Manage Your Life with Switch Words Part II

(From Multi Dimensional Healing June 27 Workshop)

Money Flow – Case History

(By Uma)

I had a problem with my finance department for last one month. My emails to them had no effect. They didn’t credit the amount due.

I consulted Naran S. Balakumar, who asked me to chant “Together Find Count Divine”. I did chant for a day. My account was credited within a day.

I shared this story with my husband, who had no pending money from anybody. Still he chanted for two days. Third day he received a communication from the government that there is 3% increase in pay rise.

Attitude for Gratitude

Always lead a life of gratitude.

Affirm, “Sorry, Forgive me, Love, Thanks, Divine” to be in the in the attitude of gratitude.

The intention is created by us to make things happen. But thanks to divinity it’s happening. Therefore, make the intention. Though at the back of the mind say to yourself, “It’s not happening because of me. Divine is around me, which I am not able to tap. Without my knowledge, it comes to help me and goes away. Therefore, I should live in the attitude of gratitude”.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thanks for asking my problems. I and my friend running a import & export agency from 3 years back. but no any development/changes to our business. two year back we had only one dealing successful with the amount of 40000 rupees. then we had n’t any opportunity or succes yet. It’s not a good sign for any businessman.

    Kindly advise us to use switchword

  2. Hi Balakumar!

    Thanks for the reply, i’ve looked around the site and i can see some great things happening for people but i don’t know how to use the switch words, or what words to use, i find my mind interfering with negative beliefs if i try to us words to change a situation.
    I believe that my thoughts and belief system i stopping me evolving!
    Please could you advise?
    Thanks Amanda.

  3. Chant
    Release Resistance Reach Divine Order

  4. I am going to attend art of living course. I would like to get full benefit from this course. Could you please suggest me a switch word? Thank you.


  6. i am in india and my visa expire and i am trying to go back to canada, the system is corrupted and i am running around from bombay to delhi i am looking for a guide or someone who can assist me without request money, any suggestion

    • Dear shannon,
      take a piece of paper write CERATO WATERVIOLET ROCKWATER GORSE and keep it in your pocket and try. chant the above names also till you reach the office.

  7. Hello Sir,
    The angel number 398 and switchwords helped my relative a lot in passing out very tough exam. Everything was going systematically i.e. 1st phase/2nd phse. But now the third phase i.e. interview date which was fixed by them, has been postponed & has not refixed yet. It has created some fear / confusion amongst the qualfied people about future. How to come out from this situation.Could you please advice,Sir.
    With regards,

  8. I am eagerly awaiting for their interview /appointment letter. For those shortlisted candidates interview means appointment letter. Let’s hope for the best. I will let you know good news soon.

    Out of 6 shortlisted candidates , only 3 candidates have been called for interview on 14th Jan.2011. My relative alongwith other two candidates has missed the chance.They have qualified the two tests out of 80 candidates. I feel very sorry for them. Don’t understand what to do now. Sir, your guidance/advices are still like boon/blessing to me.


    Anita Vij

  9. Maryanne Paajanen

    Dear Balakumar,
    I have chanted together find count divine and I have done with oil lamp and insence and prayed for wolf and squril many days. But my money problems oly going worse.
    Please help me.

  10. Maryanne Paajanen,
    you have not mentioned what the exact problem regarding money?
    unable to collect money,? or not employed? or unable to repay the loan? what is the problem. mail me.
    What for you called wolf and squirrel?
    you have to Release Resistance.

  11. I’m writing after about three months. By divine grace, my relative has now been promoted after clearing all the departmental tests again.

    Thank your very much.

    Anita Vij

  12. ok. very good

  13. Sir is there any switch word/chant to increase height?I’m 20 yrs old girl and my height is just 4 ft 11 inch.Pls pls help me.i really need your help

  14. pritisha,
    No. chant crab apple and come out of the thought

  15. is the word crab apple for increasing height?how many times do i need to chant?

  16. pritisha,
    yes. once you come out of the thought, you will grow taller.

  17. i m in stock mkt..i dnt have a good job..i want to ne the best in business ..pls help

  18. VIKRAM,
    Take the flower remdies gentina larch cherryplum two pills each two times a day.
    In the night take 5 pills of Mustard.

  19. Dear naran sir,
    Is there any switchwords where i can use to reduce gynecomastia. pls really need ur help do info at the earliest.

  20. makeupreviewshall

    Naran Sir, your site is definitely bringing lot of positivity in my life in every way. Thank you so much.

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