An Incredible Story!!!


I have been doing quite well at my job over the past few years. In my opinion, continually doing my best to complete what is asked of me in a timely fashion.

Earlier this year a new boss entered the company. A few months ago, I was assigned to work with him. Much to my dismay the new boss gave me several assignments to do complete all at once and over a period of weeks continuously complained that I was not fast enough and that the team members I was working with were not good at their job. I consider them experts in their field and relied on them heavily.

The boss was generally very negative and working with him dramatically altered my mood. As time went on I started to hear from some of my other managers of his complaints and worried about what they would think about me.  Previously, I had been very highly regarded.

Interestingly, enough his demanding unreasonable ways are not what pushed me to seek help but rather his critical perspective which I found intolerable. Not knowing what to do, I started chanting DIVINE ORDER on my own.

There was some improvement and I started to get more support from my managers. For the most part though, nothing was done about my growing workload. I tried to bear it as best as I could.

Meanwhile the threat of the new boss talking to others behind my back was causing me some serious anxiety. I realized through Naran that I could also chant PRAISE. I want to note that at first things got a little bit worse – several high pressured deadlines etc.

I reached out to Naran again since I didn’t know what else to do…I had tried to accommodate incredibly tight deadlines and it seemed nothing would make this man happy. Naran told me to chant CENTAURY HOLLY PINE. I also added WILLOW based on some advice Naran had previously given me for home related issues.

The pressure came down quite quickly after that! I also noticed that I began to receive PRAISE from so many other places at my job. My other managers even met with me to let me know they realize the situation that I am in and offered to help me manage the intense workload in whatever way they could.

It’s hard to explain how dramatic of a turn around this was.

Also – and best of all there is some distance between my unreasonable boss and myself. He has assigned less and started to appreciate some of the work I have done for him in the past. I have also realized I need to be more compassionate towards him since he was obviously dealing with some stressors which may have caused him to behave this way.

In general I am WAY more relaxed at work which is good for all parties involved.

The chanting provides a mental/emotional shift which changes how you feel about people, situations and things.

Somehow the situation changes for the better. I learned through this situation that there was a pattern on my part regarding a hyper sensitivity to criticism. Instead, of hating him, I can thank my boss for helping me improve myself.  Incredible!!!


Our past is repeated, until we learn our lessons.

DIVINE ORDER: Switch word to turn a situation from Chaos to Normalcy.

PRAISE: A switch word that will make you praised by others.

Centaury, Holly, Pine and Willow are Bach Flower Remedies.

CENTAURY: If you are unable to say no

 HOLLY: To bring down intense rage/anger

PINE: from feeling low to feel good about oneself.

WILLOW: to bring down the resentment and blaming tendency.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi Naran. Your site is so good and effective. Can you help with the best switchwords for:

    1- Finding a parking in a parking lot.
    2- Improve the relationship with a specific person,
    3- Get my calls answered and returned by other people

    Thanks a million

  2. kook
    1. Go to the animal page of this site and read about the animal sprit WOLF. he will help you to get the parking.
    2. Chant, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE WITH ……(name of the person)”

  3. Fantastic post! Very inspirational! Thank you for sharing!

  4. All that you are is unbelievable. I am truly grateful to know you Sir. Thank you for your unwavering support. I am sure all the people who have come across this site are truly blessed. Thank you for being there Guruji.
    Kind regards

  5. This story is true. Please jsut do it as Naran says. You will not regret at all!

  6. om sairam

    Hello Sir,
    This is uday who attended your bach flower last week. i finished your class rushed home as i had to take my 1 month old son to the doc. so i left the mobile in the auto i borded and did not realise till i came back home from the doc (almost two hours) later.

    i just chanted the word “reach” but in my mind i thought my phone might not come back to me. i called my mobile from my wifes number first time no one picked up , than my wife tried and some one picked i grabed the phone i asked for my phone the auto driver left the phone in a paan shop near the stand outside your class room. i went thanked him and as per my wifes advice gave him some money but he denied i forced it into his pocket and re-thanked him again.

    The word “reach” has not only made me realise that i could get back my lost belonging, i was happy to note i met three great humanh beeings that day the auto driver the paan shop guy and a petty shop guy. I thank these three great people, The devine force and you whom i have been reintroduced in my life through (puspha maa, Boopathy, Subash)

    we are some time so negative, and we always feel only we are good and others are bad because of our prolonged thoughts (pre-concievednotions)
    I feel we have to work on them and use these tools(switch words, animal spirits,bach flowers) and make merry in life.


