Manage Your Life with Switch Words Part I

(From Multi Dimensional Healing June 27 Workshop)

Life Situational Remedies

Life Situations Switch Word(s)
Creative ideas On
Career opportunities – especially to get an employment FindDivine Order

Count Now Done

Make money miraculously Together Find Count Divine
Speed up things, reach a place faster Halfway
To be in good health FindDivine Order

Be Now

To come out of any stagnation OverMove On
When you are in a Tirupati type of crowd and is stuck OverMove On Halfway
Conflict situations Bow Concede Together Divine
To maintain your distance and space, and make the criticising person leave you – instead of grinding your teeth FindDivine Order

Chanting for others

Let us say you are in a hurry but the other person (let us say his name is Robert) slows things down. Affirm, “Halfway be active in the energy field of Robert”. Then he will be on time.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. How many times one should chant this to make it effective. Thanks.

  2. till you get what you want. or you can stop when you come out of the present state

  3. I have recorded switchwords of my own voice & stored it in my mobile memory . I hear the recorded switchword with my earphone. Can it work in sleep or half-sleep state.?

  4. yes. it will.

  5. Vijayalakshmi Seshadri

    sir,my daughter studying 6th has thyroid for the past 1year.she has to travel one and half hrs for school.she gets tired ,often gets health problems.local schools hasn’t cbse syllubus.We are in Andhra now,as we are thinking to put her in local school she has to learn telugu compulsary.she is good in spoken telugu but she has the fear of writing telugu&getting good marks.we are confused as what to do with her.she is very lazy in doing things also.if the bus comes by 7.30a.m,she goes to toilet only at 7o’clock.she becme dull in studies help her in your way.

  6. Give her scleranthus and Mimulus flower remedies -4 doses per day. During morning hours, chant HALFWAY DIVINE continuously. she will start doing things in time.

  7. My husband is stuck in a court case.I want it to get done & over with & he should be released from this trauma.Our financial condition is very very work inspite of having tremendous talents in our respective fields.I have been told that I have a Shani sadesati uptil 2014.what should I do?We also have a son who has just given his 10th exams.

  8. Find divine on. chant these switch words. you can write also for about 50 times daily.
    for your moon rasi, sani will not affect you.
    chant lalitham sridharam lalitham baskaram, lalitham sudarshanam. This will reduce your sufferings

  9. Dear Mr.Naran.
    I have a 14year old daughter who has myopia and her number in both eyes is -10,due to which she is very dependant on spectacles and contact lenses.Pl.give me some mantras,switch wordsand flower remedies to get rid of her dependence on spectacles and cure her eye sight.
    Also pl.give me switch words and flower remedies for knee pain.Thank you.

    • there are some good remedies in electro homeopathy, which is available with me. Regular intake of bio salts will also be very helpful.
      i have made a \30 inutes audio Cd incorporating the Rife frequency for myopia with the mantra. It is available at the centre for Rs.100/- plus courier charges

  10. Also pl tell me remedy for hypothyroidism.

  11. who is having hypothyroidism? how long? symptoms

  12. Take B 56 drops. Purchase from a nearby Homeopathy shop and take the drops. 10 drops in water three times a day.

  13. Which switch word should we use to get salary hike..when it is due thanks

  14. Together find divine order count now on

  15. dear sir,
    i’m malathy from pondicherry. i got recently married, 4 months back. he was so concerned abt me but not we have separated. i’m staying in my mothers place. it’s being 2 weeks i havent seen him. to solve our problems and to maintain our relationship in a smoother way pls suggest me what switch word i can use.
    waiting for your reply

  16. TOGETHER DIVINE chanting continuously will help.
    WATERVIOLET, BEECH WILLOW WALNUT CHESTNUTBUD. BUY these flower remdies from a homeopathy shop. mix 2 drops from each in a glass of water and take 6 to 7 doses per day.

  17. What do I have to chant to become emotionally independant of a particular person.

  18. chicory walnut.

  19. kindly let me know how to cretse love in your heart and attract people into our life i feel rejected

  20. I am in a bad situation. I ahve a baby shop in pune. It is not giving me consistent income because of which it is difficult to get profit and make supplier payments. I want the sales of my shops to increase and my personal realtionship with my husband also improve. he doesnt atlk to me as he says that i am responsible for our financial crisis as i am putting money into business that is on loss. I am in trouble want my business to flourish and keep my family happy. i am in pressure and not feeling lost and bad for everything….

  21. chant willow beech gentian.
    chant Om hreem taha

  22. can i chant swithwords to help others? My brother is not able to pass his CA exam for the last several years, his marriage is not working out either he is always agitated. can i do anything for him and so there is prosperity and peace in the house? thanks

  23. Write his name and his wife’s name in a piece of paper. Keep it in the left hand. Place your right hand on the left hand and chant BEECH WALNUT CHERRPLUM TOGETHER DIVINE. This is for hramony.
    For his moving forward in life Write his name in a paper, Chant DIVINE ON.

    • Thanks for the immediate reply Naran! a minor mis-communication is that i meant he is not able to find a bride to get married…is there anything i can do to help him find a good bride who will bring positive tidings to his life and help him move on from thi streadmill of constant agitation thanks!

  24. I have recently volutarily surrendered my vehicle due to financial distress and am in need of a reliable source of transportation immediately without struggle. Please provide me with a phrase that will help me usher this in as soon as possible. Also one to improve upon my finances.

