Rental issue solved in the US

My name is Indhu, and I live in the US.

We have a property to rent it out. The current lease was getting over with my tenant. She left the house without paying for cleaning up. It is normal practice in the US to pay for clean up etc. She owed some money too. So we ended up paying for the clean up and fixing the house. In fact, the rent for the old tenant was partly paid by the government. So, the money the old tenant owed had to come from the government.

I consulted Naran to get the money back. He advised me to chant the Switch Word “COUNT” and the Bach Flowers ROCK WATER, CHESTNUTBUD and CERATO 108 times both in the morning and evening. I chanted for two weeks. It certainly worked miracles.

To our surprise, we received a check from the government for the money she owed plus the money we paid for minor repairs and utility bills. Something like this would never happen as the contract was already over and the government has closed the accounts. In spite of it, we did receive the money.

So now our problem was to find a good tenant as the house has been lying vacant for two months. My real estate agent told us that we will not be able to rent the house to a government aided tenant as the house did not meet some government required criteria. We were quite worried and Naran told me to chant the switch words COUNT, REACH and HOLE (the switch word Hole increases your power of attraction) 108 times like the previous occasion.

After two weeks of chanting, we learned that the government has not changed its criteria and we will be able to rent to government aided tenant. Usually if we were to rent for a government tenant, the whole process takes about a month for them to move in. Fortunately there was a tenant from the government list who wanted to move in immediately, and was willing to pay the full deposit as well as half month’s rent from her pocket until the government will be done with all the formalities and start paying their portion of the rent. So it worked out completely fine for both of us.

 Thanks to the Switch Words, Bach flowers and my “Abath Bhandhavar” (ever helping) Balakumar.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hi naran i want to buy a good bike for myself for which i ve shortage of money so please tell me what switch words i should chant and how long should i chant… thank u

  2. . sandeep
    chant FIND COUNT DIVINE till you get the required money

  3. Lolakshi Laxman Bangera

    Namaskaram, My mother was living in a rental house and has paid ₹ 50000/ deposit. Due to some problem she has to leave the house and shifted to some other rented house. The land lady has not returned the deposit yet. Six months have elapsed. Pl help.

  4. lolakshi laxman
    chant agrimony chicory holly willow chestnutbud give count now

  5. Sir, I am looking for a rented house with reasonbly good house with less rent and advance I have shortlisted few houses but the rent and advance are on the higher side.. pls adviice me any switch words or bach flower remedy for finding a good house .

  6. Respected Naran Sir,

    I am a talented musician. But somehow I am never booked to perform in any concerts. So there is hardly any inflow of fame or money. I have lots of knowledge and business ideas but nothing seems to take off. I am unable to find the right marketing techniques. What little savings I had is now caught [a] with someone who has the intention to pay but unable to pay since her husband has passed away and her sons are not helping.[b]another fraud company. In the midst of all this money problem, now my husband is absconding since 6 months and even the police are unable to find him. He was a good man but addicted to drinks and jobless. We had no relationship problems because I had learnt to accept the situation. What should I do? Because of certain family situations, I have only about one hour that I can spare for myself in the morning before the family wakes up. Please help. Regards. Kanchana.

  7. Namaste naran sir,i m facing a lot of problems .i m 36 Year old still i m in search of job .jow i m working as science teacher in reputed schl.please help me sir how should i get a government job .plzzzzzzzzzz help me sir

  8. Namaste, I am a widow with two grown up daughters age 25 & 24.both are working , but not with higher paid salary. My elder daughter was trying to apply for overseas job in Canada…everything was gg on ok, unfortunately,her English test for foreign job,got in lesser mark it should be 7points . But she got 6.5 pts .so they consider it as 6 and rejected her application. I am totally new to this website, and also grateful and thankful to find this web site. Please help me how to help my daughter to get job in overseas. She is working as it security engineer,but she want to apply for network engineer. Can you please suggest me any mantra so that I can recite the mantra for she is always working late night .I am really grateful n thankful for your great help. If I have a chance I shall definitely visit you n get your blessing. Thank you so much
    Sima Singapore.

  9. Namaste, I am the same person from the first post , applying overseas job for my daughter,
    Now I am asking help for my 2nd daughter who is working as account executive,with lesser pay oso,she is applying for job and asking for a possible higher pay salary, with traveling to overseas on regarding job matters, what mantra should she recite or I can recite for her and oso she must be positive and confidence,determination in her life.

    I am really grateful and thankful for taking your valuable time to read my email and answering it. God bless you ,sir . Bless you to live long life. Thank you so much .

    Please,help me ,to say what mantra for money to come in, as we are shortage of money. What mantra should I recite and how many time how many day and when and where should I recite it sir infront of prayer room or just sitting down anywhere and recite.
    Thank you so much.


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