Treating Viral Conjunctivitis


I have viral conjunctivitis since Friday and it is very troublesome…Please suggest a remedy for me.




Thank you for the remedy, the problem with my eyes is resolved.


Both Holly and Crab Apple are Bach flower remedies, while CLEAR and POINT are switch words.

HOLLY: is prescribed when a part of the body becomes inflamed (red.) Here the eyes become red after Conjunctivitis.

CRAB APPLE: is prescribed as it acts as a cleanser – both physical and mental. It is the base remedy for any type of skin diseases for the same reason.

CLEAR: to clear of obstructions (in this case inflammation)

POINT: is the switch word for eyesight. Anything to do with the eye, it has to be included as part of switch word combination.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir NAranji
    Sir what are the Switchwords and flower remedies remedies for Ostophorosis. If we want to do behalf of our loveones please suggest accordingly.
    Godbless you.

  2. FOR OSTEOPOROSIS, one has to take nutrtion also. you can chant CENTAURY ROCKWATER PINE for the sake of patient.

  3. Dear Sir NAranji
    Thank you sir for replying i would as wel like to know sw ,flower remedy for Vitamin D deficiency for the same person.
    And according to Animal spirit guide Seeing Lizards everywhere droping from cieling on desk,seeing three lizards transformed into a person who died few days back.,lizards come from anywhere in front what does this indicate and what is the solution remedy for such things .Kindly reply sir.
    Thank You very much for answering all the queries so beautifully.

  4. ftrrs,
    “release your fears and move forward” is the message of lizard. When you see lizard, just pray to it. send your love to it.
    for Vitamin deficiency, ask the person to stand or sit in the open air during sun rise for about 10 minutes.

  5. Dear sir,hav fear of lizards,always confused in life in taking important decisions of life,marriage life is not smooth,career is nt stable,loosing mental stability.plz find me way out

  6. Dear Sir NAranji
    Sir what is the sw remediy accoding mind and bodyrelation cure for eyes.To reduce numbers of glasses. any method cure .. sw,Bachflower, (Cure for Perfect eye sight)
    Kindly reply
    Thanks With Gratitude for helping.

  7. practise eye exercises Strengthen liver. switch wrods can help you. FIND CENTRE POINT

  8. Manjiri Dingankar

    Dear Naranji, Namaskar ,
    My daughter’s friend is suffering from psoriasis,she had tried many homeopathy medicines , but no result, pls suggest flower remedies and switch word for chanting

    pls reply

    God bless you

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