Find Your Life-Partner

To get a life-partner chant the switch words, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE PARTNER HOLE”.

HOLE means to attract, to pull. Wherever there is a hole we have inquisitiveness. HOLE will attract. When you go on chant HOLE, your attractive power will increase.

So what is happening when we chant the above switch words for a life partner? Let us see.

CONCEDE – I surrender,

CLEAR –let there be light,

CENTRE – on the seed of the problem,

FIND – winner, by chance, win the hands of the life partner,

DIVINE – miraculously,

PARTNER – is not a switch word but the goal or objective

HOLE – I increase my attractive power

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I find this site very interesting as have never heard of switchwords before. Sir, I would like help in 2 things and would like to know what to chant, write etc:

    1) I would like to be transferred or moved back to my old department/section in my office where I was very happy and peaceful.

    2) I would like to attend meditation programmes held overseas and would like my leave approved by my superiors without any obstacle/hindrance. For your info, different levels of meditation programmes are being held in April and then later either in May or December in different countries. I am afraid I may not be allowed to attend both in 1 year. Also, the audit check from HQ is during April in my office and it’ll need a miracle to pull off a leave approval at that time.

    Actually in both cases, a `miracle’ is needed as it seems very difficult to even contemplate both succeeding. Sorry, if I sound negative but have been praying hard esp for the 1st and nothing seems to be working out.

    Can you please help, Sir.

    Thank you


  2. MDevi

  3. Thank you Sir, But what are the meaning of the individual words.
    And do I need to chant the dept I want to go to? Am afraid I’ll be moved elsewhere.

    Also, can these words be also used for getting my leave approved whenever I want it?

    Thank you


  4. Sir,

    Can you help, please? I am having a lot of pressure at work so much so, the moment I awaken I dread going to work. Its esp worse after the weekend off. Just thinking about work, makes me depressed.
    It doesnt help as the work load is massive & my boss is a perfectionist. As I mention earlier, we’ll be having the audit and the pressure is ridiculous. I really would like to be transferred to a dept of my liking. I also read somewhere that the switchword TAP is used to change someones mind. Can I use that to convert my bosses to
    put me in another dept.

    Thank you


  5. Thank you Mr Naran, I will try and use the words you suggest.

    Also, can you please throw some light on TAP and the number 520. On what context can these be used?

    Thank you


  6. Dear sir, I’m so depressed I really need your help with two things:
    1) My father died 8 years ago and I have not gotten anything from his estate because he did not leave a will. My step mother sold one of his buildings to someone and she said when the buyer is able to pay I will get my settlement. Please tell me what I can chant so this can go through faster and also safely for I do not know if I can trust her.
    2) My husband suffers from drug addiction his parents took him to another country and I do not know where he is. I was recovering from my heart break and I tried dating again but now I see that there is no one else like him. He was not always a drug addict. He started up suffering from depression and everything went down hill. I know this would take a real miracle but can you tell me what I can chant in order to get in touch with him again and for us to mend. Thank you so much

  7. sir, i cook well it is not that bad but somehow my hubby is never satisfied,can something help me in improving for his satisfaction

  8. purnima
    chant BEECH WILLOW WALNUT while cooking and while serving the food.

  9. dear sir, please tel me what switch words should i chant ,how many times n days to get increment in my salary.

  10. some of my friends who are more than 34 years old are yet to get married. I want to suggest them CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE PARTNER HOLE”. How many times they have to chant it. and whether they can do it in addition to other things already suggested by astrologer. REgards

  11. user1
    SUGGESt. they should do sincerely as many times as possible. additionally they can Write ROCKROSE in a notebook 51 times. keep the paper written ROCKROSE on it in their pockets.

  12. dear sir, please tel me what switch words should i chant ,how many times n days to get increment in my salary. sir please reply

  13. sandeep,
    chant Rockrose (instant) find count increment now

  14. Naran sir, i am in a relationship and want to marry the same person so can I chant the above keeping the name ??

    concede clear centre find divine “NAME” partner hole ?

    is that right ..

    Thanks so much sir .. your switch words are wonderful .. someday I am going to mention all the miracles that you switch words have brought to me .. thanks :-)))

    and for permancy and success in my job what can be the swithc words ????

  15. ZEPHYR
    concede clear centre find divine “NAME” partner hole

  16. Hello..
    I wonder if you can use concede clear centre find divine *name* partner hole for attracting a CERTAIN person into your life or is there something else I need to chant?
    Thanks in advance for your response,

  17. hopeless Romantic,

  18. is there any switchword for dating?

  19. Dear Sir Naranji
    One of my friend’s daughter is in love with a boy and wants to get marry soon but the boy elder sister too who is in age of getting marry so his parents like their daughter to get marry first then they will allow him to marry with my friends daughter to whom he loves.Kindly suggest some switchwords for this situation.what would my friend do chant so that boy’s sister gets right groom,life partner for her.In this way boy can also marry soon with friends daughter.Kindly reply any english switchwords,numbers,.Kindly reply soon Thanks

  20. SNM
    write the name of the boys sister. circle it draw another circle around the first circle.
    in the gap write SWEET CHESTNUT SCLERANTHUS WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM. Daily read this.
    for the lovers ask them to chant 58

  21. i lost my wife six years ago and have not been able to get over her is there something i can chant to help me.