  7. udaykumar,
    Thank you for sharing the experience. It is not because “REACH” you met good people. you were in the divine envornment of Flowers which were there in your energy filed. For divinity there is neither loss nor gain. It is these flowers, which were radiating through your aura. chanting the names of flowers or discussion about flowers will keep you divine.
    Best of Luck.

    • My shiridi experince.

      Dear sir, i was at shirdi on a thursday(8th march), i was chanting “gorse” as i wanted a good darshan during my Arathi which i booked on line, But i was dissapointed as i was pushed to the corner behind a pillar and was unable to see my lord hari.

      That night i as dishearted and thaught the bach flower dint work. next day an amazing experince took place. i got the oppurtunity to do the counting of the sansthans donation and as i wanted to count 100 rupee notes i was given the line of counting the same where i sat for more than three hours sagrigatting the currency. i also met likeminded people who shared the great leelas of Sai maharaj. i was also given the oppurtunity to walk up in the line where i litrealy had a long conversation with my saimaa.
      the most amazing thing was i was at the dwarkamaai where i said baba i want to sit and meditate, This is quite difficult nowadays as the crowd is high and the security dosent allow. but as i went near to the dwarkamai the security opened the gate and turned around i just slipped inside ans sat closing my eyes ans said no one is distrbing me till i open my eyes.

  8. Mr. Naran


    Information and messages on your site are guiding path to people like me.

    WOLF friend helped me alot.I came to know this site only last month.

  9. Mr. Naran.

    I need help wich swhitchword for my financials. I need a huge, huge sum of money byt he end of this month. But I don´t have them. I am desperate. Can you please help me? I need the advice how often ahd how I should chant? I am so desperate and I don’t have anyone else to ask for the help.

    Best regards,

  10. Loona
    chant MUSTARD FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW ON. chant this as many times as possible.

    • Sir, I have read that you somtimes suggest SWEETCHESTNUT and IMPATIIENS, but in my case you suggest MURSTAD. Is there a difference in thees words?


    • Mr Naran,

      I hav now chanted the suggested words you gave me and already I have seen some positive changes in my financials. I am so grateful and just would like to thank you. I will continue chanting the words, there is still some changes I need. But the words is magic, i feel it inside me.

      also i would like to ask for some words for improving eye sight. I am nearsighted and wear glasses. I would llike to get rid of them and would like to know if there are words that could help?

      Thank you!


  11. Thank you sir! I will start at once. I do hope iI can came back to you if I have futher questions?

  12. Dear Naran,

    There are no words to thank you. WOLF is a miracle, I am finding parking in the busiest and most crowded streets . I have used it more than 30 times, It’s really Amazing. In general I don’t like the combination of a sequence of Switchwords like HEATHER FIND DIVINE LOVE, so can you help me please:

    1- Which switchword I can use to help my 6 years boy to stop bedwetting (One Word)?
    2- Which Switchword I can you use to help me cool down?
    3- Overcome procrastination and postponing things
    4- Clear Clutter

    Thanks Naran you are doing awesome

  13. Sir,
    Please suggest me some switchwords to control my husband who is under the influence of his father. His father already have a good central government job with best income. But still he always bugs money from us where we ourselves struggle with lot of loans and other things. But he still bugs for money simply and his son (i.e)my husband not even speaks a word against him whenver he asks money and gives him just like dat . He is not caring for me and my child. He is not worried of my child education too. Please i request you to suggest me a strong switchword so that i bring my husband under my control and always keep in my control so that first he takes care on me and my little child.
    Waiting for ur reply,

  14. I am Badly seeking ur help


  15. Dear Naran,

    There are no words to thank you. WOLF is a miracle, I am finding parking in the busiest and most crowded streets . I have used it more than 30 times, It’s really Amazing. In general I don’t like the combination of a sequence of Switchwords like HEATHER FIND DIVINE LOVE, so can you help me please:

    1- Which switchword I can use to help my 6 years boy to stop bedwetting (One Word)?
    2- Which Switchword I can you use to help me cool down?
    3- Overcome procrastination and postponing things
    4- Clear Clutter

    Thanks Naran you are doing awesome

  16. Uday
    You have missed one more chance.

    You will understand GORSE or for that matter, no flower will never fail you or anybody.The flowers always expect us to rise above our lower consciousness -lower mind.

    Why Gorse did not work on the first day? has it not worked? has it wanted you to view or look at things differently. The first day, you did not get darshan as desired. When it was not happening, it tried to tell you,”Have darshan of all the devotees. See Sai baba in them. Each and every person around you is nothing but Saibaba. Once anybody goes inside the temple,all minds are filled up with the figure of Saibhaba and all the lips chant SAIBABA”.

    Instead of worrying, if you had concentrated on these apsects of Divine Sai, your mind would have been elevaated to Divine consciousness. Probably this is the lesson we have to learn from the Divine flower GORSE.

