Surrender to win the battle of life

From the book, “Switch Words, the English Mantras – Volume II”

The switch word CONCEDE has both the meanings of the switch words – TOGETHER and WITH (for communication). CONCEDE is to yield, to surrender, to stop arguing. If someone is arguing with you chant CONCEDE regularly.

CONCEDE is a Latin word. It is in use since 1630. The CON in concede means TOGETHER WITH. Other meanings for CONCEDE are to obey and confirm to – meaning obey my order or obey my instructions.

CONCEDE may be used to make the other person to be friendly with you. When there is separation between husband and wife, CONCEDE is the word. That means it will work to make the two persons to join.

Physically when there is a fracture, chant CONCEDE. You can also chant CONCEDE DIVINE ORDER then.

To get the clients – “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND COUNT DIVINE Clients Everyday”. You can do tapping (EFT) while chanting these words too. You will get better results.

For sales, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND COUNT DIVINE Sales 10 Lakhs” (fill in whatever amount you want).

For physical problems – keep the problem and name of the person on the left hand, and chant CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE CANCEL DIVINE BE NOW DONE. BE is for physical health.

If you feel lonely or isolated, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE CIRCULATE NOW ON”. Circulate removes loneliness.

To get wisdom – “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE Wisdom”. Wisdom is an abstract word (not a switch word).

Instead of gaining wisdom, let us say you want to know more about the god of your liking. So, CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE … Fill in the name of the god, like SHIVA/NARAYANA/LAKSHMI etc. We can know how the divine operates. The spiritual path is like a thick forest and without a guru you cannot proceed. So when you add DIVINE and the lord’s name, the right teacher will appear to you. If the right time has not come, it means you will not pursue that path. But one thing, the material aspect and divine aspect will never go together.

For cancer, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE CANCEL OLD Undead Cells FIND New Cells”. This has to be chanted daily many number times. By this you are giving the command to your own body.

When there is property disputes chant CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE.

For selling of land, or whatever you want to sell chant GIVE. TOGETHER GIVE COUNT NOW to sell the property. One more set of switch words is FIND DIVINE Buyer GIVE NOW.

CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE will work wonderfully. You can always chant them. At night, before going to bed, chant it. It solves many problems automatically. Your subconscious will know how to prioritize the problems, and then it solves problems. You will get good sleep also if you chant this.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Happy new year to you Sir.
    Thanks and pranams to you for all the positive mantras or words we receive from you.

  2. Thank you Sir for the Wonderful New Year Wishes!

  3. happy new year to you sir. sir can u please help me improve my studies and divert my mind only towards studies. i have become an 11th hour specialist and i am always distracted.

  4. Raj,

  5. Respected Sir,
    Sir I’m using concentric circle with Switchword for getting new clients.
    whenever I’m thinking of some money, some work comes and I get money.
    Sir, I attribute this to you and all the wonderful techniques you have been teaching us.
    One more thing is I had lost a client and now they have come back again.
    Pranams to you.

    Mrs.Sasi Ravi

  6. sir,
    i have pain in my jaws. i feel pain all the time some times light and sometimes swear pain for almost a year. dentist says problem is jaw’s disc. pain goes to head and side of neck. sir please advise me some thing that i can do or chant. i will appreciate. thanks.

  7. . arun
    CHANT BLUE SAPPHIRE 107 times over a cup of water and drink it. daily two times.

  8. Very Good morning and a very happy new year Sir. Well, this year was a different start for al Cuddalore and Pondicherry people. I’ve got power supply 2 days ago after cyclone hit. I took RR everyday until we got power supply. what should I chant to restore things fast n to attract clients?

  9. . S.Rama

  10. Dear Naren:

    I read the information on CONCEDE CLEAR DIVINE. I have been using it and notice that I am a little more focus. How or what other switchword can I use it with to attract money in my life, such as a well paying job, or also to win the lottery, which will not only help me but many others.

    Thank you

  11. Shannon


  12. Sir,

    Switch words “TOGETHER DIVINE” have worked out a better situation than the past that I underwent. I used to chant them min. of 200 times and above that whenever feel like. My husband has changed his behaviour.
    Infact, to be more prominent, my mental state has changed. I answer him patiently, calmly. And even understands the situations and behaves himself in a better way.

    I also got an appreciation of words on a weekend. Anyways, I am continuing to do so.

    The only things that has not changed his alcohol intake. Though it has reduced the intake to a limit, but not sure.

    Once again thanks for all your divine support.


