Reaching for greater heights


To find something that is misplaced, people swear in the powers of the Animal Spirit Guide Wolf. If you want to use switch words then say REACH, and you can find that out, anything and anywhere. You will immediately find out what is misplaced. You can also say GORSE REACH (Gorse is a Bach Flower Remedy). Names of all Bach Flowers can be used as switch words.

When you search the internet for your subject of interest, chant REACH.

Reach Vs Find

What is difference between FIND and REACH? REACH is more concerned with the effort. When there is a problem you will break your head. At that time FIND will not work but only REACH will, as the solution is within you. When your mind is completely confused whether to do this or do that, then REACH will work.

In FIND there is always a chance. Sometimes we say that, “I do not know and I must get it somehow by luck”. When you say “by luck”, FIND is used.

The following example probably differentiates between the two words FIND and REACH.

Achieving a Sales Target

You have fixed a sales target. If you want to achieve the target then FIND will work.

You are fixing up a target. However you are not reaching them. When this happens for 6 to 7 times then you have to REACH the target. When you fix a target for the first time, always say FIND. When you fix a target and not able to reach the target even after attempting 6 – 7 times then you say “REACH”.

REACH will bridge the gap between yourself and the target.

Getting spiritual insights

For getting spiritual insights too, we can use REACH. Why are we not getting the spiritual insights? We have not questioned ourselves. Because we do not know what is spiritual. We know the word spiritual and we do not know the meaning. We will be telling that we are spiritual, yet we are not going spiritual.

Those who think of the material will not get spiritual, even for a minute. This we must understand. As long as we are in the material world, spirituality will be zero in us. But in the material world we can handle spiritual aspects of our lives too.

How to handle that? For that we must be in balance. Even if we lose some money, say Rs.20000 today we should not worry. We should not think how to earn the lost money. If you are balanced this way, the money will come on its own.  DIVINE also means to rise above ordinary. That is why it is used to gain spiritual insights (REACH DIVINE).

Excelling in Every Aspect of Life

The switch word DIVINE stands for “Excellent”. To do any work excellently well and to achieve outstandingly, we can chant DIVINE. When you say DIVINE, even impossible things will become possible.

Aim for the Gold Medal

REACH DIVINE will work very well. Every year the student works hard and studies well. Even his mother also supports him during his exams by making tea etc. What he studies we do not know. The mother thinks that the son is studying well. Hopefully, the boy is really studying well! However, when he does not score good marks, she feels very bad.

So to stop that, chant “REACH FIRST RANK DIVINE”, “REACH GOLD MEDAL DIVINE” or “REACH NOBEL PRIZE DIVINE” – whatever you desire for.

Execute a project successfully

My student’s son is supposed to get a project in US. But he is not able to get the project. For that we can chant REACH. He is in a state of despair, so you can chant REACH DIVINE.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. i am pregnant and have a medical history of miscarriages, need switchwords for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery, also i need some switchwords for healthy child growth

    • Geetanjali
      write in a piece of paper REDCHESTNUT and keep it under the pillow, the energy of which will keep you from worrying about the child’s growth.
      Daily take a notebook AND write ELM SWEETCHESTNUT HORNBEAM WALNUT ASPEN REDCHESTNUT 21 times daily.
      Best of luck

      • Dear Naran Sir

        Good afternoon

        I have been chanting the switchwords given by you for my pregnacy and baby’s health. i had a pre term baby in 28th week of my pregnancy…she is in nursery at the hospital for past 6 weeks…
        she is doing pretty fine right now…she will come home in next 2-3 weeks time….

        please give me some switch words for her speedy weight gain and good health and good growth at all levels..physically , emotionally intellectually….

        would request you to give me some switch words for my own health gain and emotional stability to nurture my child well…

        Warm regards

  2. sir,
    i want my basement tenants to moove out but i cant ask them because they can create problems for me because when i asked them to moove out last year he refused and threaten me he will complaint about my illegal basement. sir please give me something to chant so they moove out themselves. thanks.

  3. arun
    chant CHCORY PINE ROCKWATER VINE CHESTNUTBUD ROCKROSE (more than 100 times)for one month and then ask him to vacate.
    CHANT namshivayam also.

  4. I’d like to know if REACH works also to meet someone. There’s a person I like (I see him sometimes at my workplace )and I’d like to get to know him, to speak to him, to meet him in pleasurable situations. Thanks.

  5. Chant REACH …………..(Name of the person)BETWEEN DIVINE NOW

    • Dear Naran, I’ve chanted it for 4 months, till today, I still see him but nothing happened, I haven’t spoken to him yet, I have to say that I don’t know his name, so I say HIM instead of the name, however my chant didn’t work and I’m too shy to approach him…

  6. Thank you so much for your reply, could you please suggest me some switchwords for getting rid of negative thoughts

  7. dear sir, please tel me what switch words should i chant ,how many times n days to get increment in my salary.

  8. dear sir,im currently working as a content writer whch involves a lot of creativity.What switch words should i chant to turn on my creativity?