  17. Hi Naran
    I’m Facing Lot of Difficulties in my life. i feel My professional and personal life is screwed up. i work hard in office but my boss never appreciates it and always underestimates me in front of others. tried everything but in vain. i’m also using Bach flower remedies- Willow,Mustard and Wild Oat. please help me

  18. subha,
    Everyday, while going to the office thank your boss colleagues and your work. visualise him appreciating your work. Say i thank the divine for understanding him. write WATERVIOLET HOLLY MIMULUS in a paper and keep it with you. Release your resentment against him. Everyday, night forgive him and go to bed. I …forgive you….. You please forgive me. chant this 100 times and go to sleep.

    • Hi Naran,
      I really dont know how to thank you, my life has become ease.
      God bless you.. my boss started to appreciate me and understands things from my point of view..
      Now again i’m having two issues
      1. I’m getting married in January and hence i’m resigning my Job. But i need to pay nearly 1 lakh rupees as i’m breaking the bond amount. which i’m not able to due to my financial Constraints.
      I heard that my boss had reduced the bond amount for other collegues, so even I approached him and asked but in vain. Kindly help in reducing the amount and really dont know how to approach. Kindly help since i have no one to seek help
      2.There are many people how are trying to break my marriage and are feeling Jealous since my fiance’s side is very well-off.
      I’m very scared.Please help me.

      • subha,
        Daily write in a notebook WATERVIOLET HOLLY HORNBEAM TOGETHER DIVINE for 21 times. Write this separately in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
        Best of luck for everything in life

  19. hello sir,

    I was just wondering what switch words should I chant to attract a love partner into my life.

    thanks !

  20. masha,

  21. thank you very much! i will start doing that!

    but i have one more question. Should i chant CONCEDE CLEAR CENTER before the rest of the switchwords or its not really necessary?

    thanks again for your help and time.

  22. MASHA,

  23. Hello Naran,

    I was wondering what words I should chant for financial stress. I am behind on rent for last month and this month, and it is due immediately. I do not receive any money until next week, but that will not be enough. I need a money miracle to pay this rent to avoid eviction.
    Thank you,

  24. Nicky,

  25. Dear Naran,

    Is it that switch word can be any positive statement or have any specific rule .

    Regards ,


  26. Deepashri,
    no statement. They are words only.,

  27. my son aged 19yrs a adhd from childhood has severe behaviour problems coupl\ed with severe temper tantrumsunreasonable demands,hatred for people at random for no reasonsincoherent irrelevant talks and of late imagines many unrealistic things like next birth,qaccidents etc.He is on medicines for the last 7yrs .nothing seems to be working well.he has completed 12th.and want proper guidance and remedy to bring him out of thiis crisis.he is also this a medical condition or his karma.revert back to me at the earliest.

  28. dear mr.naran kindly help me with effective remedy to bring my son out of this mental crisis

  29. govind,
    meet me in person.
    in the meantime, chant hold divine over a glass of water and give him.
    you consider him normal.

  30. Dear Naran,

    I have been acused of something I have not done and there could be a court case. What shall I chant? Thank you a lot.


  31. jelena,

  32. Dear Naran,

    I have been out of a job for the last year and am desperately looking for one, without any success. Please advice a chant which will help be get back on track again!


  33. dear sir, wat word shud i chant to bring back a good friend who is my collegue in my life….she was very caring and loving, but suddenly is not talking to me and is avoiding me. I hv no clue why she is behaving like this, but I want her back into my life with the same understanding and concern she had for me, please help.

  34. Sir,
    How to use the switch words??
    Can u suggest me some words :
    I want to get married to my bf, he says we doesn’t have future..
    I want to to start my career in a reputed software company..

    Thank you..!!

  35. Sir,
    I want to get married this year. However the person who I love is my friend. Though he initiated that we give our relationship a try, now he wants to get back just being friends. One main reason being, there are some issues going on in his life and wedding is last in his list. Can u pls help me with some remedies, where he is attracted to me for a commited and lasting happy marriage.

    Also I am trying for a job change, help me get one with abundant pay and travel abroad, and a strategic role.

    Thank you so much and gratitude for helpinge with the switchwords.

  36. Namaste Sir.
    I want you to guide me with a way to bring back my husband who have left me a year back and have no contact since then. I have tried many things like puja and all but nothing seems to work. Im suffering a hell lot of pain mentally as I really love him a lot. Also help me with improving my in laws thoughts towards me as this affects my husbands behavior and thoughts a lot. Please guide me a way as when I went through your website I saw people who have had their troubles solved which increased my faith in your suggestion a lot. Awaiting your reply.
    Thank You.

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