REACH for the Goodies


After I attended your Bach flower class last week, I rushed home, as I had to take my one-month old son to the doctor. I left the mobile in the auto I boarded and did not realise that until I came back home from the doc – almost two hours later.

Reach for the concerned person(s)

I just chanted the word “REACH” but in my mind I thought my phone might not come back to me. I called my mobile from my wife’s number. First time no one picked it up. Then my wife tried and someone picked. I grabbed the phone and I asked for my phone. By then the auto driver had left the phone in a paan shop near the stand outside your class room. I went and thanked him. As per my wife’s advice gave him some money but he denied. I forced it into his pocket and re-thanked him again.

Reach out for the Goodies  in the world

The word “REACH” has not only made me realise that I could get back my lost goodies, I was also happy to note I met three great human beings that day – the auto driver, the paan shop person and a petty shop person.

I thank these three great people, the divine force and you – whom I have been reintroduced in my life through Pushpa Maa, Boopathy, and Subash.

Lessons Learned

We are sometime so negative, and we always feel that only we are good and others are bad, which is due to our prolonged thoughts – pre-conceived notions.

I feel we have to work on them (pre-conceived notions) and use these tools – switch words, animal spirits, and Bach flowers to make merry in life.


Thank you for sharing the experience.

It is not because of “REACH” that you met good people. You were in the divine environment of (Bach) Flowers, which were there in your energy field. For divinity there is neither loss nor gain. It is these flowers, which were radiating through your aura.

How you were in Divine then? Chanting the names of flowers or discussion about flowers (by being in the Bach Flower Class) will keep you divine.

Best of Luck

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir,

    Please suggest me some switchwords to control my husband who is under the influence of his father. His father already have a good central government job with best income. But still he always bugs money from us where we ourselves struggle with lot of loans and other things. But he still bugs for money simply and his son (i.e)my husband not even speaks a word against him whenver he asks money and gives him just like dat . He is not caring for me and my child. He is not worried of my child education too. Please i request you to suggest me a strong switchword so that i bring my husband under my control and always keep in my control so that first he takes care on me and my little child.

    Waiting for ur reply,


  2. I always have doubt my husband is keen in meeting woman for enjoyment, because i saw all his dating website.I don’t know whether he is doing it for fun or interested to flirt around with woman.How can i find out the truth, any chanting can show me whether he is betraying me

  3. karan
    chant AGRIMONY CORAL as many times as possible.

  4. Dear Naran,

    There are no words to thank you. WOLF is a miracle, I am finding parking in the busiest and most crowded streets . I have used it more than 30 times, It’s really Amazing. In general I don’t like the combination of a sequence of Switchwords like HEATHER FIND DIVINE LOVE, so can you help me please:

    1- Which switchword I can use to help my 6 years boy to stop bedwetting (One Word)?
    2- Which Switchword I can you use to help me cool down?
    3- Overcome procrastination and postponing things
    4- Clear Clutter

    Thanks Naran you are doing awesome

  5. for a person who always saw success everywhere had to face all the downfalls , what can be done to breakthrough and again rise in life


  6. purnima,
    ask him to take flower remedies STAR OF BETHLEHEM, HORNBEAM, LARCH and RUBY (pills).

  7. hello sir,
    in continuation nothing to chant along with the pills till the time i get them

  8. Please suggest some switch words to chant before meeting gynacologist

  9. please suggest some switch words to get government job

  10. please suggest some switch words to get rid of uterus problems

  11. anusuya

  12. We are taking treatment for child birth. Doctor says everything is normal for both of us. But pregnancy is not confirmed. Tried IUI once in November 11, but failed. Please suggest some switch words to get success during medical treatment regarding progeny.

    Awaiting your reply.


  13. Dear Sir,


    I tried your Lalitham Sadashivam, Lalitham Chandrasekaram to own house before a month back only. Now my father has purchased a land and we are going to register it soon. Lalitham mantras are very effective and working fast. Please add some more mantras like this. I wanted to share this to all. I am also chanting Lalitham Srinivasam, Lalitham Padmanabham, Lalitham Damodaram for progeny. Trust will get it soon.Thanks.


  14. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your immediate response.


    I want to have baby naturally by taking medicine and want to avoid injection method (reason is injection is painful and not able to tolerate it).

    Also tried once and failed in it.

    Please suggest some remedies to get all naturally.

    Awaiting your reply.


  15. anusuya
    This is enough. chant with dedication and with the attitude of surrendeder.
    Add PINE also. This remedy will wash off your karma which is preventing you from getting the Divine grace(sweetchesnut). When Divine grace is showered on you you will give new life (creation, birth key words of Mustard). Do not think they are just words. These are names of flowers which are ready to do the work of Divinity. In other words, Divine works through these flowers. Think about them with gratitude and chant the names with tear streaking down the cheeks. you are fortunate to know about this.

  16. Hello sir , kindly give a bach flower remedies to have a relationship full of love , devotion ,harmony and comitment with the one you love.

  17. and sir how to get rid of alll the anger, negative emotions if any .. I want to heal myself and wish to never ever be agressive, proud or angry abt anything .. anytime ..

    please guide me with switch words, angel numbers, bach flower ..

    help . regards

  18. sai beti

  19. hello naran sir
    waiting for your reply

  20. Dear Naran,

    I just want to share my experience after reading this blog, I was out of job for last 1.5 years and 2 weeks back came across this website, just started to use SW Star of Bethlehem Rock Rose Find Divine Order Count Now. I got few interview calls already and in the final stages, I have no words but thank you and wonders at natures ways,

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