  10. Dear Sir,

    I am facing many problems due to rat in my house. Please suggest some switch words and mantras to get rid of this. I am totally upset due to this. Please help.

  11. Wolf makes sure I catch the right train every day. Wolf never tires. Wolf has stalled trasnportation to wait for me! I am curious as to why wolf is so willing. Thank you wolf! Dear Naran, Can you write more about this?

  12. I desperately need a transaction to be successful by 31 Mar 2012 and receive money. Need to get success for my efforts and have job security. Need to shine. Please tell me how.

  13. AR
    chant willow and thank the rat for leaving the house.

  14. alamelu iyengar

    Can i chant willow for cockroch pest also.

  15. alamelu iyengaR

  16. Dear Sir

    Good morning

    thank you for your earlier switchwords….could you please give me switchwords for my husband..he has been working very hard but due to some reason or the other his promotion is getting postponed for past 2 years…this is causing lot of frustation in his mind and he is very upset

    • Dear Sir

      Still waiting for your reply, ..i also wanted to know if you have any sessions on swiitch words and batch flower in Delhi. i would like to attend your sessions in Delhi

      Warm Regards

  17. hello naran sir,
    my hubby always thinks i am faulty, even if i am not, things are presented in the wrong way in front of him by others ,i am alwaysthe loser how can i prove myself correct and impove

  18. Dear Sir Naranji….sometimes i feel like doing meditation but could not progress to do…..i want to be regular but somehow i would not….i want to have regular meditation…pooja..aaradhna…why it is difficult for me to do….any remedy according to bach flower,animal wisdom sw …..even in work…cooking…my work always remains pending….kindly help.

    • SNM,
      take flower remedies ROCKWATER CENTAURY SCLERANTHUS 3 pills of each with a gap of 5 minutes between each remedy. Take thus three times.
      Before sitting for doing pooja, take whitechestnut three pills.

  19. Dear Naran, my skin (body and face) and my hair need a rejuvenation, a renewal, this isn’t just a vanity issue, but also a spiritual need. Please help me if you think this is a good thing.

  20. take the flower remedies AGRIMONY BEECH CRAB APPLE HORNBEAM.
    During this time, be honest with yourself and others.

  21. Dear Mr Naran

    please suggest switchwords for my husband for his promotion and financial growth at work,

    Warm Regards

  22. Geetanjali

  23. We need to clear a big debt by mid april.Please suggest a switch word which I can chant on behalf of my husband.
    Thanks in advance

  24. Protima

  25. Thk you very much for the quick response. Do I have to chant it 100 times?

  26. Mr Naran, I am still awaiting your reply.

    Thank you

  27. Dear Mr Naran

    Thank you for the earlier switch words for healthy pregnancy i have been chanting and writing the suggested switchwords regularly , next week i hv to go for some special ultrasound for ensuring that the child is healthy and there are no problems. i am nervous could you please suggest some switch words for reducing my nervesousness and for ensuring the child is healthy at all levels

    Warm Regards

  28. Geetanjali

  29. Dear Sir,

    Good Evening. Please suggest some remedies to get my husband’s share from my father in law. He is around 77 and not opening his mouth regarding this. I have two sister in laws and one brother in law. One house and some cash is available with him. They are using it. But he is getting old. I request him to offer our share. because we are in financial crisis now. but no use. he is quiet. my husband is also not asking him anything. Please suggest some remedies for the same. I need my husband’s share immediately. Please help.


  30. meenakshi
    chant STAR OF BETHLEHEM (TO RETRIEVE) GORSE(to have faith in human beings) SWEETCHESTNUT (to open up to divine grace)
    WILLOW (not to blame) PINE (to be worthy of receiving help)

  31. hello sir,
    if i have to improve my relationship with me hubby which is a very strained one using the circle technique how do i proceed. first write my and his name in between a circle, then write CONCEDE CLEAR
    CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE draw another circle, can i write anything esle also and draw a third circle maximum how many circles to draw??
    then keep the paper under my pillow or reply, thanks

  32. hello sir,
    if i have to improve my relationship with me hubby which is a very strained one using the circle technique how do i proceed. first write my and his name in between a circle, then write CONCEDE CLEAR
    CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE draw another circle, can i write anything esle also and draw a third circle maximum how many circles to draw?? can i add HOLE in between if so where
    then keep the paper under my pillow or reply, thanks

  33. Dear Naran, I lost my badge 4 days ago at my workplace and I need your help to find it, thank you so much, you have already helped me earlier.

  34. Sir,
    I am chanting ‘GORSE CHICORY PINE
    though 1/4th of the debt is repayed and thks to you, there is still a lot to be repayed. Plz help. We are at our wits end…..
    The situation is such that even with enough hard work, due to external situations ,he is not being able make money. You are our last hope.
    Thank you for helping.

  35. PROTIMA,

  36. Sir, which switch word/mantra should I use to get success in share market?
    please reply.

  37. sir please reply.

  38. Hi Naran.My name is Lanu and i work for a reputed company. Recently i gave an interview in my company itself for a higher and better position and my interview also went well. However, there is another senior candidate who also attempted for the same post and now there is a tie happening between her and me. I need that position badly. So please kindly help me to get this job and become successful. You are my only hope!!!

