening. My mother expired on Aug18, 2009. My father, brother are there. But still if I see any mother showing her affection to her child Iam getting lagged. that God has seperated my mother from me. I am married also. But still I am lagging for my mother’s affection. I trust If I get her blessings I can shine more in my life with all needs and deeds.

    Please suggest some remedies to get my mother’s blessings.Please.

    Thanks In advance.


  2. I’ve been trying to understand how to use this for a long time but I just can’t seem to figure it out…

    How do I switch words? I understand the meanings..but i don’t know how to use to use the flowers names?

    If I want to be happy what to do i say? if i want to lose weight then what do i say?

    and what do i say for my family members being healthy, wealthy and happy?

    and for a certain family member i want to put something under his pillow so he would regain his health..what do i write?

    To attract a certain person into my life is concede clear (name of the person) find divine hole correct?

    If you could answer me this..or at least direct me so i can figure it out myself i would be grateful from the bottom of my heart..

    Thank you in advance and blessed be!

  3. Dear Sir,

    Please suggest some switch words to keep under my husband’s pillow for the following reason:
    1. To divert his attention towards me to give birth to child. Since he is watching TV for a long time.


  4. upendrarani

  5. saraswathividya

    Dear Sir,

    Good evening.

    I want my Husband to be co-operative with me and my family. he is very calculative and money minded. he is not behaving as a proper son in law. i want him to behave as a good son instead of son in law. please suggest some remedies for the same.


  6. saraswathividya
    Take the flower remedies CHICORY HOLLY WILLOW WALNUT VINE- 2PIlls each one after the other three times a day.

  7. Dear Naran,
    Could you please suggest switchwords for finding purpose in life?
    Kind regards

  8. Tom
    placing both hands on the forehead and chant together divine for 5 minutes. then shift your hands on to the back head and chant together divine for five minutes. Shift your position of the hands every 5 minutes to different organs. Third; your eyes. fourth: ears. Fifth: throat. sixth: heart. seventh: liver eightth: stomach and spleepn
    ninth; below the naval. Tenth. back side coccyx.
    eleventh: Knees. Twelfth: Ankle . thirteenth: soles.
    In every position place the hands and chant together divine
    do this for 42 days

  9. Seasoncool Aircons

    i need a good worker for my office very urgent, please help me thanks

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