Be happy! Be Wealthy!

With the help of Abundance CD…

The Abundance Program aims to achieve the following:

1. To free from any financial worries

2. To earn money easily

3. To have constant inflow of money

4. In addition, to be happy

In the CD, a new technique is incorporated. Switch words meant for money is used in the CD, in a supraliminal way. You cannot hear them. Therefore, the words bypass the conscious mind easily and bombard the subconscious mind. You will only hear the music and not the words, which are played for more than 20,000 times subliminally. Every 12 minutes, Lakshmi mantras are played too.

You can play the CD with or without the headphone.

The Abundance CD is available in the Bach Flower Centre.

You can either listen to the CD using Head Phones or play it on a stereo player.

Case History

Here, Hema shares her experiences using the Abundance CD.

I bought this CD during the workshop in Raj Bhavan, 2010. Though, I did not listen to it for quite sometime.

A Golden Opportunity

Sandeep, my husband, had an enquiry from some buyer about the flats he was trying to sell on behalf of his relatives. He was so depressed one day and told me that it is not happening.

So, I wanted to use this opportunity to test whether the Abundance CD works J Therefore, I played the CD when we went to sleep. Sandeep used to get very irritated whenever I play meditation CDs, as it would be time to go to sleep then. Often he claims that it is a great disturbance to him.

Suddenly after 3 days he asked me about the Gold business that my friend Rajam was doing on commodities. I didn’t know the details. Therefore, he himself called her and asked her about it. The CD was playing, when he was asking her this info. He got all the details from her and then called the broker to ask for more info.

I continued to play the CD in the house. Though, I had stopped playing it now. However, he would start playing it as soon as he gets up, without knowing the purpose of it.

Then, he got all the details he wanted. He told me within a day that he had actually saved about 30,000 rupees. I least expected this. He always goes bankrupt every month, but I don’t know how he managed to save this money.

Received his dues unexpectedly

He also told me that he had spoken to his friend who owes him 75000 for almost 4 years now. He promised to return 30000. I didn’t believe this. However, that money also got credited yesterday and my husband wants to use it for his business.

He was promised that he would get the PF amount also within this week which was pending for more than 6 months now.

All these are happening is a miracle!

In addition, I received a bonus to top it up 

From my side, I also got my retention bonus, which I had not expected. I had to sign a bond for it, which is a different story 🙂

Donors don’t run away from me either

This CD works to such an extent that I am collecting money to donate to an orphanage institution and money is pouring in like wonders. I had expected Rs. 20,000, while already I have received 45,000 as donations.

All I can say is a BIG THANKS to You

Dear Naran, I had troubled you in many ways but you had kept up your calm and always blessed Sandeep and me — right from my marriage till date. I am sure Baba would have sent me to you.

– Hema


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Good day sir,
    It nice to get the information about the supraliminal CD. But I want the all inthe Cd except laxmi mantra. can it be possible ?

  2. here is no religion involved here. The mantras are sound vibrations meant to activate the energy of money within one.

  3. Dear sir,
    I read your post about the cd containg the power of influencing moneyy & wealth. It’s a very good way to tranfer one’s life. I have a problem of bad friends who are with me. They are only for name of friends. infact they want to take advantages from me remaining with me. so that I could n’t refuse any thing any matter. You can say him like friendly enemy. Once I had refuse the friendship but they did not agree. becuse nothing can not be done without a friendship relation.
    Their main aim is taking advantages in regards of money, love life etc.

    for above matter can you offer me a solution CD?

  4. Take Centaury willow pine – bach flower remedies. three doses of each three times a day for two months.
    chant NAMASHIVAAYAM daily for 20 minutes daily.

  5. Sir i am listening the abundance cd with head phone in day time from 02.07.2010. But yet nothing happened. Kindly state when and how to use?

  6. your use is correct. Tell me what do you want to happen? i will guide you whether your selection is right

  7. Thank u for your reply.
    sir i and my friend manage export and import agency. Many deals are pending from one and half years. Only talking with parties is happening. We have no income with hard work.
    I want the pending dealings to be succeed and we will be paid.

  8. Please suggest solution to get home loan clearing at the earliest and sell flat

  9. Kalpana Lokesh,

  10. Hi sir, i was expecting a salary hike from this month but my boss denies it. all my colleagues ve got except me.. so please tel me what switch words will help me to convince my boss so i get my salary hike.. also tel me how many days i should chant b4 i go n talk to my boss about my salary hike. Thank u

  11. hello sir,
    Is there any remedy to get JOB or start business?

  12. Thank u sir, for how many days i should chant these words b4 i ask him

  13. chant for one week and ask him

  14. Sir,
    i have had an accident last september, i suffered a broken left tibia and fibula + right hand broken.The assurance of the person who knocked me down is taking so much time to compensate me.I don’t have any idea how much they will pay me. If i bought this abundance cd, will it help me ? suggest me a mantra to chat so that the insurance pay me a large sum of money.. me and my husband are planning to buy a house.

  15. This cd is amazing I got it from amazon

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