  39. Sir ,please guide me with switch words so that I can find a good commercial as well as residential property to purchase within my budget.presently living in brothers house.

    • naresh,
      why do you want both?

      • I want both together because it is impossible for me to purchase Seprate as prices for shops are near crore.i want some property on main road so that I can run buisness on lower part and can make two or three bedroom for my family because my shop is also on rent and I have two sons whom I have to settle later and I am only earning member.

  40. Please tell me some switch words to chant so that my wife’s mother and her sisters stop misguiding and interfering in my life and my wife can give regard to my family.

    • raht,
      chant BEECH WILLOW WALNUT CHICORY CHERRY PLUM HOLLY 100 TIMES over a glass of water and pour this water in the common drinking water.

  41. Dear Naran ji, to chant Reach First Rank Divine, can we chant this on behalf of our child. How many times? Do we need to chant over water and give them to drink? Appreciate guidance. Find Divine Answer Now Thanks.

  42. Raj,
    yes yes. 100 times, by holding a glass of water. give this water to the child. very good it is a good combination for the child.
    Add SLOW CARE to the above combination of switch words

    • Dear Naran ji, so we add SLOW CARE at the end or beginning. please advise the correct string i.e. REACH FIRST RANK SLOW CARE DIVINE or SLOW CARE REACH FIRST RANK DIVINE. Very grateful.

  43. raj,

  44. i want to increase my height.plz which chant for me.

  45. Dear Naran Ji,

    I have been trying to obtain an award from the Government but have not been successful in the past. This could be due to some obstacles.

    Please give me the right switch words to chant to obtain the award from the Government that I wish for.

    I shall deeply appreciate your assistance.


  46. JIT,

  47. sir,i have pimples and marks on my face please give me powerful switch words to get rid of this problem soon .

  48. Ramya,
    contact the centre and get the remedies

  49. Dear Naran Sir,

    A very good evening,

    With gods grace i have been blesssed with a healthy child and she is doing very well, i have been chanting switcwords from the time of my pregnancy, now that my daughter is 6 months old i want some switch words for her good overall development and i also want some switchwords for my own good health, i have beenhaving lot of health issues i just had a surgery also, some swtich words to regain my health back

  50. Geethanjali,
    together reach be now

  51. My daughter wants to participates in dance.She wants to be selected in selection round.What can we chant.Thank you.

  52. i want to go to ludhiana & stay with my parents with my husband for few days. But my husband hate my parents & never goes & also is not allowing me to go.Pls suggest how can it happen that he himself takes me to my parents.

  53. pls reply

  54. thank u so much m.i will do as u said. wanted to ask wats the purpose of these switch words-OPEN ALIGN RESONATE mentioned in the above link given by u

    • Vinkal,
      My suggestion was to call wolf… and to use thank divine grace….
      I got this meaning from blog for Open align resonate “I open up all parts of my mind and align them to resonate to the Divine grace of …..(wish)

    • Thanks M

      Each type of energy (divine, love, anger etc) all of them resonate on a specific frequency.

      You OPEN yourself to that energy by ALIGNING with that energy and RESONATING in that frequency.

      Two days back Naran suggested me to align my fear of insecurity with divine flow, and fear with fearlessness.

  55. naran sir,
    my neghbour house is constructed without leaving space for compound wall 2 floors ,by which our house is not getting sun race and no ventilation now againg he is constructed 3 more floors kindly help me in this regard he had more space to south side where he can construct any number of floors he want. sir our house is west part of his house .

  56. guruji
    we are constructing new house were we find pest on walls with mud how to control them if we do wood work after complection how to control pest which is spoiling big tress and even it is forming on walls

  57. naran sir my husband as given surerity to his friend know he not paying the amount to chit company ,they have sent us court notice to pay by 2 months ,sir help us let his friend pay the amount and free us from this problem.

  58. I have been experiencing obstacles and i have been failing in whatever i undertake. On march 28th of 2013 i underwent a training known as social bookmarking which can be done as an online job for which i have to collect 200 social book marking sites URL meeting certain criteria’s . From the day i started to work on this, i used to face some obstacles, computer will become out of order , internet will fail or either my wife will create some problem especially for me, i will be facing health problems ( i am a level 2 reiki practitioner)or simply without my knowledge i will be doing something else. To add fuel to my problem i am unable to get urls meeting the criteria set out by my trainer. Please Sir kindly send me switch word statement so that i can successfully compile a list social bookmarking site list and start earning by doing social bookmarking as an online job

  59. Hi Naran.

    I want a new opportunity to make a good income. Currently, I’m a street hawker and my small business is doing quite good. But I find it that is not what I wanted. I can’t stand the hot sun and heavy rain stumble unpredictable! I can feel that I don’t belong there but I’m absolutely clueless what should I do, should I venture into other business as I don’t like to work for employers? I’m totally lost. Naran, please advice. Thank you.

  60. How can l save my present job?

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