Switch Words don’t work for me!!!


Switch Words have a direct access to our subconscious minds. Like a switch for the light, it works very fast. Just repeat the concerned switch word constantly. That’s it. Success in results will be taken care of automatically.

However, even after chanting the right switch words for one or two days, if you don’t find any result, then add the switch word “RELEASE RESISTANCE” to your switch word(s).

For example, if you had been chanting “ON” and it hasn’t worked for you, even though it was the right one, then ““RELEASE RESISTANCE ON” would work for you. The “RELEASE RESISTANCE” switch words remove the resistance inside us that stops us from achieving our goal.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. for how long time shoud one chant before I put RELEASE RESISTANCE to my Switch Word. Can RELEASE RESISTANCE only ben put before ONE Switch Word or could it be put infront of a Switch Word string?

    Which is the best Swich Word for getting more money inte my life, fast? How do you recomend the chanting, out loud och silent? How many times during a day?

    thanks in advance.

  2. Ani
    release resistance is also a switch word.
    if one is unable to get the desired result with the use of switch words, then release resistance is to be added before the string of switch words.

  3. Thank you! Which switch word is best for win lottery or just getting more money into my life? I do have an urgent need for money but i am afraid that the urgent need will stop the Switch word working for me. I hope you know how I meen?

  4. Hi again Naran,

    Can you pleas help me with a poweful switch word for getting more money into my life? I need it rather fast.

    If I need a specific amount, is there a Switch word to use then? Is it better with a small amount then a bigger?

    I hope you have time to help me fast????

  5. Ani,
    chant scleranthus impatiens find count halfway divine now on

  6. Naran,

    pls help me withe how I pronaune sclerathus and impatiens. I am from Sweden.

    also, if I want one specific amount of Money, what do I chant?

  7. Ani
    Release Resistance Find Count ——–(Insert money you want.) Divine

  8. Naran, Thank you for your kindness! 🙂

  9. hi naran,

    just 2or 3 i just start switchwords and i just know to put

    release reistance on before —— thank you for sharing.

    please without abusing your time , could you help me to the exact switchwords so that we could get the required fund for our son studies abroad– he is planning for study in perth.
    lot of blessings to you and all robert

  10. robert

  11. Dear Naran Ji
    I planned to buy a house in my hometown or anywhere ,but i am not getting any supports from my parents or relations ,as they all are ignoring my requests,as i am living outside india.i need to buy so please help me with switchwords so that i can buy a good house without any problems.


  12. KASI,
    CHANT gorse find divine house now

  13. rachna suprith

    Hi i want to clear an exam and get a good job…m trying from 4 yrs…now m losing concentration n getting frustrated..pls help..

  14. rachna suprith

    To be more specific m trying for government job…it is upsc exam…n the exam happens once in an yr…

    • rachna suprith,
      write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
      chant MOVE SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE over a glass of water and drink that water. Do this daily

  15. Hi Naran,
    i want to look beautiful n charming with my skin glowing..i want to lose little weight and grow atleast two inch tall…pls help

  16. Hi Naran Sir, i want to look charming with glowing skin…and i want to lose weight and increase my height by atleast 2 inch…pls help sir

  17. chant crab apple over a glass of water as many times as possible and drink that water and come out of the thought. In the course of time, you may look charming

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