  13. Roopa
    chanting healing is not done to change others and control others. What is the meaning of TOGETHER DIVINE? Let all parts of my mind unite with the Divine so that i become silent observer of what is happening around me. The more divinity fills up one’s consciousness, one changes mentally. His outlook changes. One looks from the higher perception and understands that every event is happening as per divine order. Every person in our life is as per the divine will. When Divine love changes me totally, the ohter person changes totally. Love can make Life. Judgment and expectation break life.
    best of luck

  14. Respected Sir,

    I used the SW “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND COUNT DIVINE Clients Everyday”. Already i have shared that I got some work.
    Recently I got one some thing out of the blue.
    That is Bank Branch Audit which I never dreamt of.
    Thank you sir.
    Mrs.Sasi Ravi

  15. Sir,
    i am used to chanting ” together divine” for good relationship between me and my husband.
    Can i chant it during my periods also or should i refrain from chanting on these days.
    Also can i chant angel nos. and other flower remedies during periods?


  16. kp,
    yes you can do

  17. In blog Many times I have read “To Surrender”.But when I feel like surrendering I dont know what exactly
    I have to do.surrendering doesn’t mean to give up or to give control to others .Can you help me to understand in a simpler way.And what exactly I have to do.
    Thank you

    • Why Gentian and Wild Rose is added to Interview Mantra? Not to worry about results.

      A friend of mine went for an interview. He was not selected, but said how he will do better next time as he has learnt from the interview (learn from failure – Gentian, not to give up – Wild Rose)

      I was extremely happy yesterday. I released all my excitement as I don’t want to influenced by excitement, as it will influence me to worry about future results spoiling my work. I needed White Chestnut to come out of it.

      Enjoy the victory, but move on, keeping in mind “Life is a vast ocean, we have taken only few drops of it”.

      This is surrender to me.

  18. Thank you R Mohan.
    I m willing to surrender,but I m not aware what to surrender ,when to surrender ,to whom we should surrender and how to surrender?

    • You surrender to the results. Based on what you learnt from it, change yourself.

      One very important thing I learnt recently is, thanks to Power Life Symbol 4, how not to behave in my relationships. Surrendering to me here is accept that learning and implement it.

      The effect was not seen as per expectations. So, I release the expectations and continue to implement my learning. I am sure i will gain in my relationships. Though, I should not worry about it. I need to be patient. That I get from angel no 369.

      So surrendering to me is Karma Yoga.

      • Thank you,
        Will surrender …I dont know If i Understood it..
        .but in both of your reply you have used “RELEASE” word…
        I read your reply many times.
        So I got this meaning- surrendering is releasing..i;e letting go and move on .. as you said “but move on, keeping in mind “Life is a vast ocean, we have taken only few drops of it”.”

        • I had been asking the same question for many years. I think I am still to understand the full significance of it – as there is fear to let go and surrender.

          Without worrying too much and trusting the process, just do the healing steps mentioned in the blogs – whether you understand them or not. You will eventually come to know why,

          It had become a regular feature of mine, to call up Naran and say, now I understand what you said 4 (or 3) years back. Why to feel ashamed i have taken so long to understand something. I need to be glad at least now I have understood.

          I had been attending the Bach Flower class for last 10 years. Only in the last class that I happened a month back, I understood that we should first study our reactions towards the incident and persons involved and take remedies accordingly. Instinctively I had understood before. But, now I could understand better.

          So don’t worry too much. Just do it.

  19. More About Surrendering … posted by Naran S. Balakumar …“find-divine-order-between-now”/

    The Right Solution

    We don’t have to surrender to make things happen. Just go with the flow and watch things unravelling in a fashion that you would have never witnessed or guessed – a solution, that’s the best thing to happen in a given situation. It will be a solution that will be agreeable to you and more harmonious to your intentions.

    The Right Route

    We know the destination. But do we know the route to take? We are caught in the traffic. Either we have to take a different street or hang around in the traffic. Which is the better option? Unless we take a specific route, we don’t the implications.

    Also, yesterday that particular route might have been the best. Today they may have dug a pit, which has affected the traffic. Thus yesterday’s route may not be ideal for today. This adds to my confusion on which route I should take.

    To find the right direction to life and the right route to take, chant the mantra “FIND DIVINE ORDER BETWEEN NOW”.

    Head above the Day-to-day Concerns of life

    A good meditation tool

    In computer world, we used to say, we need to see things from a ten thousand feet perspective before we do planning and then execute the project.


    Time stopped – no worries either about future or about past, but things are moving in a positive direction, a certain timeless factor is involved for sure.

    We move to a place where healing is easy, effective and efficient – no uncertainties

    Scale up

    Once in divine order state, mind goes away from the mental states of Gentian, Scleranthus.


    I hope the above words from Naran S. Balakumar’s post help explain how to ‘Surrender’ if you are having trouble doing it.

    … Joanne J

  20. kavithabhaskaran

    Hi Naran Jii,

    I need a swicth word to get job promotion this year.I am waiting for this and nothing seems to be working as expected.Thanks In Advance.

  21. Respected Sir,

    We are a small family with one kid. We were happily living in own apartments with the luxurious life till last year. Due to the wrong business, we lost everything including relations. We have relocated to the new city with 20crore debts. My husband is working for a monthly salary now. Please help me come out of all these. we want to get all back which all we lost.

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