  25. michelle
    call wolf and say this. it will arrange for the transport.
    chant FIND COUNT DIVINE for your finances

  26. Dear mr. narain
    I am married since last five years, but i am in a great distress as since beigning my husband is being authortative and every time i ask or complain about my needs, he denies or he burst out in anger, we never had any open communication we each other, because of his outbursting behaviour i feel suffocated. since last one and half year I am staying away from him as i got a govt. job he used to visit weekly, but now he wants me to resign and go back,I am more concerned about my carrier as I have already given 12 years of my life to my carrier, I want him to come and stay with in a peaceful manner.

  27. Hi Which swtichwords can help me get rid of all my debts and be financially abundant. Also to be able to earning by doing work I really love

  28. Jeena
    chant WHITECHESTNUT(gives you solution,to pay back the debts)PINE (to discharge) CHICORY (debt) CANCEL.

  29. Hi Naran, I was sooo happy to see your remedy for Jeena as I have a similar desire – I knew there was a reason I came to your site this morning!!! Thank you, THANK YOU!! Is the switchword pair useful for both; getting rid of debt and finding work that I love? I am so ready for work that makes me happy and makes my wallet singl!

    I do have a separate request of my own though; please give me some switchwords for unshakeable consistency in eating healthy, exercising daily and revving up my metabolism as I need to lose quite a bit owto lose weight.

  30. Sarah
    chant OAK CRAB APPLE ROCKWATER SCELRANTHUS by being in acceptance mudra. go to another page of this site and learn the acceptance mudra

  31. Dear Sir Naranji Kindly suggest remedy for Getting Pay regularly…. Getting Pay in installments Airlines not giving regular pay.Thanks

  32. SNM,

  33. sir, please give the mantra to complete the office work, assignment before time. I am facing problem in completing the task on time and pendency increases due to which I under pressure always.
    Your help is required.
    Thanks in advance.

    • dEEPAK,
      CHANT ELM OAK HORNBEAM over a bottle of water 100 times and take the water bottle to the office.
      Every one hour shake the bottle three or four times chanting ELM OAK HORNBEAM and have small sips.

  34. Dear SiR we (myself, ,Husband and Daughter)are planning to Go Austrelia abroad to My Son and DIL house in November .Please give me sw remedies for happy and safe traveling and enjoy our stay with our beloveds and make our stay fruitful with happiness and delight.any angel number,english sitchwords Bach flowers remedies.Kindly reply.Thanks

  35. ftrrs,
    chant FIND DIVINE ORDER while travelling. keep wolf while travelling.
    There chant BEECH WILLOW WALNUT CHICORY TOGETGHER DIVINE over a glass of water and drink it daily and give it to all.

  36. Thanks a lot sir for this wonderful guidance thru this site….

  37. Sir my brother in law is facing problem regarding his buisness and a court case for which he is not able to save money.what chant can he do to improve his financial stability?and can sister chant it instead of him?plz sir help them.Thanks

  38. mADHU,
    CHANT together find count divine

  39. I was hoping to attract a love partner into my life

  40. sir,

    I have been chanting “om lrum namaha” as you suggested in one of the comments in this thread. I was doing it for months now and I’ve been patient.but Iam not seeing any results losing hope. help please

  41. This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I wonder if you can help me? I’m involved in a vicious divorce and custody case after an emotionally brutal marriage, and simply want my ex to leave me and my kids alone. I feel out of my realm, no peace, full of pain, guilt, heartache, and sorrow. It is beyond reconciliation, please advise how I can end our bitter entanglement.

  42. Rose,
    Take the flower remedies centaury willow pine Rescue remedy and Ruby.
    chant change divine order

  43. My son is turning 4 yrs next month and is often suffering from cough, cold and wheezing problem for the past 2.5 yrs. His health and growth is deteriorating and I am feeling anxious and stressed because of his frequent illness. Pls give me switch words which would help him get rid of these cough and wheezing problem.

  44. dear sir,

    recently I’ve been into astrology and read a lot about my birth chart and it seems like all my planets indicate that I don’t have luck in marriage and that I have bad luck in relationships. I’m writing to you with great desperation …I’m really depressed and update and lost. I’m still single and starting to lose hope. please please help me! are there any mantras anything else I can do to maybe have a happy marriage one day. I’m so upset please help me. thank you sir

  45. malikaa,
    Take the flower remeides Sweetchestnut Gorse.Each two pills three times a day

  46. Dear Mr. Naran,
    I’m living in a country not English speaking, can I use English switchwords or do I need to translate it to my own languange?
    Does it make a difference if I chant DIVINE FIND COUNT or FIND COUNT DIVINE or COUNT FIND DIVINE? Which one is best, I need to improve my financial, need more money because everything’s prices are going up. Thank you.

  47. Dear Mr. Naran,

    Thank you for your advice. One more thing I need your advice, what switch words I should use to have my boss (a man) likes me? He usually comes and goes in the office without even notice that I’m right there. I just need to have his attention, so he will notice me. Thank you.

  48. Yesterday I came across your website. Thanks a lot for this wonderful switch words.I used halfway.
    My husband was coming from Tanzania last night. The flight got late by 1and a half hour (due to sandstorm at Doha. It’s in today’s news also)and connecting flight from Doha was also at same time.there were full chances of missing flight.
    I started chanting halfway sitting here.
    And he was amongst the few lucky people who got the connecting flight.

    Thanks alot

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