Desperately we need to sell our house

What we need to do to sell our flat?

It is long pending. We are in need of funds anyhow. In addition, we need to have the flat sold at a good price. However, as it is on the top floor, the buyers are hesitating to purchase it. Please guide me.




Usage of Switch Words:

Find: a solution

Divine: in a magical way

Help: as it implies, to get the right help to sell the house, as you are not able to sell by yourself

Give: to sell anything

House: the item you want to sell (it’s not a switch word)

Count: the money

Now Done: Immediately

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi Naren: I am very grateful to your site. I gain a lot of Information. Are you ever in Mumbai? I would love to meet you. You are like the Divine Guru who is sent from Above.

    Thank you,

  2. shanie
    THANK YOU. when coming to Mumbai, it will appear in the Events

  3. Hi Naran.

    Can you hepl pls? Need money fast to clear out some depts I have. Is there a SW to winn lottery? I do need the money fast. Pls,. please help

  4. Hi sir, v need to change d rent of our shop for which my mother in law is not allowin( our shop rent-4500, nearby shop rent- 8500). V own 2 shops. The shop is registered on my husband’s name but she threatens to leave d house if v pressurize it. She is the one who is gettin d rent. I think so c is havin a mental block and al my husband’s effort to convince her for the past 3 years had ended up in vain. Please suggest some remedies to solve tis problem

  5. Sathya
    together change divine order
    write your mil’s name in a piece of paper. circle it with yellow pencil.With the hand moving over the yellow circle, chant this.
    you can do for 50 times.
    Thank your mil for accepting to give the shop.think about her positive qualities and thank her

  6. Thank u sir. Wil do as said.

  7. I want to sell my plot in Hyderabad and am in urgent need of funds . Also going through the post Can I use the switch words “FIND DIVINE HELP GIVE LAND COUNT NOW DONE”? Please guide me

  8. Need a good sw to get money into my life, do need a specifik amount, how can I do? please, please help

  9. Hi,

    I have some finance problem and I would like to have som sw that could help?
    I need to come up with a lager sum and would like to know if there is some SW that could help with that?

    i do hope you can help me!



  11. How many times should I chant and when can I see result.?. The sum I have to come up to is rather large and i don`t know how i would get it. it must be a miracle… Can SWEETCHETNUT FIND COUNT DIVINE make that happen?

  12. I do hope you have time to answer me again. i kow you must be very busy helping all of us.

  13. Hi,

    I would like to lose weight, specially on my upper body. Is there a good sw for this matter. And can SW help against bad eyesight and grai hair?

  14. sandra,
    for losing weight, one has to come in person.In the mean time, chant switch words:CONCEDE CLEAR DIVINE NOW.
    for bad eye sight, chant CONCEDE CLEAR POINT DIVINE

  15. We have a house that we need to rent urgently for next month. We are getting a lot of showings/viewings of the house and they show a lot of interest for renting as its a beautiful house, but no one has given us a reply or submitted the application back yet. Please give me some advise or switchwords to get a renter asap.

  16. shankar,

  17. Hello Naran Sir,
    I am also having the same problem.I have a flat on the top floor in the name of my mother and we also want to sell it but not getting the buyers.I want to know that how many times should we chant these switch words everyday?and should my mother only chant it as the flat is in my mother’s name,or anyone can chant it?
    Please reply soon.

  18. SHIVANI,
    CHANT as many times as possible. let your mother also chant

  19. Hello Naran,

    have you got may be come magic words for finding houses for sale (I am a real estate agent) and selling them fast? Best regards NZ.

  20. JE;LENA,
    chant cerato find divine

    • Hi Naran,
      I have been chanting “CERATO FIND DIVINE” for 2 months now. I have had many opportunities my way, but somehow almost everything slipped away and there is not much results. Please help.

  21. jelena
    add scleranthus gentian to the existing combination

  22. We have naught a house in far area in baroda but now nobody ready to take on rent or sell.I want sell in good price becoz we have taken loan so plz tell me what should I there any mantra I have to do? How many times???pl replay

  23. We have baught a house in far area in baroda but now nobody ready to take on rent or sell.I want sell in good price becoz we have taken loan so plz tell me what should I there any mantra I have to do? How many times???pl replay

  24. hello sir,
    i am looking to sell my flat and its not getting sold. i get a lot of customers to see our flat, they finalise everything and at the end something happnes wherein they call back and say i dont want to buy. please help me to sell my flat with the good price. i am in need of money to clear my debts. it is very urgent. awaiting your reply.

  25. hello, where can i contact Naran sir

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