    • frank,
      chant STAR OF BETHLEHEM, CHICORY WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM 100 times over a glass of water and drink this water do this two times a day. write the above names in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  22. Dear sir where will i get picture of MONEY FLOW ?Kindly reply.Can i google search for Money Flow image.Kindly reply.Thanks

  23. Dear Sir,
    I’m in a toxic relationship. What shall I chant to end up this relationship and start a new one?

  24. dear sir,
    well its a sincere request , plz suggest a strong remedy by which i shall get married as early as possible,also for attracting good proposals,they shall immediately say yes and go ahead with marriage.
    one more thing a few say we have vastu dosh, bt its not possible for us to change our flat now, so plz suggest inspite of all these should be able to overcome all problems. and get married early.

    • i treat any question as sincere request only.

      do what is given in the blog.

      additionally, you can write “SWEET CHESTNUT, WALNUT, BEECH, OAK, HORNBEAM” daily 51 times in a notebook

  25. Dear Sir,
    What should I chant for excessive sweating?
    Thank you,

  26. Betty,

  27. what can i chant to find a true soulmate.

  28. hello sir
    recently we brought a new house for which we had to take huge loan
    already shifted and now trying to clear the loans as early as possible, what should i chant for attracting new sources of income
    for repayment and clearing the debts faster

  29. Purnima
    chant mustard pink tourmaline.
    listen regularly to together change now and The optimist cds.

  30. Respected Naran Sir, I need your help. I’m confused person in life. I’ve tried everything in life but not succeded even in one thing. I get a sudden busted of energy in my mind and I get excited and I do well. After somes I lose intersted and give it up. My entire life is incomplete. Please give me a switch word where I can stay focus and success beyond my imagination unleashing my true potential. Always greatful to you-John

  31. VJ
    take the flower remedies scleranthus wildoat – 2pills each three times a day

  32. I am confused, am I to chant both phrases or which singular one to attract a certain person.


    Also how often do I chant?

    Thank you 🙂

  33. Sir,
    I have an issue of pay fixation pending for a long time. Our office is stalling the issue quoting one thing or the other. I want the pay scale be fixed soon and all our cadre be benefited soon. Waiting for your divine guidance.

    Thank you.

  34. Neena chauhan

    Sir…….I have written to u earlier also….am going thru very painful divorce procedure….my husband is in relationship vid his distant sister….he is not paying me any maintenance money nd no alimony….d case is in d court…which itself will take many years….my husband earns handsome money ….I want gud maintenance money as he has not paid me anything past three years….nd I want my case in court to go smoothly nd in my favour…. Kindly suggest something for cash inflow nd smooth court case….thank u

  35. Naran Sir, I need your help. My daughter is going through a difficult phase in her life. She is also not finding a life partner. Please advise what I can chant to help her get her life on track and also find a life partner. I am attuned to Reiki level 2 and would like to know if I can heal the situations with Reiki in some way. I know she will not do any chanting herself so would like to do it on her behalf. Please help. Thank you.

  36. Naran sir i want to buy my new house i dont have base payment and also i have fear that if i buy house and if my jobs goes away how will i pay monthly EMI.
    Sir buying house is must as i m on rent from many years.Life becomes very difficult when shifting from one home to another.
    Please suggest me some mantra or switch word which can remove my fears and give me confidence to stick to my target of buying house
    Please help me .Thanks you sir

  37. Sorry for my comment but all the so called ‘Chant words’ you have mentioned here are medicines from Bach flower therapy.. The medicines are to be taken, not chanted. Are you telling the world that if one experiences headache he must ‘Chant’ CROSIN CROSIN CROSIN.. Or if someone is hurt and bleeding he must ‘Chant’ BAND AID, DETTOL SOFRAMYCIN HEAL!!! Please dont do this… Its playing with peoples Faith…

  38. hello naran sir,
    i am a 29 years old girl. completed MBA .my mother is tensed due to my marriage, she wants me to get married soon. marriage is getting deleyed. and i agree with my mom as well. but do not know whats going on.. lots of unknown problems coming in our way too. not getting a good match. if matches come, for some reason does not reach to fruitful conversation. plz help me out to find a good and honest guy .. is there any switch word ,can be chanted by me to get married soon.
    it would be divine help for me..we will be waiting for your reply sir….

  39. I want to be friends with someone specific.kindly guide me with a switchword for the same.thanks a ton

  40. Dear sir, I am in love with a boy who lives in a different country and knows I like him. He thinks I am too young for him (he’s five years older) and while I know he likes me too, he has refused to make a move since we are distant in both age and location. He is also not in touch with me as he does not like to talk to people who are far away, but I miss him terribly and want him in my life, even if just as a friend. Please suggest some words that will help me bring him into my life again. Thank you.

  41. i am already clear what all i want in my life partner and have written down all his characteristic. so i would like to know should i still chant this mantra “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE PARTNER HOLE”. or is there any other switch board words ? and if i want it to manifest it till a certain date , how should i write it?

  42. Hi ,
    What are the switchwords for finding life partner for someone close. The person has gone through divorce and is not able to find stable relationship.

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