Desperate financial situation


I read in your other post that angel number 520 produce miracles. Can I write 520 on paper for finding jobs and helping in bringing me money to pay for my rent and bills? I am dealing with a financial situation. I was wondering if I can use 520 COUNT. Please advice.


When you are desperate and don’t know the source, chant 520 FIND COUNT DIVINE, as many times as possible.

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear mr Naran,

    I need to come up with two big sums of money during next week and i don´t have the money. I am so desperate and i need help and I would like you to help me with switchwords to chant. I am so desperate and i am so worried and cry all the time. Help, help me pleease. soo please mr Naran.

    • chant SWEET CHESTNUT.
      write “sweet chestnut” in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping

      • Sir, i have wrote it and put it under my pillow. and i start chanted it today. But will it help with the money or just the desperation?

        Thank you again!

        • because there is no money, you are desperate to get it. But after getting it you will be relaxed. When the desperation is healed,you will get the money. As long as you are in a state of desperation, you will not get what you desire.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I also have some finacial matter. I have some heavy debts i have to pay of in a short time. But I am lack of money, I simply don´t have them. Can you help me solve this problem?

    Should I also chant the words you gave to mrs Tina or should I use the angel number 520? Or another swithword? How do I do, just chant? how many times?

    I put this post here, beacaus I think I am desperat and need the money by the end of Januray. I also have some Scratch Cards, but I havetn scratch them yet. Can I use swithword to say when I scratch them so there is a winning on them?

    Please, help me as soon as you can, becaus the time is not on my side. Wish you a very happy new year.
    thank you sir.

  3. A few days ago II was terrified that I wouldnt have enough money for rent due. Chanted and there was a big turn around by the next day. Some how I was able to transfer money from savings faster than normal and received a payment to my account several days before I expected. Thank you Naran.

  4. Lakshmi hari

    Dear Naran Sir,
    My son studies hard but does not get the marks that will matter. He makes silly mistakes and loses marks. He is unable to focus for long periods of time. He is easily distracted by his own imagination. He is crazy about cars. What can i as his mother chant for him to get good marks… Please advice.Lakshmi

  5. Lakshmi hari
    Give the flower remedies WALNUT CLEMATIS CHESTNUTBUD each two pills two times a day. give each separately one by one.

  6. dear sir i am asking what wordcan be use to make government find my property/land

  7. peggy,
    chant gorse cerato find …….

  8. can you please tell the switchword to use when someone or something block my way and prosperity

  9. brian,
    rockwater concede clear together be

  10. good day. What should i chant to get rid of my laziness? I always procrastinate and i prefer to be sleeping than to do my work. what should i chant to motivate and give me energy? thank you.

  11. lea,
    chant SCELRANTHUS HORNBEAM MOVE ON TOGETHER 100 times over a glass of water and drink it. do two times

  12. Dear Naran Sir,
    I came to USA 14years ago for financial stability. But after doing so much hard work,my luck is not working . Right now i am out of job. From last couple of weeks am chanting “TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE” But nothing is happening. Could you please tell me where am i wrong or any different way of doing or switchwords?
    Thank You.

  13. sanjay,

  14. Hello, I am self employed. I sell online advertising. I would like to attract, easily and consistently, in excess of $2,000 a week profits. I would rather advertising clients seek me out and pay for my services VS contacting people. What is the SW combo I should use to produce a steady dependable weekly income in excess of $2,000(net) each week? Thank you.

  15. Dear Naran Sir,

    My 4lacs amount is stuck with a person which I have not yet received. Pls suggest me some switchwords so that the person returns me back the money as soon as possible.
    Also, there are a lot of issues in the current job. But I am not thinking of searching another job too. I am planning to start a restaurant business and searching a good location for the same. I am calling Wolf for help. Still to find the perfect location for my restaurant. And the money to start is very limited. Pls suggest SWs to find the perfect location, start off with it as soon as possible and gain big profit from the business.


  16. i am in need of 100 000.00 to pay off accumulated debts. help !

  17. presence
    chant cancel together divine order clouds count now done

  18. thanks ! just wondering , how often in the course of the day and ccan i do it in my mind as opposed to out loud and do i need to do eft with that or visualize or anything extra ?

  19. Hello im sorry to bother u, i don’t know if this webside work again. Im new here. As mr naran is not responding to me, i’d like to ask a lil question if u really don’t mind!! Can u explain to me what mr naran mean when he says chanting 520? Does that mean that i should keep on reciting 520 ,520, 520,….many times like doing a mala mantra 108 ?? It might be a very silly question but your answer will be great for me.

    • Yes just chant 520 as many times as you can.

      It works wonders – miracles, from unexpected avenue at unexpected time. Have an open mind, be ready to accept the gift when it happens to you.

  20. Dear sir ,
    I have a son tht has his marketing degree . I live in south africa durban . I dnt knw wht is d matter but my son Reejhal is strugglin soo mch to find a job for 2 yrs after he qualified he hasn’t found a job as yet . Can u pls help me an advise wht he shud do .

    Thanx !!! Usha

  21. Dear Sir,
    I´m desesperate with our financial situation. Business is very slow, clients are not paying and lack of money. Don´t know from were to take out money to pay all the debts. I started to chant 520 Find Divine Count. I´m in the correct way?? Please revert. Thanks for your assistance. Luciana

  22. i want to buy the house which i am currently staying owner is quoting 70lacs but currently i am shortage of 30lacs pls help me

  23. Naranji, I accidentally came across this blog when I was worried about my Pay fixation. My pay scale has been changed due to some merger in the pay structure as recommended in 6th pay commission. But some of our branches applied the pay modified and some others are refusing to apply the new scale and the file is wandering from one office to another. This is going on for more than a year with no definite result. This irritates and frustrates all of us employed in Delhi office. Is there any remedy to get my basic pay fixed and get the order issued atonce. I am chanting Find together divine order count my basic reach.Rs. now done. Is it correct. I cant chant it continuously as I am losing hope. In those times I chant Bring praise divine expecting some miracle will happen soon. I don’t know when I will get my pay fixed as I need the money most. Please help me. Thank you…….

  24. I need a new job in reputed organisation. Please tell me the perfect switch word . .

  25. I having applied for Disability Support twice and I’ve been denied twice, I’m now getting ready to file for an appeal. Which switchwords will help ease my anxiety regarding this matter, and get the decision changed to my favour?

  26. Another quick question, albeit maybe a silly question…when chanting 520, am I to say the numbers 5 – 2- 0 or the actual full number i.e ‘Five Hundred and Twenty’???
    Thanks again!

  27. hi i m shwetha my daughter is studying 3rd class she is very lazy and not interested in studies she wont try to study and very slow in her daily plz tell me some remedy to make her brilliant,active.

  28. Hello, I need money to cover my needs. I please ask for your help. Thank you.

  29. hi I have started chanting find count divine from last 2-3 days .will it really works ?
    will i get the money for my home and is it really help in my career and financial achievement?

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